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Ruler of the 1st in the 12th house; Edward Snowden and Julian Assange

Published December 27, 2016 by starsmoonandsun


I am not comparing these men to one another I am comparing birth charts***

I watched the movie Snowden last night I confess I really didn’t know much about him.  I am not sure how I felt after the movie….let me retract that I know exactly how I felt:  I think if you take a job working for the CIA you take all the shady shit that comes with it. The Government is dirty business and to think otherwise I suppose either made him naive or just very idealistic. Naturally I ran his natal chart along side with Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning who happened to pop up (we do not have a birth time for Manning Assange Birth time is questionable) on an astrological article on whistle blowers. I thought it was interesting that they all have Natal Moon in Scorpio; planets in Scorpio are known for secrecy and hidden agendas, they never reveal all or show their hand. They are known for their investigative practices and natural inclination to distrust others.

Donna Cunningham writes in her book “The Moon in Your Life” about the Scorpio Moon individual “the world is out to get you -never let yourself be weak, never lose your cool,  always be on top of any situation”

Scorpio moon loves holding all the cards and having all the information. I was raised by a Scorpio Moon the mantra was never let them see you cry and never write anything down you wouldn’t want anyone else to read.

But what struck me the most was that both Snowden and Assange have the ruler of the 1st in the 12th house (if the birth time on these charts are indeed correct) Rulerships are often overlooked in astrology and yet they are very important.


A house is never empty in astrology, you always have a sign on the cusp so while I have no planets in my first house Aquarius is rising this means Uranus is the ruler of my 1st house this is also known as my chart ruler. Uranus is placed in my 8th house so I embody a Pluto/Scorpio like energy since the 8th house governs; sex, death and taxes. I always feel like parts of me are dying and I am continuously being reborn. This house also governs “occult” and here I am –no explanation needed 


Sometimes we have many chart rulers I for instance have Pisces intercepted so Neptune is also my chart ruler as is Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces)  and Saturn since Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius

So all in all I have 4 chart rulers

  1. Jupiter
  2. Neptune
  3. Uranus
  4. Saturn

My Astrologer said this adds to a more complicated personality, I certainly cannot disagree though personally I mostly identify with Uranus in the 8th and Neptune in the 10th

You can do this with all of the houses for instance Cancer rules my 6th house. The 6th house governs work, your day to day activities with Cancer as the ruler you can assume I work nights (the moon) I work with the public (moon rules the public) It is hard for me to establish a routine (Moon fluctuates daily) to look further into this we can see where the ruler of Cancer (the moon); is placed. The moon is placed in my 2nd house; the 2nd house rules the money you earn. I assure you I only work for the money. I have no attachment to my job other than that. I do not derive any sense of identify from my job like other people do it is simply a means to an end.

Here are some cheat sheets for houses and rulerships

I wrote about Paris Jackson here who is 12th house heavy ( as another variation of 12th house Neptunian energy)

Paris Jackson Natal Chart

And I wrote about the heavy Neptunian influenced now deceased Google Exec Forrest Hayes Here

Kiss of Death & Google Exec

I tend to concentrate on the shadow aspects that come with 12th house/Pisces/Neptune energy they govern addictions, fantasy, illusion and what you don’t see clearly

Venus in the 12th, -secret affairs

Moon in the 12th-Mother with addiction or it could be a mother that died young

Sun in the 12th house can be an unknown father or men may be the cause of your own undoing

Anything Neptunian/Pisces/ 12th house I always caution the person about self undoing behaviors, about addiction, about mental illness because these are the shadow sides of planets placed here  but I also know a Psychiatrist with planets in the 12th house that works in a prison. Astrology isn’t one stop shopping so the influence of the placement may vary-

Also please do remember you have your entire life to live out the natal chart! You may not be an addict today  but can you say you will never be  one? You may not have an affair now but you never know where you will be 15 years from now

Edward Snowden and Julian Assange

The first thing I noticed when looking at Edward Snowden and Julian Assange chart was that they both have the ruler of the 1st (the chart ruler) placed in the 12th house.

Snowden’s chart ruler is Mercury and Assange is Jupiter and they are both placed in the 12th house the 12th house is naturally ruled by Pisces. The 12th house governs Psychiatric facilities, self undoing, prisons, the afterlife, solitude, secret societies and what you don’t see.

When the ruler of the 1st is placed in the 12th you can work in secret. Assage and Snowden also have Neptune in hard aspect to personal planets as did Forrest Hayes (see article above) when you are not an addict, when you are not a musician or an artist, a psychiatrist, an inmate, you very well can work in secret and behind the scenes. The 12th house also rules secret organizations, things that are done in private, things done behind the scenes, underground movements etc

With Mercury being Snowdens ruling planet in the 12th and Mercury being the messenger (his Mercury is also in sign of rulership Gemini)  Snowdens leaks were Mercurial in nature; secret communications, text messages, emails, phone calls etc

Where as Julian Assange ruling planet is Jupiter that placed in the 12th house Jupiter governs publishing and clearly he has Wikileaks where he publishes (Jupiter) private or secret (12th house) information. Assange according to Wikipedia worked with a secret hacking group or began one.

The 12th house also governs self sacrifice I will say that with the ruler of the 1st being placed in the 12th you may be willing to sacrifice yourself for a greater cause.

My astrology instructor once told me “Aquarius will fight for the cause but Pisces will die for the cause”

I have to believe that Snowden and Assange must have felt called to do what they have done on a higher level, perhaps on a soul level. That’s Pisces/Neptune/12th house too


Sins of the Father a little Astrological Karmic Inheritance

Published November 22, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I’m more into predictive astrology and synastry then karmic astrology but the other day I sparked my own interest when tweeting about Charlie Sheens natal Sun conjunct Uranus.  Forgive me one other post will follow this about Denise Richards as per a request. I know some of you in boxed me wanting me to do Gwen Stefani but it is very difficult for me to do the astrology of people that I find tremendously dull

Last week I quoted Charlie Sheen on Twitter

“I’m tired of pretending like I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitchin’, a total freakin’ rock star from Mars.”

He has natal Sun conjunct Uranus

charlie sheen natal

In Astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan’s book Astrology Transformation and Empowerment his chapter entitled Sun-Uranus visiting Planet Earth he writes

People with this aspect “tend to zoom out and view things dispassionately as if they were from outer space (and some complain that they feel as if they are)”

I began to wonder about Martin Sheens parenting with this aspect, not knowing much about him I would learn he was an alcoholic and not a very hands on father and to quote Emilo Etevez

‘My father and mother, neither of them cared if Larry Fishburne [Sheen’s teenage co-star] and I jumped in a jitney and went to Manila for the weekend. President Marcos was in power, martial law was in effect, and you were shot on sight if you were seen on the street after 1am. What were they thinking?’ He says he recently asked his parents that very question. Their reply was, ‘We had four of you. If we had to lose one, we would. We were just trying to survive.’

The article goes on to describe Martin Sheen as “erratic” a word in astrology we would indeed use to describe Aquarius/Uranus energy.  Aquarius and Uranus in hard aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) to personal planets indicates where we say fuck the system. I have Aquarius rising, I have my own issues with “the man” lol Uranus square Saturn Authority? What is that!

Charlie has Sun square Uranus and the Aquarius Midheaven. The Midheaven indicates both how he is viewed by the public-erratic, changeable etc and it also gives a glimpse into his father

The Sun in the natal chart rules the father by sign, house placement and aspects along with the Midheaven. Both Emilio and Charlie have Uranus in hard aspect to the Sun and as I combed through countless articles of Charlie and Martin Sheen I quietly wondered if Martin Sheen has ever claimed any accountability regarding the condition of his adult son.

This got me thinking of the karmic inheritance in natal charts. I have done a lot of readings and have often noticed patters Sun square Saturn; inheriting the fathers melancholic/depressive nature. I have seen up to four generations that have Sun square Saturn in the natal chart. My own father had Sun and Pluto as a part of a Stellium and I have Sun square Pluto in a configuration an astrological inheritance of intensity, loner mentality and the need to confront the darker parts of the identity. And with sun in hard aspect to Uranus there is a need to buck the system, to be unapologetically you and this tells of indeed an erratic father.

Some quotes on hard Sun/Uranus aspects

Any contacts between the Sun and Uranus “signifies unusual parents and unusual childhood environment” “The influence of the father is important, he is unorthodox and unusual man in some way” – Astrologer Betty Lundsted

Sun Conjunct Uranus “The life will be unusual perhaps erratic” Any contact between Sun and Uranus indicates “unusual behavior can range from unorthodox on a healthy level to all kinds of perversity”. The person with Sun conjunct Uranus has to learn to channel the energy of the aspect or he will be controlled by it” Parents have problems raising this child for the child picked up the father’s unorthodox behavior” –Betty Lundsted

“There are several possibilities. It is unlikely that there was real intimacy with the father, though likely there was a lot of excitement connected with him” “The child gets use to not knowing whether the father is going to be there or whether he will be friendly an remote. Anything could happen, emotional dissociation  takes place.

Martin Sheen does not have this aspect natal but I wonder if his parenting or perceived parenting or lack of parenting kicked off generations of sun aspecting Uranus that will need to be reconciled.

Starting with Charlie and Emilio and is very apparent in the charts of Charlies Children

Casandra Estevez born with Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Lola Sheen Sun Square Uranus

Max and Bob Sheen Sun conjunct Uranus like Charlie

Sam Sheen Charlies first child with Denise Richard is the only child that does not have Sun in hard aspect to Uranus perhaps Charlie Sheen was sober when she was conceived, She does have Sun in Pisces which can AT TIMES NOT ALL THE TIME indicate a father with addiction issues.

I believe it was Jung that wrote

“Among all possible ghosts that haunt man the spirits of the parents possess the greatest significance”

I wish more people thought of this before carelessly bringing children into the world

Jupiter transits Yes they are overrated

Published June 17, 2014 by starsmoonandsun

I decided to write a short post on Jupiter for everyone that emails me and asks if it delivers love. I think it was said best by my astrology instructor when he said “Jupiter is nothing more than a nice day”. Jupiter is said to rule abundance, optimism, risk taking, and the belief that everything will work out. Jupiter in the natal chart is said to bestow protection in the house it is located. Jupiter is expansive; it’s the natural inclination to go overboard because we are protected in that area. I have Jupiter in the 4th house in my natal chart I have a protective mother but I was also a wild child; I think I have good luck with real-estate. I do love my condo, I found it on craigslist and; it’s a place I never imagined I could afford to live in ….But Jupiter via transit has not been impressive. In the last few years I have experienced a Jupiter return, Jupiter conjunct Venus, Jupiter square moon, Jupiter conjunct sun & a Jupiter transit through the 5th house. Jupiter hasn’t delivered much except perhaps some strength to endure the more difficult, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto transits. Jupiter bestows the occasional break, the “I will prevail” but miraculous, grandiose love affairs, sweeping lotto wins uh that would be a no.
A Jupiter transit is quick taking roughly 1 year to transit a sign right now it is at the end of Cancer and will enter Leo on July 17, 2014; by this time next year it will have entered my 7th house. No grand expectations here. I suggest you release yours as well. The hard transits from Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are the ones that shape you, change you, shake up your world. Truth be told Jupiter hardly registers it’s a blip, a pebble; nothing more than a good day

Aspects in Astrology

Published June 9, 2011 by starsmoonandsun

It isn’t enough to know what planets fall in each of the 12 houses; you also need to look at how they interact with one another. Do they provide an easy flow and are in harmony with one another or are they a source of tension? Aspects are the angular relationships between points on a chart. You can view them on your own natal chart or when looking at the 2 individual natal charts too see how the planets will interact with one another; this form of astrological study in known as synastry. In short it shows the overall compatibility between 2 individuals.

Allow me to quickly review the aspects bearing in mind each sign has 30 degrees
Lets begin with the conjunction, it is most visible when 2 planets or house cusps are in the same sign working together. As you can see my sun (the ego) and mercury (communication, learning,) are conjunct (in the same sign) of Cancer. You would come to the conclusion that being that mercury is one of the faster planets and my sun is brightly shining on it I make a connections efforlesly, am a great public speaker & I enjoy talking. Conjunctions share the same approach, but it is important to see the 2 heavenly bodies that are forming this aspect. In synastry if someones mercury is conjuncting your sun, you will love speaking with one another and sharing ideas. However not all conjunctions are wonderful, for instance if you moon (feelings) conjunct your own or another persons Saturn (restriction) Ewwww! Sober feelings and heaviness…

The angular houses are considered to be the most important in the natal chart if your personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus) conjunct an angle in another persons chart this relationship for better or worse is fated. A planet can also conjunct one of your angles. My Neptune (planet of dreams, spirituality & escape) conjuncts my 10th house cusp (career & social standing) this indicates I chose a career outside of the norm. A lot of psychics have this placement and I find it too funny although non coincidental that I love astrology!

Next up is the opposition. Unlike the conjunction an oppositions are not in harmony they occur with opposing signs (Aries/ Libra Taurus /Scorpio etc). They are coming from 2 different view points and you are always striving for balance between 2 energies. For instance I have moon (feelings, the past) in Aries and Pluto(death, transformation, control, & psychoanalysis) in Libra. Aries and Libra are opposite one another in the zodiac. Aries is a ME FIRST sign and Libra strives for balance (the scales) Anything involving Pluto is deep…heavy life changing. Having a Moon opposite Pluto is difficult because you want to love, are filled with all of this emotion but at the same time you want to control everything. I don’t know how to let things just be, I’m always digging, looking searching. I can tell you when I meet someone I know the end before it even begins. This is not for light love. Anytime Pluto touches a personal planet nothing is ever light. In synastry when your moon opposes another persons Pluto it would indicate a lot of emotional power struggles and depending on the individuals involved the “moon person” may run like hell from the Pluto person. The Pluto person will see thru them, right down to the core and not everyone is looking for a transformational type of love. In oppositions you need to look at the planets and signs involved and see how they operate and opposing one another.

Next up are trines!(think Triangle) Trine Trine Trine even the word is nice! Trines happen in the same element; (fire signs will trine one another ex. Leo trine Aries. Water signs trine each other ex. Cancer and Scorpio). They are the easiest aspect; the flow of energy is effortless. We do not have to work on these energies, we are born with them. (keeping in mind the planets involved). I have a natal Sun (ego) trine Uranus (unexpected & eccentric) this would tell you I’m very liberal I was born different and being that it is a trine I’m ok with that. I also have Venus (love & beauty) trine Pluto (transformation & depth) where as Pluto can at times be hard to deal with when it trines Venus it is an easy free flowing aspect. It indicates I have a very romantic nature, I believe in love at first sight and because Pluto operates on a deep level seeing through things…I will know the “one when” I see him. (fingers crossed)

The square occurs between 2 aspects in the same mode (Cardinal, fixed or mutable) but in different element (air, fire, water, earth). The square is a hard aspect scratch that it is the hardest aspect. Squares represent friction. Where an opposition is about trying to find balance it’s like a tug of war the square is more stable stuck in its ways, less reluctant to change. It is the 2nd most powerful aspect after the conjunction. These 2 energies do NOT blend together, they represent conflict and stress I have a Cardinal T-square in my chart Ahhhh! The positive side of the square aspect is you have to work to achieve; to get over these barriers and hurdles. My most notable square is Sun (ego) in Cancer square Moon (feelings) in Aries. Cancer is a cardinal water sign and Aries is a cardinal fire sign Water puts out fire…they do not blend. Cancer is all about nurturing and tending to other individuals while Aries is all about fufilling your own needs. You can not simoutenously do this. In astrology The moon represents the woman and the sun represents the masculine energy, it is of popular opinion that the aspects between your moon and sun are indicative of your parents relationship at the time you were born. Can you say TENSION?! that which was than inturn transferred to me. My Sun (your ego your identity) is at odds with my moon moon (inner self, your emotions). They are separate, my wants and my needs are at odds. In synastry you definitely want sun and moon contacts and if you are into wedding date astrology you want the sun and moon aspecting one another! They represent the husband and wife. Preferably with an easier aspect such as the trine. When one persons Sun (ego) squares another persons Moon (feelings) it would imply the moon person will often feel second to the sun. Speaking from personal experience, the sun person is the ego so they are in theory shining, but the sun is all about the sun or it would appear that way to the moon person. The moon person always feels second-this is one aspect of many in synastry-but a hard one. Friction is a definite though a high barometer of attraction is likely.

Sextiles occur in every other sign they are 60 degrees apart (Aries and Gemini (skips Taurus) sextile one another. Taurus and Cancer sextile one another skip Gemini) Water signs sextile earth signs and air signs sextile fire signs. I always like to think of compatibility like this water nourishes earth and earth absorbs water. Fire fuels on air and air fuels fire. Sextiles are not as strong as trines still they represent positive energy working harmoniously together. I have mars (in Taurus) sextile mercury in Cancer (water nourishes earth). Being that Mars is my drive and how we go about getting what we want and Mercury is communication and learning they are working together this means I have a thirst for knowledge. I want to get to the bottom of things, I’m outgoing and communicative

A beginners Guide to reading your natal chart

Published June 9, 2011 by starsmoonandsun

Anyone can read a natal chart; I have attached a picture of mine so you can familiarize yourself with one. The natal chart is the reason that every Sun Sign such as Scorpio is not the same. We all have different attributes that are formed due in part to what planets fall in what house, Each chart is comprised of 12 houses and each house represents a particular facet of your life.
The First house is where your rising sign or ascendant falls. The rising sign is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. The First House represents your appearance, how the outside world views you, it is basically your first impression.
The Second house is your house of security, your resources (not shared resources acquired via marriage, that is the 8th house) your belongings, and how you feel about your stuff both monetary and other wise.
So the first house is YOU, the second house is YOUR STUFF the third house is how you communicate.
The 3rd house is your intelligence, your siblings, shorts trips, the way you speak, write and communicate with others
The 4th house is home, your heritage, your roots, your past it can also be real estate…as it is all things related to home
The 5th house is my favorite. It is no coincidence that my sun is placed here. It rules love affairs, (not marriage that is the 7th) romantic relationships, the fun stuff, children, entertainment and music!
The 6th house is the boring stuff, the mundane activities of day to day living. It represents your routine, your job, working out and your view on health
The 7th houses rules your first marriage (and yes hopefully your only), it is also the descendent placement. There are many theories on your marriage partner that I will get into at another time. However if your ascendant is YOU the descendent on your 7th house represents the qualities (not necessarily the sign) that you look for in a partner. It also governs open enemies….A thin line between love and hate…and anyone you have a legal contracted agreement with (marriage or otherwise)..
The 8th house is my second favorite although most would say it is a dark place, it rules death both literally and metaphorically, psychoanalysis, it is also the house of “other peoples money”. Money acquired via an inheritance or a spouse. In general people with planets placed in the 8th house go through lots of changes of dyeing only to be born again.
The 9th house rules law, religion, philosophy, the higher mind…long journeys anything that elevates you to another realm of being.
The 10th house is your social standing, where as the 6th represents your day to day work tasks the 10th represents your professional achievements, reputation and overall life direction. (it is the highest point in a natal chart)
The 11th house is your house of friends, hopes and wishes. Love that! Groups of friends, like minded organizations and what you wish to fulfill in this life
The 12th house is your subconscious, it is also said to be the house of self undoing. Things about yourself you do not realize, secret enemies, everything that happens behind the scenes

So let’s recap
The first house is ruled by the 1st sign in the zodiac Aries. Keyword IM. Aries is the most impulsive sign in the zodiac, they are initiators, “me first” attitude, they are concerned with being an individual apart from the crowd. Planets in Aries will express themselves freely.
The 2nd house is ruled by Taurus. Keyword is I have. Taurus is the slowest moving sign in the zodiac. So planets placed here will not be impulsive like an Aries but rather slow and methodical. And once a Taurus starts something it is impossible for them to change direction. They are stubborn.
The 3rd house is ruled by Gemini: Keyword I think Gemini is the fastest moving sign in the zodiac. It moves about quickly on somewhat of a superficial level. It is curious and inquisitive sign, quite charming but loses focus easily. Planets in Gemini will tend to be a bit scattered, but playful.
The 4th House is ruled by Cancer Keyword I feel Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. I read once that planets in Cancer are placed in an emotional bath. Planets in Cancer cannot be objective; Cancer is an intuitive sign so they will express themselves in an emotional and nurturing way.
The 5th house is ruled by Leo Keyword I Have Leos are the star of the zodiac. They want to shine all of the time and be the center of the universe. Planets in Leo become more open and creative.
The 6th House is ruled by Virgo Keyword is I analyze Virgos are the most precise sign in the zodiac. They will notice even the most minuet detail. Planets in Virgo will be exact looking for specific details
The 7th House is Ruled by Libra Keyword is I relate Libra is all about what is fair. Balance, ya know the 2 scales. Planets in Libra will look to compromise and weigh the pros and cons
The 8th House is ruled by Scorpio Keyword is I desire. Scorpions are the deepest sign in the zodiac. They get below the surface, so planets in Scorpio become intense
The 9th House is Ruled by Sagittarius Keyword is I comprehend. I read that Gemini rules the lower mind and Sagittarius rules the higher mind. They are all about expansion, receiving information and processing it. Planets in Sagittarius are independent yet expansive
The 10th House is ruled by Capricorn Keyword I Use. Aww poor Capricorns they are without a doubt the hardest working sign in the zodiac. They are a very serious sign that want results; planets in Capricorn become more ambitious and practical
The 11th Houses Ruled by Aquarius Keyword I Know. Aquarians define themselves by group associations. They are detached and more of an intellectual sign. That being said planets in Aquarius can be objective and think about all sides of an equation
The 12th House is ruled by Pisces Keyword: I believe. Pisces are the last of the zodiac and are said to have traits of the other 11 signs. Pisces are the 2 fish swimming around and around, with that being said Planets in Pisces can lose direction

The signs on the cusp will color each house and the planets place inside each house will determine the effect that planet has on you (1st house?), what you value (2nd house) , (how you communicate (3rd house) and so on and so forth
Let’s discuss the Planets so you can interpret your natal chart more effectively:
First look at your ascendant and what planet rules that sign For instance my ascendant is in Aquarius, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. I can find Uranus in my 8th house of shared resources and death. Uranus is the planet of unexpected changes. I can expects unexpected changes in financial situation and change within myself, a sort of death of one self and rebirth
Next Look at your Sun Sign-everyone knows your sun sign-this is what most people as when inquiring what sign are you?
In astrology the sun represents your identity, where you define yourself, your ego, the Sign shows how you display it and the house denotes where you shine, where your ego is derived from. I’m at a disadvantage here in a way because my sun sign is in cancer, Cancers rely on intimate connection for their identity and here is my sun in the 5th house of romance and children one could assume that those things are very important to me. My sun is shining brightly on love affairs; I live for love, children and music…but what happens when those things are not accessible. If the sun is a representation of your ego you can plainly see that if my love life is not flourishing, my ego is bruised.
The moon represents our emotions, your inner wants, and instinctive behavior. The sign your moon is in will give you an idea on your emotional Reponses. I often wish I had a moon in Libra. Libra is all about balance they think of both sides before reacting, carefully weighing out the outcome. My moon is in Aries, a spiritual advisor once told me I have the mind of an 80 year old with the emotional maturity of an 8th grader. Yikes! Aries is impulsive, me first, jump in and think later. With moon in Aries, I react then think, I often speak without thinking…sometimes with love & other times with distain. And I often wish I can take take it all back the minute it tumbled out of my mouth. My moon is located in the 2nd house the (the house of I have) This would indicate I’m emotionally connected to all that I have; security both financial and otherwise is important to me.
Mercury is the planet of communication, short tips, making connections whereas the Moon rules your emotional side Mercury rules your rational Mind, it is how you learn, your thought process and how you communicate. Someone with Mercury in Gemini is going to make connection with lightening speed. Gemini is after all the fastest sign in the zodiac all on its own add that to Mercury in Gemini and I would gather that person would connect the dots rapidly. My Mercury is in Cancer, cancer is an intuitive sign, we feel people’s energy, we decide intuitively if we like you, we pick up on non verbal cues…we often look for what isnt being said. Do you see how it works? How the sign effects the planets expression and the house represents where it will be expressed. My Mercury is in the 6th house of daily routines, which would indicate I speak on a daily basis, have a high ability to multi task and sort out daily concerns and learn by instinct…what feels right.
Venus is the planet of love; it represents beauty, art, money…all that is beautiful. All that is valued. It also represents the type of woman a man will be attracted to (not marry, attracted to). This applies ONLY to the man’s chart. Look at the sign for the qualities he finds attractive in a woman. My Venus is in Gemini, Gemini can be sort of a superficial sign, however very talkative and mentally fast, so you can derive that since My Venus in Gemini is also in the 3rd house which is the house of communication and natively ruled by Gemini….this means I put a high value on communication.

Mars is the Planet of action, how we go after what we want, our wants our needs and our sex drive. A man’s Venus tells you the qualities he looks for in a woman, and in a woman’s chart Mars tells you what she looks for in a man. My Mars is in dare I say Taurus. Mars the planet of action and I have it in the slowest moving sign in the zodiac. That being said like a Taurus once I start something I will see it through to the end. Mars the planet of action in my third house (the house of communication) means I say what I want, am direct and very opinioned. As for the man I would like…I have never dated an earth sign long term (too much fire in my chart) with that being said Taurus is the most stable sign in the zodiac, sensual, and loves good food. What woman isn’t looking for that?
The Following Planets will be in the same sign for everyone born within a certain time period. The orbit is slower because they are further out in the solar system. For instance Mercury orbits the sun every 88 days; Saturn takes 29 1/2 YEARS to make one single trip around the sun. Thus the sign isn’t as important as what house the planet falls in.
Jupiter is the planet of good luck; it represents expansion, growth, abundance and success. Where Jupiter is located in your chart you will find good luck-if not afflicted by other planets-it can also indicate where we go overboard. My Jupiter is located in the 4th house (the house of home and family) this denotes I will have a large home and I value family… I will keep you posted. For a Cancer a happy homes comes way ahead of a large home on the priority list
Next up is Saturn BLAHHH! Saturn is the father of the zodiac, it is practical responsible, cautious sensible and restrictive! Look to the placement of Saturn to see where you are being held back. My Saturn is in my 6th house of daily activities and my career. And I can say I don’t really have a desire to rise to the top of my field or anything like that. I enjoy what I’m doing even if it means I don’t have a title. I was in a position before this which carried a title…I could care less.
Uranus is the planet of expecting the unexpected, it represents individuality, change, independent, progressive, surprising and being original. Look to see what house Uranus is in for you and you will see unexpected unpredictable changes.
Neptune is the planet of dreams, things that are intangible, intuition, creativity; it also shows where you are most sensitive and imaginative.. On the negative side it also rules, addictions, things you do not see clearly, escapism. Look To your chart to see where Neptune is and you will see an area you do not see clearly. My Neptune is conjunct my 10th house, it is on top of my 10th house (the house of social standing and career achievements) So if Neptune represents creativity and what is not clear it should come as no surprise that I have had 30 jobs and only have been on this earth 33 years. Neptune in 10th house means I would rather focus on creative endeavors. I do not have one clear cookie cutter path. Thanks Goodness!
Last of the planets (No matter what astronomers say) is Pluto, One of my favorite planets; it represents Depth, Power and transformation. The placement of Pluto will tell you where you transform and alter yourself, where you get below the surface, yearn to be in control. One word to describe Pluto is Intense, persistent, jealous, possessive, twisted and controlling. In synasty if you ever couldn’t let someone go I guarantee there was a Pluto placement. I have Pluto in the 8th house that is where Pluto belongs, it is at home there. The 8th house is the house of death, psychoanalysis and other people’s money. I transform myself through these outlets. In general any one with 8th house planets will have a depth emotionally that is hard to match. Now see what your chart reveals go to for your free natal chart


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