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Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn

Progressed Moon

I have been tired, like I can hardly put two feet in front of the other…kind of tired. I am not a nice tired person to be honest, I can be very cranky and when I need to sleep I must go to bed immediately. My mother would say I always slept through the night even as a baby and she would often check on me to see if I was still breathing.

And when I am up I am up full steam ahead awake. I like to juggle 100 tasks, I walk very quickly, my mind is fast, I am alert, quick to react and I love being this way. I can’t stand feeling sluggish. It makes me want to cry. Seriously.

Unfortunately I can’t rest I have to go to work, I don’t have a vacation planned until spring and I am currently out of sick days. So I am sluggishly moving along without the energy to go to the gym which quite frankly makes me mad and I have some independent projects I want to work on but lack the gusto to do so.

In my natal chart I have Mars sextile Mercury, a Grand Fire Trine and Cardinal T-Square these are the configurations of someone that goes out and gets things done, takes chances and is enthusiastic. Ugh not today, not yesterday and probably not tomorrow. The other night I called my Mother to pick me up from work because I thought I would fall on my face.

I want to be clear I am not depressed I’m simply lacking energy.

Naturally as an astrologer I pulled up my chart to see what was going on; aside from my Sun and Moon being hit by Uranus via transit what do you know on the exact day I called my Mother to pick me up my progressed moon was conjunct my natal Saturn.

I have written a bit about progressions here:

A Breif Introduction Into Progressions,

They are essential to learn just as transits are essential to anyone studying astrology and the art of prediction. (I find a number of astro newbies do not read them correctly If you have a question please hit me up here, on Google+ StarsMoonandSun or on twitter)

I am at the end of a progressed balsamic Moon Phase I believe in April I will experience a progressed New Moon in my 7th house and I honestly cannot wait this is an event that happens once every 28 or 29 years or so.  But until then I am dragging along, tired and on some days uninspired and I hate it.

Most astrologers use the progressed Moon as timing indicators, seeing the aspect it makes to natal planets. With the progressed Moon conjunct natal Saturn in my 6th house of work and routine it would make sense that I am drudging along, perhaps a little bored, lacking the desire or energy to forge ahead. After all Saturn rules restriction, boundaries, delays and the moon rules feelings, women (I have had several issues with women at work), comfort levels and nurturing.

I will say the plus is the progressed Moon moves fast and by January it will be 3 degrees away from Saturn and on April 8th god willing the universe will catapult me into a fresh start under this progressed New Moon Phase.

I also want to say that a lot of literature is written and is floating around about the progressed moon phase A. transiting the 6th house and B. conjunct Saturn that sounds rather scary. I have read a lot about people losing their jobs or having some sort of health crisis so you should find it refreshing that while I have been undergoing some structural changes at work that I do not enjoy I am still employed and regarding my health I had a breast cancer scare (An Arise eclipse hit my moon this year) but after a head to toe check up I am in top shape! So yes I know there are worse things in the world then being tired

Love and Light

Xo Danielle

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The Astrology of a move

There are classic indicators of moving in astrology Uranus transiting the 4th house almost always suggests a move, perhaps more than 1 move and several renovation projects within the home. Saturn planet of restriction in the 4th house indicates delays or some stifling influence within the home! When I’m reading for someone and see this in a solar return or via transit of the 4th house I have to tell them they will probably be staying put for a while.

Originally I wanted to move in August 2011, obtaining a mortgage was a breeze but I had issues with the Condo Board and was ultimately denied. (I thank the stars every day that sometimes a no is really the universe’s way of saying you deserve better) Here was my planetary situation during the time i was den-ied (Gemini Suze Orman voice)

Mercury was in Retrograde: Obviously a bad time for any written material and contractual obligations especially with it being in the 7th house of partnerships (legal and otherwise). My application was actually lost (by the board) and I had to resubmit it. The amount of errors in terms of paper work was quite extensive. May I add not on my end.

Saturn transiting my 8th house was in a very tight square to my Sun and opposing my moon see previous entries for more information on the hell this transit manifests. In retrospect I felt like I was pushing and pushing for the things I wanted and not getting any where.

In terms of my Solar Return chart for 2011 SEE BELOW

The Solar Return Chart begins with The Sun in the 2nd house which shows in 2011 a lot of my focus was on “value” what I value, who I value, making money.  The Sun Represents July and each house proceeding the Sun represents a month in the year So the 6th house is November , the Midheaven is March and by the time I reach The Ascendent (the 2nd most important placement preceding the Sun) that represents June. I moved the last week in May. I wanted to move way before that but …

So here we are the astrology of a move, wow what a difference a year makes.

In terms of progressions I experienced a “new moon” that is progressed moon in tight conjunction with natal sun this summons in new beginnings.

Transiting Jupiter was transiting my natal 3rd house of community conjuncting my natal venus in the 3rd house, good luck and beauty. Venus and Jupiter represent abundance. Tramsiting Venus also conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 4th house, the 4th house literally rules real-estate.

Saturn was off my sun and moon as well as in Retrograde motion giving me a chance to Re-do what went wrong .

Uranus which took up long-term residence in my 1st house made its way out and into my the 2nd going out, changes in finance, change in thoughts surrounding values.

People always want to know a few things in astrology, when will they find love, when will they move, have a baby and health are usually on the agenda. These were not clear cut, obvious signs of moving…I think mostly the Preogressed New Moon is very powerful as was Jupiter and Venus joining my natal Jupiter and Venus.

Im always interested in hearing your expierences with astrology. Please always feel free to comment.