Virgo on The Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Leo on the cusp will infuse that house with dramatic flair, becoming very ego oriented and grand.


Leo on the 1st house cusp: You are the star of the zodiac; Leo has a flair for the dramatic with an outgoing personality that shines brightly. Naturally outgoing you attract attention easily and have natural leadership abilities. People enjoy being around you.

Leo on the 2nd house cusp: You enjoy luxurious items and spending on those you love. Avoid over extending yourself financially and using credit cards excessively

Leo on the 3rd house cusp: You communicate easily, sharing your opinions and thoughts readily and dramatically. You enjoy upbeat individuals and lively conversations

Leo on the 4th house cusp: Where ever you take up residence you want the ah-ha factor when people enter your living quarters. You want others to feel they are entering a palace, regally decorated and beautifully crafted

Leo on the 5th house cusp: Leo is at home in the 5th house, you believe in “true love” you enjoy being around children though they may often be other people’s children. You are known to have a creative mind and enjoy listening to music and spending you leisure time perusing hobbies.

Leo on the 6th house cusp: you take pride in your job and often are well liked in the work place. You may take work criticism as a direct insult and you prefer to be in charge and have others follow your lead.

Leo on the 7th house cusp: You long for a noticeable partner, someone that shines brightly and allows room for your independent nature. A partnership that you can take pride in, may attract possessive partners.

Leo on the 8th house cusp: If you gain from inheritance it tends to be substantial,  be sure to include your spouse in financial dealings and work as a team

Leo on the 9th house cusp: You take pride in your ideas; you may use education as a way to boost status. Learning new things and travel brings you a sense of enjoyment

Leo on the 10th house cusp: Your may seek a star studded position where you can shine. You enjoy the limelight, being recognized and being surrounded by those who adore you with in your career. You can accomplish anything you put your mind too.

Leo on the 11th house cusp: You attract your lots of friends and love to socialize. You enjoy taking the lead in group activities and find you may be surrounded by lots of acquaintances.

Leo on the 12 house cusp: You keep your strength tucked away; you tend to work behind the scenes preferring to shine where you are most comfortable.


  1. Virgo also represents work.

    Virgo in 1st house – self employed
    Virgo in 2nd house – work for bank
    Virgo in 3rd house – work at the tv station or bus driver
    Virgo in 4th house – work at home or family business
    Virgo in 5th house – work in creative field
    Virgo in 6th house – work in health clinic
    Virgo in 7th house – work for law office or with partner
    Virgo in 8th house – working at the IRS company or public school
    Virgo in 9th house – work as a travel agent or a professor
    Virgo in 10th house – work outside of the home, a career counselor or doing yard work.
    Virgo in 11th house – working around people, club or being an film extra
    Virgo in 12th house – work at the hospital or prison or charity event.

  2. Leo also represents competitive.
    Leo in 1st house… you are very competitive in everything.
    Leo in 2nd house… a true gambler
    Leo in 3rd house… compete in school contest, writing contest, spelling bee.. or against sibling(s), doing well in school or best book seller
    Leo in 4th house… Compete with family member(s), compete in real estate, bidding homes
    Leo in 5th house… your child may do sports and you may want an Oscar or Emmy award
    Leo in 6th house… compete with co workers, want recognition
    Leo in 7th house… compete with lover, they might give up the relationship or marriage… they can’t win for your heart.
    Leo in 8th house… compete in campaign, trying to win in presidential debate
    Leo in 9th house… compete in college… or traveling around the world, a genius. or war in other countries or against illegal immigrants. Compete with publishing company.
    Leo in 10th house… compete with other corporations, selling things… on sale…
    Leo in 11th house… compete with friends, be on tv show contest…
    Leo in 12th house… compete with prisoners or winning animal trophy… or trying to prove your religion is the right one. or trying to raise money for charity.

  3. On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house
    Virgo on the cusp will infuse that house with a meticulous energy in search of perfection.

    Virgo on the 1st house cusp you are very practical, enjoy sticking to routines in your daily life. Your mind always rules over feelings. Great with budgeting, following rules that have been set you are one of the most the most meticulous and precise signs in the zodiac.
    Virgo on the 2nd house cusp: You tend to keep towards a strict budget, over spending is not an issue for you; you tend to look for bargains and make sure you receive the best value
    Virgo on the 3rd house cusp: You mean what you say, carefully weighing your words before speaking. You may tend towards being critical in others and have a tendency towards perfection.
    Virgo on the 4th house cusp: You prefer an organized home, where everything has a place, if someone went into your medicine cabinet you would realize.
    Virgo on the 5th house cusp: You have high standards in love, be careful in seeking perfection, as no one is perfect. You may enjoy hobbies such as reading, Sudoku and crossword puzzles.
    Virgo on the 6th house cusp: You hold yourself to very high working standards. An employer can be sure you will eagerly complete tasks and that they will be done to perfection. You follow rules and expect others to adhere to the same standards
    Virgo on the 7th house cusp: You may seek a perfect relationship and a perfect partner. A practical partner that fits into your life and agrees with the way you see things
    Virgo on the 8th house cusp: Worrisome over finances, overly concerned with how your partner budgets their finances.
    Virgo on 9th house cusp: Your views must have a basis in reality. Philisophical approach must be something you can see, hear and touch.
    Virgo on the 10th house cusp: Hardworking and meticulous in your career, you strive for perfectionism and expect the same of others. Be careful to alienate others when pointing gout imperfections. May indicate a career in service industry
    Virgo on the 11th house cusp: You may have a small group of friends. You may enjoy group activities where you can be of service to others
    Virgo on the 12th house cusp: You work in the background; you pick up on the small details others do not see.

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