Unaspected Venus

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them. Carrie Bradshaw

The first time someone told me I have an unaspected Venus, I was horrified! My 7th house is already sandwiched between Saturn in the 6th and Pluto in the 8th, really relationships are these evolutionary experiences in themselves. I can never seem to stay in them though and now it has become abundantly clear as to why. Venus is how we show love, the way in which we approach love. Having Venus in Gemini indicates the need to be mentally stimulated, long conversations, and all forms of communication. Text me! Call me! Write me a letter! The only aspect I have is Venus trine Pluto making for a romantic nature and heavy belief in “the one”. Deciding who is the one…..well that may take an act of god like proportions.
Gemini is known to be the quickest sign in the zodiac, lacks focus and is somewhat scattered. Ok totally scattered. Having it unaspected is like having Venus on Speed, 5 caramel macchiatos and 6 cans of soda! I compare it to a butterfly in a meadow of flowers; well I want to smell the purple ones, now how about the pink and then those yellow ones over there look pretty. It can’t seem to pick one and the options appear endless and at times overwhelming. Without it touching any other planet it is left all alone without anything to stabilize it. Unaspected planets operate in the purest form; they are 100% authentic because they are unable to incorporate any other planets energy. With that being said, true to Venus in Gemini form, when in a relationship I do write small notes and leave them in pants pockets telling you to have a nice day, there are the lyrics to songs I send via text oh so apro pos! But when things become dull, stagnant in an instant I can go from singing You Light Up My Life to sheer horror that I have to sit and talk to you yet another night. Suddenly I have to break free, I can’t take anything monotonous and its time for me to be on my way. If I had a dollar for every time I heard; “how can you just leave like that”? The truth is I didn’t know till now.
Unaspected planets play a pivotal role; they are defining characteristics in your natal chart. They are a driving force, a main theme to your personality. Having Venus unaspected in Gemini longs for spontaneous interactions in love, parties, outrageous dates, movies, travel…..the need to feel free within the confines of a loving relationship. Someone recently asked me, why am I not married. I replied, I always run. Next time I think I will stay though, I just need someone that can match my need for speed in love and life.


  1. I have an unaspected cancer Venus in the 8th house. I’ve tried googling this and I can’t seem to find much and everything I did read has for the most part terrified me. My Venus is also trine my Scorpio ascendant. If you have any information you could possibly share with me about this I’d appreciate it!

  2. I have unaspected Venus in Sag. (8th hs.Placidus/9th hs.whole sign) and it’s the ruler of my 7th which has a stellium with almost everything in it 🙂 maybe that explains why I’ve never felt like a typical Libra for my whole life. I actually despise the typical traits of Venus. Find them lame. Oh well 🙂

  3. I like they way you describe it as the equivalent of being on speed and having ridiculous amounts of coffee. That’s exactly how it feels, the scattered and indecisive feeling at times is somewhat not only schizophrenic but maddening :0.

    Natal position:

    Double dose of the third…Venus in Gemini unaspected in the third house.

  4. Unaspected venus in Aquarius,, I keep on running too! One astrologer explained that unaspected planets, because they have no other planets to play ball up against, can vary be very big or very small, I kind o recognized that,, concerning selfworth and perhaps feelings of enjoyment, and contentment.

  5. Danielle, if I may humbly offer a second opinion, I think that your Venus is 45 degrees from your Sun, and forms a semi square aspect. A minor aspect, but not to be missed. Sheer indulgence !

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