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Bill O’Reilly harassment allegations & his afflicted Moon 

Published April 13, 2017 by starsmoonandsun

I do not know anything about Bill O’Reilly as a person or someone as an on air personality. He has very bad energy so he isn’t someone I care too watch. I personally think the entire energetic field surrounding Fox News is dark like someone needs to come in with a huge sage and wipe it clean.Having recently read about the sexual harassment claims looming over Bill O’Reilly I took a moment to look at his chart.

I do not believe in public crucifixion, I strongly believe in every ones right to a trial. I do believe in due process with all that being said Bill O’ Reilly has a severely afflicted Moon to the 10th power LOL

The moon in a persons chart indicates many things, early home life, emotional responses, eating habits, the relationship with the mother & for men it is very significant of the relationship they have with women; the type of women they attract and essentially by aspect how they relate and feel toward the women in their life.

As a woman if I met Bill O’Reilly and ran his chart after a first date I would not be available for a second. It’s challenging to be polite, dreadful if I am being completely honest.

Bill O’Reilly has his natal moon in Aries this is not a comfortable place for the moon this usually signifies turbulent home life or turbulent relations with women. This is the energy of Mars (God of War) filtered through the planet that rules emotions and women .
His Moon ( emotions) opposes his Mercury (planet of communication/ Messenger of the Gods) This makes for a person that often allows his emotions to interfere with his reasoning (Mercury) ability

Bill O’Reilly also has Moon opposite Venus (Bill Cosby has the square) This is a red flag for me in terms of dating This man often has more then one relationship going on at the same time. He is conflicted between what he seeks in a wife (Moon sign) and emotionally (Moon sign) and what he seeks in a girlfriend or how he relates to women (Venus) He doesn’t feel the woman he seeks is available in one package. This man is conflicted. And finds it hard to relate and navigate relationships with women. The moon and Venus are both feminine principals. “Emotionally both the male and female with this oppositions gave difficulty in relationships” writes the brilliant Betty Lundsted in her book Astrological Insights into Personality.

The word “Relationships’ doesn’t only imply personal intimate relationships; we have relationships of all kinds and I believe Bill O’Reilly has difficulty with all the women he encounters.

Lundstead goes on to say the male with this aspect “doesn’t really like his own emotional nature; he doesn’t really like his mother and he therefor doesn’t really feel comfortable with women” This dislike of women can manifest in the abusive treatment of women” Lundstead goes on to say.

To me that aspect is always a major red flag I can not stress that enough.

As if this wasn’t enough O’Reilly also has Mars (God of War & Planet of aggression) forming a square to his moon and Venus To me this signifies a man that is abusive toward women, pushy on women, Let’s not forget Mars also corresponds with Sex These aspects also create a man may love a woman but she isn’t the type he wants to ravish sexually . Lundstead writes “the excess of this aspect tends to make one angry” Mars aspecting the moon is almost a double influence of the Aries moon O’Reilly has been accused of domestic abuse toward his ex wife and clearly his chart is a reflection of that energy.
Lastly he has moon opposite Neptune (Bill Cosby has the conjunction) This man usually has difficult understanding what a woman should be. Remember Neptune is what we don’t see clearly; men with Neptune on the moon often categorize women as a whore or a saint they have difficulty understanding women. Lunstead writes “men get a distorted image of what a woman should be when they have this aspect”

If you want to know how a man will treat you follow the moon and if it looks like this run for your life

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