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Anne Taylor Loft & Yup Astrology

Two or so weeks ago I cut my hair to just above my shoulder, truth be told I wanted to go back to brunette temporarily but I’m unable to do so because all the pictures I use for acting are me as a blonde. I can cut my hair, shave it, dye it, braid It, hide it beneath a wig personally I do not care; I’m not emotionally attached to my hair. I never really understood women that cry if its cut “too short” or flip out if the color isn’t that perfect ombre shade they wanted or worse yet women who have never cut their hair. I don’t get it I really don’t. Needless to say changing hairstyles is nothing new I’m actually very good at it in terms of French twists and curls etc but when I walked by Anne Taylor Loft and drooled in the window at the knee length skirts and boat neck chiffon dresses this gave me pause for some very serious introspection. I have a passion for fashion (Neptune on the 10th house) but not of the Anne Taylor Loft/ J Crew Variety I can assure you. Still there I was at work mixing and matching outfits, piling up my virtual shopping bag oh the pastel pink pants and black pencil skirt were to die for. I never actually completed the purchase because I just kept thinking this is just so not me. I shop at places no one has heard of to wear things that no one has seen. I never get why celebrities end up on the red carpet in the same outfit. Wasn’t that Oscar Del a Renta contracted as one of a kind? I pack a 2nd outfit in my Honda trunk in the event that someone is dressed like me in a random restaurant in New York City. I like hot pink, sequence, shiny gold and silver but here I was oddly fascinated by Anne Taylor a retailer originally owned and operated by a man from ah…. Connecticut. Visions of Anne Taylor Loft danced around in my head the following day as I was getting ready to attend an astrology class. Out of my closet I selected a sweater vest (YES a sweater vest) with a white colored shirt underneath, in my mind I calculated mathematical figures, how much would it cost to redo my entire wardrobe, maybe I can wear pearls after all. No No! That is taking a bit too far. I thought this is really fucking weird. Maybe it’s a phase, I’m 35 maybe this is what people are suppose to do after 30 shop at the GAP and Banana Republic. I don’t know I’m eternally young (Venus in Gemini, Aquarius Rising and Sun in the 5th house) Forever child like who knows. I thought still calculating how much it would cost to buy the entire spring line at Anne Taylor Loft.
In astrology class we were discussing changes to one’s health and appearance. My brilliant instructor remarked:
Transits to the 6th house (house of health) or transits to the ruler of the 6th house indicate internal issues such as disease and sickness.
Transits to the 1st house (your appearance) or the ruler of the first house will cause structural changes; you’ll cut your hair, maybe you will have an accident etc.
I have Aquarius rising, Uranus rules Aquarius, Aquarius is in my natal 8th house, Saturn is currently conjoining my Uranus AKA chart ruler I wrote about that here.

Ah-ha moment Saturn is a conforming or as I prefer to say confining energy, It assimilates where as Uranus is rebellious.
Ann Taylor and haircuts all make sense, supposedly when Saturn conjuncts a natal planet, it silences it and after the conjunction you will emerge a new.
I wonder who I will be when this transit is over. What will I wear?!
I can rock some cute pencil skirts and a cardigan but If you see me and I’m showcasing one of those little sweaters around my neck please use it to strangle me and if you ever see me with something bedazzled or bejeweled please use them to stone me.
Thank You
Sincerely an Aquarius rising but future conservative*

In Dress ONLY

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Living with Pluto in the 8th house

Usually I plaster some catchy title, but let’s be honest Pluto and the 8th house do not need cheesy catch phrases or introductions.
Pluto planet of death and rebirth is at home in the 8th house and I’m accustomed to Pluto in the 8th house considering it has been there my entire life, people experiencing this via transit may be privy to some sudden and life altering experience and it can be quite alarming because they are not accustomed to the energy. I think if you have a planet nataly over time you will learn to harness that planets energy, have it work for you instead of against you.
The back story on Pluto
Pluto rules: death in all manners, physically, metaphorically, spiritually and rebirth. Pluto rules power, the fight for power, perhaps for some feeling powerless, control, domination, darkness, depth, endings, and beginnings. Pluto’s Nickname is Lord of the Underworld. Look to the natal house that holds Pluto to see where you fight for control, where you will meet powerful people and where you will die and be reborn.
The back story on the 8th house
The 8th house rules similar things that is why Pluto is comfortable there, death rebirth, power, it also rules joint resources…you look to the 8th house to see what will occur with people you share money with. This can be a bank, a spouse, a business partner, the 8th house also rules sex; I’m going to say the darker part of sex not the light and fuzzy part look to the 5th house for unicorns and hand holding. I have the Sun in the 5th so yes I do believe in fairytales 😉
Pluto in the 8th house manifestation
Change and Transformation
I have been thinking about Pluto in the 8th house lately, how it manifests for me and what they do not tell you in Astrology 101 textbooks. A “psychic” once told me; you bring men face to face with who they are and this makes it difficult for you to have relationships or friendships because people do not want to know who they are, they prefer to hide. I have been thinking about this lately. Torn between the notion of accepting people as they are or catapulting them to a better truer existence. I have an issue with this; I have an issue with accepting people as they are. I think in personal relationships we should seek to bring people to live there highest potential. I’m unsure if we should allow people we care about to perpetuate there less than glowing attributes. In personal relationships don’t we want to be involved with those that deliver us to our higher selves? Don’t we want someone that holds us accountable?
That is the deal with Pluto in the 8th house, Pluto is a probing planet when making an aspect to another person’s personal planet (Sun, Moon Mercury, Venus, Mars) in synastry or perhaps our own personal planet we seek to transform that planet. If Pluto in on your Sun or someone else’s, we wish to change their identity, if it’s on the moon we wish to purify and strip old feelings and replace them with new. It represents a cathartic transformative process, purge the old and make room for the new. Death and Rebirth. Personally I’m always changing; I have Pluto in my 8th house aspecting my sun, moon, mercury and Venus and is a part of a cardinal t square. Plutonian energies are always at work.
That being said, I have began to question my own motives, the fact that I wish to transform people. I do think at times who the fuck am I? If someone is happy screwing up there life, living a lie or in some faux relationship, let them. Ah but Pluto is Compulsive, to me it represents truth. Textbooks say With Pluto in the 8th house this is indicative of having the power to transform other peoples’ lives. Its compulsive really, I find myself digging and probing, the more reserved someone is the more I want to get in there, get inside and figure them out and truth be told once I get in there I’m gone, I lose interest. Mission Completed. I like to go where others fear to go, explore emotional depths and visit the crawl spaces of peoples mind.
The Truth
Pluto in the 8th is on a quest for meaning and truth. You can skip the pleasantries and the how was your weekend bullshit. And don’t even think about lying to me, because I know. People with Pluto in the 8th house pick up on the undercurrents. I also prefer heavy conversations; preferably the less long winded the better. This isn’t a placement for mincing words. I ask questions that others wouldn’t dare ask and people actually tell me there truths. Not all but most. I don’t do frivolous conversation and I hate meaningless chit chat. I want to know if you think you are married to the wrong person and which child of yours is your favorite? One of my favorite book series is: Post Secret I have the collection; people write in to a PO BOX there darkest secrets anonymously. I love that idea, write it down, send it in and free your soul. I have 0 judgments when it comes to confessions; I think the truth is a gateway like astrology to greater understanding. Pluto in the 8th house is a natural born psychologist.
Extreme in temperament, power struggles and death oh my
I’m a person of extremes; love/hate beautiful/ugly. I think I unconsciously seek out relationships with power struggles. Was I the only kid in camp that “dated” my camp counselor? Probably. Power struggles, digging, searching, changing and oh yeah dying. People always die on me, I can discuss death the way most people would talk about chores, it’s just with Pluto in the 8th house you are accustomed to it. I’m not the one to hold your hand when you 101 year old grandmother died, just saying. Like my fellow 8th house Pluto friend would say, call me when you lost a parent, a grandparent before the 6th grade.
Pluto in the 8th is great during an emergency, I can handle high-pressure situations with ease, but have me miss my train to work or misplace my house keys and I’m crying in my purse and cursing at the top of my lungs. I always find that to be a weird dichotomy in my personality. I also fee easily wounded, Cancer Sun in the 5th house can be very needy, fragile but eventually I see my way through the tears, heart break and disappointment and use it to transform into some one greater.
Where is Pluto in your Natal Chart and how is he working for you?

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Once Upon a Time, Mazzy Star and Neptune Square Natal Venus Transit

once upon a timeclockimagesCA1ESM6SimagesCAUM0JOXTransit Neptune Squaring my natal Venus is the only major transit I have right now, though Pluto in Capricorn opposing my natal Sun is well on its way and even closer is Pluto in Capricorn squaring my natal moon in Aries. I expected this transit to be a “feel good one”. Ah not so fast. When does it end I want to throw my hands up into the sky. Apparently not until sometime NEXT year. I cried today while grocery shopping I always wonder why am I never given the opportunity to dream a bit. Recently I was telling a story to someone; I had a date with some guy ; many years ago. We went back to house, nothing happened but I had taken off this very heavy gladiator bracelet I had on and put it on his sofa table. He gave me a tour of his place and upon seeing his walk in closet I exclaimed, “Wow I can fit all my shit in here”. Next thing I knew he was handing me my bracelet and quickly escorting me to my car. I knew he wouldn’t call; quite frankly I was 22 and didn’t care. When he handed me the bracelet I felt this surge of energy, the I’m never calling you again I’m not ready for you to move all your shit into my house energy.

This tale is indicative of my entire existence with men, and lately the question has been on my mind; why can’t I just dream a little bit. Why is every beginning so obviously marred with a tragic ending. Why do things end before they begin? I watch other people conduct entire faux relationships you know who they are, they dress alike, perhaps one is always cheating but there are these large enouncements concerning there relationship on face book, perhaps they even share a facebook account (not that anything is wrong with that) and I’m like who is actually believing this shit show. It all seems so very transparent. With that being said I would like to dream for awhile, I would like to be that naive to believe what someone tells me, never question and dare not know any better. But I’m not afforded this and I would like to know why?

The technical stuff
Neptune is currently in its sign of rulership Pisces; it will remain in Pisces until 2025! Neptune rules dreams, illusions, addictions, charlatans, deceptions, self sacrifice. Neptune is currently squaring my Venus in Gemini; Venus rules love, beauty, finance,and sex to some extent. Text books say during this transit you are in danger of picking up liars, schemers, martyr, expierence problems with finance, people taking advantage of you and indiscrimination when selecting a partner. They say it is better to wait until after this transit is complete to enter into a relationship, I say sign me the fuck up, I want to dream! Bob Mark the Astrologer so eloquently put it you are prone to like people because of their issues “Oh you poor little thing. I know you’re an alcoholic, a junkie, a con-artist, and tri-sexual. Let me marry you and make you all better! Do yourself a favor and use the magic number instead. Please memorize it. It is 911. Dial that and have them taken away. Let a professional take care of them”

My issue is more of the fact that I don’t get the chance to dream I would love to have some moments where I can escape (Neptune rules escapism) my daily life! I want to listen to Mazzy Star (Neptune and Venus rule music) and dance around my living room with someone while drinking some wine (Neptune rules alcohol) Venus can rule excess. I can say with direct honesty that I’m looking for an escape from my day to day existence and none has been provided. I want the pleasure of believing even if it isn’t true; instead here I’m in reality everything so painfully obvious. Never permitted to dream. I listen to women tell me, oh I know he has no job”, but I really love him”. And I think hmmm ok or he hit me but it was just once. I think to myself there isn’t a transit in the world that will make me love you more than I love me. Ok. But still I would like nights that you believe will last forever, that feeling when 2 people are first falling in love & you know it. You can feel it on the other person and you believe it. It has been so long since I loved someone and even longer since I loved the right someone. I have been blissfully unaware how closed I have been until just recently. I invited someone over I will call him “Scorpio moon”, we talked about life, astrology, music, Mazzy Starr oddly playing and for a minute I believe she was stuck on repeat, and I felt like I was outside myself watching time move on. I haven’t talked with or kissed a man since my plutonic love which now oddly feels like another lifetime ago. When telling the story to my coworker I said it was so weird I feel like a part of me has been frozen in time and Scorpio Moon set my clock forward. Your biological clock, she teased 😉
No like the clock on the show Once Upon a Time on ABC, all these people are trapped in time for the first season unaware of there previous lives. Karmic Ties and lost Loves Oh my! They know something is missing, but not sure what it is. One of the characters on the show is a child that demands an adult Bring back the happy endings.
I cant help but wonder where is my happy ending or atleast faux happy ending. Neptune square Venus in astrology is dubbed the “farytale aspect” Apparently the only farytales that exist for me are on tv because I never get the chance to dream. Reality is an ever looming prescence.

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A solar return & solidifying preference for reading strangers

I prefer to read the charts of people I don’t know, when I know someone I can’t help but put my own thoughts & wishes upon them. This is also the reason I look to other astrologers to read my chart so I’m not guilty of seeing what I want to see instead of what is actually and factually there. I first realized this when I read the chart of my plutonic love see entry here:

A Dedication to a Plutonic Love

He was due to get married & I kept thinking this wedding is not going to happen. I didn’t see it in the solar return. There are certain indicators when looking for a year of marriage in solar return such as
1 Venus rising
2 Planets in the 7th (marriage) 9th (legal activities) 3rd (rules contracts)
3 Mars, Pluto, or Saturn angular
4 The Midheaven coming to the Ascendant indicates an event

These are some vague examples; I never predict anything without 3 placements AKA three confirmations
You can find extensive interpretation tools here:

I believed he would never marry her, when in fact the wedding, the event; the reception was placed on hold due to weather constraints. A natural disaster swooped in. An instructor would later say how appropriate Pluto rules hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Plutonic Love indeed. In any event I leaped to conclusions seeing what I wanted to see because I wanted him, had I not known him perhaps I would’ve seen the event not occurring or rather being postponed, instead of having bouts of delusions. Please god let him leave her at the altar. Yes I know I’m going to hell for but hey I would rather party with the sinners than cry with the saints!
Fast forward 2 years: my friend has been the victim of identity theft someone has committed crimes using his identification. I read for him early in the year & didn’t predict this. My friend is an upstanding citizen, a marvelous person that I certainly didn’t foresee being wrapped up in any troublesome legality. He travels often, for instance in this year alone he probably has taken 8 trips for leisure…. he has a loaded 3rd house-Moon Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn so travel is essential. This year however he had Saturn planet of hardship and restriction in the Solar Return 9th house I advised him to not schedule a trips abroad & that if he did he would experience some sort of issue. I was thinking detainment, delays or bad weather. The other day he called me & told me all about his stolen ID & the crimes etc he said I know it’s in my chart & I’m like no no no. He demanded I find it! I know it’s there, he said. He is an Aquarius ya know when they are right they are right. So I pull up the chart & see Saturn in the 9th house. The 9th house rules far off travel, higher learning & legalities! The 9th house is on the natal 3rd house, the 3rd house rules siblings, and general correspondence. While traveling to California his home state he received a letter stating his license had been suspended due to 3 DWI’s. He is now stuck in California sorting this out. To add further insight he has Neptune in the Solar Return 7th house, I know he is in a relationship so when I read for him I inquired if both of them were being honest with one another. Yes! Of course he assured me, but the 7th house doesn’t only rule partnerships, it rules open enemies. & lawsuits! Neptune rules alcohol and scandal. Damn so someone has stolen his id, blaming him for their 3 DWI’s he has found out this via a letter while he was traveling cross country. My mind is alive with insight mini landmines are going off. Why didn’t I see this before! Because I know him that is why, an astrological lesson learned.

Solar Return Saturn in the 9th

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2013 Happy New Year…. a few weeks in advance

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right- Aquarius Sun Oprah

I don’t profess to be Deepak Chopra the fact is I’m not relaxed, possess a disdain for yoga, and have lived off cigarettes & frozen dinners for a good portion of my life. I’m impulsive & hot-headed & will tell someone off in a New York City minute. I feel particularly stressed lately. Weighed Down by responsibilities. I had an epiphany last night that I can’t continue working, existing really under this immense pressure, internal pressure that I put myself under. I was thinking about happiness & how really it does come from within. Money really doesn’t buy happiness I realized that just recently. From designer handbags to a house to a new car monetary things can only offer temporary joy.

I sat around the other day thinking: there isn’t a single thing I need or want this Christmas. I have everything how weird! But am I happy? I wouldn’t say these things make me happy, contribute perhaps but define my happiness, absolutely not. Things do not make you happy and we certainly cannot rely on other people to make us happy because when they go, when they leave; when they die our happiness goes with them. Never rely on another being for your joy. Really joy does come from within. I never really got that until now. With the Sun in the 5th house I’m always waiting on someone else to fill me up, I’m the type of person that can be surrounded by a dozen people and still fee alone. That is because happiness is not an external force nor can it be based on external circumstances.

I’m going to take a journey with in for 2013.

My New Years Eve resolution encompasses several things but mostly to schedule an activity that brings me joy once a week. We as individuals need something to look forward to, we are so often busy doing things for others, working, a lot of you raising kids, you need to set aside a day, several hours where life doesn’t consist of anyone else’s desires but your own. For me this is booking a TV show, writing, eating out, and seeing a Broadway show. I have natal Sun in 5th house my happiness stems from creation.

Look to your natal house placement of the sun and make up your mind to feed it in 2013. Nourish yourself. Sun in the 4th house; prepare some lovely desserts, if you have Sun in the 3rd take a new class, Sun in the 11th house join a new association with like-minded individuals. Its time…

This is definitely one idea I will incorporating this New Year. Share some of your ideas and I will post them

memory-jar-2The above image was taken from

they as well as several other websites suggest each time something great happens to you write it down and insert it into the memory jar and open the jar the following New Years!!! I love this idea!

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Love is a roller-coaster Uranus in the Natal Chart and In Synastry

Uranus is the wild card in astrology, it is the ruling planet of the Sun sign Aquarius it represents the avant-garde, the unexpected, sudden surprises, lightening, and sudden flashes of change and insight. The house that holds Uranus in the natal chart is where you will likely experience the unexpected. I have Uranus in the 8th house this is indicative of sudden and unexpected financial gains and losses as well as flashes of psychic insights. Uranus in the 6th house indicates ever changing jobs and routines, Uranus in the 4th house indicates constantly moving or inconsistency in the home life, Uranus in the 7th house attracts eccentric partners and on again off again relationships. Uranus aspecting Venus in the natal chart is said to be the “divorce aspect” Uranus energy is sudden in aspect to Venus the planet of love, it indicates fast love, sudden love and falling just as quickly out of love. I believe Katie Holmes has this aspect in her natal chart.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and where we go against the grain. Natally I have Uranus in trine aspect to my natal sun; the energies are light and not overpowering when two planets come together via trine. The Sun in trine aspect to Uranus indicates I’m comfortable with my authenticity; there isn’t a struggle for integration between my ego and the unexpected, I’m comfortable with change and adaptable. Someone with a hard aspect such as their natal Sun opposing Uranus may swing between the qualities of their Sun sign and then unexpectedly to a more liberal side. This can be alarming to friends and loved ones especially if your Sun sign is for instance in the home loving sign of Cancer , you will often be all those things of a Cancerian nature dependable, tending to loved ones, baking cookies but then suddenly you take off on a grand vacation alone without telling anyone. Uranus rules freedom, it is the nonconformist of the zodiac the opposition requires you to try and balance both sides of yourself.

I’m not very Uranian, a person is said to be “Uraniun” if they have a lot of personal planets aspecting Uranus. I do however have Uranus rising (Aquarius on the Ascendant) but I’m more Plutonian, Pluto aspects my Sun, Moon, Venus and beyond. But I’m always writing about Pluto, depth, love, dark, obsession I figured I would take a walk on the wild side and discuss Uranus. I do have Uranus in hard aspect to Saturn. Anyone born between 1975 and 1977 will have this aspect it is considered generational being that Saturn and Uranus move at such a slow pace. For everyone I imagine it manifests differently for me I’m anti establishment and have been this way since birth. Uranus planet of rebellion in hard aspect to Saturn planet of structure indicates I challenge authority, confrontations with authority figures have been a reoccurring theme throughout my life. I long ago adapted the philosophy; rules are made to be broken.

When I look at Uranus in synastry I find it to be quite depressing, many people will declare Uranian love is exciting and exhilarating; that quick rush together and the equally quick; falling apart. It must be sad to have your body jolted with high voltage electricity only to be left holding nothing. I will take the depths of Pluto any day. You may have to climb out of the depths of hell but at least you will emerge and be reborn.

This is how it works; Saturn in astrology is responsibility & structure, Neptune is transcendental and spiritual love, Pluto is transformative love and well Uranus is similar to the black sheep in astrology, it’s that crazy family member you invite to Thanksgiving Dinner and pray he doesn’t embarrass you, I’m that person most of the time. Weird? I suppose with Pluto and Uranus in my 8th house combined I just don’t give a fuck.

I have a thing a weird difference in my personality, ok I have many weird inner workings to my personality but one is: I really like a dependable man. I’m not one of these ladies that tolerate too much bullshit, so I expect a man to show up on time, partake in traditional courting and I’m sure there is something in my plutonian nature that draws me to a reserved man. I have Mars in Taurus that is what I seek in a man, certainly not a Taurus but a man that embodies the essence of the dependable earth sign. But I prefer women with a story; I cannot stand the company of a conservative woman. I shake at the thought, I like a woman who has really lived that has a story to tell beyond DIY projects where she turned some old shower curtain into a duvet cover! Ha Ha I think this is because my Venus is in chatty and inquisitive Gemini. Recently I did some astrology app where it suggested I start picking someone more like me , evidently this is no easy task and quite frankly I like someone that is different than my eccentric authority challenging self. But do you know what happens when you pick someone that is different. Uranus is what happens. My Uranus will touch a personal planet of someone else in synastry and Uranus isn’t the kind of energy you settle down with, it creates conflicts. Uranus is the crazy cousin that invited himself over for dinner but you just can’t ignore:

When I decided to do this piece I just new I had to look at the synastry I shared with a particular ex. I was the pursuer, he is quiet, very much to himself, I on the other hand am loud, argumentative, and say exactly what is on my mind. We dated for a year, I care about him, we will always be friends (just friends), however while we dated he continuously attempted to sensor me. When asked by a mutual friend what it was like to date me, he summed it up in one word: roller-coaster. My Uranus aspects all of his personal planets. Once while out to dinner I wore boots that extend over the knees and he was embarrassed, i can assure you I dont dress like a whore! In any event till this day he tells me he can’t believe I wore those boots to a “family style restaurant”. My self expression never sat well with him neither did the way in which i communicate. The way in which I communicate is offensive to him, till this day he remarks “I can’t believe you said that out loud” and on and on. He is a very black dress pants, button down shirt kind of guy

This is me showing up with gold shoes, a gold bag and dress to boot.


My Uranus squared his Sun in exact degree aka his identity: this creates being attracted to the Uranian person but the Uranus persons way of doing things threatens the Sun individuals sense of self, The Sun person also views the Uranus person as irresponsible and rebellious.

My Uranus semi squared his Moon: The Uranus person feels the Moon person is too conservative; the Moon is very security conscious and feels their security is threatened by Uranus person’s unpredictable behavior.

My Uranus Squared his Mercury: As I stated above he finds my manner of speech erratic and fast passed, he is a details person and often requests I slow down and I can’t so I usually just cut the conversation off. There is a basic lack of communication; something tends to be off in the way you relate to each other mentally. Uranus can be cold a detached.

When Uranus aspects another individuals personal planet it wants to shock it, if It touches the Moon in one chart it wants to make you feel alive, if it touches the Mars of another person, you will be experiencing some very interesting and open sexual liaisons, Uranus aspecting Venus often leaves the Venus person feeling like what the hell just happened? Are you coming back? There is some sort of odd detachment of Uranus. Uranus ties are unusual and exciting…lasting not so much. Hold on and enjoy the ride, apparently it’s a roller-coaster for the personal planet person. Next time we’ll review Saturn in synastry and in the natal chart. I’m going to need a red bull and 2 cups of coffee to feel inspired

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November Horoscopes

November Monthly Overview

As we welcome in November we face Venus in the early degrees of Libra in opposition to transiting Uranus in opposing sign of Aries. It is not uncommon for two individuals to come together and quickly fall apart under this aspect, the sign of self versus the sign of partnership, placing Uranus in the mix only adds to sudden and swift action. Shortly after the planet of love faces off in square aspect to Pluto Lord of the Underworld, this can bring mounting tensions in partnerships to a boiling point. The best manifestation of Pluto square Venus if one exists at all is the likelihood you may experience karmic connections or meeting someone that has the potential to transform your entire existence. Just watch for obsessive behavior wherever Pluto is involved. On November 6th Mercury begins its last retrograde period of 2012 just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Mercury Retrograde, it occurs approximately three times per year it is when Mercury appears keyword appears to be headed backwards. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo as well as the 3rd astrological house in astrology, the 3rd house rules transportation, all modes of communication from text messages to email as well as short trips and electronics. All retrograde periods mark a time of reflection not action therefore you should avoid signing any contracts as their will likely be some fine print you have missed. Mercury has been known historically to cause havoc to travelers, delayed flights, misprinted e-tickets and sudden snow falls. Mercury also rules electronics and all modes of communication so remember to back up any important documents and avoid purchasing any big ticket items such as the I Pad till sometime in December also avoid internet sales as anything purchased now will need to be returned or perhaps even worse; you will not even receive your merchandise till the new year with Mercury ruling electronics, the box it was shipped in and the mode it was carried to your home. This year Mercury will begin retrograding in the sign of far reaching Sagittarius and crawl all the way back into the sign of depth and analysis, Scorpio where it will head direct on November 26th In other retrograde astrological news Neptune planet of dreams and illusions has been in retrograde motion since June and will go direct on November 11th. Neptune has sent some of us on a mystical journey inward; perhaps for the last several months we have been somewhat out of touch with the harsher aspects of life preferring to retreat to a place where dreams come true. For others you may have been reconsidering your religious affiliations and your belief in a higher power. Neptune in retrograde also increases heightened intuition especially for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Now that we have been given the key to what remains hidden what will we do with this knowledge once Neptune has gone direct, is essentially the question. Mars will leave far reaching, truth seeking Sagittarius and enter industrious and somber Capricorn on November 18th, In Sag we wanted to sail away to far off places and get in touch with our adventurous side once Mars enters Capricorn we want to sit our desk, skip lunch and work diligently till the job is complete. Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with your creative side when Mars in Capricorn sextiles dream-filled Neptune in Pisces on November 17th, even the hardest working of individuals need a day of play. The transiting Sun will leave probing fixed water sign of Scorpio and enter the adventurer Sagittarius on the 22nd, Happy Birthday to the zodiacs blunt in speech, highly principled in thought freedom seeker. Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius can grab a hold of a magic carpet ride as the transiting Sun in Sag fills them with gusto and family fire signs, Aries and Leo will be filled with soaring thoughts and egos. Planet of love abandons its sign of rulership Libra and demands we find intensity in love when Venus enters Scorpio on November 21st. While Venus made its yearly trip to Libra we looked at fine art, dined at fine places; in Scorpio we want to plunge the depths the soul, visit the darkest corners of the mind and tread through the parts of the psyche others wouldn’t dare to go. Venus in Libra seeks beauty in love whereas Venus in Scorpio finds love in the dark. Further adding to this intensity is Venus in Scorpio conjoining Saturn in Scorpio on November 26th offering the reminder that love requires hard work and commitment. On the 26th we are reminded love can be transformative as Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

Aries November Horoscope

Aries Sun natives feel especially voltaic until November 17th while Mars planet of action visits family fire sign of Sagittarius. With Mars transiting your solar 9th house of long distance travel you will have a strong desire to abandon your routine and set sale to uncharted territories. But not so fast trendsetting ram, November marks a month where you are better off staying close to home. Mercury ruler of communication, learning abilities and short trips opens the month in the early degrees of Sagittarius but is set to turn retrograde on November 6th and will continue working its way back into the mid degrees of probing water sign of Scorpio. Mercury rules the 3rd house in astrology home to all 3rd house activities including relationships with siblings, short distant travel, and communication encompassing everything from text messages to emails. It is best to avoid taking that trip to the Amafi Coast to escape another family Thanksgiving, instead host a pot luck dinner and invite friends and family. While Mercury is in its 3 week retrograde period you may experience sudden flight cancellations, find your e-ticket is for the wrong date or miss your flight completely while being suddenly held up at customs. Furthermore Mercury is currently turning retrograde in your 8th house of shared resources, miscommunication in terms of assets you share with others are likely during this time. Any discussions in terms of future financial goals are better off put aside till mid December once Mercury reenters family fire sign of Sagittarius; hold off on applying for any loans and signing any documents as well, anything you do now will most likely need to be redone once Mercury heads direct. Venus planet of love and beauty entered Aries opposing sign of Libra in late October and will remain in its sign of rulership until November 23rd. While Venus planet of love and beauty is placed in Libra its sign of rulership, the planet of love in the sign of partnership tours your 7th house of marriage reminding you to find a balance between your needs and the needs of others. Give and take are themes that surround you most of the month. Uranus planet of rebellion and surprise is still in the early degrees of Aries affecting those rams mostly born between March 21st and March 31st. Uranus went retrograde back on July 13th and has been working its way backward in your solar 1st house of self. The planet of rebellion placed in Aries the sign of self has been shaking you up inside causing you to reflect and question your intentions and perhaps coming to terms with your own eccentricity and calling into question how you can live your life more authentically. While Uranus remains in retrograde till the middle of December discovering your own personal truth should be on the top of the rams’ checklist and once Uranus heads direct you will have a clearly lined path in your mind. Aries the 1st sign of the zodiac, a leader and initiator due to your Cardinal nature can chose at any moment to change the course of your entire life.

Taurus November Horoscope

A lot of focus will be on partnerships this month, both professional and personal. With the Sun having entered your opposing sign of deep analysis, Scorpio back in October along with Saturn, only to be joined midmonth by the planet of communication when Mercury retrogrades from the early degrees of Sagittarius back into the mid degrees of Scorpio. Saturn will provide you with tests over the next two years in terms of marital and business partnerships; you may feel weighed down by obligations to others and seek refuge in quite time alone. This marks a period of low vitality and general feelings of disappointment. With Saturn still in the early degrees of Scorpio bulls born in the first decan of Taurus April 21st to April 30th will feel the effects more so then those born in later degrees. However all will struggle with the task of balancing their own needs and the needs of others with disagreements of the ego variety especially likely while the Sun remains in Scorpio until November 22nd. We open the month with Mercury planet of communication and short distant travel placed in far reaching Sagittarius where it will begin its retrograde motion on November 5th and will remain working its way all the way back into the mid degrees of Taurus’ opposite sign of Scorpio. Happy Thanksgiving! Mercury turns retrograde in your solar 7th house of partnerships and legalities including divorce proceedings, and contract related issues as well as business negotiations. With Mercury retrograde joining Saturn and the transiting Sun it is best to avoid any important conversations as miscommunications are quite likely during this period also any legal documents signed over the 3 weeks Mercury is in retrograde will need to be resigned and reviewed once Mercury heads direct in late November. Remember retrograde stems from the word retro: a time to go back and review not a time to forge ahead. Mercury the natural ruler of the 3rd house home to transportation and short trips increases the likelihood of glitches and delays this holiday season. Stay close to home; avoid Black Friday shopping as you are likely to find cash registers gone haywire and mismarked merchandise. I know the bull loves to snag a great deal but avoid internet sales and big ticket purchases till December; anything purchased now will likely have some sort of defect and require return. Uranus began its retrograde movement back in July and has taken up long term residence in your 12th house of what remains hidden. Uranus has been shaking up your psyche and bringing to light all those thoughts and feelings that you would prefer to keep hidden, perhaps even from yourself. The planet of the unexpected, transit through your house 12th house in retrograde motion serves to awaken and free you from the prisons one places themselves in. The 12th house is home to our own self undoing and can represent the areas of our lives where we betray ourselves. Uranus serves as an agent of change, an awakening. Perhaps you have been reviewing areas of your life where you have held yourself back and haven’t been completely honest with yourself. Spend the next month or so pondering the areas of your life, question where do you need to feel more free and upon Uranus going direct in the middle of next month take the necessary steps toward personal freedom. Everyone deserves to feel clear and open not bound to restraints of past conditioned thinking.

Gemini November Horoscope

The biggest astrological news for the zodiacs favorite twins this month is your ruling planet Mercury will turn retrograde in your opposing sign of far reaching Sagittarius on November 6th and will continue its apparent backward movement into depth seeking water sign of Scorpio. Mercury rules all modes of communication; telephones, faxes, texts and emails as well as short distant travel. With Mercury being your ruling planet those born under a Gemini Sun are particularly susceptible to its retrograde movement. It is best to double check that any important correspondence has reached its desired destination as Mercury retrograde periods often mark a time of breakdown in communications as well as computer mishaps and delays in travel. Plan ahead for the Thanksgiving holiday perhaps stay close to home to avoid last minute flight cancellations or that unexpected flat tire. During the three week period Mercury is in retrograde it is best to avoid applying for any financial assistance, begin any legal proceedings or signing any contracts as any documents addressed during this time frame will likely need to be redone once Mercury goes direct on November 26th. Gemini Suns love electronics and gadgets but avoid Black Friday shopping and the purchase of any big ticket items until a week or so after Mercury has gone direct. Gemini Sun natives should receive a nice ego boost with Venus ruler of beauty transiting family air sign of Libra until November 23rd forming a pleasing aspect to your Sun. This marks an excellent time to work on creative projects, attend a gallery opening and essentially get out and socialize. Mars began transiting your opposing sign of Sagittarius in October and will remain in your solar 7th house until November 18th when it will enter industrious Capricorn. Partnerships will continue to resemble a battlefield until then. You are filled with aggression and are ready to confront any matters head on. Any ill feelings you have been harboring will suddenly be thrust out into the open thus prompting you and loved ones to clear the air. Saturn has taken up long-term residence in your solar 6th house of daily habits, Saturn having just entered obsessive sign of Scorpio in October can indicate one of 2 things, either becoming totally obsessed with your routine this can be your workout routine or daily activities on the career front. The 6th house encompasses anything we do on a daily basis including everything from health regimens to office activities. Saturn is the planet of hard work but also restriction and Scorpio is the sign of obsession. Just remember to give yourself some breaks from time to time, you can skip the lunges and 2 hour runs occasionally and if you begin feeling restricted by routine change your route to work, go for a walk through Central Park in lieu of the treadmill. Pluto is currently in the early degrees of Capricorn and has taken up long-term residence in your 8th house of other people’s money as well as death and transformation. Pluto planet of great destruction and rebirth is at home in the 8th house. Over the next several years you may search life for greater meaning, Pluto wants to plunge the depths of existence and you are likely to be completely transformed by a sudden inheritance, marrying someone fiscally secure or by plunging the depths of your own psyche. One indication is clear these are times of deep sea diving and abandoning the shallow end of the pool.

Cancer November Horoscope

The transiting Suns entrance into Scorpio in late October lends to Cancer Sun natives an additional boost of self-esteem. You are feeling particularly confident and others are taking notice. With the Sun transiting your solar 5th house for the first half of the month and Venus nestling in as well upon entrance into Scorpio on November 23rd; you will feel like playing, creating and spending time with someone special. The 5th house naturally ruled by Leo is the house of leisure it is where we go to create, find pleasure, have fun; it represents our source of entertainment. Try to find entertainment close to home Cancer friends with Mercury planet of communication and short distance travel is scheduled to turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 5 and continue working its way back into the late degrees of family water sign Scorpio where it will remain until November 26th, mishaps involving communication are likely as are delays in travel with Mercury being the natural ruler of the astrological 3rd house which rules all modes of communication as well as transportation. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 6th house of daily habits and routine. Miscommunications on the work front are likely during this period and it is best to postpone any and all important conversations until Mercury heads direct on November 26th, Mercury also rules electronics and all modes of communications expect some breakdowns with outdated office machinery, missed messages at the office and sudden network failures. It is essential to back up all important data to an external hard drive. Uranus planet of unexpected change and surprise has been transiting your solar 10th house of career and reputation and also began its retrograde motion back in July, where Mercury retrograde only occurs for 3 weeks approximately 3x a year, Uranus however heads retrograde for approximately 5 months once per year. During this period you may have reconsidered your career path, perhaps some changes are in order and you have been searching internally for the answers on how to proceed. Uranus’ energy is sudden and unexpected so you may be taken by surprise to learn you want to completely abandon your career path and set off in an entirely new direction. Uranus energy serves to enlighten and awaken; in retrograde motion this manifests internally and once Uranus in Aries turns direct next month you may have the sudden will to set forth on a new path externally, Uranus the planet of surprise placed in Aries the sign of self is really concerned with your individual and personal revolution. Neptune placed in the very early degrees of Pisces has been forming a trine or pleasing aspect particularly to those Cancer Suns born between June 22nd to July 1st, during this period you are more in touch with your creative side than ever before. Neptune ruler of music, creativity and glamour in pleasing aspect to your Sun fills you with inspiration. As Neptune transits the solar 9th house all Cancerian Suns may suddenly want to take a cruise to an exotic location with Neptune ruling water and the 9th house being home to long journeys. A slight danger exists in terms of your beliefs being clouded with the 9th house ruling religion and philosophy, it is best to remain open to new ideas during this period and accepting of all ideologies, you never know what you may learn.

Leo November Horoscopes

Leo Sun natives may experience some tension with the transiting Sun placed in fellow fixed sign of Scorpio until the 21st of November. Confrontations on the home front are likely as the transiting Sun joins Saturn in your solar 4th house of home. This tension derives from the fact that Leo possess a spirit that prefers to shine outright and brightly whereas Scorpio is a secretive dark sign concerned with depth, both fixed signs; Leo being fixed fire and Scorpio being fixed water create issues in the home with neither person willing to budge for the other. Try to compromise or postpone any heavy discussions until after the Sun moves into family fire sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd. Mercury planet of communications entrance into family fire sign of Sagittarius would normally breathe life into the ferocious lion but not so fast king and queen of the zodiac Mercury is scheduled to turn retrograde in truth seeking Sagittarius on November 6th and continue its apparent backward motion into the late degrees of Scorpio. Mercury ruler of communication turns retrograde approximately 3 times per year serving us with more than the average hiccup in terms of communication and delays in travel; this year it is arrives just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Expect long lines on Black Friday, mismarked merchandise and cash registers gone haywire. During the 3 week period Mercury is in retrograde as well as the days preceding and succeeding it is best to avoid any and all major purchases. Big ticket items purchased now will only need to be returned due to mechanical issues once Mercury has gone direct. Mercury naturally governs the 3rd house in astrology home to electronics, communications and short distance travel, forgo that trip to visit loved ones over the Thanksgiving Holiday and opt to stay closer to home to avoid heavy traffic delays and missed connecting flights. Mercury will turn retrograde in your solar 5th house of creativity and love affairs. Leo Suns naturally govern the astrological 5th house and now would be an opportune time to reconnect with a lover from the past, Mercury often gives us a redo so if something has been left unsaid or you require closure in regards to matters of the heart you may get exactly that. Sometimes action isn’t even required, the opportunity will merely present itself. Venus continues its transit through the preferred sign of Libra until November 23rd, nestled into your solar third house of community it is likely you can find love and see beauty in your daily environment. Venus’ visit to friendly air sign of Libra forms a sextile to the Leo Sun ensuring you are feeling easy going and others can feel the warmth you radiate. This is an excellent period for all Venus ruled activities, sharing a romantic night with someone you love, getting in touch with your creative side or simply sit back and watch as your investments flourish. Take advantage of this Venusians energy until the 23rd of November Pluto Lord of the underworld ruler of obsessions, death and transformation has taken up long term residence in your solar 6th house of daily activities. Pluto the planet of power placed in Capricorn the ruler of authority figures placed in the solar 6th house of work can indicate power struggles with those in charge. Pluto is also a planet of all or nothing; you may notice sweeping changes in your daily routine over the next several years. Beware of any obsessive tendencies involving working out and eating in a particular fashion, even an excessive fascination with work is likely during this period; remember everything is good in moderation.

Virgo November Horoscopes

Mercury the ruling planet of both Gemini and Virgo will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 6th and transit all the way back till the mid to late degrees of Scorpio. Mercury turns retrograde approximately three times a year, this is especially difficult for those born under a Virgo Sun not only because Mercury is your ruler but also due in part to the fact that you thrive on routine and order, and Mercury in retrograde throws a curve ball to even the best laid plans. This year Mercury ruler of the astrological 3rd house home to transportation, short journeys and communication is arriving just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday, those of you that thrive off of adhering to a strict budget and enthusiastically look forward to Black Friday shopping or preholiday internet sales will find websites suddenly crash, delays in shipping and mismarked merchandise it is best to avoid any holiday shopping till the first week in December. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 4th house of home and real-estate, now is certainly not the time to put your place on the market, sign a new lease or plan a move. Retrograde periods are a time of re-thinking and re-strategizing not a period for forging ahead, also anything done now will need to be redone once Mercury has gone direct. Mercury causes delays as well as miscommunication. The 4th house rules the childhood home as well as your adult home expect some miscommunications with those close to you and put off any imperative conversations till the first week of December, you will be happy you did. Saturn having entered Scorpio in October will form a pleasing sextile to those Virgo Sun Natives born between August 23rd and September 2nd this marks a time of achievement and recognition, if you put in the hard work you will certainly be rewarded for your efforts with Saturn making his way through your solar 3rd house of learning abilities and communication your mind is highly disciplined now. You are able to work independently and consistently now, great for all activities that require concentration as yours is at an all time high. Neptune is still in the early degrees of your opposite sign of Pisces and will be transiting your relationship sector for many years. Virgo an earth sign is concerned with tangible results where as Pisces a water sign is more concerned with the non tangible, non concrete results and more with dreams and intuition. As Neptune transits its home sign of Pisces for the next several years you should be above board in all of your relationships. Neptune transiting the 7th house can give cloudy vision or rose colored glasses affect to those you deal with intimately and professionally, don’t assume anything, demand the truth in all relations and always deliver the same.

Libra November Horoscope

Mercury planet of communication, natural ruler of the 3rd astrological house home to short distant travel, communication and electronics will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 6th and work its way backward into the mid to late degrees of depth seeking Scorpio. Ordinarily Mercury’s entrance into the truth seeking intellectual fire sign of Sagittarius fills Libra Sun individuals with grand ideas and sharp intellect; however those grand ideas will have to wait until the 2nd week of December when Mercury reenters Sagittarius and heads direct. Mercury will retrograde in Libra Sun natives solar 3rd house indicating miscommunications are likely with those in your immediate environment, mix ups in terms of all correspondence such as faxes, emails and letters as well sudden breakdowns in office machinery and other forms of electronics. It is best to keep hard copies of important documents and back up any electronic data to an external hard drive, anything lost during this period may takes weeks to recover. The 3rd house is also home to siblings and short distance travel with Mercury retrograding just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday, it is best to forgo the annual trip to relatives house as you are likely to discover you missed your flight, are sitting in an a tremendous amount of traffic or at worst case scenario once you reach your desired destination you find you are in the midst of a total misunderstanding with one of your siblings. Due to the sporadic nature of Mercury in retrograde it is best to remain close to home, avoid purchasing any Black Friday big ticket items for they will likely need to be returned and definitely avoidance of signing any contracts as any legality will likely be riddled with holes that need clarification once Mercury heads direct on November 25th. On the bright side Libra Sun Natives will continue to experience Venus’ annual return to your home sign of partnership making you more attractive than ever. Venus conjoining your Sun should negate any ill feelings you have over Mercury Retrograde, you should be able to address them with that Libra charm you are gifted with and remain affable and delightful as ever. Mars planet of action is placed in the late degrees of Sagittarius until the middle of November forming a pleasant sextile to Libra Sun individuals filling you with an enterprising spirit and energy to boot. As Mars transits through your solar 3rd house of community you are able to accomplish tasks, zip through your day and checklist with energy to spare, make the most of this energy prior to Mars entering fellow cardinal sign of Capricorn on November 18th. Saturn planet of discipline entered probing water sign of Scorpio last month and has established residency in your solar 2nd house of “I value”, this can indicate values in terms of the money you earn or the values you possess that are not affixed with a price tag. Saturn’s transit into your solar 2nd house demands you get serious about your finances. Often this marks a period of being miserly and holding on to tightly to the money you earn or you possess a general consensus that you do not have enough money, Saturn the planet of restriction in the house of “I value” makes one particularly conservative. It is one thing to get serious about your financial future in the times we live in everyone should be doing anything they can to maximize profits via 401K and Roth IRAs but one should not deny themselves pleasure such as going to the movies or meeting with friends for dinner; with Saturn in the solar 2nd house you will often be tempted to deny yourself even the smallest pleasantries. Don’t!

Scorpio November Horoscope

Happy Birthday Scorpio! The Sun entered your sign in late October and will remain in the sex symbol of the zodiac until November 22nd encouraging Scorpio Sun natives to do what you do best, delve into life’s mysterious, plummet the depth of others psyches and uncover truths that others have withheld. You are feeling particularly confident and oddly outgoing during this period; make the most of this new found energy. Mercury planet of communication, short distance travel and electronics is scheduled to turn retrograde for a 3 week period beginning on November 6th, it will begin in the fire sign of Sagittarius and work its way all the way backward into your home sign of Scorpio. With transiting Mercury traveling backward in your solar 2nd house of money you earn miscommunications surrounding finances are quite likely now. Perhaps an employer has paid you incorrectly or a friend owes you money and has fallen behind on payments, it is best to wait until after Mercury has gone direct in late November before addressing any issues as anything mentioned now will probably go unresolved. Avoid spending money on any big ticket items during this period especially electronics as they will likely experience some sort of malfunction that will require lengthy repairs or for you to return the item all together. You may also want to stay close to home over the Thanksgiving Holiday with Mercury ruling short distance travel as well as automobiles; delays involving travel are highly likely. With Mars also transiting your solar 2nd house of money placed in fellow fixed sign of Sagittarius you may find you want to address any issues immediately. Mars planet of aggression in hard aspect to your sun indicates friction, you are feeling particularly impulsive and hot headed in all 2nd house matters including your finances and your values, you are eager and able to defend and debate just about anything; if a conversation requires a level head it is best to wait until Mars moves into Capricorn on the 23rd of November when you will be calm, cool and collected. Neptune planet of dreams and illusions remains in the early degrees of Pisces affecting those Scorpion Suns that were born between October 24th and November 2nd the most. As Neptune in family water sign of Pisces forms a tine aspect to the Scorpion Sun you will notice a heightened sense of intuition. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are receptive by nature with Neptune a watery planet placed in ruling sign of Pisces this is simply enhanced. Make an effort toward surrounding yourself with positive people as you are likely to absorb the energy of those around you, for better or worse. You are feeling particularly creative now with a desire to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan world, make sure you do exactly that on the days you have free perhaps even schedule a much needed vacation to a tropical and very private resort.

Sagittarius November Horoscope

Mercury planet of thought and communication is still in the early degrees of Sagittarius and will be in your home sign when the planet of thought turns in its apparent backward motion on November 6th, moving all the way back into the mid to late degrees of soul searching Scorpio. The planet Mercury in and of itself isn’t completely comfortable in Sagittarius, Mercury is a planet naturally ruled by Sagittarius’ opposing sign of Gemini and is more concerned with daily thinking where as Sag represents far off places and philosophical ideas. In any event Mercury retrograde movement in your home sign may leave the verbally direct Sag a bit off balance, where you are ordinarily eager to mentally spar with another you may take this time to look inward and reflect on how you communicate with others. With Mercury’s transit through your solar 1st house of self the next 3 weeks or so marks a time of reconsidering how you present yourself. Mercury the natural ruler of the astrological 3rd house; rules short distance travel, all modes of communication and our general thought process. It is best to avoid signing any documents during this period as the mind is not razor sharp and you may miss an important detail, being that the 3rd house also rules electronics it is best to avoid purchasing any big ticket items on Black Friday as they will probably need to be returned once Mercury has gone direct. Sagittarius, the ruler of long distance travel often looks forward to impromptu getaways however it is best to stay closer to home over the Thanksgiving holiday in lieu of taking a trip abroad to avoid cancelled flights and excessive delays. Any traveling, shopping and important discussions are best put off till mid December when Mercury reenters Sagittarius in direct motion. Venus entered its sign of rulership Libra in late October and remains in the sign of partnership till the end of November. Venus in Libra is all about beautiful aesthetics, charming conversations, art, and equality. The spirit of Venus in Libra embodies all one seeks in a partnership with Venus in friendly air sign of Libra forming a sextile to the Sagittarius Sun you will feel cooperation from others and go through most of the month with a feeling of ease. This is an excellent time to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Uranus is still transiting the early degrees of impulsive fire sign of Aries, while all Sagittarius are feeling the energy those born between November 23rd and December 2nd are most susceptible to this transit. With Uranus the planet of rebellion forming a trine to the Sagittarian Sun this marks a time of coming into your own so to say, expressing yourself more authentically and making changes in the manner of which you present yourself. The trine indicates an easy flow of energy; these changes can be subtle but transformative. All Sagittarius have been experiencing the transit of Uranus through your solar 4th house of roots, since July Uranus has been transiting retrograde and will go direct in the middle of December while in backward motion many Sagittarius Suns have been releasing mental road blocks stemming from early childhood conditioning, with the 4th house ruling the childhood home. While in retrograde Uranus may have shed light and essentially dug up feelings towards your parent that you weren’t even aware of. It is essential to keep digging, keep searching and upon Uranus journey in direct motion next month take action toward honoring and healing old wounds before moving forward.

Capricorn November Horoscope

Mercury will turn retrograde for the last time this year in the fire sign of Sagittarius on November 6th and continue working its way back into the mid to late degrees of deep sea diving Scorpio. Mercury is the natural ruler of the 3rd house in astrology home to transportation, correspondence and short distance travel. This year Mercury retrograde will affect all of those that are traveling for the Thanksgiving Holiday and those that hope to squeeze in some Black Friday shopping. Remember the golden rule of Mercury Retrograde practical mountain goat: No traveling, no purchasing of big ticket items and avoidance of signing any contracts over the next 3 to 4 weeks. Anything purchased during this period will likely need to be returned once Mercury goes direct. Forever prepared and calm under pressure make sure you keep hard copies of important documents and back up any important data to an external hard drive. It should be a relatively quiet month for the industrious goat, with Venus’ entrance into fellow cardinal sign of Libra till the end of November you may feel quite relaxed and dream of faraway places as the planet of love and beauty tours your solar 9th house of long distance travel, you may even become acquainted with individuals from various backgrounds with different philosophical view points, now is the time to discuss ideas with others and socialize. Mars planet of action returns to your home sign of Capricorn on November 18th and will remain in the sign of the mountain goat till the end of next month. Lights Camera Action! Capricorns are filled with enthusiasm mid month when Mars returns to your home sign and begins its transit through your solar 1st house of self. You will find you are more direct and adventurous then usual; you will want to accomplish everything from work to enjoyment! One thing is for sure you will not be ignored! Your ruling planet Saturn has settled in for its 2+ year long journey in your solar 10th house of career and reputation. Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio last month has freed Capricorn Suns a bit from the oppressive energy of Saturn in fellow fixed sign of Libra. You have endured a two year period of tests and hardship; relationships have been called into question. With Saturn’s entrance into Scorpio this will become a time not about stress but more of getting serious about your life’s direction, while all Capricorns will experience the strength of this transit those born between December 22nd and January 1st are most susceptible. Over the next two years you will need to ask yourself, where I am headed and take the necessary steps to get there.

Aquarius November Horoscope

It’s a busy month for Aquarius as you continue to be faced with challenges from the transiting Sun in Scorpio until the 22nd of November. Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, with Aquarius being a fixed air sign particularly concerned with ideas and intellect and Scorpio being a fixed water sign enthralled with emotions and intuition. Over the next few weeks you are likely to feel that others are not on board with the way in which you prefer to do things. It is best to try to meet in the middle and accept that intuitive and intellectual pursuits combined make a perfect whole. Mercury entered friendly fire sign of Sagittarius in late October and remains in the early degrees of the archer, ordinarily Mercury in Sag will fuel Aquarius with tons of ideas and self expression however with Mercury scheduled to turn retrograde in Sagittarius on November 6th and work its way all the way back into mysterious Scorpio now is not the time to introduce new concepts especially on the work front. Mercury natural ruler of short distance travel, communication, and electronics will begin to turn backward in your solar 10th house of career and reputation. Any ideas that you introduce now will not be well received it is best to quietly look them over and suggest them to the higher ups once Mercury has gone direct and reenters Sagittarius in mid-December. It is imperative during this period you back up any important documents and prepare yourself for any office machinery breakdowns, network errors and outdated software failures, as Mercury rules all modes of communications as well as electronics. I know Aquarians love to snag the latest tech gadgets but please wait until after Black Friday to make any purchases and hold off on any internet sales until Mercury has gone direct on the 26th, perhaps even waiting till the 2nd week of December any big ticket items purchased now will likely need to be returned due to manufacturer error. Follow the Cardinal Rules of Mercury Retrograde: No Purchases, No Travel and No Signing of Contracts. Venus planet of love and beauty entered family air sign of Libra back in October and continues its journey through the sign of partnership until the 22nd of November. With transiting Venus forming a trine to the Aquarius Sun you feel at ease and in good spirits, this may even negate the tension of the transiting Sun placed in Scorpio and the annoyances dealt by Mercury in retrograde. If you need to borrow money from a loved one now would be an opportune time to ask, as Venus has taken up month long residence in your 8th house of sharing, this also marks an excellent period of baring your soul to another with Venus ruling love and the 8th house ruling depth and sharing. Your ruling planet Uranus has been in retrograde movement since July, where as Mercury turns retrograde approximately 3 times per year for approximately 3 weeks; Uranus turns retrograde for 5 months out of the year. Retrograde periods are more a time of review, rethinking, reconsidering not a time of action. With Uranus currently transiting your solar 2nd house of values you have found yourself questioning your own beliefs, have you been living life aligned with your principals. This is also a time of financial review with the 2nd house ruling money you earn, perhaps you are coming to terms with what is truly of importance to you, Uranus in retrograde motion tends to shake you up on the inside delivering an internal awakening and once it heads direct in December you can set off on an entirely new path where your values, wallet and soul are as one.

Pisces November Horoscope

With the transiting sun having entered family water sign of Scorpio in late October those born under a Pisces Sun are privy to an additional boost of energy to complete tasks. You will need to make use of this energy once Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th in fellow mutable sign of Sagittarius and continues working its way backward into family water sign of Scorpio. Mercury rules all modes of communication, short distance travel and electronics. With Mercury in retrograde over the Thanksgiving Holiday it is best to avoid travel and remain close to home, avoid signing any contracts or taking part in any legal proceedings as well as avoiding any Black Friday shopping. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 9th house of long distance travel and legal proceedings making the effects of Mercury Retrograde even more apparent. Please hold off on signing any contracts until the 1st week of December when Mercury will be headed direct in the sign of deep analysis, Scorpio when your intellect will be keen with the ability to spot loopholes and errors. Adding to further irritation is Mars remaining in the late degrees of Sagittarius until the 17th of November in hard aspect to your sun making you particularly irritable. With Mars transiting your solar 10th house of career and reputation you may find you are arguing with superiors as well as subordinates. You should not slink away or avoid confrontation, but try to remain calm during disputes. If you can, postpone any imperative conversations till November 18th when Mars will enter friendly earth sign of Capricorn, you will find others are more receptive. Saturn Lord of Karma placed in Scorpio along with the transiting Sun have take up residence in your solar 8th house this month, calling attention to all 8th house matters including, death, taxes, sex, and financial holdings of others. The transiting Sun will serve as a beacon of light on these matters and with Saturn’s 2 year visit you are required to get serious about finances, the 8th house is also home to transformation and with Saturn being placed here there is a tendency to resist change and to hold on tightly to things, people, ideas that need to be released. As Saturn makes its way through your solar 8th house try to remain open to new possibilities.