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The 5th House In Astrology

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The 4th House In Astrology

The 4th house is naturally ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer, planets placed in the 4th house are security conscious: emotionally, financially and residential. You can look to this house for clarifications on your home life growing up, the relationship with the female parental figure as well and our death. From the cradle to the crave is the 4th house as it also rules endings

The Sun in the 4th house enjoys the home environment; they have natural parental instincts and prefer being surrounded by family. Putting down roots and acquiring a home of their own is important with this placement. The feeling of belonging. Home decor may be ostentatious.

The Moon in the 4th house may experience many fluctuations in their child home, perhaps moving a lot. You may find yourself searching for a place to call home. A song by Dido called Life for Rent reminds me of this placement, Dido sings “I haven’t ever really found a place that I call home I never stick around quite long enough to make it” There is a sense of wanting to belong, being that the moon rules cancer you are emotionally attached to home and probably all things past.

Venus in the 4th house indicates you want a beautiful home, you want to be surrounded by nice art and architecture. Benefits from parents perhaps via inheritance. You may enjoy hosting parties with home cooked meals and prefer a harmonious home where you can retreat.

Mars in the 4th house tells the story of a person that uses his/her aggression in or around the home. This may come in the form of working around the house, such as renovations. May indicate being the “alpha male” type on the domestic front. May indicate fires in home.

Mercury in the 4th house a lot of thought and communication center on the home environment. You may work from home or have some involvement regarding home schooling. Sometimes indicates a natural affinity toward history

Jupiter in the 4th house good luck through real-estate indicates a beautiful home, perhaps one that is quite large. I read that being that the 4th house is also considered “the end” or how your life ends Jupiter indicates the end of life will be comfortable. Joy and expansion via home environment

Saturn in the 4th house indicates a serious childhood, perhaps a childhood where you had too many responsibilities or a childhood with an authoritative and cold father figure. They key is to not in turn take these principles with you into your married home later on in life. Also it may be hard to leave your childhood home, you may feel stuck there, and ultimately you decide your life path.

Uranus in the 4th house tells of 1 of 2 things either something is strange in your childhood home; perhaps there were a lot of moves or changes. Maybe your mother was a hoarder or was sort of like Cher in the movie Mermaids. Something is eccentric about the home or the 2nd manifestation is you are the one that is different and you want o break free of your childhood home and set off on your own path

Neptune in the 4th house tells a story of something not being entirely clear about your home. For some one of the parents had addiction issues or some part of you had to be self-sacrificing in your youth. You may have loft dreams about creating an oasis out of your home surrounded by water.May indicate floods in the home

Pluto in the 4th house indicates power struggles in the home. Power is a main theme, domineering tendencies. Questions regarding who had the power in your childhood home. May carry an essence of shame regarding where you came from. Secrets in the childhood home. Not the easiest of placements, but then again rarely are any of the Pluto placements

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The 3rd house in Astrology

The Third house is naturally ruled by the 3rd astrological sign which is Gemini; the 3rd house rules Elementary Education, siblings, short trips and communication. Planets placed here become more intellectually based.

The Sun in the 3rd house has a curious mind that enjoys taking in all types of information. You may be restless and live for short getaways learning new subjects and spending time with brothers and sisters. You have a thirst for knowledge that will live inside of you most of your life

The Moon in the 3rd house gives you a knack for expressing your feelings. The 3rd house is intellect on a mundane level and the moon rules feelings. You may start off a conversation with the phrase “I feel as though…” You probably learn via intuition and pick up on non verbal cues while communicating. You may intelectualize your feelings.

Mercury is at home in the 3rd house, Mercury rules Gemini and the 3rd house is all about mental curiosity. Your mind is sharp; you communicate easily and are often on the go. You enjoy talking to just about anyone! You juggle many balls/agendas in the air at once with a possibility of dropping one. Nervousness is likely as your mental energy is scattered about.

Venus in the 3rd house finds they require constant communication in love. I have this placement and I always say write me a letter; send me a text, call me and email me! When the planet of love is placed in the 3rd house you enjoy short trips with your partner and mental stimulation is a must, the way to the heart is via conversation.

Mars in the 3rd house may find themselves arguing  with siblings or anyone in there general community. I have this placement as well, Mars represents aggression and the 3rd house is communication indicating I’m aggressive in my surrounding environment or where I feel comfortable. I’m generally aggressive in speech; if I think it I say it.

Jupiter in the 3rd house indicates good luck via travel and good relations with siblings and neighbors.

Saturn in the 3rd house may be a good placement for authors or those that use meantal capabilities geared toward accounting, statistics and anything that requires significant concentration. May indicate depression as Saturn has a restrictive quality and the 3rd house rules the mind.

Uranus in the 3rd house oh dear erratic in speech, flashes of mental genius, you make a point of expressing your unique nature. Your mind is probably years ahead of society; you have the gift of invention

Neptune in the 3rd house gives concern over logical thought. People with Neptune in the 3rd house MUST think and carefully select what they wish to convey, in a serious conversation perhaps they should write out their thoughts beforehand. They constantly feel as though others do not understand them this is partly becuase they do not communicate effectively. Gives an artistic mind with abstract thought patterns which is best suited for creative environments

Pluto in the 3rd house gives a deep penetrating mind. You seek to get to the very root of an issue. When you speak you have the ability to transform other individual’s opinions. Great for any activity that require a penetrating mind.

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Sometimes Old Lovers Can be Good friends

Had a small chat with an ex boyfriend today I complained of being tired working 16 hour days in the midst of renovations, I can’t find any time to work out I haven’t really been sleeping. (Transiting Jupiter conjunct natal mars) classic sign of overdoing it. At this point I figure I’ll sleep when I die. He said you always put too much on your plate (natal cardinal t-square). I sarcastically asked if he renovated the residence he bought last year, to which he replied; “no it was in perfect condition”. All white walls? I queried. “Yup” he agreed (he has 3 planets in Virgo so fresh and so clean is the motto). I want splashes of chartreuse in the middle of the day he enjoys Monet. Go figure.  We laughed as he challenged, “So what is your entire house purple and hot pink”. “Yes” I conceded. Poetic Purple, I don’t know how that is working out god willing perfectly with a little help from natal Jupiter (good luck) conjoining transiting Venus (beauty) in my natal 4th house of real estate. Fingers crossed. We laughed and spoke about the past, he remarked how calm I seem I assured him appearances can be deceiving and the reason being is simply that I m exhausted. I advised him I mentioned him in my previous blog regarding Sun in the 2nd house and how he is aggressively attached to his values. Did you change my name? Did you post my chart? He wanted to know. In typical fashion he prefers to remain anonymous.  You are so very Uranus in the 12th house, I smirked. He quipped “I’m just private”; I searched his chart for any indicators of conservatism (perhaps Saturn in the 9th) but came up empty. Perhaps Neptune in his natal 1st house makes him more sensitive than most. “I don’t like to be the center of attention” he went on to further to explain, telling this to me, a 5th house sun is a foreign concept. He brought up some past occurrences, this one time in particular when I wore over the knee boots to a “familystyle  restaurant”. He demanded I change I refused and remarked his burgundy shirt against khaki pants made him look like an usher at a movie theater. Welcome to Lowes! And a year later we parted ways. I will never grasp the concept of a shrinking violet, hiding your authenticity, trying hard to assimilate…That is so very Uranus in the 12th house to me. With all that being said It is still nice to sit and talk with someone that knows damn well your eccentric side isn’t tucked away its sitting right there in your freshly polished poetic purple living room

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The 2nd House in Astrology

The Second house in Astrology is associated with the 2nd sign in Astrology Taurus; the 2nd house similar to the bull is all about values, what we value in terms of currency as well as beliefs , with planets placed here there is a strong indication of treating people like possessions and becoming overall more security conscience.

Sun in the 2nd house you have a strong focus in making money and feel at your best while doing so, you may feel as a direct correlation between what you own and how you feel about yourself. This also indicates someone strongly attached to their values. My ex-boyfriend had this placement and if I so much as disagreed with something he believed he took it as a personal attach on his character.

Moon in the 2nd house (I have this placement) emotional attachment to things, love of luxury items. Fluctuations in money, fluctuating between spending like mad and saving like crazy. Treating people like they are possessions, emotionally attached to beliefs. This person must feel financially secure

Mercury in the 2nd house has a mind for making money, perhaps various ways of making extra income. A detached view concerning finances, though you probably possess a mind for budgeting and perhaps trading

Venus in the 2nd house indicates making money via the beauty or art industry seeing how Venus rules both. Spending money on things such as art and anything considered beautiful. The enjoyment of giving and receiving gifts in love.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates you will do what you must to obtain money, whether you work a 9 to 5, run a company or sell drugs on a street corner, you aggressively pursue earning money and defend your values with similar enterprising spirit.

Jupiter in the 2nd house also known as the Charlie Sheen aspect  (he has this placement) you are lucky when it comes to earning money, you expect good fortune and are generally optimistic that money making opportunities will present themselves and they usually do. You are also very giving

Saturn in the 2nd house: This is the Cheap-skate aspect. Hoarding money, not feeling worthy of buying nice possessions. Never feeling that you have enough .

Uranus in the 2nd house indicates expect the unexpected in terms of earning and losing money. Perhaps earning money in an Uranus-oriented field; astrology, computers, internet based businesses. You must save while you have the chance due to the erratic nature of Uranus

Neptune in the 2nd house indicates you do not wish to deal with issues surrounding finances, not seeing clearly where you are financially perhaps generally not caring. This placement demands you get real and honest with yourself in terms of where you stand financially

Pluto in the 2nd house states money will dramatically transform your life, extremes with money, and obsessions with money. Doing anything to get it.

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The 1st House in Astrology

The first House is all about you! How you appear to the outside world, how others see you, the way you speak and the way in which you carry yourself. The 1st house corresponds with the 1st sign in the zodiac. Aries, a cardinal action oriented sign that tends to seek self fulfillment.

Everyone has a different sign on the 1st house cusp, for instance I m a Cancer Sun but my 1st house cusp otherwise known as my ascendant or rising sign is in Aquarius. People see me as friendly and sociable. Truth be told I’m not! A Cancer sun is clannish. However similar to Aquarian I lean toward being eccentric and possess a humanitarian side.

Planets in the 1st house will affect you as an individual

Sun in the 1st house makes you showy, optimistic and very assertive

Moon in the 1st house indicates you have psychic sensory, picking up on what isn’t being said, and also just as the moon fluctuates you will experience highs and lows in self esteem

Mercury in the 1st house has a very active mind, sometimes nervous energy and enjoys speaking of themselves and their interests

Venus in the 1st house makes you appear attractive to others, an easy going if not lazy approach to life due to your expectation that events will go your way which they usually do

Mars in the 1st house makes you very aggressive, not necessarily a bad thing, but not the most polite of placements. I use to date a man with Mars in the 1st house; he was the most direct person I have ever met. On our first date he buzzed about (Gemini) he was in constant motion. I was overwhelmed he thought I was bored stating, “If you are going to look miserable all night I’ll take you home”. He was always shooting from the hip, telling some woman at a club we frequented his shoes cost more than her entire outfit”. I cringed, but he had this quality that you couldn’t ignore and either you loved him or hated him for it. Mars in the 1st house doesn’t inspire indifference.

Jupiter in the 1st house gives good luck with your endeavors and the ability to self directs your life. Optimistic in thought

Saturn in the 1st house indicates you are restricted, extremely conservative, you probably drive with hands at 10 and 2 and voted for Bush.

Uranus in the 1st house you will experience MANY changes in terms of your identity, from dress to the manner in which you speak. You are probably unconventional and have a non conformist side

Neptune in the 1st house indicates that others do not see you clearly and sometimes call fall prey to ill intentions or see you through rose colored classes. Projecting all they wish to see at other times you may feel you are not completely understood and are easily wounded.

Pluto in the 1st house indicates major changes via you; this may be via your physical body or perhaps bringing yourself face to face with trying circumstances that bring about major transformation.

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The Truth about Sun Sign Compatibility

When people learn I study astrology they almost always ask; I am a Leo I heard I get along great with Gemini or they challenge astrology and claim to be an Aries that has always been in a serious relationship with Capricorn (which is a mismatch). Most people are only familiar with Sun sign Astrology and what they have read on some very vague website.

Generally speaking fire signs and air signs bode well together. On a very mundane level fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius get along well with air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The reason being air needs fire to breathe and fire needs air to expand. The sun represents the ego so on a fundamental level these 2 contribute to one another; they have a basic understanding of one another’s needs. For instance Aries is a Cardinal fire sign an initiator so they will for the most part get along with Gemini, a mutable air sign that lacks focus. They help one another out. Gemini shows flexibility where as Aries teaches direct action.

Similarly the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces get along well with earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in theory water nourishes earth and earth needs water to grow for instance Pisces is a mutable water sign that is represented by 2 fish swimming in circles, they could benefit from a grounded earth sign such as Taurus or Capricorn that can provide stability and earth can learn the value of emotions and non tangible goods from a water sign, such as Pisces. Generally speaking water and earth can work together and provide one another with what the other lacks. Capricorn is the sign of work and reputation, a Capricorn can learn from Cancer (their opposite sign) the value of home and nurturing. Whereas earth and air signs do not co mingle or cohabit, nor do water and fire. Think of it the sky (air) meets the land (earth) but they are not interwoven and similarly water puts out fire instead of helping it grow.

But when you dig a little deeper and look at the entire natal chart a person is more than just a sun sign. This question first appeared to me when as a Cancer I realized I have never loved A. another water sign or B. dated an earth sign. Anyone that has meant anything to me and the feeling was mutual have been Leo or Aquarius. It is essential to look at the entire chart when asking what sign am I most compatible with.

For instance my rising sign is in Aquarius this makes the sign on my 7th house cusp (the house of marriage) Leo. This in itself dictates I like a domineering, showy partner that enjoys being the center of attention. Further more you look at the ruler of the 7th house for me that is Leo, Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is placed in my 5th house of love affairs. I require true love, strong romanticism is indicated where as someone with Leo on the 7th house cusp but the sun is placed in the 6th house is very different that is the house of daily habits, a person with that placement seeks someone they can work with or that merely fits in with their daily activities. Next we look at my moon (feelings) my moon is in the fire sign Aries, aggressive, direct, I would fit well with an Air sign, perhaps a Libra that can teach me the value of fairness and balance in partnership instead of the impulsive self oriented feeling of an Aries moon. Next Venus planet of love is placed in Gemini an intellectual restless sign that require love to be light and never dull where as my planet of sex drive (Mars) is the only earth planet I possess in Taurus, a complete contradiction to the planet Venus. In sex I want someone who has Taurian type traits, slow, sensual and romantic where as my Venus seeks love on the go, always trying new activities and lots of conversation. I have 7 planets in total in air and fire signs. This is what has led me to choosing Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air) for partnerships and Love.

In short When Considering compatibility

  • look at your rising sign, this is how you appear to the outside world
  • look at the sign on the cusp of your 7th house of marriage, this indicates qualities you look for in a mate
  • look at the sign the moon is placed in for emotional responses
  • look at your venus sign for how you give and receive love
  • and lastly look at your mars placement for what attracts you sexually
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Full Moon in Scorpio in the 8th house & sad departures

A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. I can recall driving one time in the early morning hours with the moon placed directly in front of me and the sun behind me, it was one of the most beautiful sights. I marveled at the beauty of life. Just as the sun and moon are opposite in the sky they are that way when transiting your natal chart. The planets movement in the sky around your natal chart are called transits. For me personally the full moon in Scorpio had fallen into my 8th house (death, taxes, other people’s money, sex, obsessions, what is hidden) and the Sun in Taurus transited my 2nd house of money I earn and things I value. Scorpio naturally rules the 8th house as Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house but for everyone the full moon will fall in a different place depending on the sign on the cusps of your natal chart. For me that was the 2nd and house 8th house axis. I really did not think much about how this would affect me up until the day before, when I felt this heavy energy in the air. On a superficial level I was aware of the opposing energy of Scorpio and Taurus, Scorpio valuing death and
transformation plunging the depths of the soul where as Taurus craves financial security, possessions & all that is tangible. It certainly was a time of taking a look at what we value. The battle of emotional vs. the physical weighing the tangible vs. the intangible.I must admit I’m utterly amazed at the literal manifestation of this 8th house/2nd house super moon, beginning with the death of my beloved cat. I have had him since I found him as a baby; I swore he was the reincarnated being of a childhood friend. For 16 years he slept beside me, followed me and kept me company, he essentially shared my life. Even jumping up on the sink in the morning for me to brush his hair after I did mine. His health began to deteriorate 2 years ago and since then he has had numerous trips to the vet and been on various medication. In recent weeks he was out of sorts varying between not eating at all, followed by an eye infection and the loss of vision in one eye. On the night of the “Super moon” I came home to find his other eye full of blood and him hiding under the bed hissing in a permanent state of “Halloween cat” back arched, fur up and in that moment I knew it was time. I sang to him the song I always sang since he was a baby “you are so beautiful to me can’t you see “as the 24 hour vet induced him. I kissed him and pet him, taking notice of his sparse fur, his eyes lacking life and within seconds he was gone.
I thought of one of my favorite quotes by Taurus Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky “one day in another life I will see you when we both are cats” I miss him so much it aches.
In less than 10 days I will be moving out of my childhood home and into a place of my own. I suppose I have been so busy planning my new life that I have been out of touch emotionally with all that will be left behind. I feel as though the universe is screaming at me “you can’t take any of this with you when you go” Scorpio-8th house-death-release-transformation-Natal Pluto in the 8th house puts me in touch with the dark side of life; it indicates the passing away of loved ones, being transformed via death, sex and other people’s money. I expect when a person passes I will never be the same, when I sleep with someone it’s an entire revolutionary experience but having to put my cat to sleep oh f#$% it hurts I underestimated the amount of grief and sorrow I would feel. I m also very well aware of the negative connotation a single woman with a cat receives. Last week the lady that does my eye brows said: you look tired. I replied “I’m I’m in the middle of buying a house, I’m working 7 days a week & my cat is dying” She replied: “you no married! You need husband and child, no cat”. I wanted to inform her she was no Deepak Chopra & she should stick no what she knows best & thread. But I said nothing.Quite frankly I’m slightly embarrassed when people express their condolences and I break down and cry. I find little to no comfort when other people tell me he is probably somewhere in heaven playing with their pets. Heaven? I don’t know if that exists. (but that is more of a moon in 9th house question) As I yearned to stay in bed and sob hysterically I am unable to do so as I find myself inundated with Sun in the 2nd house concerns, Taurus issues; making money. A 7 day work week is stretched out in front of me; there is money to be made, money to be spent, material concerns to deal with every single day of the coming week. Two Aquarian friends of mine said “the doors are closing to your former life and the new ones aren’t quite open yet, but they soon will be”. So I write the checks, stop at the bank, deal with my 2nd house sun in the midst of grief. Trying to juggle all the balls in the air. Very well aware now of all the deep seated feelings I have been hiding from myself, all that needs to be released all I find comfort in painfully stripped away and as I finish typing this I have to take a call from my bank they want to discuss some tax concerns… How very 8th house of them


RIP I Will Miss You Much xo

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Composite of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

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In my previous post I examined the synastry between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor to see how they responded to one another. Now I’m taking a look at the composite chart to see the themes in their relationship and how it will play out

The Compost chart Ascendant is in Scorpio.

This is not a surprise given the Plutonic theme surrounding their relationship, love, hate, sex, suicide attempts, and the verbal assaults the: I can’t live with or without you overtures. Scorpio naturally rules the 8th house of what is hidden, death, transformation, intense sex and the money of other people. Lets be honest they made a living off of other people paying for their movies.

The Ascendant in Scorpio is very fitting as Scorpio is prone to extremes and maddening jealousy. They traveled together most of the time, watched one another during shoots and often were jealous of everything from co-stars to who had the most Academy Award nominations, From what I have read they often made insulting comments regarding other couples lack of trinkets. Discussing how they had more diamonds and their yacht was bigger than so and so’s. Scorpios are very prone to wanting to feel powerful and exerting power. They exhibited all of these traits.

Yikes! A loaded 2nd house, home to the things you own, the money you make, what you possess and your values. I personally find that people with 2nd house planets want to acquire stuff, stuff makes them feel important. They are emotionally attached to what they own and often treat people in their life like possessions.

First up the Composite Sun is in Capricorn, Capricorn is the sign of career status and reputation. Capricorn is the hardest working sign in the zodiac. I mean Just look at Ryan Seacrest he embodies the spirit of a Capricorn. Does that man ever take a vacation? Well the Composite Sun in Capricorn is really not that much different. It wants status, it wants to make money ESPECIALLY in the 2nd house it does indeed give a business sense to their relationship. Lovers and business partners, which Elizabeth and Richard were. After all they did work with one another on many films, often making it a requirement when one received a role the other would be featured in some sort of capacity. You have to admire the business sense.

I have discussed this in a previous post in regards to my own experience with a 2nd house sun. It is not my favorite location as it gives a very apparent materialistic approach to the couple as well as a strong desire to acquire. With that being said Taylor and Burton were affluent and were then able to bank roll their lavish lifestyle. Even as the press and public slammed them for living in excess (I will never understand why people have an opinion on how other people spend their own money. Give me a break) with that being said along with the Sun the ego and identity of the relationship placed in the 2nd house so is Mars. Mars is where you are aggressive, where you pursue and go after with tenacity. Elizabeth even declaring herself they often lived like “gypsies”. Never lingering for long in one country hoping to move on to avoid tax mandates. The furs, the trips, pets and all the diamonds! Richard once stated he would have bought the Taj Mahal for Taylor if only he could have found away to have it shipped. They knew no limit though towards the end of their relationship it appeared Burton sold out his love for theater just to make money, I’m sure in some way to support him and Elizabeth’s grandiose life style. To keep the gravy train going. They also have Saturn in the 2nd house which often indicates the feeling of never having enough. Odd for two people who seemed to have it all. When they 1st separated he declared she could have it all. In his natal chart money doesn’t seem to define him, however when they came together as a single unit, their combined energies changed all of that. And this is what is known as the composite chart.

“I introduced Elizabeth to beer; she introduced me to Bulgari”-Richard Burton

The Composite Moon in Libra placed in the 11th house of like minded friend’s hopes and wishes gives a lighter tone to their relationship. It shows it is based on friendship. They act as a single unit and often enjoy the company of others. Together the hosted many parties and were known to travel with an extensive entourage. However there moon in Libra is forming an opposition to Uranus in Aries the planet of unexpected, rebellion and surprises indicating there partnership was quite unstable. Each party challenges the other and their ideas that at worst is destructive while at best provide growth and change.

Venus is nestled in the 3rd house of communication giving a love of the spoken and written word. Richard often penned Elizabeth beautifully written letters and wrote extensively about her in his lengthy journal entries. Verbalizing how you feel becomes quite important. Venus is the 3rd opposing Neptune in the 9th gives a highly romantic nature, where you tend to idealize your partner. The words in which Richard used to describe Elizabeth were almost like art in itself (Venus does rule art and beauty) The New York Times best seller: Furious Love featured a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor where Richard had inscribed on the back

“She is like the tide, she comes and she goes, she runs to me as in this stupendous photographic image. In my poor and tormented youth, I had always dreamed of this woman. And know when this dreams occasionally returns. I extend my arm and she is here…by my side”

Finally Pluto in the 8th house makes everything intense and adds to the already plutonian theme. There is an obsessive quality to Pluto in the 8th house partnerships. Sex is intense but is never really just sex, it transcends the physical it is binding even when you want to let go. Anytime I see Pluto in the 8th house partnerships I think of Katy Perry’s song E.T

You’re so hypnotizing Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing Feels like I am floating Leaves my body glowing
They say, be afraid You’re not like the others Futuristic lover Different DNA They don’t understand you
You’re from a whole ‘nother world A different dimension You open my eyes And I’m ready to go Lead me into the light

But Perhaps Richard Burton said it best when he declared:

I might run from her for a thousand years and she is still my baby child. Our love is so furious that we burn each other out.”

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The Synastry of a Great Love: ELizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

There are 2 couples people speak of when talking of old world Hollywood love affairs the first being Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They were married up until the day he died. Both married to other people when they met they managed to spin an affair into a successful 58 year marriage, they are often noted on astrology websites when discussing synastry. For all intensive purposes they were perfection, true love if you will. They had a “true love” aspect his sun conjunct her moon and her sun conjunct his moon. God I would kill for that! It symbolizes the blend of masculine (the sun) and feminine (the moon) energies. This is them pictured below so sugary sweet but not my cup of tea…

The 2nd couple was Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

I have been reading Furious Love by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger and I can tell you this book reads like fiction. Not having been abundantly familiar with either Richard or Elizabeth prior to Elizabeth Taylor’s death I have the sudden urge to Netflix the eleven movies they made with one another. This is one of those rare love stories that lasts a lifetime. Not in the sense that they remained together but in the way their story has been documented and Richard Burton’s journal entries and love letters to Elizabeth preserved. Really their love will live on; this blog in itself is proof of that. They met of the set of Cleopatra and fell madly for one another, “their story” reads like some aristocratic high society novel, only it is all true. They would share a decade of marriage, both having been condemned by the Vatican for abandoning their spouses to wed one another. During that time “Furious Love” speaks the truth of 2 people that would live the lives of kings and queens. There love appeared to know no limits as the book cites Richard often called Elizabeth “ocean” as a term of endearment referring to the depth of her being. No surprise they were both water signs, she was a Pisces and he an ever intense Scorpio that often verbally assaulted Elizabeth Taylor like the quip of a scorpion’s tail. The book details their marriage, their divorce there remarriage and ultimately their divorce. Still they spoke frequently on the phone up until Burton died in the summer of 1984. During their time together they competed for Academy Awards like other couples battle it out over bowling, they lived a life of nothing short of utter opulence. One of the most famous diamonds in the WORLD is that of which Burton Gave Taylor a whopping 69.42 carat that has become famously known as the Taylor-Burton diamond. I always keep in mind when reading these outrageous tales that the passion pendulum swings 2 ways. For every diamond he bought her and each film they skillfully crafted together, they remained oddly doomed. I say that with much sadness. Furious Love tells a story of 2 individuals that traveled the world together and rarely spent time apart, consumed by one another as much as they were consumed by alcohol… It quotes Elizabeth Taylor stating that perhaps they loved one another too much. It seems she could even sense if Burton was in imminent danger, once ordering him off a helicopter at the last minute afraid it would crash….Pisces prone to psychic tendencies she was indeed right. The helicopter crashed killing everyone on board. There was hot sex, passionate nights, fighting, screaming and the occasional punch by Elizabeth complete with diamond rings on hand. She once even assaulted a woman co star of Richards for becoming too enthusiastic in a love scene with him. Who would have ever thought Elizabeth Taylor was the type of lady to haul off and hit someone. Certainly not I, but with great love comes great passion. In my opinion they had it all if only they could have mastered themselves and their addictions instead of trying to master one another. Burton often penned her letters while she slept in another room, he wrote of her furiously in his diary and even after they had married and divorced and married than divorced and ultimately married other people they remained so much a part of one another’s being, soul and life. Elizabeth even hosting a party for him when he married someone else. It’s a love that takes on its own dimension, in its depths, its beauty and sadness. Thank you to the authors of Furious Love for putting me in touch with a love affair most us only dream of.

“We operate on alien wave lengths. You are as distant as Venus-the planet and I’m tone deaf to the music of spheres”- Richard Burton

While similar to Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman; Elizabeth’s moon conjuncts Burtons sun a harmonious aspect however his Moon in the 10th house opposes her Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 3rd house

His Moon in Virgo Opposing her Sun in Pisces: she is unable to relate to his emotional needs. The opposition can be binding, but arguments and friction are likely

His Moon opposes her Mercury: This is where feelings (the moon) meet communication (mercury) the conversations are likely to be surrounded by feelings. The ability to have meaningful conversations however being that you are coming from 2 opposite points of view misunderstandings are likely

Mercury’s also square one another: this is anything but a meeting of the minds. They do not share the same perspective on things

Mercury planet of communication squares her planet of aggression Mars: arguments, debates, and many difference of opinions

“If you leave me I shall have to kill myself. There is no life without you. I am afraid. And I am afraid” Richard Burton

If I remember correctly Elizabeth Taylor swallowed a bunch of pills when Richard wouldn’t leave his wife. She wanted him so desperately and indeed he wanted her too. I believe this sort of I can’t live with you and I don’t wish to live WITH you feeling stems from there many Pluto contacts. Pluto aspecting a personal planet strips away the entire pretense, all the pink frosting; it reaches the very soul of the planet it touches. Sometimes people prefer to hide behind the mask, Pluto does not permit this. It’s a thin line to walk feeling naked emotionally in front of someone. You can love them for it and at times hate them for it.

Richards Pluto in his 9th house Trine Elizabeth’s Sun, Moon and Mercury

Pluto Trine Sun: transformative love and passion

Pluto trine Moon: Powerful feelings, full disclosure emotionally, jealousy

Pluto trine Mercury: Rolling in the deep conversations. Uprooting what remains hidden in your mind. Frees you of painful memories

“You can’t keep clapping a couple of dynamite sticks together without expecting them to blow up.”Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor’s Pluto Square Burtons Mars. Forgive me but I call this the domestic abuse aspect. I had it with someone once and I had the sudden urge to smack him on occasion. I have read it’s a deal breaker. Pluto is known as the “god of War” and Mars is the planet of aggression in an inharmonious aspect such as the square it is no wonder Elizabeth popped Richard Burton on occasion. Its overwhelming passion, furious competitiveness, love bordering on hate. Like loving someone so much you hate them or you hate yourself for loving them so much.

The Amount of letters he wrote to her and the diary entries can be found in a few places including Venus and Mars in the 3rd house of communication, where Venus is placed you tend to find beauty, where mars is placed you tend to pursue. He was actively reading, writing and had a great love of literature combine this with his moon coinjoing Elizabeth’s Neptune he wanted to express his love for her creatively

One of those letters she would carry to her grave, according to published reports including one on

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who died last week at 79, was buried with her secret love letter from Richard Burton Richard. The love of her life, Burton wrote the letter 3 days before his death and Elizabeth kept it by her bedside for 27 years. She never showed or told anyone what was in the letter and refused to have it in her biography. All Elizabeth Taylor would say was that it was an affirmation of his love to her. Burton and Taylor were true soul mates despite them marrying and divorcing twice, and even in death this shows they are still soul mates

Indeed may they find happiness in the next one