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Predicting divorce and a little Ben and Jen

bena nd jen

I noticed Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are in the tabloids again people are speculating for the 100th time after 10 years of marriage this time it is really over. Ben is off again on his own hitting the casinos, counting cards and enjoying some alone time. The man has the Moon in Scorpio (privacy) in his 5th house of gambling, betting and risk taking. This is his thing, will probably always be his thing no matter who he is with. The 5th house also rules sports and we all know he is a diehard Red Sox fan. No doubt he likely feels exposed when these reports surface, with Cancer Rising and the Scorpio Moon combined with all his planets below the horizon (in personal houses) and the only 2 planets above the horizon are in the 12th house of privacy this isn’t someone that wants to have his business out on front street. When I look at his synastry with Jennifer Gardner, I don’t see it. I don’t get it not on the paper in my hand and not when I see them. His feminine planets are in Scorpio and Cancer and the majority of her planets are in Gemini. Don’t get me wrong I never want to see him sprayed tan and emasculated standing beside Jennifer Lopez again but I don’t get this connection. Jen and Ben met when his progressed Moon was on his Descendent-when the progressed moon transits the 7th house it is likely you are ready for a relationship and Jens progressed Jupiter was conjunct her Descendent, she was also ready. But over the last several years while Saturn was in Scorpio Ben has had several hard transits to his Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio and once Saturn reenters Sagittarius it was pass over Gardners Gemini Moon, Venus and Mars. They won’t get a reprieve for a while.

The both of them also have Cancer Rising indicating they both have the same transits to houses for instance both of them now have Pluto digging its way through their 7th house of marriage and approximately 4 years from now they will have Saturn transiting their 7th. That can be the issue with having the same houses, who will be the partner to hold the others head above water if they are both drowning. When one is losing faith, it is likely so is the other! What’s that saying “the secret to a successful marriage is never falling out of love at the same time”. That is kind of hard to do when Pluto is knocking on both your doors simultaneously.

Hard times continue to be ahead for them and any relationship when you have outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune) transiting the 7th house. But I don’t think divorce and break ups are an easy prediction. And I don’t think new astrologers should automatically assume divorce is a likely outcome when an outer planet enters a person’s 7th. After all people don’t necessarily stay married for some romanticized reason. Some people stay married for the children or in this case to avoid public scrutiny, some may stay together for the financial reasons…Bens Scorpio moon, Cancer rising and his Pluto in his natal 4th indicates he is very protective and dedicated to his family however dysfunctional that may be. Other couples stay together because the fear of the unknown is paralyzing. We do see this most with the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius and Ben Affleck has both, a fixed Moon and Sun. The natal potential of the individuals involved have to be taken into account. If for instance someone has natal Saturn conjunct Venus when Saturn transits their Venus this energy is familiar to them.

So instead of predicting the demise of a relationship lets prepare ourselves and others of what’s ahead

Saturn transits to Venus or through the 7th house

Shit or get off the pot, commit or quit, it’s now or never, for singles you want a permanent commitment. For married couples; love has become work. You are inundated with responsibilities-could be kids, could be career –could be you feel you are married to a nag. My ex said when Saturn was in his 7th house “if I knew marriage was going to be like a 2nd job I wouldn’t have done it” Marriage requires work when Saturn transits the 7th or your Venus. You may feel alone while married if you are single it is likely you feel lonely as well. Lessons in relationship, attracting karmic relationships, this brings huge tests. If your relationship is one that is rather dreamy and Neptunian Saturn’s visit to the 7th is like getting hit with a brick called reality

Uranus transits to Venus or through the 7th

Uranus is known as the planet of separation. I have seen this bring divorce, you want to be free, you have an affair, you are looking for excitement, you are searching for someone that is unconventional, you want to feel alive, you are smacked awake Singles attract Uranian types that are unlikely permanent. Married people may separate, or take on a side piece of ass. You can possibly divorce, or perhaps breathe new life into your partnership and/or redefine your relationship.

Pluto transits to the 7th

The superficial won’t do, digging deep, confronted with the darkest parts of your partnership all things Plutonian must be confronted, power struggles, secrets, the darkest parts of your relationship the stuff that lurks in the corner that you ignore demands to be confronted and only once you strip all the false pretense, dig deep to find your truth together and let go of all false pretense only then will your relationship die and be reborn. Survival is the theme, letting go of ego, of defining-what is-the ending of an era. For single people you attract Plutonian types, you become obsessed with someone unattainable, you get a stalker, you marry someone that wants to control your life, you long to discover the depths of someone. Either way the superficial will not do when Pluto enters your 7th house

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“The Kiss of Death and The Google Exec”

I watched 48 hours last night, the episode was entitled “The Kiss of Death and The Google Exec” You can read the full story here

Or here

It’s the story of a high powered extremely wealthy man by the name of Forrest Hays that was doing heroine-yes inject in your vein –heroine with a sex worker and overdosed on his luxurious yacht.  And now she-the escort is on trial for manslaughter for giving him the hot shot, the lethal dose that killed him. The hotshot  50+ something year old Hays chose to do.  I’m quite confident if he had been found in an abandoned building rather than on a $345,000 yacht no one would give two shits.

escape yacht

But Forrest Hays was wealthy, he lived in Silicon Valley, was married for over 17 years with 5 children (I can’t find a single picture of his wife and family), he worked for Google on a top secret project (no one will say what exactly he did there), he loved his yacht which he named “Escape”, and he obviously loved escourts and drugs as well. All of this was screaming NEPTUNE to me. Secrets, illusions, drugs, prostitutes, the yacht …Neptune rules water and boats let’s not forget the array of secrets.

Some people you read about and you know what to expect in their natal chart. When Betty Broderick killed Dan Broderick she had Pluto exactly conjunct her Sun. It was a given- all that hate, jealousy, rage, over an affair and financial issues. Other people I am like huh? When I looked at the chart most recently of wealthy murderer and cross dressing Robert Durst …his chart is an anomaly to me (perhaps because he himself is an anomaly). But the kiss of death and the Google exec, I knew Neptune had to be prominent in his chart and it certainly is.

Neptune ruler of glamour, illusion, deception, water, addictive substances, boats, dreams, secrets,  etc

Often people with a prominent Neptune aren’t seen clearly by others, they have this thin veil, this filter they are seen through and depending on who is looking they may be viewed as a sinner or saint. Hardly in between.

Sometimes people with a prominent Neptune particularly in the 1st house or on the Sun or on their Natal Moon aren’t sure of who they really are so how can anyone else know them?

In any event Forrest Hays had his Sun in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorpio, with the opposition it is likely you will operate in two distinct manners. So I am sure Hays was all the Taurus Sun is, dutiful, working hard, building his empire, (lets not forget Taurus can be indulgent, they rule greed) so he was buying his homes, and he also on occasion wanted to do his Neptune thing, take his yacht out called Escape, be with his escorts he met on a Seeking Arrangement.  Neptune on the Sun and Moon also speaks of drug use, the desire to escape, the desire to merge with something beyond the mundane. The natal Neptune is also in Scorpio so I am sure she wasn’t his first secret sexual encounter.

His success can be attributed to his natal Sun square Saturn, this is a difficult aspect the person may suffer from low self-esteem , hereditary depression passed down from the father;  the way the individual overcomes this is by working, by accomplishing, by becoming the best in his or her field. They have a desire to achieve to feel validated. I do not want to undermine this aspect it is very challenging. The person feels they have to overcome barriers …the desire to achieve is strong and can be reflected in his 4.5 million dollar home and a dozen other things we will probably never know about, because Neptune opposing his sun will keep things hidden.

I would love to tell you what he did as a career but I can’t Saturn planet of work and structure is exactly square his Neptune (secrets) as one article stated

“Hayes then went on to Google for a high-paying job at their top-secret location, where impossible dreams are transformed into reality”

Poor Forrest Hayes, his family is probably wondering who he really was. He probably didn’t know who he really was. I think these stories can be a lesson for anyone that looks at other peoples’ lives and sees a perfect picture. You never know what is lurking below the surface, don’t let that thin veil of Neptune fool you

Forrest Hayes Natal Chart

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A little self promotion

Yes! I’m self promoting but hey I’m a firm believer that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Just a reminder you can purchase astrology reports from my website at I offer natal chart reading complete with yearly horoscope, your solar return chart to tell you what is coming up in the year ahead and the composite chart designed for you and your partner that will tell how your lives are interwoven and where your focus, glories and challenges lie. Each report is hand crafted not some cheesy computer generated crapola! Ha! Astrology gives tremendous insight to recurring themes in your life, I will go over each planet to see where you are talented, where you derive joy, saddness…take a peak at those family issues as well as what is coming up for you in the year ahead!

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Nourish your natal Saturn

Where Saturn is located in your natal chart indicates where you will experience restriction and discipline…it is unlike the other outer planets that extend past Mars. Jupiter is the planet of luck and exuberance when located in a prosperous position it can bring you sudden wind falls of money. Uranus the planet of change offers flashes of genius, surprises and yes occasionally accidents and then we have Pluto that can plummet the depths of an experience or psyche revolutionize everything it touches in search of the truth. Pluto may destroy whatever it touches. leveling it and then ultimately rebuilding, I wish I could say the same for Saturn. But perhaps I’m looking at the glass half empty rather than half full. But I wonder how we can benefit from the father of the zodiac. After all I lack discipline as an individual, usually think in terms of “fight the man” I do not take too kindly to being told what to do and my motto should be: Rules are made to be broken. Aquarius Rising, Uranus as its ruler. My Saturn is located in my 6th house of work which makes me very industrious with very little reward and Saturn is also conjoining my descendent. And I wonder why I’m 34 and have never been married and am attracted toward colder individuals that are practical when I’m anything but. Ha! I just realized this last night and broke out into a hyperventilating fit. Ya see I always look at other peoples charts but rarely my own. Saturn in the 7th is said to be a killer. Needless to say I joined a support group on facebook immediately. I can’t help but wonder where is Saturn nicely placed? It isn’t exactly a warm fuzzy planet. If you have it in your 9th house you are traditional in thought and rather small minded, if you have it in your 2nd house you may have a hard time earning money…having it in 7th brings issues in personal relationships. I hope this post can help you find the glass half full as we all learn to live with the restriction, structures and limitations of Saturn.

Saturn in the 1st house the house of self

I call this the 10 and 2 position, ya know when you learn to drive and the instructor tells you to put your hands on the steering wheel in the 10 and 2 position? I know a man with Saturn in the 1st and he always drives the speed limit, never over, hands at 10 and 2 with his seat belt always fastened securely. That is Saturn in the 1st house, no loud blaring music, no vehicular distractions…just driving. Saturn in the 1st house gives the individual a conservative nature. They do not make waves, they follow rules, and where as Saturn in the 7th indicates concern over 1 to 1 relations Saturn in 1st indicates concern with you as an individual. You in relation to yourself. Saturn in the 1st makes your expression afflicted; perhaps you suffer from low self esteem or feel self-conscious. You may even use this feeling of inferiority to catapult yourself to make some great achievements in your professional life, especially if the Sun is squaring Saturn. (Millionaire status)

Nourishment of your 1st house Saturn can be done by venturing out of your shell a bit. Realize that this is the same part of your personality that also makes you reliable, successful and trustworthy. Give yourself free passes, if you find you are being hard on yourself; acknowledge and release it. Remind yourself of all your good qualities. Avoid subscribing to perfectionism.

Saturn in the 2nd house of your stuff

Whereas the 1st house Saturn restricts yourself expression the 2nd house Saturn is all about your stuff, primarily feeling like you do not have enough stuff. 1st house is feeling you are not enough and 2nd house Saturn is not having enough. This position of Saturn may indicate you have hard time earning money or the money you do earn you hold onto it very tight with a fear of going completely broke. You avoid being extravagant in spending and you may even avoid treating yourself to small luxuries on an occasional basis. You won’t get that massage, go to that ball game because your busy totaling up your mutual funds, international stocks and retirement plan.

Nourishment of 2nd House Saturn: Treat yourself!! You work hard you deserve it, if you have a hard time spending money make a vacation fund, put a certain amount of money away each week for something you enjoy whether it is going to the movies or heliskiing. Force yourself to enjoy life. You can’t take that money with you into the next life.

Saturn in the 3rd house of your lower mind, the way you learn and communicate indicates there may be a tendency towards depressive thoughts and an overall gloomy outlook. Specific in speech, you search for words and select them carefully. Saturn is not at its worst when placed in the 3rd house after all your concentration abilities are top notch, you may be great at research and writing.

Nourishment of the 3rd house Saturn: Keep those dreadful thoughts in check! Take mental breaks; check out occasionally if at all possible. Read material that is light from time to time. You don’t always have to be solving the mysteries of the world.

Saturn in the 4th house of roots and family, indicates coldness growing up perhaps one of your parents was MIA or somehow emotionally unavailable. Saturn represents restriction and in this case it usually manifests in childhood. Due to this fact you may grow up and wish to incorporate a very “stable” home environment. But ah-ha this is Saturn so you may be a very stern authoritive figure with in your house, present but stern. Also the 4th house rules real-estate, this placement does well with property as Saturn on the flip side does offer stability.

Nourishment of a 4th house Saturn: accept no ones childhood is perfect. Far from it. Sometimes you have to provide yourself with what your parents have not. Find a happy medium when married and rearing children, share some of the burdens and release some of your pain.

Saturn in the 5th house of speculation, love affairs and creativity can restrict your ability to have fun. Let go! Enjoy! Be conscious that the planet of restriction is in your house of “fun times”. You may have an aversion to casual sexual liaisons and prefer only serious relationships. Children are a cause for concern perhaps you are unable to relate to them, you have a hard time conceiving or you find yourself always having to be a disciplinarian role in relation to them. Saturn placed here is not a good placement for slot machines and betting on sports. Your money would be better placed in safer venues.

Nourishment of a 5th house Saturn: Make time for fun, enjoy other peoples company even when there isn’t any long term potential. Go dancing, have a night out with the girls/guys. MAKE FUN your priority.

Saturn in the 6th house of day to day work and health routines means you are a very hard worker. Nose to the grind, you get tasks done and are a loyal employee however you have a tendency to be over looked unless otherwise indicated (Jupiter in 7th or 10th). You may get stuck into routines, being that this is also the house of health habits as long as your health habits are good ones, this can be a plus.

Nourishment for a 6th house Saturn: There is a saying: Expectation is the root of all disappointment. With a 6th house Saturn do not expect to rise immediately to rise to the top your profession just like a 7th house Saturn should not expect to have a successful marriage before the age of 29;) However with steadfast determination, keeping a keen eye on your professional goals and branching out a bit socially, you should find yourself where you need to be in no time.

Saturn in the 7th house the house of 1 one 1 partnerships. There are support groups for this, many people will tell you not to marry before 29 years of age, if you do marry early it will most likely be to a Capricorn, expect delays in marriage. My experience is being draw to cautious, responsible types that embody the characteristics of an earth sign. Practical, fiscally resourceful etc. There may be few relationships because those you do enter into are done so with serious intent. Some people fear they will never be married I don’t believe this is always the case. I think you have to consider the entire chart, I complain continuously that I want to be married but my moon is in Aries (freedom and adventure) Venus is unaspected in Gemini scattered (scattered and lighthearted) and of course Saturn conjunct 7th house cusp… this usually indicates an age difference with a parential type

Nourishment of a 7th house Saturn: acknowledge commitment is an issue, I have this placement and shun at the idea of renewing my cell phone contract. I enjoy relationships when they are fresh and new, on dates I feel as though I’m suffocating. I’m always thinking, “Can I do this for the rest of my life”. Anxiety off the charts. I spent years searching for that “perfect love” as a Saturn in 7th house would. Only to realize at 34 oopsy that doesn’t exist. When you are ready to do the work Saturn in the 7th will give you a lifelong love, a stable love, a practical love. But first you have to have the urge to truly merge.

Saturn in the 8th house of other people’s money, sex, death and regeneration. There is a certain amount of resistance to change, the 8th house is the house of transformation and Saturn is restriction; the more you resist change the more it hurts. Coming to terms with that of which you cannot control. Wanting to dominate sexual partners, wanting to be in total control over finances. The theme is control, holding on so tightly

Nourishing an 8th house Saturn: Acceptance, allow change to happen, surrender in partnerships. Share financial responsibilities; expect delays when applying for mortgage and other loans. Loosen the grip you have over others and over yourself. Allow life to flow

Saturn in the 9th house of higher thinking and higher education. This manifests itself as being closed minded and conservative. Perhaps you stick to the same beliefs you were raised with. Never daring out to discover your own. Never questioning the why? You may not find Saturn here to be intrusive because you may think your way of thinking is the right way. The only way. Strong indication of being conservative politically and religiously.

Nourishing a 9th house Saturn: With this placement I want to scream: Step outside yourself! Open your mind! Perhaps you were raised believing that Jesus was your Christ and savior and you went to Sunday school and you read the bible on Saturday afternoons. Who said this is the right way? How did you reach these opinions? Who states these are indeed accurate? Are these truly your opinion or those that were handed down? I encourage you to hear others out, form your own opinions question the how’s and why of life

Saturn in the 10th house where Saturn is at home. Ahhh must be nice to have a 10th house Saturn. The 10th house rules career, reputation. Other than bearing a superior attitude that rules with an iron fist that may on occasion be very consumed with status…Saturn in the 10th house gives you the ability to be well respected and reach great lengths in your chosen profession. The sky is the limit.

Nourishing the 10th house Saturn: Remember to be nice to those that are in subordinate positions. Although you may feel you have all the answers it is important for those that work for you feel they are heard, so be sure to listen.

Saturn in the 11th house of like minded friends, group affiliations as well as hopes and wishes. Saturn here makes you not entirely comfortable in social situations in particular. You may be amongst a group of your peers who you have known for a lifetime yet lack the confidence in letting loose and being 100% yourself.

Nourishing your 11th house Saturn: Remember people are your friends because they want to be. If large groups isn’t your idea of a grand time, that’s ok but do make time with a small group of intimate friends where you feel free to exchange your beliefs, hopes and wishes!

Saturn in the 12th house of what remains hidden, most likely in your subconscious Sometimes its represents not only what you keep from others but what you hide from yourself. I can relate to this placement because Capricorn is on my 12th house cusp. With an empty house you can absorb the energy of the sign on the cusp. The feeling of being alone, even when you are surrounded by a bunch of close friends, feeling overwhelmed, like you have to take responsibility for everything and everyone.   At least once a month I cry: I’m so tired of doing everything by myself.

Nourishment of a 12th house Saturn: Let me preface and say I’m not religious, but God helps those who help themselves. Do not allow others to take advantage, roll up that red carpet that they have been using to walk over you! Next acknowledge that the world is a sad place, but you cannot absorb and take on other people’s pain 24/7. If you want to help volunteer once a week, not more. Also take the time you need to do your tasks. One step at a time as with everything else that is all any of us can do.

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Northern and Southern Hemisphere Emphasis

I have noticed that the majority of people I’m surrounded by have “strong” personalities, which rarely seek the approval of others and never bend toward the majority. I laugh when reading their charts, how is it that we all love and accept each other when our charts indicate we are self motivated. Me! Me! Me! The Majority of our planets located below the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere houses 1-6. This week some random man inspired me to write this post. A random man I met at a bar that insisted I read his chart. He spoke about being an architect; yes he went to University abroad blah blah blah blah and sat on some Restoration board. He was without a doubt; a joiner. My friend commented, “I bet he has one of those charts with all his planets on the top”. I laughed, indeed he did. All of his planets were placed above the horizon; located in the southern hemisphere in houses 7-12. These individuals seek to connect with the world around them. I rarely connect with these individuals; I process things inwardly and rarely seek outside opinions. I read somewhere in my astrological studies that in synastry, the most compatible of people have their natal charts in the same shape, with the planets placed in the same area. This brings me to my post on Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis.

The Northern Hemisphere Houses 1-6 are all about the individual

  1. You, your body, your personality, your appearance
  2. Your values, your money, your stuff
  3. Your siblings, your neighbors, the way you learn, your communication skills
  4. Your roots, your home, your real-estate
  5. Your creative abilities, your children, your gambling activities, what you create
  6. Your job, your pets and your daily health routine

Houses 1-6 are all about YOU as an individual so planets placed here will direct your focus on YOU.You may require time alone, you are self reliant, not needing outside opinions to shape your ideals.

Than we have planets in The Southern Hemisphere Houses 7-12 are all about connecting to the world around you:

7. Your partnerships, your marriage, your 1 to 1 dealings, your enemies

8.Your partners money, the death of your loved ones

9.Your education, your distant trips, your beliefs that extend to the world at large

10.You career, your success, your reputation & how the world sees you

11.Your friends and your group affiliations

12. Your secrets, what is hidden, self sacrifice & charity

Houses 7-12 are all about the world around you, seeking approval, needing partnerships, enjoying spending time with others, and perhaps not needing much time alone


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Why 2 Gemini’s are never a like. The truth about horoscopes

When I tell people I’m studying astrology or have an interest in it, I must concede that unless they have spoken with me extensively they have no idea what I’m talking about. Most people think astrology and the first thought that pops to mind is their daily weekly monthly horoscope. Which is completely understandable. People always say “my horoscope isn’t real” or “that isn’t the way they feel” or they tell me, “I know 4 other Gemini’s and none of them are like me” So I decided to explain what it is exactly that I do when I’m writing, reading and throwing out terms like natal chart and mercury retrograde.

We are all made up of energy, everything around us, the air we breathe, the people we meet, this is the very reason why you can meet someone and in an instant decide you do not like them. Your energy fields do not jive (though sometimes rush to judgments are wrong) or if you are shopping and see someone in a hurry pushing their shopping cart like a lunatic, you feel their energy. They are in a rush; you know to get the hell out of their way.

Just as we as humans are drawn to certain experiences like attracting like, if you are miserable…misery will always find you and if you are happy you attract abundance. The world on a larger scale also contains energy. This includes the 10 planets. For instance The Sun is a vibrant energy it is ruled by Leo think of any Leos you know, nothing stops them, they are happy and usually outgoing people. The moon contains emotional energy, ruled by Cancer the mother of zodiac it is nurturing and helpful and happiest when placed in Cancer, however the planets do not stay in the same sign 365 days a year. The moon for instances changes signs every 2.5 days being that the moon rules emotions you can notice that when the moon is in Aries an aggressive sign there will be more arguments and aggressive behavior. We absorb the atmospheres energy even on a grand scale. What is happening outwardly affects us inwardly.

Now that brings me to why all Gemini’s are not alike or why Cancer and Aquarius are not a good love match when you read your sun sign compatibility but for me, a cancer they are. Astrology has been studied since before Christ walked this earth most notably by the Babylonians and Greeks (western astrology) it was during that period they came up with what is known as a natal chart. The moment you are born each planet is at a different location in the sky. It is basically a snap shot of the sky. Seen here below

This blank chart is composed of 12 houses as per “The houses are divisions of the ecliptic plane (the path of the sun across the sky) as seen from the earth at the time and place of the horoscope in question. They are numbered counter-clockwise from the position of the eastern horizon (the cusp of the first house) at the time of the subject being charted”.

Each House represents a different area of life:

The 1st house is your face to the outside world

The 2nd house represents your money, your stuff, your values

The 3rd house represents they way you learn, how you communicate, short trips and siblings

The 4th house represents your upbringing, your home and your roots.

The 5th house represents your love affairs, your children, your creative capabilities

The 6th house is your daily routine, work, health habits and oddly enough pets

The 7th house represents your partnerships marriage and business and open enemies

The 8th house represents other people’s money, secret sex, taboo stuff, death and takes

The 9th house represents your higher education, your beliefs, and your philosophy

The 10th house is your career, your reputation

The 11th house represents like-minded friends, hopes and wishes

The 12th house represents what is repressed, hidden, hospitals

(everyone’s house cusp has different sign on them, infusing that house with a different energy as I detailed in my last several posts)

So at the time you were born the planets were at a different point in the sky thus falling into a different area in your chart. Here is my chart at 7/7/77 at 10:15 pm. Aquarius is on my first house which is the face I show the world which is the reason I love Aquarians. Cancer Sun in 5th house, Moon in Aries in 2nd house, Mercury in Cancer in 3rd house, Venus in Gemini in 3rd house, Mars in Taurus 3rd house and so on and so forth. Leo is on the 7th house cusp which states in relationships I enjoy a partner I can admire, that tends to be possessive and bossy;) Ha!

But had I been born on the same exact date 7/7/77 but at 10:15 am this would be my chart (see below):

At 10:15 am I would have Virgo rising which would affect how I appear to the outside world and who I’m as an individual, Aquarius rising makes you unique and rebellious, Virgo rising indicates you are precise and plan oriented. Virgo rising follows rules. Aquarians do not! My Cancer Sun would no longer be in the 5th house enjoying love affairs, children and creative endeavors, but rather in the 11th house making me very passionate with friendships and group organizations, “a joiner”. Oh no no! Pisces on the 7th house cusp, indicating I like a partner with Piscerean traits. Two charts on the same day with the same Sun sign of Cancer with 2 totally different personalities this is why no two Cancers, Gemini’s, Pisces etc are alike.

In relation to horoscopes I prefer yearly horoscopes; astrologers will study the planets especially the outer ones for the entire year. The further the planet the slower it moves around the zodiac. Take for instance Saturn. Saturn has been in Libra since 2009 and will remain there till sometime in 2012. Libra is the sign of partnership, Saturn is the father of the zodiac, Saturn’s energy has come to lay down the law and make sure you are giving 50/50. Uranus is the planet of revolution is now in Aries and will stay there till 2019!! The planet of rebellion in the sign of action in the astrological world has said to be the cause of the Middle East fighting for their freedom. It demands you wake up and start a revolution.

This brings me to your horoscope, astrologers will study how these planets effect 1st your basic sun sign: I’m a cancer, cancer and Libra do not jive. We are square in the zodiac; there is friction there so someone writing a horoscope can safely assume I’m having a hard time with this. The sun represents my ego and Saturn is the father figure of the zodiac in poor aspect= trying times. Being that it is in Libra the sign of partnerships it will in a broad sense affect the way relate to other people. If you are writing a horoscope for an Aries and Uranus the planet of change is in Aries, same sign, like-minded easy exchange of energy you may write about how they are embarking on new worlds. Do you see how this works?

Horoscopes are written generally, and they are at times accurate and other times wrong. The only way to have an accurate and precise horoscope tailored to you is to look at

  1. Your transits. The planets on the outside of your natal chart.Transits are where the planets are now in relation to your natal chart. For instance my natal chart has Uranus in the 8th house, home to taboo activities and death. But right now Uranus is transiting the tail end of my first house. And will soon enter my second house. Uranus in the 1st house tells you I underwent a lot of changes. I have totally revamped myself. About to enter my 2nd house indicates I will seek innovative new ways to make money. You look at the transits and how they affect your natal chart. Someone born in the morning will not have Uranus in the 1st house, it will affect there 7th house of partnerships. While I’m undergoing drastic changes in my personality they are undergoing changes in their partnerships (divorce is likely) for an accurate horoscope you need to incorporate how the energy you were born with is being influenced by the energy out there in the galaxy. Uranus in Aries is right now trine my natal mercury. They are in harmony. Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication, in aspect to the planet of revolution indicating my mind is alive and filled with grand ideas. Transits will tell you long-range effects on your life for short-term or a one year peek we look at

  1. Solar Return Charts: Please refer to my previous article on solar returns and the year ahead.

In short no 2 signs are alike, horoscopes have a certain accuracy but you need someone to review your entire chart. I do provide these services with every natal chart at my sister site: