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Rising Sign what you see is not Always what you get

The rising sign is the front door to the natal chart. It is the ruler of the 1st house it is what people get when they don’t really know you.  It’s a façade, window dressing in a way. It’s the outer layer, it’s the shell, it’s the mask that protects the Sun sign. Not everyone is worthy of your Sun, maybe you are not comfortable expressing your Sun to everyone. My Gemini colleague always tells me: when you go on dates don’t send your representative. That’s the rising sign, your representative; the Sun is who you are.

In the book “The Rising Sign Your Astrological Mask” Jeanne Avery writes

“The Ascendant is interpreted as indicative of the individual’s personality as well as his appearance. It also indicates the circumstances of childhood”.

“it is the rising sign that indicates an individual’s particular outlook on life”

“The ascendant can act like a wall or a façade that an individual erects around himself”

“It describes the part of the personality that is most easily expressed”

“It is how a person allows others to see him”

I have known this man for years and recently began dating him. And as we grew closer, I thought wow he is not who I thought he was or rather he is different then who I thought he was. I was talking about him to someone and she asked: what do you like about him and I spoke about how polite he is, I am not polite so the energy can be intriguing to me. And he pulls out my chair and opens my door and he can be very chivalrous and strong. He hardly curses, he takes charge in a way …I never have to plan a thing with him. She said oh you like all his Taurus traits. He has Taurus on the rise with a Gemini Sun.

For years I got his Taurus Ascendant, charming I would say nice. He can wear a paper bag and look good. Clothes just fall beautifully on Taurus rising, something about him seems refined and elegant. (Venus traits though more pronounced in Libra)

Then in walked that Gemini Sun

That’s how it works once he became comfortable with me, I got to see more of his natural self. He is funny and quick witted; his mind is vibrant. All those Gemini traits…but you know they can be hard to pin down energetically they aren’t like home body loving Taurus.

This isn’t to say he isn’t still chivalrous; he is and god knows in typical Taurus fashion he seems immovable and can be concerned with appearances. Venus ruled risings can be very much, “but what will the neighbors think”. He has commented on how I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Nope sure don’t. I have Aquarius rising.

I am sure at first, he experienced me as aloof, indifferent, laid back

Oh, how I laugh

My Aquarius rising masks my Cancer Sun

My Cancer Sun can lean toward needy and in need of 24/7/365 constant admiration

Let’s be honest Gemini isn’t about that life and Cancer isn’t about Gemini’s need for exploration or flirting or childlike tendencies

These are 2 radically different Sun Sign/Rising Sign match ups.

This is a case of what you see is not what you get.

Have you ever dated someone who turned out radically different then you thought they were?

Let me know

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The First House, Your rising sign and your representative

The first house in astrology rules your appearance, hence the way you appear to others. This is not who you are in your core-that is the Sun’s job, how you emotionally respond is the moons job but your rising sign otherwise known as the 1st house or the Ascendant or Ascendening sign well now that is how the world sees you.
I have a Gemini friend she says when you go on dates now don’t send your representative Danielle. She doesn’t know anything about astrology, but yesterday I started thinking. WOW the ascendant sign is really our representative. For instance I have Aquarius rising, Aquarius is an airy ideas sign that rules the 11th house; a humanitarian, emotionally detached, clever, rebellious, innovative and progressive and while I certainly posses a lot of those characteristics I’m for legalization of gay marriage, I don’t do drugs but hell you can legalize them too, I often in very Aquarian fashion change my life in an instant, shoot I’m an astrologer Aquarius rules the 11th house of astrology. But at my core, in my soul I’m a Cancer sun; I’m possessive and clingy. I crave stability, a home base; on my days off I enjoy staying home. I feel I give myself to the world 5 other days of the week by the time the weekend rolls around I climb into my shell. I’m sensitive, I cry, I believe if woman have children they should stay home and men should go to work. I believe in the concept of marriage, but no one will ever know these things if they do not get past the mask I wear, if they do not care to go deeper past my rising sign beneath my representative and in that sense I feel like my rising sign betrays me.
The rising sign or the 1st house is what we project out into the universe, let’s be honest not everyone is worthy of getting to know our sun (especially when your sun is an easily wounded water sign). Though some people do have the same sign as there sun and rising sign which indicates how you appear and who you are match. How nice! Others see you for who you are.
When we go on a job interview, a first date or enter a party we go in with our representative. Planets in the 1st house along with the sign on the cusp of the 1st house indicate how we are seen and how we initiate tasks. So if you have the Sun in the 1st house you may want to be the center of attention of have a very direct personality, if you have the moon in the 1st house your self-esteem is likely to fluctuate; you will be overtly sensitive, Neptune in the 1st house can be unsure of who they are and others are likely to attribute traits onto you that you may not even possess in a state of projection, Mars makes you forceful, Saturn indicates you are reserved, Pluto is a Powerhouse and so on and so forth .
Who is your representative? What is your rising sign? What do you show they world? How does your 1st house betray you?