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Mercury conjunct Mars in the Natal Chart

This week I met up with an ex of mine. And as we talked I realized he had the inability to sit still. He isn’t still, he has never been still. He talks fast; he is theatrical in speech and funny without intending to be when I looked at his chart I realized he has Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo. Mercury is your thought process, your intellectual ability, the way you process things, how you get around Mercury rules your mobility. When Mercury conjoins Mars, planet of action, God of War, ruler of young men, the military and guns; this aspect indicates these two planets work in unison. Mars and Mercury, action and communication go hand in hand. It’s no wonder he jumps up when he is talking and has the inability to listen (he also lost a finger Mercury/Gemini specifically rules fingers in a gun accident which is Mars). He is abundantly blunt and I find it amusing; that someone can be more direct than me, the way he says exactly what he thinks and feels with precision (Virgo) He doesn’t mince words Mercury in Virgo is exacting. Mercury is strong in his chart; Mercury is well placed in Virgo it is considered in the sign of rulership.

With a natal Mercury conjunct Mars thoughts must fly at him, information is processed quickly and you aren’t likely to sway his opinion or point of view. I laughed when he said he could be polite but if anyone asked his opinion he would indeed give it. Ha ha like I would’ve thought differently. Personally I have Mars sextile my Mercury so my mind rarely if ever shuts off I often tote: I solve problems in my sleep. People always say I am blunt; a quiet implication I am rude.  I have Mars in the 3rd house of communication my internal process is always going, deciding thinking, I drive and walk fast (3rd house rules mobility) I am always analyzing.

Yet a part of me is still. I tend to sit still; I can appear still with Mars in slow ass Taurus and Mercury in sideways moving Cancer. Perhaps that is one of the differences between the Mercury/Mars sextile and the conjunction. In synastry we have nice Mercury sextile Mercury and Mars trine Mercury this is a nice mental rapport and it is unlikely that either of us are offended by one another though I’m sure many people in our outer worlds find us to blunt, direct or perhaps lacking tact.

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An Eclipse & Pluto Station Resignation

For a long time now I have been a union delegate at my place of employment I have stuck up for employees when others would not, I got involved with getting people their job back when they had been let go; while other union employees just stood on the side lines. Some even stating certain members deserve to be fired, imagine that Union Delegates stating Union Members should be fired for giving management a piece of their mind.
I tell you finding people with integrity are a scarcity now a day. I have a fighters spirit, after all I have natal moon in Aries. Aries the ram, God of war, ruler of Mars and soldiers! I openly tell people in meetings, you don’t want to mentally spar with me! I assure you they don’t. My mind is quick with Mars in the 3rd house and in aspect to Mercury. I also never go in unprepared! I have an unmatched integrity and you will never find me as a Union Employee on the side of management, ass kissing is not on my resume.
However it is not possible to make everyone happy. Recently I went into a meeting and came out with answers, answers people requested of me. But the answers weren’t what other people wanted to hear and the very same people that I have worked so hard for have turned against me. Questioned me? Second guessed the validity of the answers I had retrieved.
Neptune is transiting my Midheaven almost forming an exact square. Neptune is natal in my 10th house and Pisces rules my 1st so all transits involving Neptune affect my reputation, my public image and my career path. I feel the crunch it’s formed an exact square so I’m privy to all the gossip and salacious talk that US weekly is made of. Literally when I walked in yesterday I was greeted by someone telling me I was the talk of the job. Some people tipped me off about people gossiping about me in the locker room, another grown man with 2 children had all these opinions on the way I do my job. Keep in mind I didn’t even know who this man was by name, his face escaped me and my friend had to describe him in great detail. That is how relevant he is too me so how and why he has these grand opinions is beyond me. Did I mention I have Saturn in my solar return 12th house this year which indicates secret enemies at work that undermine your efforts. That is literally the text book definition. Sometimes astrology is spot on. Things on the work front have gotten so out of hand. Here I was just trying to do the best job I could and a slew of people are ungrateful. My integrity has been questioned and the shade has been thrown.
I am somewhat accustomed to this, Aquarius rising ya know we always stand apart from the group. I am not a joiner, and my identity isn’t derived from my place of employment. Some people go to work, are married to people at work and are on a committee and sports team at work. Oh god no that will never be me. A joiner, nope? And I have been persecuted for that since I was in grade school and wouldn’t jump rope with the other children. People scratch that…. ignorant people that follow a group often mock what they don’t understand. I suppose it bothers me in the sense that I don’t care what other people do, so why are they always up in my business? If I have a falling out with someone I don’t talk bad about them I just go about my life as if they do not exist.
I have never been in the practice of attempting to convince people of who I am. I don’t feel the need to explain myself, and quite frankly I know that no one will do as good as job as I have. Knowing myself, knowing my ethics, knowing who I am and what I am made of is enough for me at the end of the day.

This week I resigned from the position, I can’t work for people I don’t believe in, for people that don’t believe in me, I cannot fight for others that are so quick to turn, I don’t believe in the process anymore.

This is an elected position, I decided to step down as I’m not financially compensated and no longer believe in what I am doing. Saturn retrograde is in my 9th house; this led me to question what I believe in. Mars retrograde is squaring my Sun and opposing my moon…I suppose there was a need to take swift action. Generally speaking I’m an action oriented. Saturn and Mars transits generally relate back to work.

And why not submit my resignation on the eclipse, a full moon. I know I know I always say do not make a big decision on an eclipse but sometimes you have to say FUCK IT! A full moon eclipse is a period of endings, a nail in the coffin, the moment everything has come bubbling to the surface and you will not take it anymore. This eclipse is exact conjunct my North Node (North Node is where we are headed in this life) and evidently I am not headed anywhere with these people. 😉 I read once “endings that occur during eclipses are necessary so we may grow as people. Bring it on!
This eclipse fell across my natal 2nd and 8th house axis, 2nd house ruling values and I do not have time in this life to work for people that do not value me. 8th house often has to do with death. Oddly enough this eclipse fell across my 6th house and 12th house in my solar return chart; 6th house ruling work and that is where it was felt most.

My astrology instructor emailed me this eclipse was particularly strong because it was on the station of Pluto, right before Pluto is about to go retrograde in Capricorn. The themes are “the system, the man, those in charge, corporations, power issues are always involved with Pluto. The station of Pluto is in my 11th house; while the 7th house rules Unions and contractual obligations the 11th house rules the group, and the organization.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the transits for the day I took this position
Moon conjunct Midheaven is a sign of coming before the public often via work
Neptune was applying via conjunction to my Ascendant; this often encourages you to help people. Ya know Neptune/Pisces energy is often the Martyr. I think my instructor once said Aquarius stand up for the cause while Pisces die for the cause (not an exact quote)
Oddly enough Mars and Saturn were also retrograde! That blows my mind, Mars was in Leo in my 6th house and Saturn was retrograde in Libra in my 7th house both having to do with work and Unions.

When all is said and done I have no regrets about either taking the position or resigning from the position. I just wish people would concentrate on bettering their own lives instead of talking about me. You want to do the job, here it is. I m throwing it at you like I would throw a dog a bone.
It was written that energy flows where attention goes and I’m eager to put my attention and energy toward things that feed my soul; like taking classes at NYU, writing, meditating and acting. xo

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Saturn opposite Mars Transit Part 2

This is a continuation from Mars Opposite Saturn Part 1 You can read that here

Saturn opposite Mars Transit disengage your rage

Today while I was driving someone was in front of me in the middle highway lane doing 30 mph & in the passing lane doing 30. I couldn’t get around anyone. This is my everyday struggle being behind someone that drives like Fred Flintstone, driving behind someone with out of state plates, driving behind a vehicle that has navigation on. It’s a daily occurrence at 6am, 1pm or 1am that I find myself sitting in traffic. I mentioned in a previous post this transit is known to bring forth rage. And I can see why. Mars is assertive energy, its drive, its force & Saturn is the brick wall that stops you.
Don’t let the fact that my mars is in Taurus fool you. I know, I know, Taurus is slow….really slow it’s considered the slowest earth sign but put Mars ; the planet of action in the 3rd house & I have a need for speed. The 3rd house rules getting around, it rules walking, driving, traveling, communication & your thought process. That is all slowing down. I slept for 20 hours the other day!
I drive fast; I have always driven fast on my driving test many moons ago they wrote that I was heavy on the gas, I talk fast; I’ve been told I’m abrupt & have no filter. I never want to convey to people I am some all Zen astrologer because I am not. My mind rarely shuts off it’s always going. I’ve been told I walk so fast when I pass someone they feel a breeze….this is why the sign & house placement are important in astrology! If I had mars in Taurus but in the 4th house I would probably exert my energy doing house repairs!

Saturn is retrograde right now in Scorpio before a planet turns retrograde it stations. It is said to be slowing down and standing still before heading into retrograde motion. Saturn was standing still exactly opposite my mars at 23 degrees it will back up until 16 degrees of Scorpio before going direct & over my Mars again. This transit is particularly long and arduous because my Mars is on the retrograde degree of Saturn.
I don’t see the lesson totally I don’t get the point, slow down, stop, relax I’m sure it has something to do with being patient. Two people I know out of the blue gave me lectures about letting things go, about the dangers of raging against the wrong person how someone can shoot you. I have been thinking twice before I flip off a Fred Flintstone while driving or throw someone’s purse on the floor that is taken up two seats on the train…yes I have done that! I’m grateful that I haven’t broken anything my friend with Saturn transiting the 3rd broke her arm while slipping on the train & is now in physical therapy.
Slow down is clearly the message but personally I have a need for speed & this transit is a Debbie Downer. You should know I wrote this post while stuck on the train in a tunnel “sorry for the delay there is train traffic ahead” …wow how original it seems I cant escape the epic halts

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Saturn opposite Mars Transit disengage your rage

I want to cry, I want to scream I want to sleep for days & most of all I want to be left alone. I’am writing this while waiting for the train, I’m waiting because the doors just closed in my face. Last night I left work 1 hour early so I could get home early instead it took 2 hours. The subway announced something like this: attention all passengers due to track work expect delays in the early morning, in the late night & on the weekends. They should’ve just announced when there wouldn’t be track work. I’m having a Saturn opposite Mars transit. It’s getting tighter by the day. I’m unraveling more each day. Saturn Father Time, Lord of Karma, responsibility.. the authority is in the 9th house opposing my Mars in the 3rd house Mars rules action, aggression, the 3rd house rules community, transportation, communication, cars, transit, siblings, neighbors. Yesterday I was taking a nap only to be awaken by security in my building telling me to re park my car as it wasn’t inside the lines. Really? That’s Saturn for you, holding you accountable, he is the task master; making sure you do shit right. I don’t care about doing shit the “right” way. I want to do it my way. Mars square Saturn natal I say fuck the man, screw the system,rules are made to be broken. The night before I went out & when I wanted to take the train home I was informed I had to go six stops back to get on a different train to get to my stop. That seems to be the Saturn opposite Mars transit theme; six steps forward to go six steps back. I’ve read this is one of the more frustrating transits as you are filled with rage & you have to be careful to not go off on anyone or internalize it. Where is the release? The other day a car almost ran me over & I hit his mirror when he missed I was going to hit the car again but I slipped on ice & lost my footing …the universe was like no no be careful tread lightly. I feel like people are coming at me so I’ve made it a point to disengage my rage, I work with a woman that is quite erratic she once called the police on me after a work meeting & attempted to have me arrested when she didn’t like what I had to say. She became angry with me this week over some nonsense & I quietly said if you have an issue with me please don’t talk to me. I work with people all day & yesterday it appeared one after another were looking for an argument. I just kept telling myself don’t respond. This is going to be along transit & a difficult one. I hate saturn I hate him in synastry, natal & via transit. His energy is hard for me to adhere to. My chart is all cardinal I lead, I go, I’m on the move. My mars sextiles my mercury I’m fast mentally I grasp ideas & am quick verbally but the lesson of this transit is slow down ..really I wish someone could wake me when it’s over.

Some random Saturn lessons:
When Saturn squared my venus I learned love takes work more work than I was prepared to give

Saturn opposite my moon I was sad and spent time with a man that was melancholy. The theme misery loves company

Saturn square Sun: control is an illusion you can’t force anything in this life what is meant to be will be

Saturn Transiting 8th House, Show Me The Money

Saturn conjunct my chart ruler: sometimes life doesn’t provide an escape hatch & you have to grin & bear it

Lessons of a Saturn Transit

Uranus Conjunct Saturn the battle continues

Next year I’ll have saturn opposite Venus…oh goody I really can’t wait
this is the app time passages everyone should have it:


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Love is hard; Saturn aspects

Lately I have been thinking about Saturn in synastry, it gets a really bad rap. I heard a relationship (composite) chart with Venus square Saturn will not make it. Venus the planet of love in hard aspect to planet of duty, restriction, and hardship is well uh hard. Love shouldn’t be hard, not in my opinion. Love should be transformative (Pluto) wild (Uranus) transcendental (Neptune) but hard no thank you. I did a reading for someone that often complains about marriage & raising children I knew he was going to have Saturn square Venus because even taking kids to little league games sounds like a chore. No matter who he would have married I would assume he would think, wow this is hard. Secretly I think he blames his wife, but really it’s him. That’s the natal aspect but in synastry if one persons Saturn opposes or squares another persons personal planet Sun (identity), Moon (feelings), Mercury (mind), Venus (love and finance) and Mars (sex) the Saturn person brings with them into the relationship the Saturian energy, for example they can often critique the Sun person for instance my Saturn in Leo squared the Sun of a Taurus I knew and I often made reference to the manner in which he lived his life. Negative references. Why are you this way? Why do you play things so safe? After awhile that can become annoying to the Sun person, for understandable reasons.
Signs are square one another when they are in the same mode Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs but the way they operate is very different.
I also know a person that has Saturn in Libra opposing my Moon in Aries (Aries and Libra are opposite in the zodiac) and while I have tremendous regard for them there is often a sense of not being able to plunge the depths of them emotionally. His Pluto is opposite my Moon which indicates emotional transformation but the degree is much wider than the square from Saturn, the tighter the orb the greater the impact.
While I would try to avoid Saturn in harsh aspect to Moon Sun Venus & definitely Mars (sexual issues like mad) in a Composite/Relationship chart. In Synastry I’m not so sure as of yet. I think it depends on the individual A. If they have a natal Saturn Square Venus and some ones Saturn Squares their Venus they are already accustomed to love being hard etc B. This took me a very long time to learn, but not everyone is looking for emotional exploration. So if I’m closed emotionally and some ones Saturn is in hard aspect to my moon. Maybe I would be ok with that because I like keeping people at emotional distances. The problem would arise when you have someone that is extremely emotional and needs to connect on a deeper level, but they feel the Saturn person is at a distance. You can’t quite reach them.
I would love to hear from anyone that has experienced hard Saturn aspects in synastry or composite. How did this manifest for you? Were you the Saturn person? Is love indeed hard

Follow up post with end result:

Let sleeping babies lie; Saturn in synastry

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Neptune Retrograde; Your not like the others futuristic lover

With Neptune in retrograde motion for the next 6 months and squaring my Venus I thought this would be an opportune time to write about Neptunian love affairs. I tweeted the other day if you have ever found yourself whispering “I need you” to a completely unavailable person then you undoubtedly have experienced Neptune on your Moon, Venus, Mars or Sun. Its alluring, hypnotic with a come hither vibe that whispers sweet nothings that sounds like somethings in your ear. Touch becomes otherworldly,

Like in the song by Katy Perry;

They say you’re not like the others, futuristic lover. Different DNA They don’t understand you

You’re from a whole other world. A different dimension. You open my eyes and I’m ready to go now lead me into the light.

Neptune will have you walking between worlds, the one based in reality with the tangible touch and another dimension that you can’t grasp with your hand but you know it is there. Or is it? In 2009 Neptune began to loosely square my Venus and became almost exact in the summer of 2011, when the veil was lifted and I was served a hard dose of reality. I have written about him so much quite frankly I could throw up, he is the reason I started this blog, he is my muse I suppose and though I could not feel further from him; he is a frame of reference for a lot of my astrological posts, he is my plutonic love. In Synastry or the comparison of 2 charts my Pluto aspected his entire chart, so that brought life changes, obsessions, upheavals, death and rebirth and while that was our combined energy I also had a Neptunian transit, the belief that everything was going to work out, that magically POOF! I would end up with him. Neptune = delusion. And the delusion came to a head and the veil fell on the day he booked his wedding at my place of employment. I don’t care to relive the past, I much prefer to sweep in under the carpet and leave it as some dust that has settled in that you can’t be bothered to clean up. But I want you to see how transits work; there is this experience occurring and then once the planets become exact there is an explosion, a truth, a change that occurs, a beginning or an ending. How that manifests is deeply personal for everyone. Surely no one on the face of the planet has had a fling with someone and then had that person come to your place of employment on their wedding day. Flash Forward present day; Neptune is working its way backward over my Venus yet again. Neptune is slow. Whereas the Sun changes sign roughly every 30 days Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025! That’s a long time to live in lala land, a long time to walk between portals of what is real and what isn’t. But as with all retrograde periods life gives you a chance for a redo. Not with the same person, but perhaps with the same test. And maybe this time the ability to get it right. Fingers crossed. I don’t check my natal chart every day I live my life and as the saying goes I do believe life is meant to be lived forward but understood backward. The interesting thing about astrology is once you are familiar with a transit you can recognize it when you experience it again. Recently I have met someone I find extremely fascinating, like WOW similar to my 2009 plutonic love we don’t have a damn thing in common. He is unattainable but every word that he speaks is so utterly interesting. Retrograde planets: Hmm I have been here before. And when he said “I think you are amazing” and I said no no I think you are amazing. I knew I was in the midst of another Neptunian transit. Neptune is rolling over my Venus. I’ve placed 2 toothpicks in my eyes to make sure they remain open, consciously remain aware of what is not what I hope life to be. That is key in the midst of a Neptunian transit you should deal with facts and tangible realities. I’m not saying every part of a Neptune transit is heartbreaking I mean there is so much beauty to be found in unrequited love. Neptune on Venus is what poetry and sonnets are made of, and I don’t know if I have ever felt more alive or blindly hopeful as I do when Neptune is aspecting one of my personal planets.

The Facts:

Neptune travels backward through the zodiac for roughly 5 to 6 months. Neptune in Pisces will affect most profoundly those with planets from 1 – 7 degrees of mutable signs. So look to see if you have Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars in 1-7 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces. That’s where you will experience the allure and hypnotic energy of Neptune. Retrograde periods are a time of do over’s, they are for reflecting, looking back, perhaps revisiting old haunts. It is often a time when a theme in your life from the past resurfaces, I like to think of retrograde periods as: a second time to get it right.

The feeling:

I have never felt this way before, I need you, I want to curl up inside of you because a breath between us is too much, your beautiful, you are perfect (that has to be the worst) I have to have you, your touch is transcendental, Can we run away together, walking on the moon, looking at the stars, I know you just told me you are _____________(fill in the blank) married? Jobless? A priest? But I love you and have to have you anyway

What to remember:

It is very easy for all of us to play the victim, oh poor me. I didn’t see it I didn’t know it etc. it sucks yes but we have to take responsibility for our own poor choices no matter how painful. In the very Neptunian; Great Gatsby Scott F Fitzgerald said: “It takes two to make an accident”

it takes 2 to make an accident</a

People have the right to select a life they believe will make them happy even if they have decided that life isn’t with you:
I believe Oprah and Iylanya said it best on Oprahs Life Class when they said:

You don’t get a vote in someone else’s life

On the days I become upset I have a picture in my phone of a quote I heard on the Oprah show Super Soul Sunday It one of my all time favorites:
Super Soul Sunday

A lot of times under a Neptunian transit there is a self sacrificial theme. I would have given up anything to be with my plutonic love. We exist worlds apart, he is very suburban think Mercedes Minivan and those family stick figures on the back windshield and I m very city-ish, I like to act, write, and hang out with gay men. I keep this in my phone as a reminder that his dreams were not my own and vise versa.

What to do:

Write, sing, and learn how to play an instrument, do not commit to anything until this transit passes in a few months, and guard your heart, your soul and your hot pocket. And when all else fails pour a glass (ONE glass Neptune also rules addiction) of wine and turn up the music. I’ll leave you with a lovely Neptunian song.

strange and beautiful

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Paris Jackson and her 12th house sorrow

Paris Jasckson Natal Chart Provided by
Paris Jasckson Natal Chart Provided by

I have to be honest when I do a reading for someone and I see they have any personal planets never mind several planets in the natal 12th house I m usually in for a difficult time. This can happen with merely the Sun alone. The 12th house rules self undoing or the manner in which people betray themselves. People are often unaware of the energies that are manifesting in the 12th house, they turn a blind eye and are unable to see it or identify with it. For instance the Sun in the 12th house often indicates some confusion surrounding the father or at the other end of the spectrum glamorizing your father, putting him on some Christ like pedestal. The Sun rules the men in our lives but when I have asked someone with the Sun in the 12th house how was your male parental relationship they will say fine and often later reveal that they haven’t seen him since they were 10 and he lives in another country. The 12th house rules things you don’t see clearly or cannot touch with your hand; you can’t grab a hold of it. Religion and dreams, things we turn a blind eye too, things we don’t want to admit to ourselves. The 12th house also rules prisons, psychiatric facilities, sorrow, and confinement. If you meet someone with a moon in the 12th house you will find sorrow surrounding the mother, Venus in the 12th house someone that feels unworthy of love so they date married individuals. Covert emotions and clandestine affairs. The 12th house is complicated; it holds planets that represent energies we mask from others as well as ourselves. I’ve met quite a few eccentric types that wished to assimilate into society that had Uranus in the 12th house. Uranus rules individuality, where we go against the grain but place it in the 12th house and the individual hides the parts of themselves that make them unique. What does this have to do with Paris Jackson? She has the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn gathered in the 12th house. Her natal Mercury is in retrograde motion indicating she often has difficulty in expressing herself add to this the nature of the 12th house and thoughts become internalized perhaps her mind is heavy and she feel she has no one to talk too, no one understands her. Her natal Sun in aggressive Aries becomes turned inward, inward aggression, hidden impulsiveness, Paris also has Mars in the 12th house, Mars is the manner in which we assert ourselves often those with Mars in the 12th house have an immensely difficult time asserting themselves or they have misplaced anger; you’re mad at your grandmother so you yell at a friend, you’re upset with a friend so you become angry with yourself. It is essential that people with 12th house planets consciously remain aware, maintain inner dialog and conduct conversations with other people and be open to feedback. I hope she finds the appropriate medical attention or perhaps develops a relationship with her mother. The moon in her natal chart is a stand alone; the only planet in a water sign and its sign of rulership; Cancer. The need for her mom is strong and with that loose opposition to Neptune planet of confusion her maternal figure is unclear. Paris Jackson is a sensitive soul that is very piscerean like with her father being tucked away in the 12th house and her mother figure being somewhat elusive she will likely turn to alcohol, drugs, cutting and other escapism like tendencies. The 12th house like Pisces and other strong Neptunian influences play out victim savior themes throughout their lives, eager to save or be saved. I’m keeping her in my thoughts. Do you have any planets in the 12th house? Are they working for you or against you?

Famous People with 12th house Suns;
• Jodi Foster How much is there we really don’t know about her?
• Gandhi-Need I say more-religious themes
• Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix all 12th house suns with addiction tendencies
• Caroline Kennedy Her father JFK was assassinated when she was a small child
• Julian Lennon son of legend John Lennon, I cant imagine the sorrow that exists there

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Jupiter in the natal chart; dreams of grandeur

Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion; it bestows multiple blessings to whatever house it touches. Jupiter rules the 9th house in astrology home to the sun sign Sagittarius, a freedom loving sign that enjoys discussing ideologies and loves to travel to far off places. Jupiter rules horses imagine them beautiful, wild and free. The very essence of Jupiter is growth, optimism and expansion. Sounds great? Usually it is but as we know everything is great only if in moderation. Jupiter can also show where we tend to go overboard and rely heavily on good luck; it shows where we live in excess and even take advantage. Someone with an overactive natal Jupiter can be difficult to deal with, they are similar to someone that smokes tons of weed. Sidenote I don’t do drugs so please don’t email me However I’m for the legalization of everything as long as you aren’t robbing me on the train to get it;) We all know that person that has dreams of grandeur, they are going to college to get that masters degree oh as soon as they get their GED of course, they have decided to partake in triathlon well after they quit smoking and start exercising.

Dealing with someone with an overactive Jupiter in their natal chart can be VERY difficult, and annoying quite frankly; especially for someone like myself that has a cardinal t-square I’m always under internal pressure to get something done. The other day I needed a present wrapped-I suck at these sorts of things-someone offered to do it for me and asked when did I need it, by what time? I said Come on now you know me, if I asked I need it done immediately. A person with abundance a Jupiter doesn’t operate in this manner; they feel as though time is infinite. They are the type that allow mail to pile up on the kitchen table, that spend much time talking of all the things they are going to do without much of doing anything.

This is most apparent when Jupiter is in hard aspect (square and opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars otherwise known as the personal planets. I want to stress this doesn’t indicate the individual is a bad person however they rely heavily on the belief that everything will be okay, they often do not take responsibly seriously and leave others to pick up after them. I promise you, it will bother family and friends more then it will bother the Jupiter person.

I wonder at times if they feel as though they are doing a lot, this constant planning and doing in the mind must be very exhausting. When faced with being held accountable they are likely to deny any responsibility and take it as a personal attack, natives with strong Jupiter aspects in their natal chart aren’t accustomed to being held accountable, after all people are usually running behind them with a broom and dust pan eager to pick up the messes they leave behind.