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The Astrology of King Henry VIII & His Wives

King Henry

I recently began watching The Spanish Princess on Starz; it is based on the early life of Catherine of Aragon and the rocky path she traveled to become the first wife of Henry VIII and the Queen of England. The way the relationship is displayed on the show Catherine and Henry had a natural affinity toward one another.

According to the website:

“He adored her: she was, we are told, ‘the most beautiful creature in the world’. She was 23, plump and pretty, and had beautiful red-gold hair that hung below her hips. Henry spoke openly of the joy and felicity he had found with Catherine.”

I believe that Henry loved Catherine of Aragon – I believe she is reflected perfectly in his natal chart. Prior to comparing a couple’s synastry we have to look at each partners natal potential.

Henry’s moon sign was in the bold sign of the warrior; Aries. The Moon sign reflects what Henry needed and sought in a woman combined with Venus and the 7th house. When you google Catherine of Aragon; one of the first phrases to pop up are the words: Catherine of Aragon daughter of the Warrior Queen. (The moon also reflects how we experienced our mother)

You can read more about women with Aries Moon here:

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was not some wife that was seen but not heard. She was the true embodiment of the Aries Moon attributes (she too possessed an Aries Moon) while Henry was off at battle it was her that he left in charge to command forces; serving as Regent. It is rumored she even put on Armor and was prepared to fight.  She was many things including a survivor having to live in “aristocratic poverty” in between her marriage to Arthur and Henry.

Henry also had Venus in Gemini; while many sites contribute this to his fickle love nature Venus in Gemini also strongly suggests he valued a woman that was intelligent and interesting. Catherine was highly educated and studied a variety of subjects from law to dance to genealogy and weaving to name a few. Her natal Mercury was in Sagittarius while this may be in detriment it does indicate someone that is high-minded. Some sites even state Catherine was a pioneer for women’s education.

Pioneer by the way is another Aries Moon adjective.

Henry has Venus elevated, you can see it all the way up near the Midheaven this does suggest a variety of things; marrying someone that can enhance your status is one manifestation. Venus in the 10th house is not the most comfortable of placements; it does suggest relationships have an element of formality.  Henry marrying Catherine was a Venus in the 10th house affair;  Henry had a lot to gain from being with Catherine considering Spain was a powerful ally.  I do believe this was a mutually beneficial relationship; Catherine had the Sun in Capricorn the Sun is what a woman seeks in a man and Capricorn is a sign that is concerned with status (though it has various ways of manifesting). His Sun also conjoins her Midheaven indicating this is a man she thought could assist her with accomplishing her worldly ambitions and life goals.

When we superimpose Henry and Catherine’s charts on top of one another we can see they have:

Moon conjunct Moon; this strongly suggests they had similar needs and can find they are at home with one another quite easily.

Henry’s Saturn conjoins Catherine’s Venus; this shows the coming together.  I have no doubt at all that this aspect alone strongly contributed to them enduring 24 years of marriage.

Catherine’s North Node (The North Node indicates where we are headed) falls in Henry’s 7th house which tells us this relationship was destined. This doesn’t necessarily indicate long term success but it does reveal that this connection is one that will assist both parties in terms of spiritual development.

abbe boleyn.jpg

When we look at Anne Boleyn natal chart she has Venus in Aries; here we  find another woman that is the embodiment of what Henry sought in a woman. When I google her I find an array of terms; a bitch, a feminist, bold, mean and ill tempered. Let me first say women with personal placements in Aries believe we can do whatever a man can do. We consciously or unconsciously make strides toward uniting the gender gap. With the Moon and Venus being feminine planets placed in Aries a masculine sign you can see how this manifests.

I will say this as well about Aries placements we are not necessarily moral but we are certainly selfish. Aries has a strong desire to be first. Venus in Aries has no desire to play 2nd fiddle to another woman.

While Anne had her natal Sun placed in slow moving Taurus she had a dignified Mercury in Gemini which would contribute to her being an interesting conservationist and someone that was quick witted.

Anne has 2 charts erected with different times of birth I am using the one that places the moon in Pisces as that is the one that makes sense based on the events that have taken place.

Anne had her Natal Sun in the 10th house similar to Catherine of Aragon  this is woman that wants a man that is “someone”. She is attracted to men that are in charge and have power.

Anne Boleyn had her natal moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces; her moon conjoined Henry’s Descendant. The Descendant represents the qualities we often reject in ourselves and seek in a mate. I live for 7th house overlays to be honest and though relationships can thrive without them I prefer to see them in synastry. When a person’s moon falls in our 7th house you desire to be emotionally close with them; this relationship is based on feelings. We have a sense of connecting with lost parts of ourselves when a person’s personal planets fall in our 7th house; it is a powerful connection.

When we look at the house overlays we also see

Henry’s Venus in Gemini conjoined Anne’s Mercury in Gemini I believe this is the aspect that strongly contributed to his desire to express his affection verbally through letters. When Mercury makes an aspect to another person’s Venus we enjoy speaking to them, with these planets being in Gemini I believe this element is strongly enhanced. Communication can even become flowery and romantic.

Henry’s Moon in Aries also formed an almost perfect conjuction to Anne’s Venus in Aries. I have personally had this aspect with someone (In Aries) and I can tell you it is romantic and affectionate. When the moon meets Venus the 2 parties can have a telepathic link with one another and a desire to dance, listen to music and enjoy life is strongly enhanced in one another’s presence.

If you read King Henry’s love letters to Anne you will find this aspect  speaks for itself.

anne of cleves.jpg

Anne of Cleves was the only other wife with a published date of birth. Henry had this marriage annulled and it is widely reported he found Anne of Cleves unattractive. I personally find her to be one of the more interesting of the women he married.  She was a Libra Sun oddly considering she never remarried. However that Libra Sun reports to her natal Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo can very much be the sign of the single woman. If we take a look at the 9 of Pentacles in Tarot; this is the card associated with Venus in Virgo. Here we find a woman in a lavish garden surrounded by all she needs.

Out of all the wives I think she made out best with homes, a full staff as well as financial compensation.  Most importantly she was not locked away or beheaded. We do not have Anne of Cleves birth time so I cannot tell in which house Henry’s Venus and Jupiter fall for her.  You will often find one person financially benefiting from another with hard Venus/Jupiter contacts or Jupiter/Venus falling in  the others 2nd or 8th house. I am not sure as to why she benefited from him nor can I say why he found her unattractive other than the fact that Anne of Cleves was a Libra Sun and Mercury. Libra is the sign opposing Henry’s Moon in Aries. With that being said her Sun formed an opposition to his Moon which strongly suggests this was a Karmic connection. Perhaps with her natal Jupiter conjunct his natal Sun for reasons unbeknownst to us she manifested a level of generosity with in him. Jupiter has an expansive nature. Could it be that her Jupiter in Cancer conjoining his Sun in Cancer -the sign of family-was the reason she became known as “The Kings Beloved Sister”? Interesting to note Anne of Cleves Libra planets Sun, Mercury and Mars fell in the Kings natal 2nd house. The 2nd house is how and where we spend our money.

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An Eclipse & Pluto Station Resignation

For a long time now I have been a union delegate at my place of employment I have stuck up for employees when others would not, I got involved with getting people their job back when they had been let go; while other union employees just stood on the side lines. Some even stating certain members deserve to be fired, imagine that Union Delegates stating Union Members should be fired for giving management a piece of their mind.
I tell you finding people with integrity are a scarcity now a day. I have a fighters spirit, after all I have natal moon in Aries. Aries the ram, God of war, ruler of Mars and soldiers! I openly tell people in meetings, you don’t want to mentally spar with me! I assure you they don’t. My mind is quick with Mars in the 3rd house and in aspect to Mercury. I also never go in unprepared! I have an unmatched integrity and you will never find me as a Union Employee on the side of management, ass kissing is not on my resume.
However it is not possible to make everyone happy. Recently I went into a meeting and came out with answers, answers people requested of me. But the answers weren’t what other people wanted to hear and the very same people that I have worked so hard for have turned against me. Questioned me? Second guessed the validity of the answers I had retrieved.
Neptune is transiting my Midheaven almost forming an exact square. Neptune is natal in my 10th house and Pisces rules my 1st so all transits involving Neptune affect my reputation, my public image and my career path. I feel the crunch it’s formed an exact square so I’m privy to all the gossip and salacious talk that US weekly is made of. Literally when I walked in yesterday I was greeted by someone telling me I was the talk of the job. Some people tipped me off about people gossiping about me in the locker room, another grown man with 2 children had all these opinions on the way I do my job. Keep in mind I didn’t even know who this man was by name, his face escaped me and my friend had to describe him in great detail. That is how relevant he is too me so how and why he has these grand opinions is beyond me. Did I mention I have Saturn in my solar return 12th house this year which indicates secret enemies at work that undermine your efforts. That is literally the text book definition. Sometimes astrology is spot on. Things on the work front have gotten so out of hand. Here I was just trying to do the best job I could and a slew of people are ungrateful. My integrity has been questioned and the shade has been thrown.
I am somewhat accustomed to this, Aquarius rising ya know we always stand apart from the group. I am not a joiner, and my identity isn’t derived from my place of employment. Some people go to work, are married to people at work and are on a committee and sports team at work. Oh god no that will never be me. A joiner, nope? And I have been persecuted for that since I was in grade school and wouldn’t jump rope with the other children. People scratch that…. ignorant people that follow a group often mock what they don’t understand. I suppose it bothers me in the sense that I don’t care what other people do, so why are they always up in my business? If I have a falling out with someone I don’t talk bad about them I just go about my life as if they do not exist.
I have never been in the practice of attempting to convince people of who I am. I don’t feel the need to explain myself, and quite frankly I know that no one will do as good as job as I have. Knowing myself, knowing my ethics, knowing who I am and what I am made of is enough for me at the end of the day.

This week I resigned from the position, I can’t work for people I don’t believe in, for people that don’t believe in me, I cannot fight for others that are so quick to turn, I don’t believe in the process anymore.

This is an elected position, I decided to step down as I’m not financially compensated and no longer believe in what I am doing. Saturn retrograde is in my 9th house; this led me to question what I believe in. Mars retrograde is squaring my Sun and opposing my moon…I suppose there was a need to take swift action. Generally speaking I’m an action oriented. Saturn and Mars transits generally relate back to work.

And why not submit my resignation on the eclipse, a full moon. I know I know I always say do not make a big decision on an eclipse but sometimes you have to say FUCK IT! A full moon eclipse is a period of endings, a nail in the coffin, the moment everything has come bubbling to the surface and you will not take it anymore. This eclipse is exact conjunct my North Node (North Node is where we are headed in this life) and evidently I am not headed anywhere with these people. 😉 I read once “endings that occur during eclipses are necessary so we may grow as people. Bring it on!
This eclipse fell across my natal 2nd and 8th house axis, 2nd house ruling values and I do not have time in this life to work for people that do not value me. 8th house often has to do with death. Oddly enough this eclipse fell across my 6th house and 12th house in my solar return chart; 6th house ruling work and that is where it was felt most.

My astrology instructor emailed me this eclipse was particularly strong because it was on the station of Pluto, right before Pluto is about to go retrograde in Capricorn. The themes are “the system, the man, those in charge, corporations, power issues are always involved with Pluto. The station of Pluto is in my 11th house; while the 7th house rules Unions and contractual obligations the 11th house rules the group, and the organization.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the transits for the day I took this position
Moon conjunct Midheaven is a sign of coming before the public often via work
Neptune was applying via conjunction to my Ascendant; this often encourages you to help people. Ya know Neptune/Pisces energy is often the Martyr. I think my instructor once said Aquarius stand up for the cause while Pisces die for the cause (not an exact quote)
Oddly enough Mars and Saturn were also retrograde! That blows my mind, Mars was in Leo in my 6th house and Saturn was retrograde in Libra in my 7th house both having to do with work and Unions.

When all is said and done I have no regrets about either taking the position or resigning from the position. I just wish people would concentrate on bettering their own lives instead of talking about me. You want to do the job, here it is. I m throwing it at you like I would throw a dog a bone.
It was written that energy flows where attention goes and I’m eager to put my attention and energy toward things that feed my soul; like taking classes at NYU, writing, meditating and acting. xo

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My Bitch Button is on Mute!

I have been thinking lately about the way in which I communicate with others. I’m very direct in speech, its odd some people say they respect that type of honesty and comment that they appreciate always knowing where they stand with me while others well let’s be honest, they can’t handle the truth. When speaking I’m not lofty and long winded, I hate when you watch a movie and there is a lot of extra dialog in a cheap attempt to sound deep. The movies Before Sunrise and After Sunset is an excellent example of how limited dialog can be used but expresses so much.

Words do not have to be dipped in fudge and covered in sprinkles for me. Suddenly I’m becoming more aware of how the way I communicate is received by others. I feel like I’m on mute.

I have the moon in Aries, so I’m quick tempered, being that the moon is in my 2nd house I’m emotionally attached to my values. I’m always up for a good debate, well if I’m winning ha ha Aries wants to conqueror and if I feel attacked I certainly will fight back. I have Mars planet of Aggression in the 3rd house of speech and communication. Mars is also in Taurus, Taurus clings to what is familiar similar to the way I cling to what I feel is right. I also have Sagittarius on my Midheaven; Sagittarius is the searcher of truth and probably the most honest sign in the zodiac. Have to love them for that. Combined this makes me swift in speech, I’m quick to give you my opinion, I’m 100% honest in all of my dealings and if I find you are not, I will cut you off in a New York City minute.

Recently someone that I do not have a favorable relationship with mentioned that I probably I’m happy some not so great stuff is happening to them. This could not be further from the truth. I do not sit around wishing ill on others. If I have a disagreement with someone I either cut them off or tell them off. I don’t sit around and ponder their existence, I certainly do not dwell. Aries moon is not concentrated like that; it is a pioneer it’s on to the next feeling, the next thing. It’s swift in motion. It is fueled by little thought. When this person said that it made me think, WOW just because we do not talk does not mean I sit around and plot and hope for your demise.

Aries moon does not hold a grudge.

Someone recently asked me out of a date, I was busy on the day they asked me. So I said “I can’t I’m busy”. Long silence. Extra long pause and then I quickly added, “I have a lunch plan but if you want to do it next week we can” blah blah blah insert extra unnecessary words. Sudden awareness of how others are receiving me.

The other day two coworkers and I went to grab lunch, I had called ahead to see if the restaurant was serving food. They assured me they were, much to my dismay when we got to the restaurant they weren’t. Can you imagine? Needless to say I went off on them, “Didn’t I just call you”? “Don’t you work here”? And a hundred other things. Needless to say they sat us, my coworkers cringed when our food was eventually brought over but I silently began to wonder why I am the “bad guy” when this hostess doesn’t know what time her restaurant begins serving food.

I know people think I’m a bitch but I wonder when someone doesn’t know their job or you catch your coworker speaking poorly of you and cut them off…. Why am I the bitch?

I was attempting to get coffee at Dunkin Donuts in New York City and this woman in front of me seemed to have forgotten where she was and kept asking questions like do you have fresh sliced tomato? On the tuna sandwich is that iceberg lettuce or romaine? Deep breath Danielle Deep breath! I believe she questioned: Do you have freshly sliced Avocado and that is when I lost it, I screamed “this is Dunkin Donuts not a fucking diner” I stormed out coffee-less. Perhaps I could have just left quietly. Though I must maintain she was an asshole.

I have lived this way for 35 years, but lately I feel like perhaps some adjustments need to be made in the way in which I communicate. Perhaps I need to add a few more sentences, fluff it up a bit. I wonder should I quietly slink away into the night when someone has lost my dinner reservation or challenges me? I find that hard to reconcile, being submissive. Lately I feel as though I’m watching what I say and quite frankly it is suffocating. I was thinking about this when I checked my transits and Ah-ha I have that bastard Saturn-restriction-authority-karma-in an exact square-discomfort-hardship to my Mercury-communication-.

That bastard is stealing my bitch button!

Let me say straight away I do not like Saturn, he isn’t fun, he is a big drip but he does offer lessons of maturity. I admit I will probably be eternally immature. I have Sun in the 5th house, we want to play and create! We have a lifelong child that lives inside of us. With that being said transiting Saturn Squaring natal Mercury is a time where you are forced to revalue the way in which you communicate. It also suggests a time when you may want to retreat away from the world and communicate less, unfortunately this isn’t an option for me I have natal Mercury in the 6th house of work and this attracts jobs where co-workers are talkative and communication is an essential part of my daily tasks, which it is. This is a time of reevaluating your ideas, as they will often be questioned by others. I will add this transit is said to also affect the lungs and respiratory system, I didn’t not know this; but I was recently having problems breathing and abruptly had to quit smoking. Yes I know smoking is bad for you !

So here I’m smoke free, no patch nothing just cold turkey and I’m being served a lesson on proper ways of communicating. My friend said to me the other day, “Do you feel you are more irritable now since you haven’t had a cigarette”. I replied, “no not at all, I’m the same big bitch I have always been”. I’m not sure how long that will last I have from now until November to figure it out…that is when Saturn will release me from this choke hold and perhaps I will emerge a more wordy less responsive and reactive reinvented Bitch!