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An Eclipse & Pluto Station Resignation

For a long time now I have been a union delegate at my place of employment I have stuck up for employees when others would not, I got involved with getting people their job back when they had been let go; while other union employees just stood on the side lines. Some even stating certain members deserve to be fired, imagine that Union Delegates stating Union Members should be fired for giving management a piece of their mind.
I tell you finding people with integrity are a scarcity now a day. I have a fighters spirit, after all I have natal moon in Aries. Aries the ram, God of war, ruler of Mars and soldiers! I openly tell people in meetings, you don’t want to mentally spar with me! I assure you they don’t. My mind is quick with Mars in the 3rd house and in aspect to Mercury. I also never go in unprepared! I have an unmatched integrity and you will never find me as a Union Employee on the side of management, ass kissing is not on my resume.
However it is not possible to make everyone happy. Recently I went into a meeting and came out with answers, answers people requested of me. But the answers weren’t what other people wanted to hear and the very same people that I have worked so hard for have turned against me. Questioned me? Second guessed the validity of the answers I had retrieved.
Neptune is transiting my Midheaven almost forming an exact square. Neptune is natal in my 10th house and Pisces rules my 1st so all transits involving Neptune affect my reputation, my public image and my career path. I feel the crunch it’s formed an exact square so I’m privy to all the gossip and salacious talk that US weekly is made of. Literally when I walked in yesterday I was greeted by someone telling me I was the talk of the job. Some people tipped me off about people gossiping about me in the locker room, another grown man with 2 children had all these opinions on the way I do my job. Keep in mind I didn’t even know who this man was by name, his face escaped me and my friend had to describe him in great detail. That is how relevant he is too me so how and why he has these grand opinions is beyond me. Did I mention I have Saturn in my solar return 12th house this year which indicates secret enemies at work that undermine your efforts. That is literally the text book definition. Sometimes astrology is spot on. Things on the work front have gotten so out of hand. Here I was just trying to do the best job I could and a slew of people are ungrateful. My integrity has been questioned and the shade has been thrown.
I am somewhat accustomed to this, Aquarius rising ya know we always stand apart from the group. I am not a joiner, and my identity isn’t derived from my place of employment. Some people go to work, are married to people at work and are on a committee and sports team at work. Oh god no that will never be me. A joiner, nope? And I have been persecuted for that since I was in grade school and wouldn’t jump rope with the other children. People scratch that…. ignorant people that follow a group often mock what they don’t understand. I suppose it bothers me in the sense that I don’t care what other people do, so why are they always up in my business? If I have a falling out with someone I don’t talk bad about them I just go about my life as if they do not exist.
I have never been in the practice of attempting to convince people of who I am. I don’t feel the need to explain myself, and quite frankly I know that no one will do as good as job as I have. Knowing myself, knowing my ethics, knowing who I am and what I am made of is enough for me at the end of the day.

This week I resigned from the position, I can’t work for people I don’t believe in, for people that don’t believe in me, I cannot fight for others that are so quick to turn, I don’t believe in the process anymore.

This is an elected position, I decided to step down as I’m not financially compensated and no longer believe in what I am doing. Saturn retrograde is in my 9th house; this led me to question what I believe in. Mars retrograde is squaring my Sun and opposing my moon…I suppose there was a need to take swift action. Generally speaking I’m an action oriented. Saturn and Mars transits generally relate back to work.

And why not submit my resignation on the eclipse, a full moon. I know I know I always say do not make a big decision on an eclipse but sometimes you have to say FUCK IT! A full moon eclipse is a period of endings, a nail in the coffin, the moment everything has come bubbling to the surface and you will not take it anymore. This eclipse is exact conjunct my North Node (North Node is where we are headed in this life) and evidently I am not headed anywhere with these people. 😉 I read once “endings that occur during eclipses are necessary so we may grow as people. Bring it on!
This eclipse fell across my natal 2nd and 8th house axis, 2nd house ruling values and I do not have time in this life to work for people that do not value me. 8th house often has to do with death. Oddly enough this eclipse fell across my 6th house and 12th house in my solar return chart; 6th house ruling work and that is where it was felt most.

My astrology instructor emailed me this eclipse was particularly strong because it was on the station of Pluto, right before Pluto is about to go retrograde in Capricorn. The themes are “the system, the man, those in charge, corporations, power issues are always involved with Pluto. The station of Pluto is in my 11th house; while the 7th house rules Unions and contractual obligations the 11th house rules the group, and the organization.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the transits for the day I took this position
Moon conjunct Midheaven is a sign of coming before the public often via work
Neptune was applying via conjunction to my Ascendant; this often encourages you to help people. Ya know Neptune/Pisces energy is often the Martyr. I think my instructor once said Aquarius stand up for the cause while Pisces die for the cause (not an exact quote)
Oddly enough Mars and Saturn were also retrograde! That blows my mind, Mars was in Leo in my 6th house and Saturn was retrograde in Libra in my 7th house both having to do with work and Unions.

When all is said and done I have no regrets about either taking the position or resigning from the position. I just wish people would concentrate on bettering their own lives instead of talking about me. You want to do the job, here it is. I m throwing it at you like I would throw a dog a bone.
It was written that energy flows where attention goes and I’m eager to put my attention and energy toward things that feed my soul; like taking classes at NYU, writing, meditating and acting. xo