Uranus Transits

I decided to write a short post on Uranus transits. I hardly mention them perhaps because I have aquarius rising. Ruling planet being Uranus is placed in the 8th house. I was born free. Not that, that hasn’t come with a price. Everything does. My life journey is a transformative one. I do not adhere to social norms. I’ve met more then 1 person bothered my this. My need to be free my inability to conform. I can’t recall the time Uranus transited a planet though for many years it made its way through my 1st house, my appearance often fluctuating from blonde to brunette oh fuck I’ll take a pob … But with Uranus now conjunct my moon & squaring my sun. I feel the need to be liberated. I need to be free from what I’m not exactly sure. I’m not tied permanently to anyone or anything. I feel the underbelly of this transit I feel it’s undercurrent. Some days I run just run through the street with a desire to take off, I want to fly. Mind you I have a fear of heights. But Uranus rules birds and things with wings, planes. I took a class on Uranus transits yesterday the astrologer said Uranus transits have you wanting that birds eye view of the world. For astrologers they are the hardest transits to predict, they bring awareness, adventure,you never saw it coming, things you never thought you would do, it rearranges you I confided how I feel oddly more alive, how I want to zip line & go to surf camp even thought I can’t swim. Everyone chuckled in the class. My instructed pointed out there is a desire to walk on air Go! ski, ice skate & rollerblade. He went on to further say, the key words for Uranus often are made up with the word “vol” revolt volatile volunteer vol apparently means to fly. Uranus breaks habits, breaks marriages, it Awakens you, delivers ah ha moments, sets you free. What’s going on with Uranus in your chart? Do you feel more alive? Are you longing to fly?

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  1. Uranus in 8th house… you all of the suddenly into Astrology. Aquarius in 1st house… You’re trying to do investigate, dig deep, research about yourself. Learning about yourself. Uranus does represent free, but it also means change… you may change the way you think about yourself. You may transform yourself. Your life won’t be the same after learning astrology.

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