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A Beginners Guide to Understanding Astrology and Eclipses

A quick recap for those that are new to Eclipses in Astrology

  • Don’t cling to tight
  • Remain open to change
  • Go easy on yourself and others
  • They represent turning points in our lives
  • Often we experience one cycle ending so another one can begin
  • Try to disengage from any heated arguments as they likely can turn ugly
  • Since they represent fated events and wild card energy they can be quite difficult to predict for
  • We are said to be “eclipsed” so we have to trust the process, all details will be revealed as needed

Solar Eclipse or New Moon

  •  This is when the Sun & Moon are conjunct in the same sign
  • The New Moon activates one house which kicks off a new cycle
  • This signifies planting seeds,  fresh starts and initiation

Lunar Eclipse or Full Moon

  • This is when the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs
  • A Lunar Eclipse activates two houses
  • A period of endings, conclusions, choices, culmination and things reaching fruition

It is debated how long the energy stays active after an Eclipse I believe at least  6 months. You will feel the approach of an Eclipse up to a month out. It will highlight areas of life where you feel called to act and make a change. You do not have to initiate anything during Eclipse season these are changes you will feel compelled to make or changes that will be thrust up on you.

People that have Cancer Sun – Moon – Rising will always feel Eclipses since the Moon is our ruling planet

Some things to keep in mind when seeing how an Eclipse will influence your Natal Chart:

  • Look to see what house or houses are activated by the Eclipse
  • See what planets the Eclipse forms an aspect to; take into consideration what these planets represent

For Example

We have a Lunar Eclipse coming up on July 16, 2019. This involves the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn.  This Eclipse is placed in a Cardinal Sign so the energy will likely be forceful. Collectively we are dealing with issues surrounding Cancer and Capricorn themes:

  • Our home life, perhaps changes in the family dynamic, relocating or remodeling
  • Our Relationship with our Mother, Mother in Law and women in general
  • Our emotional state, perhaps our ancestral patterns and childhood wounding
  • Our relationships as parents or with our own parents
  • Our reputation, who we are out in the world
  • Our career goals and overall life objectives

These themes will likely take center stage for everyone as a Collective Energy.  The Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon is conjunct Pluto this is an indicator that we may have to confront some shadowy aspects within. Jealousy and issues of control come to mind.

You also want to measure the Eclipse chart up against your chart to see what is being activated

For me the Eclipse Activates my 12th house and 6th house this can suggest something popping up related to work, my daily routine, perhaps something health wise. The Moon is opposite my natal Mercury. I am not a big fan of Moon/Mercury transits they can signify bad news and/or disagreements.  This signals to me to practice self care, to take the day off from work and watch for any heated disputes with people particularly at work the days leading up to the Eclipse

I hope this post gives you a greater understanding on Eclipses. May all of your changes be painless and may you navigate this period with grace and ease

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The Astrology of Joan Jett & Her Rebellious Aquarius Moon

On my flight to Greece recently I watched a documentary about singer-song writer Joan Jett entitled “Bad Reputation”.  I have always felt Joan Jett was an iconic, bad ass chick and this film only solidified that feeling. Her energy pretty much speaks for itself. The entire time I was watching the film I could not help but wonder what her moon sign was. I am not particularly proficient at guessing astrological placements. At first I thought perhaps it was in Aries, since she herself seemed to defy “feminine norms” for that period in time and her band the Runaways was considered “groundbreaking” having challenged the concepts of gender roles in music. When I finally landed and had access to WIFI it made perfect sense to discover Joan Jett has her Moon in the electrifying, non-conformist, futuristic sign of Aquarius.
Aquarius is governed by Uranus (Modern Ruler) which is associated with electricity. Joan Jett was given an electric guitar for Christmas one year. According to a recent New Yorker interview “Joan Jett’s Raw Inclusive Rock and Roll” by Sarah Larson. Shortly after receiving the guitar she took lessons where her teacher advised her “Girls don’t play rock and roll.
 “When the Moon is placed in the rebellious sign of Aquarius the native will revolt against social norms.  This is a placement that does not want to be boxed in. Aquarius is a sign that is ahead of society that is why they are symbolized by the water bearer glyph. Not to be confused with a water sign; Aquarius is a highly evolved yet emotionally detached air sign. The symbolization represents them sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the world. 
Horses are associated with Sagittarius and birds correspond with Aquarius, this gives you inkling on the driving force behind two signs that are more attached to freedom than they are to anyone or anything else.
Aquarius is the sign of the non-conformist and the woman with the Moon in Aquarius will not express her femininity in a traditional manner, it will be electrifying and her emotional responses; unexpected.
Joan Jett was a revolutionary force that paved the way for other women performers.  While watching the film you can see she must have been an integral part of changing the way women in the music industry were seen.
“Rebellion for its own sake is for him a virtue, and he may occasionally do or say something bizarre just to see the effect it will have on other people” – Alexander RupertiIf
If you watch interviews with Joan Jett the theme of rebellion comes up quite often.  We can learn a lot from her live and let live attitude, to her never being defined by what society said she should and should not be.
 “Some people call me a rebel, but I just feel I’m living my life and doing what I want to do. Sometimes people call that rebellion especially when you are a woman”- Joan Jett
“At a very young age I decided I was not going to follow women’s rules”- Joan Jett
While Aries Moon women are known to also shatter glass ceilings and often come equipped with the title “the first woman to_______”.  I should have known Joan Jett was an Aquarius Moon since she initially started out in an all-girl band. Aquarius is associated with groups.  Aquarius rules the 11th house in astrology which governs like-minded friends and group associations.  She also made mention of being a misfit or an outsider and being brought together with other people that did not fit in.  This energy of being on the peripheral of society combined with her first album being rejected by 23 studios was a clear indication of someone possessing Uranus ruled planets in the birth chart.
Aquarius is often cast in the role of outsider. I always suggest to those that have personal placements in Aquarius to be true to themselves. You have to own your individuality.  Planets placed in Aquarius are revolutionary and the price to pay for being ahead of your time is not fitting in with the majority of society. Joan Jett has Saturn squaring her Sun, Mercury and Venus so on some level perhaps she incarnated knowing life would be difficult but she was clearly up for the challenge.
 “Live your life outside the box, blow off all the empty talk; they focus on the things you’re not. Just walk your walk” –Joan Jett.
“Original, creative and self-sufficient. Gives the feeling he or she really doesn’t need anyone. Too much closeness seems oppressive. Can only be in a place where all the doors and windows are open. Only acts on free will. When put on the spot or under pressure this person rebels” -Moon in Aquarius –Keywords for Astrology
“Just be yourself and everything will fall in line, the way life is supposed to be” – Joan Jett
“Independence is their primary guiding principal” Stephen Arroyo on Aquarius Moons
While reading through some of Joan Jett’s quotes another Aquarius Moon came to mind, novelist Charlotte Bronte who once wrote: “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. “I would always rather be happy than dignified
“I will leave you with one more quote -the author I believe is unknown but I have no doubt whoever said it was in possession of a bad ass revolutionary Aquarius Moon

strong women