Transits to the ruler of a house


If you are reading my blog you are probably aware of transits, these are the movements of the planets in the sky around your natal chart.
Uranus for example in the 1st house will indicate you are prone to various changes perhaps the way you present yourself is different. While Uranus in the 7th house will deliver sudden marriages and sudden divorces. The place where Uranus is transiting will indicate a shake up and unexpected events. Each planet holds different significance and the most important and longest transits are from Saturn out to Pluto

Transits from Saturn bring; Karma, hard work, restriction, seriousness, commitment, hardships and delays
Transits from Uranus indicate: surprises, changes, unexpected events, and reversals
Transits from Neptune indicate; confusion, deceit, sorrow, blurring of boundaries, addictive tendencies, creative tendencies and self-sacrifice
Transits involving Pluto indicate; death, rebirth, clearing, obsessions, destruction, strength and transformation.

There is a lot to look at with astrology, progressions, planets, aspects and so on and so forth. I have been studying astrology for quite some time and even I miss something when reviewing my own chart. For the last year my job and been experiencing some serious ups and downs, now more than ever there is an abundance of changes. Layoffs, changes of schedule, several relocations, renovations, hiring and firing. If a change can happen it is happening to me now. This is very indicative of Uranus transiting the 6th house of work. But Uranus is not in my 6th house. However Uranus is transiting the ruler of the 6th house. Cancer is on my 6th house cusp indicating the moon rules my 6th house. Uranus is currently transiting my moon so this is very similar to Uranus transiting the 6th.
So when reviewing your transits look not only to what house is being transited but also what ruler of the house if being transited.

Aries is ruled by Mars
Taurus is ruled by Venus
Gemini is ruled by Mercury
Cancer is ruled by the moon
Leo is ruled by the Sun
Virgo is ruled by Mercury
Libra is ruled by Venus
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
Pisces is ruled by Neptune

So if your marriage is going through some unexpected changes but Uranus is NOT transiting the 7th house but if Taurus is on your 7th house cusp, Taurus is ruled by Venus and your Venus is placed in Libra transiting Uranus in Aries is opposing your Venus thus affecting your 7th house. Transit to the ruler of the 7th house will affect your partnerships. If your finances seem tight but nothing is active in your 2nd house but Aries is on your 2nd house cusp look to Mars (Ruler of Aries) if Mars is placed in Scorpio you will find Saturn conjoining your Mars and YES this will affect your finances. Saturn restricts whatever it touches and now it is afflicting the ruler of your house of money earned.

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