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The 2nd House in Astrology

The Second house in Astrology is associated with the 2nd sign in Astrology Taurus; the 2nd house similar to the bull is all about values, what we value in terms of currency as well as beliefs , with planets placed here there is a strong indication of treating people like possessions and becoming overall more security conscience.

Sun in the 2nd house you have a strong focus in making money and feel at your best while doing so, you may feel as a direct correlation between what you own and how you feel about yourself. This also indicates someone strongly attached to their values. My ex-boyfriend had this placement and if I so much as disagreed with something he believed he took it as a personal attach on his character.

Moon in the 2nd house (I have this placement) emotional attachment to things, love of luxury items. Fluctuations in money, fluctuating between spending like mad and saving like crazy. Treating people like they are possessions, emotionally attached to beliefs. This person must feel financially secure

Mercury in the 2nd house has a mind for making money, perhaps various ways of making extra income. A detached view concerning finances, though you probably possess a mind for budgeting and perhaps trading

Venus in the 2nd house indicates making money via the beauty or art industry seeing how Venus rules both. Spending money on things such as art and anything considered beautiful. The enjoyment of giving and receiving gifts in love.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates you will do what you must to obtain money, whether you work a 9 to 5, run a company or sell drugs on a street corner, you aggressively pursue earning money and defend your values with similar enterprising spirit.

Jupiter in the 2nd house also known as the Charlie Sheen aspect  (he has this placement) you are lucky when it comes to earning money, you expect good fortune and are generally optimistic that money making opportunities will present themselves and they usually do. You are also very giving

Saturn in the 2nd house: This is the Cheap-skate aspect. Hoarding money, not feeling worthy of buying nice possessions. Never feeling that you have enough .

Uranus in the 2nd house indicates expect the unexpected in terms of earning and losing money. Perhaps earning money in an Uranus-oriented field; astrology, computers, internet based businesses. You must save while you have the chance due to the erratic nature of Uranus

Neptune in the 2nd house indicates you do not wish to deal with issues surrounding finances, not seeing clearly where you are financially perhaps generally not caring. This placement demands you get real and honest with yourself in terms of where you stand financially

Pluto in the 2nd house states money will dramatically transform your life, extremes with money, and obsessions with money. Doing anything to get it.

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Im an Astrologer not a psychic

I use to visit a psychic once a year, she was beautiful in an older playboy bunny sort of way. She was accurate giving me names of those I loved that passed away without knowing me, without knowing my life. She told me I would go back to school after a lifetime hiatus, that I would marry someone named so and so that lived close by and he would be kind to my mother, our house would be grand .That was many years ago and I’ve resigned myself that either I have yet to meet him or the Adjustment Bureau has rerouted my life :0

She did pick up on the fact that I would work heavily with numbers , that I would never be a working mom because I couldn’t handle the stress and she insisted I marry a man who would never cheat as I m too emotional and couldn’t handle it. Things I’ve always known about myself, though do not outright share with others well until now. I understood Betty Broderick. Just Sayin. But Damn how did she know that? 😉 With this being said she was married 3 times, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she continuously picked the wrong spouse. Then I became an astrologer and realized sometimes you only see what you want to see.

For instance this is my solar return from last year, my Solar Return year began with the Sun in the 2nd house; that represents my birthday in July and ends with the Ascendant. Each house is supposed to represent a month beginning with the Sun in July. Last year I really wanted to move, I poured all my energy into this which can be symbolized by my Sun in the 2nd house of money I earn. I failed to realize that my natal Saturn in the 6th falling into my solar return 4th house, this indicates restriction and staying put. Also noteworthy I fell for a man and hoped for a miracle that we would end up together. This is shown by the moon (my emotions) conjoining Saturn (represents a man with prior commitments) falling into the 5th house of love affairs on my natal 7th house of marriage. Ha! Yeah this shows the restriction is because he had plans to marry someone else. Que Sera Sera…what will be will be right? The chart ends with the Solar Return Ascendant in the natal 4th house which signifies moving sometime before THIS year’s birthday which is indeed happening. I didn’t see it; I didn’t see all the disappointments ahead of time because I was too busy seeing what I wanted to see. A lesson learned, now I know why my psychic had 3 failed marriages. When analyzing your own life you lose perspective.

I do however love the art of looking at other people’s Solar Return Charts, to see what will be ahead of them in the coming year without the emotional attachment that comes with doing my own chart. So here is what I can tell you by viewing the Natal Chart an astrologer I can tell where your talents are, your attachment to your parents, what kind of partner you are looking for, what kind of job you are best suited for and where you derive joy from. I can not tell you if you will marry a stock broker that works on Wall Street and has a summer home in the Hampton’s. What I can tell you is with Capricorn on the 7th house cusp you will either marry young or after 30. Use caution when selecting a mate because with your Venus connecting to Saturn and Capricorn on the cusp you may marry someone purely for security and not true love. If Jupiter or part of fortune is in your 8th house you will probably marry “up “.

Astrology tells you the energies surrounding your Natal Chart. What you attract. Sun in the 2nd house; possessions are important, Moon in the 10th house your emotions are tied up with how others perceive you. Venus in the 5th house indicates creativity, winning money via gambling where as Mars in the 12th house gives you issues with asserting yourself, your anger is hidden behind a trapped door otherwise known as the 12th house. Uranus in 6th indicates sudden changes of jobs. Then I will look at your yearly horoscope similar to the Solar Return chart above and be able to tell you, this is not a good year for children with Saturn in the 5th, Your personal relationships will undergo some major shifts especially in business if the Solar Return 7th house of partnerships is on the natal 10th house or Midheaven. I deal with energies, the astrological patterns Where your focus is: Uranus Conjunct Sun in the 4th house, lots of changes with in the home.

Im in astrologer but in no way am I a psychic. Yeah that should be my tagline.

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