A thin line between love and hate

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The forever charming and diplomatic Libra ushered in the fall season on September 23rd and remains in the sign of equality until October 24th when the transiting sun will begin its month long visit to the sign of depth and analysis, Scorpio. For the first 3 days of October fellow air signs as well as fire signs can make the most of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn placed in the sign of the scales. On October 5th Mercury planet of the mind conjoins Saturn the father figure of the zodiac in the late degrees of Libra indicating your mind is particularly disciplined now and has the determination to see a task through right till the end. On October 6th Mercury will begin its month long journey in Scorpio, while placed in Libra Mercury the sign of the mind was filled with ideas and concepts, upon entering Scorpio we will yearn to discover the depths of those notions. Mercury’s transit to Scorpio is most beneficial to water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) as well as earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), It is essential to make use of this energy prior to the 30th when Mercury will leave the sign of analysis and enter the higher thinking, freedom loving Sagittarius. Venus planet of love and finance will leave limelight loving Leo and enter the perfectionist seeking sign of Virgo on October 5th. While Venus was in Leo we declared our feelings on billboards and in sky writing, once Venus enters Virgo we are more likely to think, are you really going to wear that shirt with those pants? Venus is not well placed in Virgo; Virgo is a nitpicker, a fixer upper and a perfectionist seeker. In the 2nd week of October Venus planet of love will form a trine aspect to Pluto planet of transformation currently in the early degrees of Capricorn this serves to remind us to go beyond the superficial. Love becomes intense, karmic ties are likely to be present, this transit offers depth in love, truth in love and perhaps a meeting with someone from the past that has the ability to mend old wounds. Mars planet of action will leave Scorpio and enter fire sign of Sagittarius on October 8th feeding the ego of family fire signs; Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Air signs; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may suddenly have a burst of energy that can be used to accomplish tasks or perhaps take a sudden and unexpected trip with Sagittarius ruling long distance travel and Mars ruling action. Jupiter planet of good luck, truth, justice and long distance travel will turn retrograde on October 4th and remain in retrograde motion till after we welcome in the New Year in 2013. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house home to higher education, long distance travel, and truth, as Jupiter turns in apparent retrograde motion we will be encouraged to go inward and discover our own personal truth. Jupiter is a planet of expansion so the house it resides in will either expand your blessing or indicate an area that you over indulge and overdo it. Over the next few months you may want to reach inward and question where do you give too much away and what will you do with Jupiter’s blessings that have been bestowed to you. The biggest news astrologically this month is Saturn Lord of Karma saying farewell to its 2+ year journey in Libra and entering the fixed water sign of Scorpio for the 1st time since the 1980s. Cardinal Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn can breathe a quiet sigh of relief as the hard work has been completed. Karma appears restored and all is ok with the world. With that being said it will be a challenging few years for the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. A lot of lessons will be learned and parts of yourself must be mastered. While Saturn was placed in Libra we learned the importance of anti bullying in school and even in the work place & we fought for equality in partnerships including same sex marriage legalization, the overall lessons was equality (Libra) must exist in partnerships (Libra) or someone in charge (Saturn) will step in and demand it. With Saturn entering Scorpio lessons will in some way relate to Scorpion themes such as; sex, power and control. I do believe we will bare witness to sex scandals involving those in powerful positions, maybe we will finally make an effort to put an end to the sex trafficking business, whatever it is we know one thing for sure it will be secretive, smoldering, sexy and powerful !

Aries Horoscope

Those born under a fiery Aries Sun will be faced with challenges primarily of the ego variety as the transiting Sun continues its visit in opposing sign of Libra until October 24th. Aries; natural ruler of the 1st house of self struggles against the scales’ preoccupation with partnership and cooperation. This marks the point of being halfway through your solar year; it is a period of taking stock in your associations and overall progress. This isn’t always easy as you are quite likely to receive feedback from others that is not always favorable; this is especially the case for those born in the third decan of Aries. With Mercury planet of communication placed in the late degrees of Libra until it switches gears on October 6th opposing the Aries Sun the results are confrontations and debates with others.  You will notice communication is heightened, faxes, email and general correspondence; remember the art of compromise and all should go smoothly.

Venus planet of love and beauty will break free from family fire sign Leo and enter perfectionist seeking Virgo on October 4th those born in the later degrees of Aries should make use of this loving energy on October 1, 2, and 3rd. Venus will continue transiting your solar 6th house of work and daily habits, more likely than not you would rather be engaging in leisurely activities rather than giving 100% at the office.

Once Mars planet of action enters far reaching Sagittarius on the 8th of October the enthusiastic ram will be revved up and eager to go.  With Mars, your ruling planet in pleasant aspect to your natal Sun your self confidence will be at an all time high as you are ready to meet any obstacle head on. You may also feel particularly sensual with Mars transiting your solar 8th house of sex and intimacy!

Jupiter planet of good luck and fortune has nestled in to you solar 3rd house until June 2013. Jupiter will bestow blessings to you in regards to all 3rd house matters; short trips, siblings and generally speaking all modes of communication. Gemini is at home in the 3rd house so Jupiter placed in Gemini may quite plausibly bestow blessings multiplied by two. Relationships with brothers and sisters flourish, you may receive great news via email or text, and short getaways prove beneficial to broadening your horizons. Once Jupiter begins its 3 month long retrograde journey on October 4th you will be encouraged to go inward and ask yourself how can you improve relations with those in your community or even become more aware of your own inner dialog. By the time Jupiter goes direct in January 2013 you can set forth better ways of communicating. This is not a time to invest in some new electronic stock or purchase, this transit has more of a philosophical/humanitarian vibe, not a period of materialistic consumption.

Those born under the cardinal sign of Aries will continue to feel the pressure from what astrologers have coined as the “Cardinal Crisis”, with Uranus still in the early degrees of your home sign of the ram conjunct the Sun of those individuals born in the earlier part of your sign you will be encouraged to give up the life you had planned for something better. From now until 2019 you will change and grow in ways you never imagined. Old parts of yourself will fall away, beliefs that no longer serve you will suddenly diminish, you may alter your appearance including the way in which you dress and even the manner in which you present yourself to the world. As you struggle to break free from certain restrictions Aries are also prone to confrontations as Pluto takes up long term residence in you 10th house of career and reputation. You may suddenly wish to change your career path drastically. You may find others are testing your authority. Pluto is intense; it represents the complete clearing and destruction of the old to make room for the new. You have a grand desire for recognition during this period, as Pluto travels slowly through Capricorn in hard aspect to your Sun this marks a time of complete metamorphosis, utter determination and total transformation! These are interesting times expect to be awakened!

Taurus Horoscope

Mercury planet of reasoning and curiosity enters opposing sign of Scorpio on October 6th beginning its 3 week long journey through your 7th house of partnership. Compromise is requires during this time and well after as the transiting sun will also enter the sign of deep analysis on October 24th where it will remain till mid November. Taurus a fixed earth sign, you are famously known to be set in your ways and too cling to all that is familiar. Now it the time to try to understand the other persons point of view. a little give and take will go a long way in interpersonal and business relationships. Bulls born May 11th – May 21st will feel especially combative while Mars planets of aggression remains in the late degrees of Scorpio from October 1st till the 7th.

Taurus can seek solace knowing Venus ruler of love, beauty and refinement will enter family earth sign of Virgo on October 4th and begin transiting your solar 5th house of love affairs until the end of the month. Venus in pleasing aspect to the Taurus Sun will heighten your romantic nature. You are particularly charming during this period with a strong desire to create something, anything as long as it is filled with beauty and magic. Take time to retreat from the world allow music to transport you to another time and place.

Jupiter planet of luck and expansion is expected to turn retrograde on October 4th and will continue to work its way in apparent backward motion until January 2013 in your solar 2nd house. Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house in astrology home to “I have” the 2nd house governs all things of value. This includes tangible items such as money you earn or the nonmaterial such as beliefs that reside within the corners of your mind and soul. Once Jupiter turns retrograde you will need to reflect inward earthy bull and get in touch with the parts of yourself that are not attached to materialism it’s quite plausible once Jupiter goes direct you may adopt the Albert Einstein philosophy; “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted”.

The most monumental astrological aspect for the bull is Saturn’s entrance in the opposing sign of Scorpio on October 6th. Saturn hasn’t been in Scorpio since the early 1980’s, if you are old enough you may find events that took place during that time frame have come full circle. Saturn in hard aspect to the sun indicates a time of endings, a period of crisis and low vitality. The word opposition in and of itself indicates opposing forces. Astrologically the sun is your ego, the life force and your individuality whereas Saturn represents duty, restriction, karma and responsibility, these 2 opposing forces will be at odds over the next 2 or so years. This is not a time to begin new projects as you will likely be faced with many challenges and roadblocks. These tests serve to enhance your maturity and growth as an individual. Saturn will deliver setbacks in terms of achievement, it is said Saturn never denies only delays. Perhaps you need to hone your craft before delving in. it is essential you get a yearly check up with both Doctor and Dentist with Saturn ruling bones and teeth to insure you have a clean bill of health and eat appropriately during this lengthy transit.

Pluto is still in the early degrees of fellow earth sign of Capricorn transiting your solar 9th house of higher thinking and long distance travel. With Pluto in pleasing aspect to those bulls born primarily from April 21st to April 30th you can benefit most from this transformative energy. You will find your perception is extremely astute and over the next several years your core beliefs will drastically change. Your thought process will undergo a complete overhaul. The 9th house rules legalities, higher education, truth, religion and philosophy. Often this transit indicates the development of fanaticism; just beware of the beliefs you attach yourself too as always everything is good in moderation.

Gemini Horoscope

We welcomed in the fall season with the transiting Suns entrance into Libra in late September. The transiting Sun continues to make its way through your solar 5th house of love and recreation. With the Sun in pleasant aspect to the sign of the curious twins you will find you are preoccupied with children or perhaps discovering the exuberant adolescent within. Leisurely activities and those done in the spirit of enjoyment take precedence from the beginning of October till October 24th. Gemini’s born on June 12 – June 21st will continue to bask in the light of Venus while placed in friendly fire sign of Leo for the first 3 days of October; prior to the planet of love breaking for the painstakingly perfectionist sign of the virgin.

You may face some conflicts with marriage and business partners when Mars planet of aggression enters your opposing sign of Sagittarius on October 8th. As Mars travels through your 7th house of partnership disagreements within committed and other contractual partners are likely. You are full of energy and emotions tend to run high, try to avoid any negotiations until after this transit has passed as you are unlikely to reach an agreement and will find you are more frustrated and angered then fruitful.

Jupiter planet of expansion placed in your home sign continues its year long journey through your solar 1st house of self bestowing blessings of exuberance and optimism. As Jupiter turns retrograde on October 4th and continues its backward motion till late January 2013 Gemini Suns are encouraged to go inward and quietly reflect and appreciate all the abundance that has already been bestowed to you.

Uranus planet of surprise and the unexpected is placed in the early degrees of trail blazing fire sign Aries. Uranus in itself acts as a bolt from the blue, a flash of insight and immediate discovery while placed in impulsive Aries this heightens the sense of urgency. Uranus currently transiting your solar 11th house of like minded friends, hopes and wishes, some Gemini’s particularly those born in the early degrees of the sign have found they are attracting more eccentric type of friends, some that are avante garde and in some way different than those you would normally associate with. Also friendships seem less reliable then they have been in the past, Uranus’ energy is sudden and unpredictable. This isn’t anything to be alarmed about, just more so of an observation. With Uranus placed in Aries forming a sextile to the Gemini sun the planet of surprise is encouraging you to express yourself, embark on creative adventures and most importantly to thy self be true.

Neptune continues to transit its home sign of Pisces and will do so for many years to come; as Neptune takes up long term residence in your solar 10th house you may experience some uneasiness about your life direction. Do I really want to do this for the rest of my life? That may be a question that frequently enters your mind. The 10th house represents the top of the natal chart, it rules social standing, success and how other people see you. Neptune places a veil or fog wherever the planet goes; often giving a sense of confusion, in hard aspect to your sun you may be guilty of some self-deception or refusing to see what is in front of you. On the upside this is a lovely transit for pursuing careers that involve creativity, after all Neptune does rule movies, fashion and all that is glamorous.

Cancer Horoscope

The transiting Sun ushered in fall on September 22nd and will remain in the sign of the scales till the 24th of October indicating those born under a Cancer Sun will spend most of the month adjusting to the needs of others. Just as Cancer is a water cardinal sign, Libra is a cardinal air sign; both known for initiating tasks. Similar to the way in which cardinal signs bring forth a new season, they are generally action oriented, high spirited and driven. With that being said Libra and Cancer’s modus operandi is quite different with Cancer taking action based on feeling whereas Libra proceeds based on logic and reasoning.

Some mental clarity will reveal itself once Mercury planet of reason parts from cerebral Libra and enters into deep sea swimming Scorpio on October 6th. Cancer Suns born June 22nd to July 1st may have already begun feeling a reprieve as of the first of October. While planet of communication is placed in family water sign of Scorpio your mind will possess a penetrative quality, you are particularly astute now and are able to convey your thoughts with ease.

Venus will part from the regal Lion and enter the modest earth sign of Virgo on October 4th forming a sextile to the hard shell crab. Cancer Sun natives will feel especially affectionate and will notice their popularity soar especially as Venus transits through your solar 3rd house of community. You are more talkative than usual and can gain immensely from socializing close to home.

It is certainly a time to rejoice as Saturn planet of restriction leaves fellow cardinal sign of Libra for determined family water sign of Scorpio on October 6th. For the last 2+ years Cancer Sun natives have faced many obstacles; life has provided many tests while Saturn in Libra squared your Sun. During this new cycle you are on solid footing, you are able to fulfill your plans with ease. Having obtained a certain level of maturity you may now find yourself awarded with honors and prestige. Relationships are stable now, health wise you are feeling good, grasp every opportunity that comes your way; you certainly have earned it.

Pluto planet of death and rebirth is still in the early degrees of opposing sign of Capricorn this is most influential to Cancers born June 22 to July 1st though all Cancer Suns will feel the pull of Pluto touring your relationship sector for years to come. The opposition between Pluto and the Sun indicates a struggle for power between yourself and others. You now have a tenacious drive to succeed and make significant changes in your life. This marks a period of total transformation though a certain amount of letting go is required as you walk the path of total reinvention.

Leo Horoscope

For the first 3 days of October Venus planet of love and beauty remains in your home sign of the theatrical lion, allowing those Leos born between August 13th and 22nd to squeeze some last minute feelings of opulence and magnificence. Once Venus makes a break for the reserved Virgo on the 4th the planet of art and finance will curl up in your solar 2nd house of values. The planet of beauty placed in the house of “I have” indicates 1 of 2 things; either you enjoy spending frivolously on merchandise that makes you feel spectacular or you find money simply flowing its way easily to you.

Mars planet of action ignites your spirit upon entering family fire sign of Sagittarius on October 8th. You are ready to go, you are confident now and able to assume leadership roles and address any confrontations head on. You would prefer to see all green lights, because you have no desire to stop. Mars is currently traveling through your solar 5th house of recreation, this energy is useful in any and all games involving competition as you are quite likely to excel. The 5th house after all is naturally governed by the Sun sign of Leo, home to I create. The 5th house rules children, love affairs, hobbies and creative interests. The only danger here is exerting so much energy in play that you have little to no time for work.

Jupiter planet of abundance and good luck continues its transit through your solar 11th house of like minded friends, hopes and wishes. While Jupiter is placed in your solar 11th you are likely to be introduced to individuals that can help you achieve your dreams. This is a fortunate aspect indicating friends in high places that are eager to assist you. Jupiter will begin its apparent retrograde movement on October 4th, Jupiter ruler of law, justice, religion and higher thinking is requesting you partake in an inward journey. Discover what dreams you really wish to fulfill? What is important to you? Who can help you achieve these hopes and wishes? Jupiter will head direct at the end of January 2013 and by that time you will have finished reflecting and have the answers to all of those questions.

Most notable Saturn planet of restriction and karma will enter Scorpio on October 6th taking up long term residence in your 4th house of home in a literal sense, your adult home, your childhood home, and homes you own. Saturn has already begun squaring the Sun of those born July 23rd to August 2nd; Leo Sun natives may have already felt the challenges and perhaps have encountered tests of faith. Over the next 2 or so years you may feel overwhelmed by obligations in the home, this can indicate a sick family member or perhaps you feel trapped in your home; maybe you would like to move but are unable to obtain your asking price. Saturn may also dredge up childhood memories with the 4th house ruling the home and Saturn ruling the father, only once you acknowledge and confront these deep rooted issues can they be released.

Uranus planet of immediate change is traveling through the pioneering ram forming a trine to those Lions born in the first decan of Leo. This is an exceptional time to get in touch with the most creative parts of your being; you are open to new and perhaps different life experiences. Whereas transiting Saturn restricts Uranus serves to liberate, find a creative outlet for release. Paint! Write! Create!

Virgo October Horoscope

Although the Sun left your home sign in late August you will soon embrace the astrological warmth of Venus planet of amore and attraction as it glides into the sign of the virgin on October 4th. Venus transiting your solar first house indicates you are feeling especially charming and others may merely wish to stand beside you and bask in your glow. With Venus placed in your home sign and Jupiter planet of good luck traveling your solar 10th house of career and reputation your appeal is at an all time high. People at work and home are more receptive to you now, they believe in you perhaps because you tend to believe in yourself.

Jupiter placed in the solar 10th house bestows blessings on the career front. Your superiors see you as capable and you are handed many special assignments and added responsibilities, so much so you may be unclear of which to grasp. The danger with Jupiter transits is over doing and taking on too much. Jupiter rules expansion and where it is placed opportunities expand, but in this case so may the work load. Jupiter is set to turn retrograde on October 4th and will remain in apparent backward motion until after the New Year.  This will give the meticulous Virgo Suns an opportunity to go inward and ultimately discover in which direction you would like to head in terms of your career. The retrograde period is not a time of action but more so of review and once Jupiter goes direct you can set forth a new and improved plan of action

Uranus planet of shock, ruler of electricity and rebellion is currently in the early degrees of impulsive Aries taking up long term residence in your solar 8th house. The 8th house rules, death, other people’s money and psychoanalysis. Uranus tends to pull the rug out from underneath you, right now Uranus is shaking up your psyche. While taking up long term residence in your 8th house you are prone to flashes of insight about yourself and others. Uranus being the most unstable of the planets also indicates sudden fluctuations in terms of money you hold with others. Your spouse and business associate’s investments are likely to fluctuate during this period, losses and gains. You may also find over the next several years you benefit from some distant relatives financial legacy.

Pluto is still in the early degrees of Capricorn and will remain in the industrious earth sign for many years to come. Pluto currently transiting your solar 5th house of recreation and enjoyment is forming a trine to those born August 23 – September 2nd.  This heightens your creativity, you may be inspired to throw your entire being into creating; this can be in the literal sense by conceiving a child or perhaps birth a work of art. You wish to create something and with the harmonious aspect such as the tine the strength to do so is indeed indicated. Shed old habits that do not serve you and replace them with the new and improved. Pluto is all about death and regeneration.

Libra Horoscope

Those born under a Libra Sun continue to celebrate birthdays until the sun leaves the sign of the astrological diplomat and enters Scorpio on October 24th. From October 1st till October 6th those Libras born October 14 – October 23rd can make last minute use of Mercury, planet of communication transiting the late degrees of your home sign. This is an opportune time to pitch any ideas as they should be well received, solidify plans that perhaps are not finalized and go over any information that requires absorption as your mind is alive and functioning at full capacity.

Venus planet of love and beauty will part from friendly fire sign of Leo on October 3rd and enter meticulous and detail oriented Virgo. Venus will tour your 12th house of what remains hidden for most of the month this marks a period of solitude in love or perhaps quiet appreciation for all that is beautiful. Once Venus returns to your home sign on October 29th you will say farewell to hibernation and hello to the world. Libra Suns will feel particularly charming and may find they attract many potential suitors as well as financial assistance. Venus’ return to your home sign only occurs approximately once a year and its energy is quite propitious.

Jupiter planet of good luck and expansion has currently taken up long term residence in your 9th house. Jupiter is the most auspicious of the planets and how wonderful to have Jupiter placed in the house in which it belongs. Jupiter and the 9th house rule all legalities, philosophies, long distance travel, the higher mind and publication. Jupiter’s placement in the 9th house will be bestowing blessings of the 9th house variety. Scheduled to begin its apparent retrograde movement on October 4th now is a time to travel inward and reexamine these areas of life and question how can you expand your mind, your philosophies, your publications and upon Jupiter heading direct in January 2013 you can implement all that has been reconsidered, revised and revisited.

Libra Suns are one of the 4 cardinals’ signs that will experience various types of pressure mounting while Uranus planet of shock is placed in the early degrees of Aries opposing your natal sun and Pluto planet of death and rebirth squares the Libra Sun. While all cardinal signs will experience the energy of Uranus and Pluto over the course of the next several years those born in the first decan or in the early degrees are most susceptible to this energy, for Libra Suns that is those of you celebrating birthdays from September 24th to October 3rd. Uranus will oppose the natal Sun once per lifetime, that is an indicator of how monumental this transit is. As Uranus transits your relationship sector for the next several years you will experience many ups and downs, perhaps you will decide to set off in a completely new direction. Uranus transit through the 7th house is often a divorce indicator as you are longing to be free. While you are experiencing some sudden breaks in partnerships Pluto has also taken up long term residence in your 4th house squaring your natal sun, some people will never experience this transit due to Pluto being an extremely slow planet; it takes Pluto 248 years to travel the entire zodiac. As Pluto squares your Sun you may have a strong desire to oppose your will on others especially on the home front, it is essential that you find your center or calm during these ever changing times. Remember to breathe and avoid any sudden reactions to those around you.

Scorpio Horoscope

Until the Sun leaves the analytical sign of Libra and makes its grand entrance into the intuitive water sign of Scorpio on October 24th Mars will provide some last minute staying power from October 1st – October 7th. Scorpios celebrating birthdays from November 13th till November 22nd can benefit from this inherent energy to accomplish goals and see through to the heart of matters. Adding to insight is Mercury planet of communications entrance into the determined Scorpio on October 6th – October 29th indicating your mind will be particularly perceptive. Scorpio Suns prefer to hide or shy away from the world but this is simply not the case this month, with Mercury placed in your home sign you will notice an increase in correspondence from faxes, to emails and returning phone calls to solidify plans.

Venus enters friendly earth sign of Virgo on October 5th forming a sextile to the Scorpion Sun. This is a light and pleasing aspect indicating you are feeling more generous and lovable during this period. As Venus travels through your solar 10th house of career and reputation now marks an excellent time to request a raise or even a promotion as superiors are likely to see you in a favorable light.

The most notable astrological event for you is Saturn’s entrance into your home sign on October 6th for the 1st time since the 1980’s. The event of Saturn conjoining your Sun is a rare astrological event, for the month of October Scorpions born October 24th to November 2nd will have already began to feel this energy. Saturn natural ruler of the 10th house oversees hard work, dedication and responsibility. These are the themes that will surround you for the next two or so years. The Sun is the ego and life force with the transit of Saturn on the natal Sun now is a period of working hard to achieve goals that will ultimately feed your ego and sense of self. This isn’t an easy breezy transit where things simply manifest but more so; what you put in is what you get out. Saturn does represent restriction and delays so this transit isn’t without hardship, but the rewards when this transit ceases should be stellar if you put the work in.

Pluto in the early degrees of friendly earth sign of Capricorn will lend you the additional strength required to accomplish tasks. Pluto acts as an agent of change; it wishes to deliver you to your higher self. Prior to doing so you may be required to forgo some bad habits in order to reemerge better than before.  As Pluto continues to work its way through your 3rd house of communication and learning your mind is sharp, intuitive and ready to accomplish. When Saturn tasks seem daunting and never ending remember Pluto planet of transformation is available to lend a much needed hand.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Mars planet of action returns to your home sign on October 8th making the zodiacs freedom loving perpetual tourist eager to set off in a new direction. Sagittarius naturally rules the 9th house of long distance travel, higher education and justice with Mars’ return to your home sign you may suddenly wish to jet set abroad or plunge the depths of the Indian Ocean. Eager to check off experiences on your lengthy bucket list, this is the most opportune time to strap on a back pack and go! Venus planet of love and beauty is currently touring your 9th house of long distance travel indicating the forever optimistic archer may even find love in the most far-off places. Once Venus enters fellow mutable sign of Virgo on October 4th the planet of love will form a square to those born under a Sagittarius Sun. The square indicates tension and often gives a feeling of lethargy. This also indicates a time where you are more concerned with self-indulgence then making the rounds at the office Halloween soiree. Purchase those plane tickets even if it means going alone, I doubt you will remain that way for long.

On October 4th your ruling planet Jupiter is set to turn retrograde until late in January 2013. As Jupiter turns in its apparent retrograde movement you will need to turn inward to find how you can benefit most from your associations with others, primarily marriage and business partners. The planet of luck and expansion is currently touring your solar 7th house of partnership, now is an opportune time to seek answers to questions like how can I make the most of my associations? Are your really on a path of truth and fulfillment? Jupiter the eternal optimist and truth seeker has one wish to share abundance, placed in your 7th house of partnership this prosperity comes directly from those you have contractual obligations with.

Saturn planet of restriction has entered the water sign of Scorpio for the 1st time since the early 1980’s as planet of limitation is currently taking up long term residence in your solar 11th house of hopes, wishes and like minded friends. Over the next few years you may find friendships have adopted a more serious tone to them. Perhaps someone is often needing your assistance or maybe you feel less at ease and more self-conscious around groups of peers; some sort of limitation exists. This period is also a time of getting serious about hopes and wishes and most importantly getting honest about them in terms of achievement. Any lofty or unreachable goals and ideas must be disposed of now as Saturn is nothing if not a realist.

Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn is one of the four cardinal signs that welcome in the start of a new season, the other three being Aries, Cancer and Libra. The transiting Sun is placed in Cardinal Air sign of Libra till October 24th will cause tension for the industrious mountain goat. While the Sun is in Libra Capricorn Sun natives may feel at odds with others or find themselves continuously adjusting to other individual’s way of doing things. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign concerned with concrete pursuits, activities with solid foundations where as Libra can spew ideas  but have a hard time developing them due to a inherit desire to please everyone. Cardinal signs main purpose is to initiate tasks however the modus operandi for each is quite different. Dutiful Capricorns should avoid any conflicts of the ego variety till the Sun has left the sign of equality and enters friendly water sign of Scorpio in late October.

Subsequently Capricorn Sun natives should feel a mental reprieve once planet of communication, Mercury leaves indecisive Libra for friendly water sign Scorpio on October 6th. Mercury in Scorpio will form a sextile or harmonious aspect to the Capricorn Sun indicating you are feeling confident and creative with your ego and mind aligned they are functioning as one unit. This is an excellent period to reexamine your life direction perhaps make a list of things you would like to accomplish, information given now is understood with ease and your mind is alive with ideas.

Venus planet of love and finance will enter family earth sign of Virgo on October 4th forming a pleasant trine to those born under a Capricorn Sun. Your spirits will lift during this period and you will feel more confident. You have a desire to socialize with others and perhaps engage in some deep soul baring as Venus transits your solar 8th house of intimacy and other people’s resources. Venus ruler of love, beauty and finance placed in the 8th indicates gaining financially from others, this is an excellent time to apply for a loan and share your inner most feelings with someone close.

Jupiter planet of abundance began transiting your solar 6th house back in June where it will remain till June of 2013. Jupiter’s transit bestows blessings to the house it resides in, the 6th house rules daily habits, small pets and health. You can benefit greatly while assisting others as the 6th house is home to “I Serve”, if you are looking for employment now is an opportune time. A danger does exist with Jupiter in the 6th house in over doing, perhaps over eating or helping to many people or generally taking on too much. Jupiter is set to turn retrograde on October 4th till the end of January 2013 this is an excellent time to reassess daily habits, look inward and ask are you doing too much or perhaps not enough with the day that has been given. Jupiter retrograde marks a period of listening to your inner compass and upon going direct reestablishing new ways of doing things that truly will add to your sense of purpose and abundance within your daily routine

One of the most monumental events to occur this year is Saturn planet of karma, restriction and hard work leaving the sign of Libra and entering the water sign of Scorpio on October 6th for the first time since the 1980’s. Capricorn Suns born December 22nd – December 31st may already feel Saturn’s energy in pleasing aspect to your sun. Saturn represents authority, older men, the law, whereas the Sun is the ego these 2 very different energies are now in harmony. Capricorn Suns can proceed with ease, karma appears paid in full as you comingle with authority figures; if you need assistance simply call; others are willing and eager to help.

Aquarius October Horoscope

Aquarius sun natives can benefit from the transiting sun placed in family air sign of Libra till October 24th. Aquarius and Libra are both signs of an intellectual nature, thus the Sun in Libra has the ability to lend Aquarius Sun natives a bit of an ego boost. Internally you feel at ease and this is reflected in your associations. Make use of this energy once Mercury planet of communication enters fellow fixed sign of Scorpio on October 6th, Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixated on their own ideas hence the term “fixed signs”. You are likely to face off with adversaries that are relentless in pushing their view point.

Once Mars planet of action enters philosophical Sagittarius on October 8th Aquarius Sun natives celebrating birthdays from January 21st – February 9th can make the most of this enthusiasm especially on the work front as Mars transits your solar 10th house of career. You are high spited and competitive eager and ready to face any and all competition. You tackle tasks head on and are able to lead any group with ease.

Jupiter planet of luck and expansion will transit your 5th house of recreation until June 2013. Jupiter placed in the 5th house of recreation bestows blessings of the creative kind. Generally indicative of feeling good with a strong desire to explore your romantic nature, listen to music, go to the movies and attend activities with fun on the agenda. The danger with Jupiter is over expanding saying YES to all the invites, double booking, over extending yourself in the name of creative pursuits. Jupiter is scheduled to turn retrograde on October 4th till January 2013, during this time it is essential to go inward and reflect on the events and experiences that truly bring you abundance and joy.

Saturn will enter Scorpio on October 6th and has already begun squaring the Sun of those born January 21st – January 30th. Saturn squaring the natal Sun occurs only twice in 30 years and certainly can be noted as one of the most challenging transits. Saturn represents restriction, hardships and responsibilities; Saturn is calling into question your identity. The Sun represents you, your ego and your life force so be prepared to ask yourself some serious questions about who you are and the overall direction of your life.

Neptune planet of dreams and illusions is still in the beginning degrees of Pisces taking up long term residence in your solar 1st house of self. During this lengthy transit Aquarian Suns are particularly intuitive and susceptible to absorbing the energies of those around them. Try to surround yourself with positive individuals that can serve to uplift your spirits and remember to put some quiet time aside each day to enjoy the beauty of a quiet mind and a still enviroment

Pisces October Horoscope

Mercury planet of communication is currently touring your solar 8th house of intimacy and shared resources indicating your mind is focused on financial holdings you share with others. Once Mercury enters fellow water sign of Scorpio on October 6th forming a trine aspect to the mutable fish anything you have been pondering can be openly discussed with others and will not only be understood but well received. Pisces can often avoid direct conflict but with the planet of communication placed in intense Scorpio you are especially articulate and expressive.

Venus planet of love and beauty will enter your opposing sign of Virgo on October 4th indicating you may find yourself at odds with someone you care about over your core set of values. Venus rules money, beauty and love, all of these are valuable but depending on the individual some outweigh others. It is best to avoid explaining yourself or debating with others over what is important due to the fact this varies from person to person.  However arguments may be difficult to avoid as Mars planet of action enters mutable fire sign of Sagittarius on October 8th creating tension for those Pisces celebrating birthdays February 20th – March 11th. With Mars in hard aspect or squaring your natal Sun you are likely to blow things out of proportion and are easily angered. The normally unassuming Pisces is now suddenly ferocious and up for battle. Prone to negative outbursts and a surplus of energy you may want to spend a little extra time at the gym or in a kick boxing class, instead of taking your pent up aggression out on loved ones.

Saturn planet of hard work and responsibility will enter fellow water sign Scorpio on October 6th for the first time since the 1980s. Saturn will remain in the deep sign of Scorpio for 2+ years! This is excellent news for the Pisces’ Sun natives especially those born February 20th to March 1st as the father figure of the zodiac forms a favorable trine to your sun indicating you will get the support needed from authority figures, creative pursuits started now will have the potential to manifest into something substantial. You are beginning to feel more capable and possess a certain amount of maturity and wisdom that can only serve to benefit you.

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