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First House Eclipse Coming Right Up

Published February 29, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

The Pisces Eclipse is a week away and I have been feeling the impact. I feel like I am underwater (the eclipse is in Pisces after all), I offer clarity for everyone else via readings but I myself lack certainty. I recently met someone and we took off in a fury, flying high and I quietly thought to myself how will I get anything done with him around. What about my dreams, my astrology readings and my needing to complete a book I want to send off to publishers. I can get swept away in romance. I dissolve. This shocks people who see me as this independent super woman. This probably shocks men I become involved with. I think this stems from my Sun square Moon; I may seem independent (Aries moon) but when I’m in a relationship I’m not. I become my Cancer Sun; needy and clingy. I oscillate between complete independence and complete codependence.

I thought I conquered these issues, I thought I felt whole until I met someone and they brought all those issues bubbling to the surface. It’s easy to stay aligned alone PS. But when we meet others that’s when we see the cracks and the flaws in our spiritual practices. People after all serve as Mirrors. My greatest growth comes from relationships with Saturn in the 7th house and Pluto in the 8th house. Add to this his Mars falling in my 12th house so he is digging up my subconscious, making me see what I would rather not acknowledge. The 12th house rules the closet in the zodiac; it’s what we don’t want to acknowledge its home to our own self undoing. And here are all those facets of life staring me in the face.

These have been the issues for me, quietly, wondering how am I going to handle this energy. And then my Aries Sun and Moon boss said Danielle you can make this work but you can’t be so needy, then my Mom echoed his sentiment and then I went to my tarot reader and she said this relationship will require you to be independent.

I got the message loud and clear

I don’t know how I will do it but I will try

I will try not to dissolve (such a Neptune/Pisces word), not to need, not to get lost

This must be what the eclipse in the 1st house is about; asserting yourself, being yourself, owning yourself, acknowledging yourself and not forsaking yourself not even when faced with love, loss and all of the in between

Look at your natal chart for 18/19 Degrees of Pisces in your natal chart to see where this Eclipse will fall for you

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