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Changes in work, who got fired, who was laid off and who remains employed while suffering

I knew something big was going to happen at work when we were bought by an investment company. A hotel, once owned by Royalty who hosted a grand opening to some of the highest rates in Manhattan, there were days we feast on filet mignon, were privy to car rides home if we worked late, there were raffles each holiday party iPods were given out along with trips to Napa Valley, Hold Up! Fast Forward to present day where tap water is on the menu along with chestnuts yes chestnuts and rice. Last time I checked I was not a squirrel. I like to review the charts of the people I work with it makes for great practice. I examined the charts of several people. One that was let go, one person that is on a reduced work week, one that is on complete lay off and the rest of us that are made to suffer with construction noise, more work and less people, rearranged schedules, never mind the sadness that our entire lives have been rearranged. So long Black Card Holding guests hello to those bearing plastic bags instead of luggage and carrying coolers to avoid going to the actual bar. Hmm wait Do we still have a bar? In any event no one is going to pay $700.00 a night when a property is under renovation so Expedia and Travel Zoo it is. I have reviewed the charts of my coworkers and will outline the themes I have noticed in the solar return charts I have studied. Oddly they all have a similar signature. The 10th house of career and life direction is highlighted as well as the 6th house of daily habits and actual work etc. One thing is clear everyone whos chart I reviewed indicated we are a long way off from filet mignon….
A. Person A Was Let Go/Terminated See Chart

The natal 6th house which rules, habits, daily work, your routine, your schedule, what you do on a regular basis is on the solar return 12th house. The 12th house rules sorrow, hardship, isolation, prisons, asylums, self undoing, and sickness.

Person A has this both ways; the natal 6th on the solar return 12th and the solar return 6th on the natal 12th; sorrow over loss of job, perhaps feeling imprisoned by his or her current situation, sorrow and loss. The 12th and 6th are not joyous houses. He/She does however have Jupiter in the 12th house of the solar return which can act as a guardian angel offering protection.

Uranus the planet of unexpected change is placed in his natal 12th house falling into his/her solar return 6th house, indicating a sudden change in routine, shaking things up, unplanned and unexpected change.
The Solar Return Uranus is located in the Solar Return 10th house of career and reputation. Again indicating change, this is further enhanced by the moon, the moon indicates fluctuating circumstances.

B. Myself Still Employed
I’m the last to go due to my position as a Union Rep so I’m here till the building burns down or I find another job I suppose. I’m ½ way through my solar return. I have the Solar Return 6th house on the natal 12th house. Mercury is placed in the Solar Return 12th house falling into the 6th house; I work in the travel industry so I talk often at work. Mercury in the 6th indicates, talkative coworkers and a job where you speak and multi task regularly. Mercury rules the mind, thoughts and communication with it being placed in the 12th conjoining my natal Saturn in the 6th, mercury on Saturn can give a serious if not depressed mind. I can tell you my mind is burdened, I also seek solitude, but unfortunately I cannot escape because I’m required to be a part of many conversations and discussions regarding employee rights. People are depending on me.

Similar to the person that was let go I have this twofold; the solar return 12th is also on the natal 6th. Feeling imprisoned by day to day tasks, anguish, I have a strong desire to escape and feel stuck in my current situation.

I do have Solar Return Jupiter and Venus in the solar return 10th house which is a very fortunate aspect. Obviously I’m still employed so I’m grateful but I think this stems more from my side activities, acting and writing. I also moved and bought my own home, which is indicated by the solar return 10th house falling into the natal 3rd house (writing) and 4th house (real-estate)

C. Still Employed
The Solar Return 10th house on the natal 12th house, again the 10th house rules your career, your life’s direction falling into the 12th house of sorrow, confinement, as well as confusion.
The Solar return 6th house of work and daily habits is falling into the natal 8th house of shared resources, death, transformation indicating life as you know it is going to serve you with a complete metamorphism. The Solar return 8th house is also on the natal 10th house indicating death and rebirth to your overall life’s direction.
Saturn in the natal 8th is also falling into the solar return 6th house Saturn is the planet of restriction I have Saturn natally in the 6th this position indicates additional responsibilities, having to do more than your share of work….we have the same amount of work with less people. With Jupiter falling into the natal 8th this person may receive financial assistance from someone.

D. Co-Worker Still Employed
The Solar Return 10th house on the natal 6th house this can indicate you are working (6th house) for your superiors, being a slave to those in charge. The Sun and Mercury are placed there as well indicating this is going to be a strong focus point for the year. The Solar Return Ascendant is also falling into the natal 10th house indicating this is a strong focus, perhaps this person will look for employment elsewhere. With Saturn Falling into the natal 6th similar to my other coworker extra work is indicated.

E. Layoff Employee till further notice
Uranus planet of change is falling into the solar return 6th house indicating change to daily habits and yes work. Once again the 6th house is activated and placed in the 8th house home to transformation, death and rebirth. This colleague visited the other day and gasped this doesn’t even feel like the same place. This theme continues with the solar return 8th house falling onto the solar return 10th house of career. The solar return 10th house also holds the moon indicating fluctuation

F. Someone Leaving on own accord
The last person has Uranus in the solar return 1st house falling into the natal 10th house indicating change in career and life direction, more likely then not due to your choice. You are directing the direction of your life with the 1st house in the natal 10th house. The Solar Return 10th house is also on the natal 6th house once again indicating being a slave to superiors

In short if a career house (6th or 10th) falls on an unfortunate house (12th or 8th) this isn’t going to be an amazing year at your place of employment. With the Moon or Uranus placed in the 6th or 10th expect some sudden changes. Saturn in the 6th you will be working your ass off!




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2013 Happy New Year…. a few weeks in advance

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right- Aquarius Sun Oprah

I don’t profess to be Deepak Chopra the fact is I’m not relaxed, possess a disdain for yoga, and have lived off cigarettes & frozen dinners for a good portion of my life. I’m impulsive & hot-headed & will tell someone off in a New York City minute. I feel particularly stressed lately. Weighed Down by responsibilities. I had an epiphany last night that I can’t continue working, existing really under this immense pressure, internal pressure that I put myself under. I was thinking about happiness & how really it does come from within. Money really doesn’t buy happiness I realized that just recently. From designer handbags to a house to a new car monetary things can only offer temporary joy.

I sat around the other day thinking: there isn’t a single thing I need or want this Christmas. I have everything how weird! But am I happy? I wouldn’t say these things make me happy, contribute perhaps but define my happiness, absolutely not. Things do not make you happy and we certainly cannot rely on other people to make us happy because when they go, when they leave; when they die our happiness goes with them. Never rely on another being for your joy. Really joy does come from within. I never really got that until now. With the Sun in the 5th house I’m always waiting on someone else to fill me up, I’m the type of person that can be surrounded by a dozen people and still fee alone. That is because happiness is not an external force nor can it be based on external circumstances.

I’m going to take a journey with in for 2013.

My New Years Eve resolution encompasses several things but mostly to schedule an activity that brings me joy once a week. We as individuals need something to look forward to, we are so often busy doing things for others, working, a lot of you raising kids, you need to set aside a day, several hours where life doesn’t consist of anyone else’s desires but your own. For me this is booking a TV show, writing, eating out, and seeing a Broadway show. I have natal Sun in 5th house my happiness stems from creation.

Look to your natal house placement of the sun and make up your mind to feed it in 2013. Nourish yourself. Sun in the 4th house; prepare some lovely desserts, if you have Sun in the 3rd take a new class, Sun in the 11th house join a new association with like-minded individuals. Its time…

This is definitely one idea I will incorporating this New Year. Share some of your ideas and I will post them

memory-jar-2The above image was taken from

they as well as several other websites suggest each time something great happens to you write it down and insert it into the memory jar and open the jar the following New Years!!! I love this idea!