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Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson & her natal Venus conjunct Saturn

I happened to do a Google search for something and stumbled upon makeup artist Kandee Johnson’s video on YouTube & was captivated by her. She may be the cutest chick I have ever seen in my life!

You can read her blog here if you are unfamiliar with her.
I’m not a DIY person; I don’t care much for turning shower curtains into duvet covers. I’m an astrologer so naturally the first question that came to mind when I saw her was; what sign is she?! I wanted to take a peek at her Natal Chart. Much to my joy I discovered she is a Cancer sun like Moi! (I thought for sure she was a Gemini, she seemed to joyus and bubbly to be a water sign besides they have the lock on all things social media) Without the time of birth I do not know her moon sign, but I can see she has several planets in the zodiacs resident star; Leo. She has a fascinating story that includes 2 failed marriages, I believe she has 4 children with 3 fathers, times have been hard, money appears tight or at least it was in the past, but IMO she seems destined for super stardom. Just wait till Jupiter planet of abundance works its way over her planets in Leo sometime after July 2014. Kandee Johnson has what it takes to build an empire. I’m rooting for her in the same way I cheer for Martha Stewart maybe its my Aries moon but I love seeing women pave the way, instead of waiting for some man to do it for them. She has a Natal Venus conjunct Saturn and I think she is taking that challenging aspect and working it! Venus is the planet of love, beauty, finance, and sadly Saturn is the planet of restriction, Karma, and yes hardship and hard work. Saturn on Venus is notorious for dishing out lessons in spades that love is indeed hard . The person with Saturn on Venus often feels that love is hard; they expect it to be, they may even seek out (unconsciously of coarse) relationships that are difficult. Saturn conjunct Venus people are often faced with having to do a lot of work in relationships. This isn’t a light and fluffy placement for relationships. People with this aspect often face financial issues, money is hard to come by, and they have to work for everything they get. But never have I witnessed or shall I say rarely have I witnessed a person that has put quite the spin on a Venus Saturn conjunction like Kandee Johnson, she has taken Beauty (Venus) and making it her life’s work and I think that’s nothing short of fabulous xo

Do you have any planetary placements that work for or against you? Let me know

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Neptune Retrograde; Your not like the others futuristic lover

With Neptune in retrograde motion for the next 6 months and squaring my Venus I thought this would be an opportune time to write about Neptunian love affairs. I tweeted the other day if you have ever found yourself whispering “I need you” to a completely unavailable person then you undoubtedly have experienced Neptune on your Moon, Venus, Mars or Sun. Its alluring, hypnotic with a come hither vibe that whispers sweet nothings that sounds like somethings in your ear. Touch becomes otherworldly,

Like in the song by Katy Perry;

They say you’re not like the others, futuristic lover. Different DNA They don’t understand you

You’re from a whole other world. A different dimension. You open my eyes and I’m ready to go now lead me into the light.

Neptune will have you walking between worlds, the one based in reality with the tangible touch and another dimension that you can’t grasp with your hand but you know it is there. Or is it? In 2009 Neptune began to loosely square my Venus and became almost exact in the summer of 2011, when the veil was lifted and I was served a hard dose of reality. I have written about him so much quite frankly I could throw up, he is the reason I started this blog, he is my muse I suppose and though I could not feel further from him; he is a frame of reference for a lot of my astrological posts, he is my plutonic love. In Synastry or the comparison of 2 charts my Pluto aspected his entire chart, so that brought life changes, obsessions, upheavals, death and rebirth and while that was our combined energy I also had a Neptunian transit, the belief that everything was going to work out, that magically POOF! I would end up with him. Neptune = delusion. And the delusion came to a head and the veil fell on the day he booked his wedding at my place of employment. I don’t care to relive the past, I much prefer to sweep in under the carpet and leave it as some dust that has settled in that you can’t be bothered to clean up. But I want you to see how transits work; there is this experience occurring and then once the planets become exact there is an explosion, a truth, a change that occurs, a beginning or an ending. How that manifests is deeply personal for everyone. Surely no one on the face of the planet has had a fling with someone and then had that person come to your place of employment on their wedding day. Flash Forward present day; Neptune is working its way backward over my Venus yet again. Neptune is slow. Whereas the Sun changes sign roughly every 30 days Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025! That’s a long time to live in lala land, a long time to walk between portals of what is real and what isn’t. But as with all retrograde periods life gives you a chance for a redo. Not with the same person, but perhaps with the same test. And maybe this time the ability to get it right. Fingers crossed. I don’t check my natal chart every day I live my life and as the saying goes I do believe life is meant to be lived forward but understood backward. The interesting thing about astrology is once you are familiar with a transit you can recognize it when you experience it again. Recently I have met someone I find extremely fascinating, like WOW similar to my 2009 plutonic love we don’t have a damn thing in common. He is unattainable but every word that he speaks is so utterly interesting. Retrograde planets: Hmm I have been here before. And when he said “I think you are amazing” and I said no no I think you are amazing. I knew I was in the midst of another Neptunian transit. Neptune is rolling over my Venus. I’ve placed 2 toothpicks in my eyes to make sure they remain open, consciously remain aware of what is not what I hope life to be. That is key in the midst of a Neptunian transit you should deal with facts and tangible realities. I’m not saying every part of a Neptune transit is heartbreaking I mean there is so much beauty to be found in unrequited love. Neptune on Venus is what poetry and sonnets are made of, and I don’t know if I have ever felt more alive or blindly hopeful as I do when Neptune is aspecting one of my personal planets.

The Facts:

Neptune travels backward through the zodiac for roughly 5 to 6 months. Neptune in Pisces will affect most profoundly those with planets from 1 – 7 degrees of mutable signs. So look to see if you have Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars in 1-7 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces. That’s where you will experience the allure and hypnotic energy of Neptune. Retrograde periods are a time of do over’s, they are for reflecting, looking back, perhaps revisiting old haunts. It is often a time when a theme in your life from the past resurfaces, I like to think of retrograde periods as: a second time to get it right.

The feeling:

I have never felt this way before, I need you, I want to curl up inside of you because a breath between us is too much, your beautiful, you are perfect (that has to be the worst) I have to have you, your touch is transcendental, Can we run away together, walking on the moon, looking at the stars, I know you just told me you are _____________(fill in the blank) married? Jobless? A priest? But I love you and have to have you anyway

What to remember:

It is very easy for all of us to play the victim, oh poor me. I didn’t see it I didn’t know it etc. it sucks yes but we have to take responsibility for our own poor choices no matter how painful. In the very Neptunian; Great Gatsby Scott F Fitzgerald said: “It takes two to make an accident”

it takes 2 to make an accident</a

People have the right to select a life they believe will make them happy even if they have decided that life isn’t with you:
I believe Oprah and Iylanya said it best on Oprahs Life Class when they said:

You don’t get a vote in someone else’s life

On the days I become upset I have a picture in my phone of a quote I heard on the Oprah show Super Soul Sunday It one of my all time favorites:
Super Soul Sunday

A lot of times under a Neptunian transit there is a self sacrificial theme. I would have given up anything to be with my plutonic love. We exist worlds apart, he is very suburban think Mercedes Minivan and those family stick figures on the back windshield and I m very city-ish, I like to act, write, and hang out with gay men. I keep this in my phone as a reminder that his dreams were not my own and vise versa.

What to do:

Write, sing, and learn how to play an instrument, do not commit to anything until this transit passes in a few months, and guard your heart, your soul and your hot pocket. And when all else fails pour a glass (ONE glass Neptune also rules addiction) of wine and turn up the music. I’ll leave you with a lovely Neptunian song.

strange and beautiful

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The Fifth House Sun

The last few days I feel as though I’m drowning, I’m weighed down by meaningless tasks and I have 0 escape from my daily existence. Having given up most of my vices I have nowhere to catapult myself in my time of need. Quit smoking Check. Gone are the days of over drinking Check Said farewell to a plutonic love Tata and am slowing coming to after a year or so of licking my own wounds and learning the art of self-preservation. Trying to be better not bitter that he chose someone that’s idea of creativity is making paper plate snowmen and the only depth she possesses lingers somewhere in the bottom of a Nutella can. Oh the joys of rice crispy treats!

Did I mention the 5th house is also home to competitions. You want to win in all matters of the heart, even if you don’t like someone, if they don’t like you the pain is just the same.

The fifth house Sun in astrology is home to first loves, the heart, joy, pleasure, gambling, risk, sports, and leisure it is the place we go to let our hair down and have a good time. The problem arises when the good times have come to a halt or are temporarily put on hold. I have been working 11 days straight and am inundated with practical tasks; doing wash, waiting on hold with Time Warner to fix my internet which has suddenly stopped working, I’m earth deficient my personality lacks practicality. Each clock I own has a wildly different time; 5:00, 11:00 I laugh when I get a compliment on my watches thinking god forbid someone should ask the time. Fall Back Spring Ahead…eventually the time will be right.

The only time that counts is the time I spend having fun and when things begin to get dull I start to suffocate. I really think Fiona Apple Mistake was written for me.

The 5th House Sun is home to risk taking; I went ahead and kissed someone insainly inappropriate this week just to feel alive. I enjoy the feeling of free falling, not knowing where you will land. God it has been so long since I felt that way. The fifth House is Home to love affairs, I’m impulsive in love it has to be instant and yes like Katy Perry sings “cinematic and dramatic with a perfect ending”.

Sun in the 5th house possesses a strong romanticism the thought of true love never quite far from mind. The likelihood of losing yourself in someone an all too familiar reality.

I want to lose myself in you but the last time I lost myself in someone I almost didn’t find my way back

A danger exists in caring too much, having your entire self-esteem wrapped up in a relationship, a man, looking outwardly for validation. Last week I actually felt whole like I’m fucking fabulous, I’m no longer that glass ½ empty person longing for someone to fill me up. I really believed I mastered the nourishment of my 5th house sun. Pouring my creativity and passion into pursuits outside of romantic encounters. This blog for instance, writing the monthly horoscopes, or working on various TV shows. It’s the in-between time the in the meantime that is painful. Im fighting hard to not get lost in a bottle of Sangria blasting Natalie Merchants The Living while dancing around my living room

“The Lovers I have gambled and lost Count my mistakes whatever the cost” Natalie Merchant

The Fifth House Sun rules children or the child within, I have often wondered why I feel immature in relation to my peers. The one plus I suppose is they say individuals with a 5th house sun are eternally child-like. We have an effervescent spirit that resides in us. We want to play and create. As I check my email I see Wheel of Fortune has contacteded me for an interview. I ll be sure to buy a vowel even if it cost me $5000.00 But I really look forward to the day Im free falling, putting my heart on the line and can declare to someone worthy: Im all in! Now that is the greatest risk of all

Famous 5th House Sun indiviuals

Charlie Sheen

Amy Winehouse

Taylor Swift

Marie Antoinette

Nick Carter

Lisa Boney & Lenny Kravitz

Sarah Bernhardt

Leonardo Da Vinci