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The 8th house in astrology

The 2nd house ruled by Taurus signifies material fufillment and directly across is the 8th house naturally ruled by Scorpio and the quest for emotional fufillment. Here is where we go to die and then be reborn, here you will find anything associated with death including inheritances, other peoples money,  taxes, sex, and psychological transformation. I’m very pro 8th house planets! I feel it adds depth to character.

Sun in the 8th house makes you a natural born psychologist, people gravitate towards you to help them with their issues and you excel at getting to the route of the issue. You offer guidance and advice probably daily. You may fair well in handling other people s money, you may live many lives in one evolving over times, mastering your self reinventing your self via death, sex and other Peoples money.

Moon in the 8th house makes you extremely sensitive, I think this gives tremendous depth to the persons emotions. You really want to experience emotional bonding via sexual intimacy. In a sense I think the 2 go hand in hand; love and sex. You may feel others do not understand you or have the ability to reach your emotional depths. Fluctuations in partners finances.

Mercury in the 8th house gives you an intellectual approach to handling other people’s money, you may think often about death, finance and sex. People may verbally share with you the darker parts of them, you enjoy discussing taboo subjects.

Venus in the 8th house indicates you benefit from spouse financially. Love and sex must go hand in hand, in love you tend to be possessive and want to control the outcome. You long for intensity in relationships, you crave transformational love…not for a light and fluffy love

Mars in the 8th house indicates arguments over legacies and inheritance. Arguments in marriage over proper handling of finances. May be quite sexual and into some S&M scenerios. You want to be sexually and financially dominant!

Jupiter in the 8th house indicates you may inherit quite a large some of money. Jupiter is abundance and the 8th house is other peoples money. This suggests marrying someone who you can benefit from financially. Very open-minded toward all sexual orientations.

Saturn in the 8th house I have a friend that has this she is obsessed with marrying someone rich, I just don’t have the heart to tell her. This placement indicates it is highly unlikely, this is the placement of : other peoples money. It is also home to transformation and individuals with this placement may find it hard to go with the flow. They cling to what has always been. I had this via transit the last 2 years and it required I give up all that I wanted to hold onto tightly. Let go!! It also is home to sex! I’ve done several chart with this placement and I encourage people to step outside their comfort zone. Sex for Saturn in the 8th people tend to plan it…spontanaity is lacking.

Uranus in the 8th house: I have this placement, not sure how it plays out sexually as I do not have any taboo tendencies though I’m very open-minded sexually and have many gay friends. This placement will insure you collect on unexpected inheritances, and have an overall go with the flow attitude when it comes to change, you probably even find it enjoyable. Generally a non-conformist placement with a penchant for breaking rules! Also gives a love for occult hence my blog and sudden flashes on insight

Neptune in the 8th house you can not sit by and watch as your partner handles your joint finances! Neptune indicates deception in other people finances. You are prone to psychic tendencies and long to merge with another via sexual experience. Watch out for 9 and 1/2 weeks type of sex…ya know the kind where someone walks you on a leash. You may tend to be self-sacrificing in the bedroom, enjoy it while its fun but when it isn’t say so. Others may look to deceive you when it comes to inheritance review all documents associated with estates.

Pluto is at home in the 8th house. I have this placement I’ve said it before and I will say it again sex is really a revolutionary experience, life altering, I enjoy plunging the depths of the psyche and do not enjoy any superficiality. Another indicator of life changes due to inheritance. Gives me a possessive and obsessive quality to relationships and controlling tendencies.

Uranus in the 8th house: I have this placement, not sure how it plays out sexually as I do not have any taboo tendencies though I’m very open-minded sexually and have many gay friends. This placement will insure you collect on unexpected inheritances, and have an overall go with the flow attitude when it comes to change, you probably even find it enjoyable. Generally a non-conformist placement with a penchant for breaking rules! Also gives a love for occult hence my blog and sudden flashes on insight

Neptune in the 8th house you can not sit by and watch as your partner handles your joint finances! Neptune indicates deception in other people finances

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Winning! And the Astrology of Charlie Sheen

My Updated Post as of 2015 re: Charlie Sheen can be read here :

He is messy yet somehow endearing and brings to the forefront of my mind questions like, how is it as a society we stand by and watch this man self destruct. Even more than that, buy tickets to his one man self destruction tour at places such as Radio City Music Hall. Charlie was born under a Virgo Sun on September 3, 1965 and if the internet is correct at 10:48 PM in New York, NY. The Virgo sign in itself rules the 6th house in astrology which encompasses; small pets, daily routine, work and health HABITS. Habits keyword and quite obviously a case of habits going arise. Virgos are nothing if not consistent . With Charlie Making his way onto again, the idea of his astrology and utter immortality have peaked my interest.

5th House Emphasis

Charlie’s Virgo Sun is in his 5th house….Awww so is mine! I feel a sense of comradery with those that have a 5th house Sun. Our longing to create something, the 5th house is naturally ruled by Leo. Home to “I Create” any Sun placed in 5th will have a dramatic flair and Lioness tendencies. Needing to be the center of attention, to feel the pulse of those around us. The 5th house rules children, creative abilities and speculation such as; gambling. There is some amount of risk involved with the 5th house. We are risk takers. Jump in take a chance. I’ll try anything once. You only live once are Sun in 5th house mottos. Charlie as we can see is all about taking risks. In his 5th house are also 2 major players in the zodiac. Pluto planet of transformation, death and rebirth and Uranus planet of surprise. These 2 transformative planets are conjoining his Sun and each other. The Sun as I have discussed in previous posts is the identity, the ego. Uranus is the unexpected, surprise and rebellion and Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth. Being that they are all in the same house and in the same sign this is a conjunction. Almost as if the Sun, Pluto and Uranus are holding hands. They are used simultaneously. They work in unison. These are MAJOR players in the zodiac. Uranus placed in 5th house usually indicates unexpected or unplanned pregnancies. We look to the 5th house to see if and how many children you will have. I imagine Charlie has gotten many a girl pregnant besides the 5 he is believed to have with former High school girlfriend, ex wife Aquarian Denise Richards (love her) and other ex Leo Brook Mueller. Also Pluto the planet of death and rebirth Pluto , sometimes means birth figuratively as well as in giving birth to a child or children. With Charlie’s Sun conjoining Uranus this means he appears radical. Scratch that he IS radical, a true renegade, he bucks the system. He hates the system. He is a true individual. I have natal Uranus trine Sun, this makes for a lighter aspect. I’m comfortable with my uniqueness but the conjunction amplifies this to the next level. You may notice individuals with Sun conjoining Uranus seem disheveled; perhaps there style of dress is messy and speech is erratic. They may appear that way however they are prone to sudden flashes of insight and genius. Tiger Blood, perhaps with a sober mind this may have been conveyed and understood better. Ha! They live and breathe uniqueness add that to Sun conjunct Pluto and he has the inept ability to look at someone and see through them. They live in extremes, Pluto is a powerful force and these people are brimming with intensity. Very sexual in nature can almost be compulsive. Hmmm Hookers and Goddesses anyone?

Neptune the planet of Addiction and Escapism and Mars the Planet of Sex

Here is how Neptune works, where it is placed you will have escapism tendencies. Neptune is prominent in the charts of many people that struggle with addiction, Demi Moore, Whitney Houston; Johnny Cash…the list goes on and on. Natal Neptune in 4th house perhaps you had an addict in your parental home, Neptune in the 5th child with drinking issues, well here is Charlie with Neptune planet of escapism in his 6th house of Daily Habits. It doesn’t get any more literal than that. Sometimes when reading a natal chart you don’t have to seek, surf and dig the answers are right there. The planet Neptune as I stated represents escapism and it is conjoins his planet Mars. Mars represents your sex drive, his Mars is placed in Scorpio, it is at home there. Sex appeal full throttle. Sex drive is amplified. A person with Mars conjunct Neptune may fantasize more so about a perfect partner and how can I say this delicately…I can’t: they like porn. They like the idea of this perfect woman. Neptune colors the way people see you, Neptune rules glamour. Having Neptune conjunct Mars indicates others see him and are drawn to him sexually. And with them both located in the 6th house of daily habits sex and porn is most likely on his daily “to do “list.

Jupiter and Venus: Making money

Jupiter and Venus are considered the great benefices in astrology. They represent what comes easy where you like to spend money, how you earn money and where you are just plain lucky. How nice it must be to have Jupiter in the 2nd house, the 2nd house is the money you earn (Jupiter in the 8th house states you earn money via spouse or inheritance) Jupiter in the 2nd house makes earning money just easy for you. Ca-ching. Opportunities easily present themselves it’s almost like cash has dropped down from the sky and into your lap. And with all he gets Charlie is probably very giving. He makes money easily and likes to spend it lavishly as well. How much coke was in that brief case reported by Venus in the 6th house indicates you can make money easily as well through some sort of daily activity. Venus is placed in Libra sign of rulership making it very strong  and possibly can be overindulgent with women, food, drink and sex and it is placed in his 6th house of habits….notice a theme for Charlie Sheen.

The 8th house moon, Loneliness an addiction

With a Sagittarius moon it is often said that the only thing a Sagittarius loves more than you is his freedom. They are eternal wanderers and in a way they belong to the world. I read in “The Only Way  to Learn about Astrology Volume 1 “with the Moon in Sagittarius there is a tendency to gamble, if not with possessions then with health, career and social position”. They are freedom seekers, easily feeling fenced in. However with his moon snug in the sad 8th house home to transformation, psychoanalysis and sex we can surmise that just as the moon changes in size every night he will experience some great heights and lows emotionally. Prone to emotional depths and sorrow. While he is a freedom seeker by sign…placed in the darkness of the 8th house he may experience bouts of loneliness. I think of this as being surrounded by 20 so called good friends on a Yacht in the South of France and yet you still feel lonely. Like no one really gets you. Fuck you may as well be on Gilligan’s Island. That is 8th house Moon to me.

In Closing I bet Charlie adores his children (Sun in 5th), Enjoys love affairs, taking risks and all that comes with a 5th house Sun. I would surmise he is abundantly generous (Jupiter in 2nd house) and most definitely free spirited (Sagittarius moon and Gemini rising) He should never remarry and wrap up his equipment frequently ;)( Pluto & Uranus in the 5th) He has a ride till you die spirit and while I won’t be buying any tickets to his one man Self Destruction Tour, if he asked I wouldn’t mind partying the night away with another 5th house Sun Hey after all you only live once!