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The Astrology of Katherine Heigl



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Mercury conjunct Mars in the natal chart

Sometimes I feel like the Taylor Swift of astrology ( we both have sun in the 5th house so I would say creativity stems from romance). So often my posts are about a romantic interest.

This week I met up with an ex of mine. And as we talked I realized he had the inability to sit still. He isn’t still, he has never been still. He talks fast, he is theatrical in speech and funny without intending to be when I looked at his chart I realized he has mercury conjunct mars in Virgo. Mercury is your thought process, your intellectual ability, the way you process things, how you get around Mercury rules your mobility conjunct mars, planet of action, god of war, ruler of young men, the military and guns; this aspect indicates these two work in unison. Mars and Mercury, action and communication go hand in hand. It’s no wonder he jumps up when he is talking and has the inability to listen (he also lost a finger Mercury/Gemini specifically rules fingers in a gun accident which is Mars). He is abundantly blunt and I find it amusing; that someone can be more direct then me, the way he says exactly what he thinks and feels with precision (Virgo) He doesn’t mince words Mercury in Virgo is exacting. Mercury is strong in his chart, Mercury is well placed in Virgo. With a natal Mercury conjunct Mars thoughts must fly at him, information is processed quickly and you aren’t likely to sway his opinion or point of view. I laughed when he said he could be polite but if anyone asked his opinion he would indeed give it. Ha ha like I would’ve thought differently. Personally I have Mars sextile my Mercury so my mind rarely if ever shuts off I often tote: I solve problems in my sleep. People always say I am
blunt, I have Mars in the 3rd house of communication my internal process is always going, deciding thinking, I drive and walk fast (3rd house rules mobility) I am always analyzing but I’m still, I tend to sit still, I can appear still with Mars in slow ass Taurus and Mercury in sideways moving cancer. I think and then move but my thinking and moving aren’t occurring at once. In synastry we have nice mercury sextile mercury and mars trine mercury this is a nice mental rapport and it is unlikely that either are offended by one another though I’m sure many people in our outer worlds find us to blunt, direct or perhaps lacking tact.