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Predicting divorce and a little Ben and Jen

bena nd jen

I noticed Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are in the tabloids again people are speculating for the 100th time after 10 years of marriage this time it is really over. Ben is off again on his own hitting the casinos, counting cards and enjoying some alone time. The man has the Moon in Scorpio (privacy) in his 5th house of gambling, betting and risk taking. This is his thing, will probably always be his thing no matter who he is with. The 5th house also rules sports and we all know he is a diehard Red Sox fan. No doubt he likely feels exposed when these reports surface, with Cancer Rising and the Scorpio Moon combined with all his planets below the horizon (in personal houses) and the only 2 planets above the horizon are in the 12th house of privacy this isn’t someone that wants to have his business out on front street. When I look at his synastry with Jennifer Gardner, I don’t see it. I don’t get it not on the paper in my hand and not when I see them. His feminine planets are in Scorpio and Cancer and the majority of her planets are in Gemini. Don’t get me wrong I never want to see him sprayed tan and emasculated standing beside Jennifer Lopez again but I don’t get this connection. Jen and Ben met when his progressed Moon was on his Descendent-when the progressed moon transits the 7th house it is likely you are ready for a relationship and Jens progressed Jupiter was conjunct her Descendent, she was also ready. But over the last several years while Saturn was in Scorpio Ben has had several hard transits to his Sun in Leo and Moon in Scorpio and once Saturn reenters Sagittarius it was pass over Gardners Gemini Moon, Venus and Mars. They won’t get a reprieve for a while.

The both of them also have Cancer Rising indicating they both have the same transits to houses for instance both of them now have Pluto digging its way through their 7th house of marriage and approximately 4 years from now they will have Saturn transiting their 7th. That can be the issue with having the same houses, who will be the partner to hold the others head above water if they are both drowning. When one is losing faith, it is likely so is the other! What’s that saying “the secret to a successful marriage is never falling out of love at the same time”. That is kind of hard to do when Pluto is knocking on both your doors simultaneously.

Hard times continue to be ahead for them and any relationship when you have outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune) transiting the 7th house. But I don’t think divorce and break ups are an easy prediction. And I don’t think new astrologers should automatically assume divorce is a likely outcome when an outer planet enters a person’s 7th. After all people don’t necessarily stay married for some romanticized reason. Some people stay married for the children or in this case to avoid public scrutiny, some may stay together for the financial reasons…Bens Scorpio moon, Cancer rising and his Pluto in his natal 4th indicates he is very protective and dedicated to his family however dysfunctional that may be. Other couples stay together because the fear of the unknown is paralyzing. We do see this most with the fixed signs, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius and Ben Affleck has both, a fixed Moon and Sun. The natal potential of the individuals involved have to be taken into account. If for instance someone has natal Saturn conjunct Venus when Saturn transits their Venus this energy is familiar to them.

So instead of predicting the demise of a relationship lets prepare ourselves and others of what’s ahead

Saturn transits to Venus or through the 7th house

Shit or get off the pot, commit or quit, it’s now or never, for singles you want a permanent commitment. For married couples; love has become work. You are inundated with responsibilities-could be kids, could be career –could be you feel you are married to a nag. My ex said when Saturn was in his 7th house “if I knew marriage was going to be like a 2nd job I wouldn’t have done it” Marriage requires work when Saturn transits the 7th or your Venus. You may feel alone while married if you are single it is likely you feel lonely as well. Lessons in relationship, attracting karmic relationships, this brings huge tests. If your relationship is one that is rather dreamy and Neptunian Saturn’s visit to the 7th is like getting hit with a brick called reality

Uranus transits to Venus or through the 7th

Uranus is known as the planet of separation. I have seen this bring divorce, you want to be free, you have an affair, you are looking for excitement, you are searching for someone that is unconventional, you want to feel alive, you are smacked awake Singles attract Uranian types that are unlikely permanent. Married people may separate, or take on a side piece of ass. You can possibly divorce, or perhaps breathe new life into your partnership and/or redefine your relationship.

Pluto transits to the 7th

The superficial won’t do, digging deep, confronted with the darkest parts of your partnership all things Plutonian must be confronted, power struggles, secrets, the darkest parts of your relationship the stuff that lurks in the corner that you ignore demands to be confronted and only once you strip all the false pretense, dig deep to find your truth together and let go of all false pretense only then will your relationship die and be reborn. Survival is the theme, letting go of ego, of defining-what is-the ending of an era. For single people you attract Plutonian types, you become obsessed with someone unattainable, you get a stalker, you marry someone that wants to control your life, you long to discover the depths of someone. Either way the superficial will not do when Pluto enters your 7th house

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Damn! George Clooney is engaged!!!

I am excited to go over the astrology of the engagement of George Clooney. I saw some “astrology” websites that were simply incorrect, not even using his birth time. Personally I am more of a Sean Penn fan (love those Leo’s) but when a somewhat eternal bachelor gets married as an astrologer you wonder; what is going on in that chart? (I knew instinctively Uranus was on that Venus) I would have loved to do their synastry but was unable to find her date of birth so if anyone sees it please do inbox me.


George’s Natal Venus is being conjoined by Uranus (I’m so jealous)

Venus is the planet of love, the women principal; Uranus rules shock, surprise, rebellion, sudden changes, the great awakener, it is where we become liberated. Uranus is exact on his Venus. Uranus’ visit to Venus or the 7th house brings a sudden change to your love life. Some married people divorce (Uranus is considered the planet of separation), other people have affairs, someone people get married and divorced with in the 7 year period it takes for Uranus to transit a sign.

As you can see the conjunction of Uranus to Venus has manifested in 2 obvious ways to the public

  1. George the “eternal bachelor” has gotten engaged
  2. George’s fiancé is not at all like the other women George has dated.


Uranus transit to Venus attracts partners that are very different than those you have chosen in the past. It wants to shake you out of that rut and free you from old outworn patterns in relationships.


George’s Natal Venus is being squared by Transiting Pluto

George’s Venus is in the Cardinal Sign of Aries (this is a man that likes a fight in love, a bite, the chase, a challenge) As with all of us that have planets in Cardinal Signs we are being called to transform with both Uranus and Pluto touching our planets at the same period of time.

Pluto’s visit to Venus delivers life changing love, transformative love, personally I feel once you have had a Venus/Pluto type of love you can’t go back to the way you use to love. The light and fluffy will never go. This is the root of the root, the truth of the truth; it’s the depth of an ocean. Life changing indeed.


Any decent astrologer would never make a prediction off of this alone; you need to have several confirmations when making a prediction. Usually astrologers use the three rule. I am of the belief when something is destined it is obvious.


George’s Solar Return for 2013-2014



 Solar Return Libra Rising

George’s Solar Return is about to end and he will begin a new one. A solar return is the only true horoscope and it goes from birthday to birthday. He is a Taurus born in May 6th. With Solar Returns you are suppose to use the place where you currently reside. Considering he is a movie star living all over the world I stuck with a Solar Return using his place of birth.

(Some astrologers believe you can travel and cast a solar return chart for the place you visit. I am not of this belief. I don’t believe you can alter your fate)

Solar Return 1st house in the Natal 7th house

So using this solar return cast for his place of birth George has Libra Rising, the rising sign is VERY important in solar return charts; Libra rising signifies concern with relationships and commitment . Not only is Libra rising the 1st house is in the natal 7th house the house of marriage!!


Natal Venus is Conjunct His Solar Return Descendent

Does it get any better than this! Venus/Libra is featured double here with his house of marriage.


Solar Return Midheaven in the Solar Return 5th House

Remember the Midheaven is your life direction, your status and how the world sees you. The 5th house is love affairs. You will see this configuration with engagements; you can also see the natal 7th on the Midheaven, or the Midheaven on the 5th….

Progressed Venus is also Squaring Natal Uranus


George is about to enter a “progressed Full Moon Phase; this usually marks a period of endings. People born on full moons and during the Progressed Full Moon Phase are often searching for fullness, perhaps he found what was lacking.


I was a little disappointed to see George had progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun 5 years ago. Everyone claims this is the time true love enters your life…it just goes to show that one aspect is not enough! Always follow the rule of 3.


Good luck to George and to all the ladies of the world wondering why didn’t he pick you remember


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Breaking up is hard to do Outer Planets role in synastry

Breaking up is hard to do Outer Planets role in synastry
I classify people and experiences by outer planets, oh that was one hell of a Saturian experience, there was the Plutonic love, the Neptunian delusion and the what the hell just happened Uranian theme courtship. I’m making this up, but most likely when someone holds some meaning in your life you have outer planets aspecting there chart and vice versa. Meaning there outer planets touch your personal planets. Outer to outer is rather irrelevant. I was thinking about nice breakups, where two people go their separate ways with little to no anger or placing blame. I was thinking about our endings with other people. Strong Uranus ties most likely have no finality, POOF the person just leaves, plutonian endings are tragic; complete annihilation, someone wants to win, couples can see each others inadequacies and use them against one another. Neptune; maybe the person stole your money, maybe you found out on facebook that they have an entire 2nd family; Neptune brings victimization to the forefront, someone feels duped someone feels taken advantage of, someone is invariably left wondering why didn’t I see this about so and so before. Saturn, oh Saturn I think you can have a nice break up with Saturn, I think you can part ways even in hurt with Saturian ties. Saturn is the dad of the zodiac, he is karma, and he wants to do the right thing. That’s the nature of Saturn, you don’t want to destroy the other person like Pluto, dupe them out of their life savings like Neptune, or just pick up and move to India like Uranian ties. You want it to be right; sure there may have been 30 men and women you left before they even woke in the morning. But if you have Saturn ties, you won’t do that. There is a sense of duty that exists with Saturn ties so they or you will say the timing is off, or they or you have other commitments but they won’t burn your house down like Pluto or use your address as an alias when they finally get arrested for all those drugs they sold out of your apartment like Neptune and they won’t disappear like Uranus.

Keys themes for relationships that are very much:

Saturn: time, where did the time go? This is the wrong time? I wish we had more time? Responsibility to work, to family or to someone else. Commitment, responsibility, karma, hard work. These relationships involve work, either the two people will work together, be bound to other work; they will find together they have to work very hard. Break ups can be difficult for whatever reason, Saturn is binding.
Uranus: Here today gone tomorrow, post-it break ups, divorced planned in secret (think Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise), sudden, abrupt, no explanation, when the excitement wears off they are onto the next thing, living in separate states, open relationships, threesomes, unconventional. Breaks up tend to be unexpected and sudden one person doesn’t see it coming.
Neptunian: Deceit sometimes unintended but you see what you want to see, con-artists, drug dealers; did you break up are you still together? You can’t be sure? Never on solid ground, walking between portals, tantric sex, and telepathy. When you break up there is often a sense of why didn’t I see this? How didn’t I know this? Perhaps an identity crisis, a crisis that leads to awakening that not everyone can be trusted
Pluto: death, transformation, annihilation, someone wants to win, dig deep, rip out your heart, tap dance of your soul, get to the root of the root of the person. Darkness, intensity. Breakups are marred by the realization: your life will never be the same again; you will never be the same again. When you break up: Love and hate take central stage, stalking, it’s not over till it’s over and lord you will know when it’s over. It is unlikely you will ever be friends.
What was your best and worst break up?