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Venus in Solar Return 12th House 

Today I tweeted I feel like I’m having a Neptune/Venus transit but I’m not. When Neptune transits Venus in hard aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) we can lose touch with reality, we lose ourselves in love, we blindly believe in things; in people. We seek transcendental connections and we very well may believe we have met our soulmate.

As I was driving to work, I realized I have Venus in my Solar Return 12th house this is similar to a Venus/Neptune transit.

When I first saw this, I thought WOW am I going to have an affair this year? What secret relationship am I going to engage in? When people come to me for readings and they have this aspect (the majority of my clients are married) it is with 90% certainty they are having an affair. I’m halfway through my Solar Return and let me just say this is the year of not seeing men clearly. It would take a lot for me to fall head over heels in love. Romanticism is my thing but delusion isn’t. The solar Return 12th house (home to secrets and self-undoing) has Venus (planet of love) on my natal 6th house (work) perhaps I met a man at work that is the cause of my own self undoing. Perhaps I met a man at work I didn’t see clearly. Sometimes astrology is that literal. I love it when it is.

I see the soul of you

I know the whole of you

That’s the kind of day dreamy feelings that enveloped me. He is a player I was told and I laughed no he isn’t. It’s still hard to believe that he is. I take full ownership of this situation after all I never asked. I never asked if he had a harem of women. I never asked anything. That’s Neptune you don’t ask you just believe that you already know. He is Neptunian in every sense of the word. Disappointment: That’s the hallmark of Neptune in relationships; the dream never meets reality. Just wanted to caution those of you with Neptune in the 12th of your Solar Return it’s the secret lover, the love that causes your own self-undoing, the lover you see through rose colored glasses, the Pisces lover, the alcoholic lover, the married lover, the fantasy lover that can’t breathe a breath in the reality of your life lover

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Solar Return Read and Learn

If anyone asks for a reading this is my go to predictive method, I have predicted a marriages, a layoff, a move, a cheating scandal, heartbreak, and a termination. I love Solar Returns and will post them as a tool so you can read your own and see what is up ahead for you. My Solar year is ending soon; so I thought this would be a great time to post some of my revelations.
The Sun is your focus of the entire year; for me my Sun was in the 11th house the house of hopes, dreams, plans and oddly astrology. Falling into the natal 4th house of real estate. The 11th house is an active house, it’s a year of planning going and doing. I started out the year having just purchased a home so a lot of planning goes into that; decorating , calling someone to put this up, calling another to fix that. I have also begun writing horoscopes, acting etc it was tiring (all the planning) but this in no way negated the happiness I felt. This was the best I have felt in awhile. This year is the best I have felt in several years. Perhaps that is because I have a Solar Return Rising in Leo.
The Rising Sign is also important, I knew in 2011 when I looked at this 2012 solar return chart it had to be a good year. Leo is the star of the zodiac; they shine and have big personalities to match their big hearts. For my entire life I had an affinity towards Leos. I feel my Leo Ascendant manifested in the sense that I have began background acting, I suddenly feel infused with an immense amount of creativity I want to write, sing you a song and tap dance in the street. Of course I don’t really have many talents in the classical sense, but in typical Leo fashion fuck it I’m going to shine anyway. Nurse Jackie to Law and Order I love spending the day amongst talented and interesting people

Now here is where I want to caution you; the solar return ascendant is in the natal 7th house, people often proclaim this is a marriage indicator, that combined with Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 10th (a house that often rules weddings& planets that rule love) is also a marriage indicator, I’m not married and my love life is as dead as Jimmy Hendrix, I don’t even get that occasional Elvis sighting, if you know what I mean. The solar return ascendant on the natal 7th house was a case of being attacked, that is how it manifested toward me. The 7th house rules open enemies and these enemies usually come in the form of employers and spouses or others we share a contract with. Several times I have felt attacked by my employer; they have been outright venomous towards me. If you see the natal descendent has Neptune and the Moon in the 7th the placement of these 2 planets indicate fluctuations, emotional confusion, emotional ups and downs due to others. I held strong in the belief I would be ok and rise above the drama because Venus Conjunct Jupiter was in my 10th house of career.
Neptune indicates confusion, Uranus indicates abrupt change and Pluto’s placement indicates obsessions, I have Pluto in the 5th house of recreation, love affairs, and children. This is often a placement in the year someone has a baby but for me it has come in the form of birthing new projects, writing, blogging, and acting. Recently I have toyed with the idea of playing piano.
You can also look at the Solar return houses in the natal houses for instance I have the Solar Return 6th house falling into the natal 12th house. The 6th house is the house of work; the 12th house is the house of covert enemies, sorrow and confinement. Check Check Check I have worked for a company 8 years and this was the worst work year to date. A lot of worries, a lot of terrible things. You can actually see this 2 ways; the solar return 12th house is on the natal 6th house. You are supposed to look for several indicators before confirmation, I always look for 3. Mercury in the 12th falling into the 6th is a blatant indicator of a heavy mind (Mercury) and work concerns.

Look at your Solar Return Chart to see what they year has in store for you. This year I have a 9th house stellium; travel, learning and joy coming right up!


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A solar return & solidifying preference for reading strangers

I prefer to read the charts of people I don’t know, when I know someone I can’t help but put my own thoughts & wishes upon them. This is also the reason I look to other astrologers to read my chart so I’m not guilty of seeing what I want to see instead of what is actually and factually there. I first realized this when I read the chart of my plutonic love see entry here:

A Dedication to a Plutonic Love

He was due to get married & I kept thinking this wedding is not going to happen. I didn’t see it in the solar return. There are certain indicators when looking for a year of marriage in solar return such as
1 Venus rising
2 Planets in the 7th (marriage) 9th (legal activities) 3rd (rules contracts)
3 Mars, Pluto, or Saturn angular
4 The Midheaven coming to the Ascendant indicates an event

These are some vague examples; I never predict anything without 3 placements AKA three confirmations
You can find extensive interpretation tools here:

I believed he would never marry her, when in fact the wedding, the event; the reception was placed on hold due to weather constraints. A natural disaster swooped in. An instructor would later say how appropriate Pluto rules hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Plutonic Love indeed. In any event I leaped to conclusions seeing what I wanted to see because I wanted him, had I not known him perhaps I would’ve seen the event not occurring or rather being postponed, instead of having bouts of delusions. Please god let him leave her at the altar. Yes I know I’m going to hell for but hey I would rather party with the sinners than cry with the saints!
Fast forward 2 years: my friend has been the victim of identity theft someone has committed crimes using his identification. I read for him early in the year & didn’t predict this. My friend is an upstanding citizen, a marvelous person that I certainly didn’t foresee being wrapped up in any troublesome legality. He travels often, for instance in this year alone he probably has taken 8 trips for leisure…. he has a loaded 3rd house-Moon Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn so travel is essential. This year however he had Saturn planet of hardship and restriction in the Solar Return 9th house I advised him to not schedule a trips abroad & that if he did he would experience some sort of issue. I was thinking detainment, delays or bad weather. The other day he called me & told me all about his stolen ID & the crimes etc he said I know it’s in my chart & I’m like no no no. He demanded I find it! I know it’s there, he said. He is an Aquarius ya know when they are right they are right. So I pull up the chart & see Saturn in the 9th house. The 9th house rules far off travel, higher learning & legalities! The 9th house is on the natal 3rd house, the 3rd house rules siblings, and general correspondence. While traveling to California his home state he received a letter stating his license had been suspended due to 3 DWI’s. He is now stuck in California sorting this out. To add further insight he has Neptune in the Solar Return 7th house, I know he is in a relationship so when I read for him I inquired if both of them were being honest with one another. Yes! Of course he assured me, but the 7th house doesn’t only rule partnerships, it rules open enemies. & lawsuits! Neptune rules alcohol and scandal. Damn so someone has stolen his id, blaming him for their 3 DWI’s he has found out this via a letter while he was traveling cross country. My mind is alive with insight mini landmines are going off. Why didn’t I see this before! Because I know him that is why, an astrological lesson learned.

Solar Return Saturn in the 9th

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A little self promotion

Yes! I’m self promoting but hey I’m a firm believer that you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. Just a reminder you can purchase astrology reports from my website at I offer natal chart reading complete with yearly horoscope, your solar return chart to tell you what is coming up in the year ahead and the composite chart designed for you and your partner that will tell how your lives are interwoven and where your focus, glories and challenges lie. Each report is hand crafted not some cheesy computer generated crapola! Ha! Astrology gives tremendous insight to recurring themes in your life, I will go over each planet to see where you are talented, where you derive joy, saddness…take a peak at those family issues as well as what is coming up for you in the year ahead!

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