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Ruler of the 12th house in the 7th house

An ex-boyfriend of mine called me this week (Happy Mercury Retrograde) from many, many years ago; he is one of those exes I will always see when he calls; meet for drinks & remember when. You know Cancers we are nostalgic in nature. He is a lot of things, generous being one he introduced me to Versace (his Jupiter falls on my Venus); quick witted he has Mercury in Virgo forming a sextile to my Mercury in Cancer. He has also spent a significant amount of time in jail. When he called me it gave me a flash back memory on something I once read about the ruler of the 12th house being placed in the 7th house. “Marrying an ex con was in the article”, something I quite honestly don’t have an issue with, true love comes in all forms.

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It is important to look at your ruler of the houses and see what house they fall in:

  • Aries Modern Ruler is Mars
  • Taurus Ruler is Venus
  • Gemini Ruler is Mercury
  • Cancer Ruler is the Moon
  • Leo Ruler is the Sun
  • Virgo Ruler is Mercury
  • Libra Ruler is Venus
  • Scorpio –I always go with Pluto
  • Sagittarius Ruler is Jupiter
  • Capricorn Ruler is Saturn
  • Aquarius Ruler is Uranus
  • Pisces Ruler is Neptune

This is how it works; naturally in astrology the 12th house rules dreams, compassion, self-undoing, merging, the soul, transcendental experiences, sorrow, things we turn a blind eye to, things we simply don’t see, perhaps things we don’t want to see, the skeletons in our closet, escapism, and yes jails & psychiatric facilities. That is the 12th house to everyone!

Now in my individual 12th house cusp I have Capricorn, the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn; Saturn is conjunct my 7th house cusp of partnership both marriage & business partnerships. This means I bring my 12th house energies to my 7th house of marriage. I own it; I laugh at it in the past I have told my mother I wish I could meet a man out of rehab (12th house rules rehabilitation centers) I wouldn’t mind someone that has lived life a bit. I don’t mind a little dirt, a little edge. I have in the past used my partnerships to escape my life.

My plutonic love and I (the man whom this blog is dedicated to) spent quite a long time in a bubble. We were all of those 12th house things music, a transcendental connection, baths (12th house is water) alcohol of coarse and when that bubble burst I realized that love cannot exist in a bubble, that you can use someone to escape your reality for only so long. Reality is always and I do mean always waiting for you on the other side. I can see all the ways I betray myself in partnerships. I see myself undoing. I learned that lesson. I am meek in relationships. I’m stronger alone, I can become needy and helpless; all 12th house attributes. In my next relationship I will try to not get lost. I also read that with the 7th house ruling business as well you take your sorrow over broken relationships to launch new businesses & wa-lah here is my blog.

I will forever bring Neptunian traits to my relationships; it has to be a soul connection, music, merging, dancing & sharing dreams are essential! And he can be fresh out of rehab, perhaps spent his youth in correctional institute or maybe he will just work in a hospital but I know one thing is for sure the connection must be outer worldly, the merging of souls, a little love, sex and magic is a must.

What are you bringing to your 7th house?

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Uranus conjuct Saturn transit The battle continues

Transits are said to be felt the most when an outer planet-Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto touches a personal planet Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars. Every transit affects someone differently. When Saturn was on my moon I longed to be with someone I couldn’t have. (Saturn a man with responsibilities & moon ruling feelings). Someone else I know has Saturn restriction on his moon (the mother, the past & roots) he is having issues with his mother. In astrology the moon symbolizes all of these things; feelings, the past, the mother & the home. Saturn’s transit to my sun was the worst but someone else I know that sees the world perpetually through rosé colored glasses didn’t even blink during this transit!
Most astrologers would say that you cannot feel the effects of an outer planet on an outer planet because everyone in your generation will experience that. For instance Uranus was in Scorpio from September 1975 – November 1981, so everyone born during that period will have Uranus in Scorpio & will experience present day Saturn in Scorpio conjoining their natal Uranus.

The outer planets change or pass through the zodiac slowly since they move at very slow speed unlike the moon which can change signs daily or the sun which changes every month or so.
Right now Saturn is conjunct my Uranus and I feel as though I’m suffocating. Look at any planets in 5-8 degrees of the fixed signs to see where you are affected. (Fixed signs are: Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius & Leo). I’m an Aquarius rising so Uranus is my chart ruler I’ve thought perhaps that’s why I’m feeling this or maybe it is due in part that it is occurring in my natal 8th house an intuitive receptive house. All I know is I would like to tell everyone in my life I’m out of order for 30 days figure shit out yourself. Don’t call me with questions, don’t tell me your problems, I’m crumbling. I feel like I’m in a pressure cooker, I have exploded on several people I love dearly & I have to say I may regret the way I said it but not what was said.
I confess this happens to me periodically maybe every 2 years or so I become burnt out, I require a time out. Perhaps it’s my cardinal t-square the doing the going perpetually in overdrive & I feel like the people in my life have no respect for the amount of shit I do in a single day. Or maybe they don’t get it that I have an inability to relax. I also have Capricorn on the 12 the house cusp, father died young the feeling like I must do everything myself blah so I’m working I’m going, I’m planning & then I’m done. Burnt, fizzled out, short circuit. Stick a fork in me!
People at work laugh because I have called my boss & say I need some time off & he’ll say like a day & I’m like “no the week I’ll see you next Monday”.
I have Saturn in the 6th house so I’m that person at work that people call when they need something, I love them & 300 days of the year I don’t mind but when days get like this; I feel like in suffocating. I feel like I’m my Sun in 5th house most days funny, joking laughing but respect the fact that I can’t be that way everyday. And while I have Saturn in the 6th & take my job somewhat seriously there are days perhaps I need an extra break!

Uranus is the ruler of rebellion the avant-garde the eccentric where you go against the grain. Saturn is restriction, responsibilities, things you have to do, he is Father Time. Astrologer’s state when Saturn conjuncts Uranus you feel your expression is restricted, you have a lot of responsibilities to tend too. I cried on the way to work today wondering where is the fun & why have I given up all if the things that are “bad” for me but do not feel any release. Responsibilities feel like burdens, I want to write and create. There is also this becoming very in tuned to the eccentric side of my personality & having to face a harsh reality of the things I’m not, seeing all of the practical things I suck at. Saturn is nothing if not practical like laundry & going to the supermarket. Ugh! I broke down the other day over Christmas tree ornaments Aqua or teal? I don’t know I’m fucking color blind! They could’ve been chartreuse for all I know. Its weird realizing there are things in this life you don’t do very well & these things feel like chores. I cried while throwing out a huge box the other day, it sat in my living room for days I had to throw it out & did so in tears. My coworker said aww don’t cry you are independent. Really I didn’t sign up for this shit or maybe I have Aquarius & Uranus as a chart ruler is nothing if not an independent free spirit.
I would love to hear from those born between September 1975 – November 1981 so you can share with me your experience of Saturn on Uranus.
This is Saturn’s last hurrah for awhile I’ve spent the last 3 years with him in my 8th house this is one of the hardest transits he squared my sun, mercury conjoined my north node and Pluto & now he is on my ruling planet.

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On October 2013 he will officially enter my 9th house I think I’m going to plan a bon voyage party! I just have to try to abide by the rules for the time being though I feel like a war is going on inside me a fight for independence vs. the fight for practicality. Which side will win is anyone’s guess.

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Nourish your natal Saturn

Where Saturn is located in your natal chart indicates where you will experience restriction and discipline…it is unlike the other outer planets that extend past Mars. Jupiter is the planet of luck and exuberance when located in a prosperous position it can bring you sudden wind falls of money. Uranus the planet of change offers flashes of genius, surprises and yes occasionally accidents and then we have Pluto that can plummet the depths of an experience or psyche revolutionize everything it touches in search of the truth. Pluto may destroy whatever it touches. leveling it and then ultimately rebuilding, I wish I could say the same for Saturn. But perhaps I’m looking at the glass half empty rather than half full. But I wonder how we can benefit from the father of the zodiac. After all I lack discipline as an individual, usually think in terms of “fight the man” I do not take too kindly to being told what to do and my motto should be: Rules are made to be broken. Aquarius Rising, Uranus as its ruler. My Saturn is located in my 6th house of work which makes me very industrious with very little reward and Saturn is also conjoining my descendent. And I wonder why I’m 34 and have never been married and am attracted toward colder individuals that are practical when I’m anything but. Ha! I just realized this last night and broke out into a hyperventilating fit. Ya see I always look at other peoples charts but rarely my own. Saturn in the 7th is said to be a killer. Needless to say I joined a support group on facebook immediately. I can’t help but wonder where is Saturn nicely placed? It isn’t exactly a warm fuzzy planet. If you have it in your 9th house you are traditional in thought and rather small minded, if you have it in your 2nd house you may have a hard time earning money…having it in 7th brings issues in personal relationships. I hope this post can help you find the glass half full as we all learn to live with the restriction, structures and limitations of Saturn.

Saturn in the 1st house the house of self

I call this the 10 and 2 position, ya know when you learn to drive and the instructor tells you to put your hands on the steering wheel in the 10 and 2 position? I know a man with Saturn in the 1st and he always drives the speed limit, never over, hands at 10 and 2 with his seat belt always fastened securely. That is Saturn in the 1st house, no loud blaring music, no vehicular distractions…just driving. Saturn in the 1st house gives the individual a conservative nature. They do not make waves, they follow rules, and where as Saturn in the 7th indicates concern over 1 to 1 relations Saturn in 1st indicates concern with you as an individual. You in relation to yourself. Saturn in the 1st makes your expression afflicted; perhaps you suffer from low self esteem or feel self-conscious. You may even use this feeling of inferiority to catapult yourself to make some great achievements in your professional life, especially if the Sun is squaring Saturn. (Millionaire status)

Nourishment of your 1st house Saturn can be done by venturing out of your shell a bit. Realize that this is the same part of your personality that also makes you reliable, successful and trustworthy. Give yourself free passes, if you find you are being hard on yourself; acknowledge and release it. Remind yourself of all your good qualities. Avoid subscribing to perfectionism.

Saturn in the 2nd house of your stuff

Whereas the 1st house Saturn restricts yourself expression the 2nd house Saturn is all about your stuff, primarily feeling like you do not have enough stuff. 1st house is feeling you are not enough and 2nd house Saturn is not having enough. This position of Saturn may indicate you have hard time earning money or the money you do earn you hold onto it very tight with a fear of going completely broke. You avoid being extravagant in spending and you may even avoid treating yourself to small luxuries on an occasional basis. You won’t get that massage, go to that ball game because your busy totaling up your mutual funds, international stocks and retirement plan.

Nourishment of 2nd House Saturn: Treat yourself!! You work hard you deserve it, if you have a hard time spending money make a vacation fund, put a certain amount of money away each week for something you enjoy whether it is going to the movies or heliskiing. Force yourself to enjoy life. You can’t take that money with you into the next life.

Saturn in the 3rd house of your lower mind, the way you learn and communicate indicates there may be a tendency towards depressive thoughts and an overall gloomy outlook. Specific in speech, you search for words and select them carefully. Saturn is not at its worst when placed in the 3rd house after all your concentration abilities are top notch, you may be great at research and writing.

Nourishment of the 3rd house Saturn: Keep those dreadful thoughts in check! Take mental breaks; check out occasionally if at all possible. Read material that is light from time to time. You don’t always have to be solving the mysteries of the world.

Saturn in the 4th house of roots and family, indicates coldness growing up perhaps one of your parents was MIA or somehow emotionally unavailable. Saturn represents restriction and in this case it usually manifests in childhood. Due to this fact you may grow up and wish to incorporate a very “stable” home environment. But ah-ha this is Saturn so you may be a very stern authoritive figure with in your house, present but stern. Also the 4th house rules real-estate, this placement does well with property as Saturn on the flip side does offer stability.

Nourishment of a 4th house Saturn: accept no ones childhood is perfect. Far from it. Sometimes you have to provide yourself with what your parents have not. Find a happy medium when married and rearing children, share some of the burdens and release some of your pain.

Saturn in the 5th house of speculation, love affairs and creativity can restrict your ability to have fun. Let go! Enjoy! Be conscious that the planet of restriction is in your house of “fun times”. You may have an aversion to casual sexual liaisons and prefer only serious relationships. Children are a cause for concern perhaps you are unable to relate to them, you have a hard time conceiving or you find yourself always having to be a disciplinarian role in relation to them. Saturn placed here is not a good placement for slot machines and betting on sports. Your money would be better placed in safer venues.

Nourishment of a 5th house Saturn: Make time for fun, enjoy other peoples company even when there isn’t any long term potential. Go dancing, have a night out with the girls/guys. MAKE FUN your priority.

Saturn in the 6th house of day to day work and health routines means you are a very hard worker. Nose to the grind, you get tasks done and are a loyal employee however you have a tendency to be over looked unless otherwise indicated (Jupiter in 7th or 10th). You may get stuck into routines, being that this is also the house of health habits as long as your health habits are good ones, this can be a plus.

Nourishment for a 6th house Saturn: There is a saying: Expectation is the root of all disappointment. With a 6th house Saturn do not expect to rise immediately to rise to the top your profession just like a 7th house Saturn should not expect to have a successful marriage before the age of 29;) However with steadfast determination, keeping a keen eye on your professional goals and branching out a bit socially, you should find yourself where you need to be in no time.

Saturn in the 7th house the house of 1 one 1 partnerships. There are support groups for this, many people will tell you not to marry before 29 years of age, if you do marry early it will most likely be to a Capricorn, expect delays in marriage. My experience is being draw to cautious, responsible types that embody the characteristics of an earth sign. Practical, fiscally resourceful etc. There may be few relationships because those you do enter into are done so with serious intent. Some people fear they will never be married I don’t believe this is always the case. I think you have to consider the entire chart, I complain continuously that I want to be married but my moon is in Aries (freedom and adventure) Venus is unaspected in Gemini scattered (scattered and lighthearted) and of course Saturn conjunct 7th house cusp… this usually indicates an age difference with a parential type

Nourishment of a 7th house Saturn: acknowledge commitment is an issue, I have this placement and shun at the idea of renewing my cell phone contract. I enjoy relationships when they are fresh and new, on dates I feel as though I’m suffocating. I’m always thinking, “Can I do this for the rest of my life”. Anxiety off the charts. I spent years searching for that “perfect love” as a Saturn in 7th house would. Only to realize at 34 oopsy that doesn’t exist. When you are ready to do the work Saturn in the 7th will give you a lifelong love, a stable love, a practical love. But first you have to have the urge to truly merge.

Saturn in the 8th house of other people’s money, sex, death and regeneration. There is a certain amount of resistance to change, the 8th house is the house of transformation and Saturn is restriction; the more you resist change the more it hurts. Coming to terms with that of which you cannot control. Wanting to dominate sexual partners, wanting to be in total control over finances. The theme is control, holding on so tightly

Nourishing an 8th house Saturn: Acceptance, allow change to happen, surrender in partnerships. Share financial responsibilities; expect delays when applying for mortgage and other loans. Loosen the grip you have over others and over yourself. Allow life to flow

Saturn in the 9th house of higher thinking and higher education. This manifests itself as being closed minded and conservative. Perhaps you stick to the same beliefs you were raised with. Never daring out to discover your own. Never questioning the why? You may not find Saturn here to be intrusive because you may think your way of thinking is the right way. The only way. Strong indication of being conservative politically and religiously.

Nourishing a 9th house Saturn: With this placement I want to scream: Step outside yourself! Open your mind! Perhaps you were raised believing that Jesus was your Christ and savior and you went to Sunday school and you read the bible on Saturday afternoons. Who said this is the right way? How did you reach these opinions? Who states these are indeed accurate? Are these truly your opinion or those that were handed down? I encourage you to hear others out, form your own opinions question the how’s and why of life

Saturn in the 10th house where Saturn is at home. Ahhh must be nice to have a 10th house Saturn. The 10th house rules career, reputation. Other than bearing a superior attitude that rules with an iron fist that may on occasion be very consumed with status…Saturn in the 10th house gives you the ability to be well respected and reach great lengths in your chosen profession. The sky is the limit.

Nourishing the 10th house Saturn: Remember to be nice to those that are in subordinate positions. Although you may feel you have all the answers it is important for those that work for you feel they are heard, so be sure to listen.

Saturn in the 11th house of like minded friends, group affiliations as well as hopes and wishes. Saturn here makes you not entirely comfortable in social situations in particular. You may be amongst a group of your peers who you have known for a lifetime yet lack the confidence in letting loose and being 100% yourself.

Nourishing your 11th house Saturn: Remember people are your friends because they want to be. If large groups isn’t your idea of a grand time, that’s ok but do make time with a small group of intimate friends where you feel free to exchange your beliefs, hopes and wishes!

Saturn in the 12th house of what remains hidden, most likely in your subconscious Sometimes its represents not only what you keep from others but what you hide from yourself. I can relate to this placement because Capricorn is on my 12th house cusp. With an empty house you can absorb the energy of the sign on the cusp. The feeling of being alone, even when you are surrounded by a bunch of close friends, feeling overwhelmed, like you have to take responsibility for everything and everyone.   At least once a month I cry: I’m so tired of doing everything by myself.

Nourishment of a 12th house Saturn: Let me preface and say I’m not religious, but God helps those who help themselves. Do not allow others to take advantage, roll up that red carpet that they have been using to walk over you! Next acknowledge that the world is a sad place, but you cannot absorb and take on other people’s pain 24/7. If you want to help volunteer once a week, not more. Also take the time you need to do your tasks. One step at a time as with everything else that is all any of us can do.

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Capricorn on the cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Capricorn on the cusp infuses that house with a sense of practicality, tact and well planned action.

Capricorn on the 1st house cusp: You are serious and hardworking, always keeping your goals in focus and never diverted off of the path you set on. Others view you as reserved and cautious.

Capricorn on the 2nd house cusp: Finances are serious business; bills are paid on time if not before hand and rarely are you the type to rack up a serious amount of debt. You hardly ever splurge on unnecessary items even when you have a surplus in the bank

Capricorn on the 3rd house cusp: Always tactful when communicating with others always insuring what you say is indeed what you mean. Your organizational skills are second to none. You can work diligently when learning something new.

Capricorn on the 4th house cusp: You look to take care of your family and provide a firm and secure foundation. You are committed to your family and home life. Your residence is probably tastefully decorated with traditional décor.

Capricorn on the 5th house cusp: You do not date just to date, fluttering about is not for you. You prefer serious commitments. Your creative outlets are ones that are practical and can be used toward advancing your careers

Capricorn on the 6th house cusp: There isn’t a harder working sign in the zodiac, you are organized and industrious and expect the same work ethic from those around you.

Capricorn on the 7th house cusp: A practical partner that is hard working, responsible and committed. Someone you can work with to achieve your life goals

Capricorn on the 8th house cusp: You may find yourself responsible for handling someone’s estate. You are conservative with money and are easily trusted to manage others finances.

Capricorn on the 9th house cusp: You are traditional in beliefs perhaps keeping those ideals you were raised with. You travel mostly for business or educational purposes. You view education as a necessary step in achieving your career goals

Capricorn on the 10th house cusp: Capricorn is at home in the 10th house. You are ambitious and hardworking and with effort will rise undoubtedly to the very top of your profession. You will set the bar for all of those to follow.

Capricorn on the 11th house cusp: You have a lot of friends from all areas of life, a lot of whom you met through work or other career affiliations. You enjoy gatherings that will help advance your careers.

Capricorn on the 12th house you have the determination to achieve your goals, but at times you give up in the face of defeat. Rise above and continue on.