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Confessions from a Sun Square Moon Person

Published June 14, 2012 by starsmoonandsun
Yesterday was a busy day, all the days lately are busy between working 16 hours & trying to find time to redecorate. My mind is in over drive, I have post-its in a 100 places to remind me: you need window treatments, the carpet guy is coming in July, the couch guy is coming next week, your working your days off the last week of June as my mind wonders who the hell I’m going to get to hang that effing canvas I bought. I drive to my second Home Depot of the day because the 1st didn’t have enough door knobs. I needed 3 they had 2. Only to come home & find that NONE of the 3 fit although the Home Depot man said they were universal but after many attempts trying to figure it out I relented, it just wasnt happening. After I had to get in the car & drive to Queens park the car & get on the subway into Manhattan to attend astrology class & I fought back tears as I ranted to myself: I m so fucking tired how did I get to this place where I’m doing every thing! And why don’t they have a handyman service where some cute man picks up the shit you need & hangs it for you. And what is a wall sconce and why can’t you just drill it into any place on the wall.
Truth be told: I never wanted to be this person that had to do everything! (natal cardinal t square: I’m that person) As i slide into class my beyond well versed astrology instructor says those with sun square moon are not comfortable with themselves. It couldn’t be more true. I m all to aware that the moon represents you natural instinct, your emotional attachment. The moon in Aries is not a comfortable position. Moon in Aries needs to get things done ASAP they want their needs met immediately, it’s a masculine energy where as the moon is feminine. There is a conflict. For me all i wanted was to just be someone’s mom and stay at home& bake cookies and stuff like that! Cancer Sun wants that they long for intimate connections they enjoy staying home they want someone to nurture them & take care of them & in return we will love you forever.But an Aries moon is impulsive, action oriented they want to go go go! A montage plays in my mind of the people I could ve dated long-term the men that could have hung my curtains but eh I didn’t like the way one chewed his food, he didn’t pull out my chair , or that one got boring. Venus in Gemini needs to keep things interesting Saturn in 7th takes commitment seriously, all dates are interviews for me like can I look at this mans face forever. So I leave class unsure of how to reconcile my Cancer Sun & Aries moon, I hop on the train then get into my car drive to Home Depot number 3 return the door knobs get new ones, install them, lay on my bed & cry my eyes out dreaming of the day I can sit by my pool, write a novel (Sun in the 5th) & start online bakery business (Cancer Sun)

The 10th house in Astrology

Published June 12, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

The 10th house is naturally ruled by Capricorn it’s where we find our male parental figure,  our career & reputation. The 10th is opposite the 4th house in Astrology which is ruled by Cancer and signifies the home and mother.

Sun in the 10th house takes on Capricorn traits they want to climb the ladder of success they are very career oriented. They want others to see them as accomplished they need to feel accomplished

Moon in the 10th house is emotionally attached to how people see them. I find this placement to be overly concerned with the opinion of other people, they will fuel this to climb the ladder of success. They are emotionally is search of social approval and the need to feel valued in the eyes of others. Their reputation may go through many ups and downs.
Mercury in the 10th house indicates a lot of communication will be apart of your career perhaps in the form of public speaking, or giving presentations on a daily basis. You are definitely a multi Tasker with your mind on the go. Short distance travel may be a part of your routine.
Venus in the 10th house I have a friend with this placement t I call her the queen at work, everyone likes her. Venus in the 10th indicates others seeing you as loveable. People enjoy being around you and you enjoy being surrounded by beauty
Mars in the 10th house is common for police officers & members of the military aggressive in pursuit of goals, action oriented , if you are not a member of some sort of armed services you may very well find yourself having arguments with superiors or arguing with subordinates 
Jupiter in the 10th house is a very fortunate aspect that helps you climb the ladder of success by A. being in the right place at the right time and B. knowing the right people who can lead you to the right place. A fortunate aspect in all things career related. Because Jupiter is also the sign of over doing do not bite off more than you can chew…May indicate Jupiter professions depending on other aspects such as teaching and law.
Saturn is at home in the 10th house, success can be reached but it will 100% be on your own Merritt. You will need to put the work in to reap the rewards. Step by step brick by brick, there may be some delays as Saturn can represent restriction but in no way will you be denied.
Uranus in the 10th house signifies sudden and unexpected changes in your chosen profession. You may very well decide on a Uranian field, a career involving some futuristic field perhaps involving computers. You prefer a career with lots of variety and that offers significant change
Neptune in the 10th house, aah this is all too familiar to me! I have Neptune Conjunct the Midheaven! I’ve had 27 or so jobs in 34 years of living but who is counting. Neptune in the 10th house indicates others may not see you clearly and you may suffer from various scandals. On the upswing there is often a sense of glamour that surrounds you, often in your chosen profession.
Pluto in the 10th house, Pluto is like Mars on steroids so you may find this placement with police and military officials but unlike Mars Pluto offers rebirth and transformation. Mars merely represents direct action/force but with Pluto you can use this action to alter your life. Your greatest transformation will come via your choices in career. Just beware of confrontations and battle of wills surrounding male figures in your life. As you will be prone to many power struggles.

The 9th House in Astrology

Published June 11, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

Directly across from the 3rd house ruled by Gemini, you will fing the 9th house ruled by Sagittarius. Gemini is considered the lower mind, concerned with the day to day tasks wherer as the 9th house in astrology is naturally ruled by Sagittarius, our higher mind; the mind that governs truth, higher education, religion and philosophy. The 9th house also rules far off countries and individuals from far off places.

The Sun in the 9th house person is considered to be born lucky, the 9th house naturally ruled by Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter planet of luck the Sun placed in the 9th house may take on a Sagittarius vibe, a lover of law, freedom and long distance travel. Free spirited a lifelong traveler, mental and physical journeys to exotic places is to be expected. Higher learning via education or trips is very likely

The Moon in the 9th house may emotionally roam the world, connecting with people from other cultures. Traveling often, professions you may prefer are anything involving teaching, law and religion. In committed partnerships you need someone you can travel with and who offers personal freedom. May indicate taking up residence far from your place of birth

Mercury in the 9th house indicates you enjoy philosophizing, sharing ideas, communicating about your beliefs however these beliefs may fluctuate and change often, Mercury is ruled by Gemini and Gemini is the most scattered sign in the zodiac

Venus in the 9th house gives a love and admiration for other cultures; you may find love with someone from a completely different background. You very well may find beauty in all the places you travel to and read about.

Mars in the 9th house you aggressively defend your views on the world; you want to fight for your truth and may quite possibly aggressively pursue a degree in higher education. Watch out for legal concerns or people attacking you in legal matters, there is some connection between mars being god of war and the 9th house being legal matters

Jupiter in the 9th house YIPPY! Jupiter is at home in the 9th house you have an optimistic view of the world and with time your mind will expand and grow. Very likely you have a love of law and teaching as you wish to share your knowledge with the world. Good lucks via trips, higher education but more so indicates a cheerful disposition

Saturn in the 9th house indicates you have a very conservative view of the world, you may keep the views and values bestowed to you by your male parental role or the views you have always grown up with. Your mind does however have an ability toward concentration, be prepared to experience delays or setbacks in terms of long distance travel, also try to remain open minded and beware that your way is not the only way or right way of thinking

Uranus in the 9th house indicates an extremely open mind. One of my favorite placements flashes of genius, journeys off the beaten path, acceptance of others philosophical views. Uranus can be unexpected so you may experience sudden and unexpected changes in thought, sudden trips to far off places and sudden changes in higher education

Neptune in the 9th house can have the markings of a born again Christian or someone that may be susceptible toward joining fanatical groups in the hopes of attaining enlightenment or becoming one with society. You may not be entirely sure of what you believe and you may not be entirely sure on what you wish to study, one thing is certain you will probably take a significant trip on water at some point in your life.

Pluto in the 9th house searches for deeper meaning in life via travel and higher education, they may become obsessed with discovering why we are here, and when teach a subject this is no superficial placement you want to get to the heart of the matter.

The 7th House in Astrology

Published June 10, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

The 7th house indicates the type of marriage partners we select via the sign on the cusp or planets placed inside.  Opposite the 1st house ruled by Aries and self significance we find the 7th house ruled by Libra. The 7th house also rules partnerships of all kind including business and any relationship we have that we enter in a legal contract with. Oddly enough the 7th house is also where we go to find Open enemies (the 12th house is where we find secret or hidden enemies)

The Sun in the 7th house primary focus is relating to others, happiest when in committed relationships they may look to others to validate their existence. May chose showy types that have similar Traits to that of a Leo, dominant marriage partners that you feel you can be proud of and shower with admiration

Moon in the 7th house indicates ups and downs in marriage and business partnerships. You require emotional connection in the scope of relationships, bonding you may seek to mother your spouse or enjoy them mothering and nurturing you. The way you feel on a daily basis is in direct correlation with what is happening between you and your spouse or between you and your business partnerships

Mercury in the 7th house demands you have an intellectual connection with partner. You want to talk, talk, talk or you want someone who is quite communicative. Mental stimulation, debates and anything that encourages mental stimulation is required

Venus in the 7th house how very nice for you!! This indicates you attract partners with ease, may appear charming, witty and an ideal candidate for someone to snatch up and declare “i do ” with. Does not indicate depth but rather a desire for someone good-looking and presentable. May also indicate benefiting financially via marriage partner.

Mars in the 7th house ..oh goodness highly sexually and argumentatively charged position with mars. Be careful of others that are out go get you, also tremendous bickering with partners, business and marriage. Fight and make up sex, some more fighting and some more sex! Beware of being overly assertive or selecting partners that are overly aggressive with you.

Jupiter in the 7th house indicates being married more than once, Jupiter is the planet of over doing and optimism, similar to venus but behaves more like it is on steroids indicating you have natural good luck in attracting marriage partners, they may be affluent or as per Bob Marks Astrologer marrying someone in a Jupiter related field, teaching, law. Fortunate aspect in business partnerships.

Saturn in 7th house I sympathize I have Saturn conjunct my descent. Tears I wish someone had told me in my twenties what this meant ! Delays in marriage or being married young, divorced and then remarried later or you may attract an older partner, one that offers financial security in lieu of affection. There is a parent aspect here. Maybe some apprehension and anxiety about committing and who to commit to, but once you do it will be FOREVER! Yippy!

Uranus in the 7th house requires freedom and unconventionality in partnerships. May attract odd partners or odd circumstances with in partnerships. I know someone who has this and Lives in NY and his girlfriend lives in Santa Fe, and that’s exactly how he likes it. You can expect sudden coming together and suddenly coming apart in marriage

Neptune in the 7th house of partnerships, better get a 2nd opinion on marriage partners and read fine print in business partnerships Neptune may indicate that everything looks perfect! Ah-ha but nothing in life is perfect. You may suffer from DDS damsel in Distress syndrome needing to be rescued or attract partners where you get to play hero and save them from themselves. Watch for partners that are deceptive have addiction issues or are overly helpless.

Pluto in the 7th indicates major transformation and your greatest growth comes via partnerships. Power struggles, being controlling, attracting controlling partners power and control are generally reoccurring themes for you

A little self promotion

Published June 8, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

Yes! I’m self promoting but hey I’m a firm believer that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Just a reminder you can purchase astrology reports from my website at I offer natal chart reading complete with yearly horoscope, your solar return chart to tell you what is coming up in the year ahead and the composite chart designed for you and your partner that will tell how your lives are interwoven and where your focus, glories and challenges lie. Each report is hand crafted not some cheesy computer generated crapola! Ha! Astrology gives tremendous insight to recurring themes in your life, I will go over each planet to see where you are talented, where you derive joy, saddness…take a peak at those family issues as well as what is coming up for you in the year ahead!

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The 4th House In Astrology

Published June 8, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

The 4th house is naturally ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer, planets placed in the 4th house are security conscious: emotionally, financially and residential. You can look to this house for clarifications on your home life growing up, the relationship with the female parental figure as well and our death. From the cradle to the crave is the 4th house as it also rules endings

The Sun in the 4th house enjoys the home environment; they have natural parental instincts and prefer being surrounded by family. Putting down roots and acquiring a home of their own is important with this placement. The feeling of belonging. Home decor may be ostentatious.

The Moon in the 4th house may experience many fluctuations in their child home, perhaps moving a lot. You may find yourself searching for a place to call home. A song by Dido called Life for Rent reminds me of this placement, Dido sings “I haven’t ever really found a place that I call home I never stick around quite long enough to make it” There is a sense of wanting to belong, being that the moon rules cancer you are emotionally attached to home and probably all things past.

Venus in the 4th house indicates you want a beautiful home, you want to be surrounded by nice art and architecture. Benefits from parents perhaps via inheritance. You may enjoy hosting parties with home cooked meals and prefer a harmonious home where you can retreat.

Mars in the 4th house tells the story of a person that uses his/her aggression in or around the home. This may come in the form of working around the house, such as renovations. May indicate being the “alpha male” type on the domestic front. May indicate fires in home.

Mercury in the 4th house a lot of thought and communication center on the home environment. You may work from home or have some involvement regarding home schooling. Sometimes indicates a natural affinity toward history

Jupiter in the 4th house good luck through real-estate indicates a beautiful home, perhaps one that is quite large. I read that being that the 4th house is also considered “the end” or how your life ends Jupiter indicates the end of life will be comfortable. Joy and expansion via home environment

Saturn in the 4th house indicates a serious childhood, perhaps a childhood where you had too many responsibilities or a childhood with an authoritative and cold father figure. They key is to not in turn take these principles with you into your married home later on in life. Also it may be hard to leave your childhood home, you may feel stuck there, and ultimately you decide your life path.

Uranus in the 4th house tells of 1 of 2 things either something is strange in your childhood home; perhaps there were a lot of moves or changes. Maybe your mother was a hoarder or was sort of like Cher in the movie Mermaids. Something is eccentric about the home or the 2nd manifestation is you are the one that is different and you want o break free of your childhood home and set off on your own path

Neptune in the 4th house tells a story of something not being entirely clear about your home. For some one of the parents had addiction issues or some part of you had to be self-sacrificing in your youth. You may have loft dreams about creating an oasis out of your home surrounded by water.May indicate floods in the home

Pluto in the 4th house indicates power struggles in the home. Power is a main theme, domineering tendencies. Questions regarding who had the power in your childhood home. May carry an essence of shame regarding where you came from. Secrets in the childhood home. Not the easiest of placements, but then again rarely are any of the Pluto placements

The 3rd house in Astrology

Published June 7, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

The Third house is naturally ruled by the 3rd astrological sign which is Gemini; the 3rd house rules Elementary Education, siblings, short trips and communication. Planets placed here become more intellectually based.

The Sun in the 3rd house has a curious mind that enjoys taking in all types of information. You may be restless and live for short getaways learning new subjects and spending time with brothers and sisters. You have a thirst for knowledge that will live inside of you most of your life

The Moon in the 3rd house gives you a knack for expressing your feelings. The 3rd house is intellect on a mundane level and the moon rules feelings. You may start off a conversation with the phrase “I feel as though…” You probably learn via intuition and pick up on non verbal cues while communicating. You may intelectualize your feelings.

Mercury is at home in the 3rd house, Mercury rules Gemini and the 3rd house is all about mental curiosity. Your mind is sharp; you communicate easily and are often on the go. You enjoy talking to just about anyone! You juggle many balls/agendas in the air at once with a possibility of dropping one. Nervousness is likely as your mental energy is scattered about.

Venus in the 3rd house finds they require constant communication in love. I have this placement and I always say write me a letter; send me a text, call me and email me! When the planet of love is placed in the 3rd house you enjoy short trips with your partner and mental stimulation is a must, the way to the heart is via conversation.

Mars in the 3rd house may find themselves arguing  with siblings or anyone in there general community. I have this placement as well, Mars represents aggression and the 3rd house is communication indicating I’m aggressive in my surrounding environment or where I feel comfortable. I’m generally aggressive in speech; if I think it I say it.

Jupiter in the 3rd house indicates good luck via travel and good relations with siblings and neighbors.

Saturn in the 3rd house may be a good placement for authors or those that use meantal capabilities geared toward accounting, statistics and anything that requires significant concentration. May indicate depression as Saturn has a restrictive quality and the 3rd house rules the mind.

Uranus in the 3rd house oh dear erratic in speech, flashes of mental genius, you make a point of expressing your unique nature. Your mind is probably years ahead of society; you have the gift of invention

Neptune in the 3rd house gives concern over logical thought. People with Neptune in the 3rd house MUST think and carefully select what they wish to convey, in a serious conversation perhaps they should write out their thoughts beforehand. They constantly feel as though others do not understand them this is partly becuase they do not communicate effectively. Gives an artistic mind with abstract thought patterns which is best suited for creative environments

Pluto in the 3rd house gives a deep penetrating mind. You seek to get to the very root of an issue. When you speak you have the ability to transform other individual’s opinions. Great for any activity that require a penetrating mind.

Sometimes Old Lovers Can be Good friends

Published May 29, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

Had a small chat with an ex boyfriend today I complained of being tired working 16 hour days in the midst of renovations, I can’t find any time to work out I haven’t really been sleeping. (Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal mars) classic sign of overdoing it. At this point I figure I’ll sleep when I die. He said you always put too much on your plate (natal cardinal t-square). I sarcastically asked if he renovated the residence he bought last year, to which he replied; “no it was in perfect condition”. All white walls? I queried. “Yup” he agreed (he has 3 planets in Virgo so fresh and so clean is the motto). I want splashes of chartreuse in the middle of the day he enjoys Monet. Go figure.  We laughed as he challenged, “So what is your entire house purple and hot pink”. “Yes” I conceded. Poetic Purple, I don’t know how that is working out god willing perfectly with a little help from natal Jupiter (good luck) conjoining transiting Venus (beauty) in my natal 4th house of real estate. Fingers crossed. We laughed and spoke about the past, he remarked how calm I seem I assured him appearances can be deceiving and the reason being is simply that I m exhausted. I advised him I mentioned him in my previous blog regarding Sun in the 2nd house and how he is aggressively attached to his values. Did you change my name? Did you post my chart? He wanted to know. In typical fashion he prefers to remain anonymous.  You are so very Uranus in the 12th house, I smirked. He quipped “I’m just private”; I searched his chart for any indicators of conservatism (perhaps Saturn in the 9th) but came up empty. Perhaps Neptune in his natal 1st house makes him more sensitive than most. “I don’t like to be the center of attention” he went on to further to explain, telling this to me, a 5th house sun is a foreign concept. He brought up some past occurrences, this one time in particular when I wore over the knee boots to a “familystyle  restaurant”. He demanded I change I refused and remarked his burgundy shirt against khaki pants made him look like an usher at a movie theater. Welcome to Lowes! And a year later we parted ways. I will never grasp the concept of a shrinking violet, hiding your authenticity, trying hard to assimilate…That is so very Uranus in the 12th house to me. With all that being said It is still nice to sit and talk with someone that knows damn well your eccentric side isn’t tucked away its sitting right there in your freshly polished poetic purple living room

The 2nd House in Astrology

Published May 29, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

The Second house in Astrology is associated with the 2nd sign in Astrology Taurus; the 2nd house similar to the bull is all about values, what we value in terms of currency as well as beliefs , with planets placed here there is a strong indication of treating people like possessions and becoming overall more security conscience.

Sun in the 2nd house you have a strong focus in making money and feel at your best while doing so, you may feel as a direct correlation between what you own and how you feel about yourself. This also indicates someone strongly attached to their values. My ex-boyfriend had this placement and if I so much as disagreed with something he believed he took it as a personal attach on his character.

Moon in the 2nd house (I have this placement) emotional attachment to things, love of luxury items. Fluctuations in money, fluctuating between spending like mad and saving like crazy. Treating people like they are possessions, emotionally attached to beliefs. This person must feel financially secure

Mercury in the 2nd house has a mind for making money, perhaps various ways of making extra income. A detached view concerning finances, though you probably possess a mind for budgeting and perhaps trading

Venus in the 2nd house indicates making money via the beauty or art industry seeing how Venus rules both. Spending money on things such as art and anything considered beautiful. The enjoyment of giving and receiving gifts in love.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates you will do what you must to obtain money, whether you work a 9 to 5, run a company or sell drugs on a street corner, you aggressively pursue earning money and defend your values with similar enterprising spirit.

Jupiter in the 2nd house also known as the Charlie Sheen aspect  (he has this placement) you are lucky when it comes to earning money, you expect good fortune and are generally optimistic that money making opportunities will present themselves and they usually do. You are also very giving

Saturn in the 2nd house: This is the Cheap-skate aspect. Hoarding money, not feeling worthy of buying nice possessions. Never feeling that you have enough .

Uranus in the 2nd house indicates expect the unexpected in terms of earning and losing money. Perhaps earning money in an Uranus-oriented field; astrology, computers, internet based businesses. You must save while you have the chance due to the erratic nature of Uranus

Neptune in the 2nd house indicates you do not wish to deal with issues surrounding finances, not seeing clearly where you are financially perhaps generally not caring. This placement demands you get real and honest with yourself in terms of where you stand financially

Pluto in the 2nd house states money will dramatically transform your life, extremes with money, and obsessions with money. Doing anything to get it.

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