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The Loss of a Job and the rule of 3

Published January 15, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Astrologically most astrologers like to see confirmation in more then one area when making a prediction. I like to stick with the rule of 3 which I will demonstrate in this post. I had advised my friend I saw a change in job and perhaps some financial  restraints a year prior to him losing his job. I didnt predict him being terminated because he works in a Union related position (no he is NOT in law enforcement) and I will tell you he is innocent on every account and in the end he chose to resign. I dont want to get into it more but I do want to show you how A.accurate astrology is B The technicalities so you can predict for yourself


He was suspended and then officially terminated during a full moon phase .

Full Moons are for culmination, they are endings

No Full Moon weddings please unless you feel marriage means your life is over

A few times I have been to events where people are using Full Moons to bring forth newness and I cringe, that is what New Moons are about.

Full Moons occur when the sun is opposite the moon they relate to endings, they signify being torn in 2 directions as the Full Moon is across 2 houses

He was terminated when the Full Moon was on his Midheaven this is the house of career and reputation. This Full Moon is all about your inner self (4th house) and your outer self 10th house. Your needs and the needs of others


Termination Chart

Also Uranus planet of change and unexpected; things you do not see coming is squaring his Venus tight tight tight, the tighter the aspect the more it is felt. Uranus squared Venus the planet of money, located in his 6th house of work and Venus is the planet that rules his Midheaven (Taurus is on the 10th house cusp)  in less then 1 degree. Indicating a shake up with money and career.

I think if Pluto had not just entered his 6th house of work this may have gone another way-Pluto in Capricorn no less this rules “the  man” power struggles, when Pluto is involved its coming for your entire life. Pluto in the 6th doesnt always = termination for some like Rob Kardashian it equals BIG health issues. I’m so tired of saying this but: you have to look at the whole chart .So Pluto ruler of power struggles, placed in Capricorn sign of “the man” has just reentered his 6th house of employment, day to day activities, his routine. It forms an exact square to his moon indicating a emotional upset likely related to work.

Those transits alone could predict his job loss but I think the solar return (the true horoscope) showed this entire situation with a lot less work.  The  Moon and Uranus are placed in the 6th house of work. This almost always indicates a change in job. Where ever Uranus and the Moon are placed in the solar return chart you can expect a change.

Solar Return Job Change




Saturn often shows where we are blocked and restricted and it is located in his 2nd house of money earned.  When you lose employment you want to look at the money houses as well.

His Progressed Moon is also in Capricorn-this indicates emotionally geared toward work and accomplishment, again this can indicate job changes. On the exact day he was terminated it entered his 6th house. For me; I quit smoking when it entered my 6th. The 6th house rules health, work and routine anything we do on a day to day basis.

During Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and in his 6th house of work while Pluto transits the 6th and conjuncts Venus he was able to resign and reach a financial agreement.

C.S Lewis Quote


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