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Unaspected Venus

Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them. Carrie Bradshaw

The first time someone told me I have an unaspected Venus, I was horrified! My 7th house is already sandwiched between Saturn in the 6th and Pluto in the 8th, really relationships are these evolutionary experiences in themselves. I can never seem to stay in them though and now it has become abundantly clear as to why. Venus is how we show love, the way in which we approach love. Having Venus in Gemini indicates the need to be mentally stimulated, long conversations, and all forms of communication. Text me! Call me! Write me a letter! The only aspect I have is Venus trine Pluto making for a romantic nature and heavy belief in “the one”. Deciding who is the one…..well that may take an act of god like proportions.
Gemini is known to be the quickest sign in the zodiac, lacks focus and is somewhat scattered. Ok totally scattered. Having it unaspected is like having Venus on Speed, 5 caramel macchiatos and 6 cans of soda! I compare it to a butterfly in a meadow of flowers; well I want to smell the purple ones, now how about the pink and then those yellow ones over there look pretty. It can’t seem to pick one and the options appear endless and at times overwhelming. Without it touching any other planet it is left all alone without anything to stabilize it. Unaspected planets operate in the purest form; they are 100% authentic because they are unable to incorporate any other planets energy. With that being said, true to Venus in Gemini form, when in a relationship I do write small notes and leave them in pants pockets telling you to have a nice day, there are the lyrics to songs I send via text oh so apro pos! But when things become dull, stagnant in an instant I can go from singing You Light Up My Life to sheer horror that I have to sit and talk to you yet another night. Suddenly I have to break free, I can’t take anything monotonous and its time for me to be on my way. If I had a dollar for every time I heard; “how can you just leave like that”? The truth is I didn’t know till now.
Unaspected planets play a pivotal role; they are defining characteristics in your natal chart. They are a driving force, a main theme to your personality. Having Venus unaspected in Gemini longs for spontaneous interactions in love, parties, outrageous dates, movies, travel…..the need to feel free within the confines of a loving relationship. Someone recently asked me, why am I not married. I replied, I always run. Next time I think I will stay though, I just need someone that can match my need for speed in love and life.

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Love Free Will and Astrology

I once told a friend if this man doesn’t have some sort of deep feeling for me than I know nothing in this life (his moon in perfect conjunction to my Pluto). Evidently when it came to him I new nothing! And now I’m unsure of what I know anymore, unsure of what I believe. Having reached the conclusion he would have never picked me. Not in this life or any other. There was a time I happily checked off all of our connections; vertex conjunct the angles (fated), our Moon, Venus and Jupiter in one another 7th house. Foolishly entering our birthdates into Happily seeing a 96% compatibility. How can this not be, I blinked back tear-filled eyes while speaking to a friend. “Oh honey you forgot about free will and well uh love doesn’t exist in a bubble”.
Perhaps in an honest moment with myself I knew we could never coexist, after all I didn’t want any part of his life I only wanted him. While he oozed conservatism and the desire to have a country kitchen somewhere in the suburbs, I was a radical liberal with a penchant for late nights, a member of PETA that believes in Gay Marriage and the legalization of Marijuana (his sun and mercury opposition to my Uranus). Ha! But when it was just the two of us, just us together; he felt like home to me (his moon trine my Venus) like a puffy cloud (my moon trine his Neptune). And I was all too content to linger in that beautifully crafted snow globe for awhile.
Oh my cancer sun and my heart ache just a bit. As a Cancer I feel my way through life. This is my identity. I decide if I like people in a minute of meeting them, I pick up on non verbal cues, I read what isn’t being said, I asess body language, I look for sincerity in an individual’s eyes. I don’t sort out facts, I suck at math there isn’t a logical bone in my body. Misreading everything has taken on a toll on my being. I’m a hopeless romantic, I believe in true love, the glass slipper and happily ever after.
My whole existence is centered around the quest for true love (cancer sun in the 5th house of romance). I would have given up a lot. Love is my life. I blatantly ignored his sun and moon in the 6th and 10th house of career and reputation. Major eye roll! This may never have done, that is where our differences lie. Perhaps synastry can only tell you how 2 people feel in a vacuum, it can give you the wonderful interactions between two individuals, the rough spots, but I think the key is before rushing into looking at interaspects is to review each natal chart independently. Where does this person derive joy from, where is their heart? What brings them pleasure? What is their focus?
Today someone asked me how much emphasis I put on synastry aspects. Had you asked me a short time ago I would have said 100% now my advice is Always look at their natal chart to see what they want out of life because even with high compatibility it may not be you.

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House overlays in Synastry

House Overlays in Synastry are often over looked, they occur when your natal chart is superimposed on another individual’s natal chart.
Every person you come in contact with gets a different part of you; you are not all things to everyone. Where your planets fall in another’s house activates a particular area of their life. I have attached a copy for your reference and to use as an example, a website has many free astrological reports and is easy to use for beginners. I do not want to interpret these 2 charts in entirety, but so it is easy for you to identify how this works I will give you the major points.
The Sun: Where the Sun lands is a major Focal Point of Your relationship.
For instance you can see my Sun in the 5th house falls into Subject B 8th house. This means my Sun will be a beacon of light on psychological issues. Remember the 8th house is the house of death, psychoanalysis, sex and shared resources. Without a doubt sun in the 8th house screams sexy time! A desire to acquire joint property and possessions, but the most profound aspect will affect Subject B’s psyche. My sun activates these parts of that individual. Where your sun lands in another person’s chart will be a driving force for the relationship. A focal point. In turn Subject B Sun in his 6th house lands in my 2nd house. Remember 2nd house is the house of security both financial and non tangible and all things you value. In his presence I would feel secure and possibly seek financial guidance from him, values what “we” value will be a reoccurring theme.
The Moon: Look at where the moon falls to see where your heart is, your feelings, your subconscious drives.
My moon is natal in my 2nd house and falls in Subject B 5th house (the house of romance, children, music & all things fun) this indicates Subject B will enjoy spending time with me. I activate their desire to have fun, whether perusing hobbies together, going to concerts, being that this is also a romance house and all things pleasurable the emotional connection is fluid and flows easily
While my moon falls in Subjects B 5th house of romance his moon falls in my 7th house. 7th house rules serious partnerships (unlike the 5th which rules romance). This indicates I would want to share feelings with him it gives me a strong feeling that we “belong together”. Feelings are the general theme. (side note: we have other placements in 7th house however if you activate some ones 5th house ONLY and they activate your 7th house, there is a danger that they see you as a casual romantic encounter, where as you see them a life partner).
Mercury: rules communication and short trips see what your partner enjoys speaking to you about.
For Example
Subject A mercury falls in Subject B 6th house of daily activities (YAWN) this indicates Subject B will enjoy speaking to Subject A about work and the day to day grind.
Subject B mercury falls in Subject A 7th house of partnerships Subject A will enjoy speaking about there relationship. They will take an analytical approach to it not an emotional one.
Subject A Mercury falls in Subject B 8th house indicates Subject B will feel inclined too tell Subject A there secrets, there is a deep probing nature to there conversations
Venus the planet of love along with the moon the planet of emotions are very important in house over lays. Look to see where your Venus falls in some ones chart and Vice Versa to see where you will find love and beauty in that person.
For Example
Subject A Venus falls in Subject B 7th house of Partnerships Subject B will naturally care for subject A and see them as a natural compliment
Subject B Venus falls in Subject A 6th house of daily activities; oh no no daily activities will be the focus. Love is not a high priority as with a 5th house placement or a 7th house.
Mars is the planet of sex drive and aggression. Mars can help you get things done but it can also show where you will be argumentative. I hate to see Mars falling in someone’s 4th house of home or 8t house of shared resources lots of arguments over money!
Look to see where Jupiter falls in someone’s house and where there Jupiter falls in yours to see where you will bring one another good luck!
Saturn indicates where you will be restricted. Saturn in 7th house or 1st house RUN! Your relationship will have trouble getting off the ground and will leave you feeling restricted as a person. Saturn in the 11th house, the house of hopes and wishes will restrict your dreams. Ewww!
Neptune will show where you aren’t seeing things clearly. If it’s in your 2nd house of values you will have issues with finances, you will not see them clearly. In 3rd house of communication, you will not understand one another. In the 7th you can think your relationship is going wonderful when it isn’t.
Look to Uranus to see where this person will bring unexpected changes and surprises. You 100% do not want this in your 4th house (the house of home and roots) or 7th house of partnerships.
Pluto in a house shows what outlets and how this person will transform you

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A Dedication to a Plutonic Love

There is platonic love based on friendship and respect that is non-sexual in nature & then there is plutonic love! Huge difference! Plutonian love is everything; it is all encompassing. It rules love, hate, sex, passion, anger, jealousy, and transformation. Like a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the next with only one clear indication; afterwards you will never be the same.

He has marked my life in two parts

Before & After

I consider myself to be plutonian by nature my  Sun in the 2nd decan of Cancer ruled by Scorpio, my Moon is placed in Aries (Mars is the lower octave of Pluto) with Uranus (my chart ruler) & Pluto natal in the 8th house. I’ve always been interested in astrology on a superficial level (oh yes Libra & Aquarius are compatible blah blah). After experiencing plutonic love I found myself delving head first into synastry in typical Pluto fashion, I yearned to control the outcome and when I couldn’t I wanted to know why. Why didn’t we work out?! Why didn’t he just abandon his entire life as he knew it & come linger with me in the deep end of the ocean? Ridiculous, I know but Pluto wants what it wants!

There are entire sights dedicated to Pluto contacts in synastry, properly equipped with warning labels. They offer claims that Pluto always has the upper hand & the planet person feels it more. I don’t know about that. All I know is I’m forever changed. Plutonic love isn’t black and white; it holds many shades of gray. It isn’t the type of amore you place in a nice neat box & wrap with a pretty pink ribbon. It unearths all that is hidden perhaps even from yourself. I feel okay at the present moment; very much in control (very Plutonian) I will not let this feeling overrule my head nor my life. I don’t cry I let it go. I let him go though at times I feel haunted. As though his energy is pulling me in and somehow it seeps into my world just when I’m going about a normal day. I tell my friends he stalks my mind. I can’t quite reconcile the difference between fate and coincidence, recently having received a piece of junk mail for him at my house, stuck to my mail. Another time while at line in a bookstore 2 people waiting in front of me were discussing a party he is hosting. I joke with my friends and tell them I’m going to call 911 the next time this happens

911 what’s your emergency?

Uh I would like to report a drive by sighting?

Everyone talks about Pluto opposition Venus like they are living in their own personal hell. I wonder is there anybody out there that has had Pluto aspecting every single planet of another person’s chart like I have. From the Sun to the Moon to Mercury, to Venus and Mars, Uranus, Saturn Neptune and Chiron, Ascendant and the Midheaven. I’m beginning to wonder if I should start a support group. Though perhaps I should be happy I didn’t know him longer.

I use to contact him when these silly things happened, in a thinly vailed attempt to get him to realize we did indeed belong together, but now I just assume he will think I have lost my mind completely so I let it be. Though slightly resentful these things do not happen to him. Why? Guess some questions have no answers. Past lives and karmic ties, do you want to cut them someone asked me. No, I replied then quickly asked since we aren’t together in this life does this mean I have to go through this shit again in my next.

I let him go, I have a vision that I will see him one day at Wholefoods and he will have found a lighter love, someone you can place in that pretty little Tiffany’s box and that feeling will pass between us, the feeling of being nothing and everything at the same time.

Pluto Square Sun Synastry


Mesmerizing, deep, dark, compulsive, intense, beautiful

Pluto conjunct Moon Synastry


Emotionally intense, jealousy, possessive, transparency, unconscious needs fulfilled, karmic, healing of moons emotional wounds, telepathy, psychic connection

Shallow sorrows and shallow loves live on. The loves and sorrows that are great are destroyed by their own plenitude -Oscar Wilde

Pluto inconjunct Mercury Synastry


Unexpected heavy conversations, under a light, released mental blocks, opening of the mind

Maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano All I know is I love you too much to walk away~ Eminem

Pluto Opposition Mars Synastry


Angry sex, control, arguments, aggression, love the way you lie, obsession

So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I use to watch you sleep and I will feel you forget me like I use to feel you breathe~ Taylor Swift

Pluto Opposition Venus Synastry


Odd attraction, unrequited love, compulsive, repulsive, strongest passion, you cannot be friends afterwards, intensity, defines everything, intoxicating

Pluto Trine Jupiter Synastry


Telepathy, transformation, transcendence, spiritual ties

You are like a deep deep ocean

Pluto trine Ascendant Synastry


Help one another forget your blues, trust one another, deep understanding, and pure attraction. Really “getting” one another, dancing, music, love

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Aspects in Astrology

It isn’t enough to know what planets fall in each of the 12 houses; you also need to look at how they interact with one another. Do they provide an easy flow and are in harmony with one another or are they a source of tension? Aspects are the angular relationships between points on a chart. You can view them on your own natal chart or when looking at the 2 individual natal charts too see how the planets will interact with one another; this form of astrological study in known as synastry. In short it shows the overall compatibility between 2 individuals.

Allow me to quickly review the aspects bearing in mind each sign has 30 degrees
Lets begin with the conjunction, it is most visible when 2 planets or house cusps are in the same sign working together. As you can see my sun (the ego) and mercury (communication, learning,) are conjunct (in the same sign) of Cancer. You would come to the conclusion that being that mercury is one of the faster planets and my sun is brightly shining on it I make a connections efforlesly, am a great public speaker & I enjoy talking. Conjunctions share the same approach, but it is important to see the 2 heavenly bodies that are forming this aspect. In synastry if someones mercury is conjuncting your sun, you will love speaking with one another and sharing ideas. However not all conjunctions are wonderful, for instance if you moon (feelings) conjunct your own or another persons Saturn (restriction) Ewwww! Sober feelings and heaviness…

The angular houses are considered to be the most important in the natal chart if your personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus) conjunct an angle in another persons chart this relationship for better or worse is fated. A planet can also conjunct one of your angles. My Neptune (planet of dreams, spirituality & escape) conjuncts my 10th house cusp (career & social standing) this indicates I chose a career outside of the norm. A lot of psychics have this placement and I find it too funny although non coincidental that I love astrology!

Next up is the opposition. Unlike the conjunction an oppositions are not in harmony they occur with opposing signs (Aries/ Libra Taurus /Scorpio etc). They are coming from 2 different view points and you are always striving for balance between 2 energies. For instance I have moon (feelings, the past) in Aries and Pluto(death, transformation, control, & psychoanalysis) in Libra. Aries and Libra are opposite one another in the zodiac. Aries is a ME FIRST sign and Libra strives for balance (the scales) Anything involving Pluto is deep…heavy life changing. Having a Moon opposite Pluto is difficult because you want to love, are filled with all of this emotion but at the same time you want to control everything. I don’t know how to let things just be, I’m always digging, looking searching. I can tell you when I meet someone I know the end before it even begins. This is not for light love. Anytime Pluto touches a personal planet nothing is ever light. In synastry when your moon opposes another persons Pluto it would indicate a lot of emotional power struggles and depending on the individuals involved the “moon person” may run like hell from the Pluto person. The Pluto person will see thru them, right down to the core and not everyone is looking for a transformational type of love. In oppositions you need to look at the planets and signs involved and see how they operate and opposing one another.

Next up are trines!(think Triangle) Trine Trine Trine even the word is nice! Trines happen in the same element; (fire signs will trine one another ex. Leo trine Aries. Water signs trine each other ex. Cancer and Scorpio). They are the easiest aspect; the flow of energy is effortless. We do not have to work on these energies, we are born with them. (keeping in mind the planets involved). I have a natal Sun (ego) trine Uranus (unexpected & eccentric) this would tell you I’m very liberal I was born different and being that it is a trine I’m ok with that. I also have Venus (love & beauty) trine Pluto (transformation & depth) where as Pluto can at times be hard to deal with when it trines Venus it is an easy free flowing aspect. It indicates I have a very romantic nature, I believe in love at first sight and because Pluto operates on a deep level seeing through things…I will know the “one when” I see him. (fingers crossed)

The square occurs between 2 aspects in the same mode (Cardinal, fixed or mutable) but in different element (air, fire, water, earth). The square is a hard aspect scratch that it is the hardest aspect. Squares represent friction. Where an opposition is about trying to find balance it’s like a tug of war the square is more stable stuck in its ways, less reluctant to change. It is the 2nd most powerful aspect after the conjunction. These 2 energies do NOT blend together, they represent conflict and stress I have a Cardinal T-square in my chart Ahhhh! The positive side of the square aspect is you have to work to achieve; to get over these barriers and hurdles. My most notable square is Sun (ego) in Cancer square Moon (feelings) in Aries. Cancer is a cardinal water sign and Aries is a cardinal fire sign Water puts out fire…they do not blend. Cancer is all about nurturing and tending to other individuals while Aries is all about fufilling your own needs. You can not simoutenously do this. In astrology The moon represents the woman and the sun represents the masculine energy, it is of popular opinion that the aspects between your moon and sun are indicative of your parents relationship at the time you were born. Can you say TENSION?! that which was than inturn transferred to me. My Sun (your ego your identity) is at odds with my moon moon (inner self, your emotions). They are separate, my wants and my needs are at odds. In synastry you definitely want sun and moon contacts and if you are into wedding date astrology you want the sun and moon aspecting one another! They represent the husband and wife. Preferably with an easier aspect such as the trine. When one persons Sun (ego) squares another persons Moon (feelings) it would imply the moon person will often feel second to the sun. Speaking from personal experience, the sun person is the ego so they are in theory shining, but the sun is all about the sun or it would appear that way to the moon person. The moon person always feels second-this is one aspect of many in synastry-but a hard one. Friction is a definite though a high barometer of attraction is likely.

Sextiles occur in every other sign they are 60 degrees apart (Aries and Gemini (skips Taurus) sextile one another. Taurus and Cancer sextile one another skip Gemini) Water signs sextile earth signs and air signs sextile fire signs. I always like to think of compatibility like this water nourishes earth and earth absorbs water. Fire fuels on air and air fuels fire. Sextiles are not as strong as trines still they represent positive energy working harmoniously together. I have mars (in Taurus) sextile mercury in Cancer (water nourishes earth). Being that Mars is my drive and how we go about getting what we want and Mercury is communication and learning they are working together this means I have a thirst for knowledge. I want to get to the bottom of things, I’m outgoing and communicative