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Venus in Gemini Mars in Taurus Calling all dependable risk takers

Dependable risk takers.. I believe this in itself is an oxymoron. Recently I read someones chart that wanted to know what kind of woman he should date, his chart lacked consistency; though I believe I decided on an water sign. It’s so hard putting all of ourselves together. I should know I have Leo on the 7th house cusp:Calling all dominant males but wait my Sun is in the 5th house giving me Leo traits; damn it I want to be dominant too. Then my sun is in Cancer, love me I’m fragile easily wounded and cry during thunderstorms then again my moon is in Aries, your cute but I have to go find someone that will take me to new places & well we have already been to Buddakan twice. Sun square Moon: my wants (the sun) and my needs (the moon) are not aligned. Nurture me, baby me but fuck sleep on your own side of the bed. Then we have Venus in Gemini & god awful Mars in Taurus; Gemini is the quickest moving sign in the zodiac & Taurus is the slowest. Venus in a woman’s chart tells how she gives love. I’ve said before ill write you a letter, pen you a poem, sing you a song. ( In a mans chart look at Venus to see that type of woman he likes). I crave long intellectual conversations, preferably deep in nature (venus trine pluto) my cancer sun wants to nest at home, my Aries moon longs to jetset around the globe, my 7th house cusp wants a strobe light loving super star for a partner & my mars in Taurus wants the slowest sign in the zodiac. Uh? The way i express love is quick flirty on the move but how i want to receive love is slow going & dependable. Mars in a woman’s chart indicates the kind of man she is attracted to and what turns her on sexually; mars in Taurus seeks a stable & financially secure partner that offers bubble baths & kisses that last for hours. So if you see a financially stable man that isn’t a bore who enjoys going out to different places often, will be the center of attention with out ever flirting, play hero to my every whim in a New York City minute and treat me to chocolate covered strawberries & champagne bubble baths while whispering sweet somethings in my ear please give him my number I’ve been looking for him for months! Thanks!

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The 7th house cusp and my search for true love

Last night I browsed through an Astrology book that was written in the 1960’s I read a line that I have read countless times in dozens of books: The ruler of the 7th placed in the 5th indicates marrying for true love not other worldly reasons.

F%#k Really! Sure as a society we like to subscribe to the notion that everyone marries for true love, the glass slipper, the run through the forest the sudden trip on a red robe bumping your head on a log, fall asleep for 20 years and awaken via a kiss by one of the 7 dwarfs as several blue birds swirl around your perfectly quaffed hair. Ah and presto you take off on a magic carpet & you have found true love. I don’t think many people marry for “true love” scratch that I know they don’t, they tell me! I’m the keeper of a billion secrets. Yes they are comfortable and happy to have met a man that offers them financial security or a woman that stays in line and doesn’t spend too much money or ask for too much. The truth is on the route to find true love most people abandon their mission and settle! They pick the person they can live with, or maybe the ruler of their 7th is placed in their 11th house and they marry a friend? Or the ruler of the 7th house is placed in their 4th house and they marry someone that fits in with their family. But me nope I see no giving up because the ruler of my 7th is placed in the 5th house.

I can’t count how many times people have yelled at me “just stay with him” “pick one” “you don’t get it all” The thought is suffocating to me, I mean you still have to have sex with the man that is paying your way. I find no joy in high-class prostitution. Occasionally I blurt out do you do it reverse cowgirl every time? How can you stand to spend the rest of your life with someone that isn’t your true love?

Wasn’t it the Eagles that sang: A big old house gets lonely every form of refuge has its price

I secretly believe in magic! I want to cry when I hear Taylor Swifts Lyrics: “I’m not a princess this ain’t a fairytale”. Wait! What! It isn’t?

The 1st house in astrology represents you, the way you look and present yourself. The 1st house is your rising or ascending sign, for me that is Aquarius; I appear friendly, eccentric, progressive etc. Directly across from the 1st house is your opposing sign on the 7th house cusp. For me that is Leo; proud, regal, showy and limelight loving. The 7th house represents what you seek in a partner, it is said to be what you lack and hope to find in another. While I have a lot of Leo traits with Sun in the 5th house,Im out spoken attention seeking, but I often seek someone that is grander, brighter and yes louder then I’m. For as far back as I can remember I loved the energy of a Leo, I always seek a partner in which I think of them as being someone. Not necessarily a celebrity but someone I can adore and be proud of. Women often tell me: Marry someone who loves you more then you love them. Oh no! That seems so empty though I’m well aware the balance in love is rarely if ever even.

So with Leo on the 7th house cusp and the Sun ruling Leo and my Sun being placed in my 5th house of romance and children…a house ruled by Leo naturally, I have no choice but to seek a marriage in which I find true love. After all Leo does rule the heart A sun placed in the 5th house wants to express themselves creatively in love.  I want to feel inspired to write, I can often be quoted as saying I want to dance with someone when we are 60. I want to sing to my love in the morning and romance cannot be merely in the beginning it has to be always.

What planet rules your 7th house and who are you married too?

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