Libra on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Libra on the cusp longs to be surrounded by beauty, money, things of value while also seeking balance.


Libra on the 1st house cusp: You have a love for anything and everything aesthetically pleasing. You are happy when in a committed relationship. Others view you as well dressed, poised and urbane.

Libra on the 2nd house cusp: You attract money easily and just as easily you love to spend it on brand name items. You may have an eye for art and other big ticket purchases.

Libra on the 3rd house cusp: You always look at both sides when communicating, tactful, fair and charming is your modus of operandi.

Libra on the 4th house cusp: The appearance of your home is of the utmost importance, beautiful décor and luxurious furnishings are a necessity.

Libra on the 5th house cusp: You enjoy art and music, you are attracted to people that are refined and have good taste. May indicate you like to shower your love interest with gifts.

Libra on the 6th house cusp: A fair work environment is essential, you believe in working as a team. You always look at both sides of an argument, weighing pros and cons carefully. There should be a hint of glamour in your daily routine.

Libra on the 7th house cusp: Libra is at home in the 7th house. You enjoy being in partnerships. You look for a well balanced partner, relationships are very very important to you. You want to share your life with someone. Just be careful you select the right partner and do not sacrifice too much in the name of love

Libra on the 8th house cusp: You look for a financial stable partner one where you are able to work on household finances as a unit.

Libra on the 9th house cusp: You enjoy traveling perhaps with a significant other; you may study law or just have a general interest in people being treated justly.

Libra on the 10th house cusp: You can easily charm your way up the ladder, making the right connections at the right time. You probably like the idea of wearing nice suits to work

Libra on the 11th house cusp: You enjoy gathering friends often playing to role of peace maker, smoothing over any hurt feelings. You enjoy going to beautiful places and enjoy listening to music.

Libra on the 12th house cusp: You may keep your “relationship oriented self” hidden, locked away not wanting others to see you as codependent. Learn to lean on others, you may find you can get as much as you give.

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