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Breakups, Shakeups and Uranus Transits

Uranus is the planet associated with liberation, change and freedom. Also known as “The Great Awakener” when Uranus transits a personal planet it changes its expression. I like to think of Uranus as the woke planet. A Uranus transit will revolutionize the planet it touches delivering many ah-ha moments. If you have been in a relationship for a long period or even a short period of time (See Michelle Williams) and it just hasn’t been working and Uranus makes a visit via square, conjunction or opposition to your natal Venus or natal 7th house you will have a strong urge to break free. This isn’t to say every Uranus/Venus transit ends in divorce; sometimes it results in an affair, an open marriage, a break or staying together but living apart. Uranus can be very unpredictable so expect the unexpected. One thing is for certain it will rearrange things in such a way that you cannot go back to what was before. The best way to work with Uranus is to allow things to unfold naturally and learn to go with the flow. It can be very difficult for the more willful and ridged types, particularly those that associate change with pain. The only time change is painful is when we hold on to old paradigms that no longer serve us. Let it go and let it flow, control after all is only an illusion of the ego.
Some divorces brought on by Uranus
Mackenzie Bezos Uranus currently conjoining her Venus
Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter; Uranus squaring his Venus by 9 degrees a little bit of a wide orb for my taste, I originally predicted them divorcing in 2020 when Uranus will exactly square his Venus but some astrologers do use very wide orbs.
kevin hunter
When Jennifer Anniston split from her 2nd husband Uranus in Aries was sitting right on her 7th house cusp, the house of marriage.
Jennifer Anniston.JPG
Geena Davis filed for Divorce when Uranus entered her 7th house as well.
Jill Scott filed for divorce when Uranus squared her house 7th of marriage.
Jill Scott
Actress Michelle Williams filed for divorce; Uranus is currently square her natal Venus
michelle williams

Those with planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are currently undergoing changes brought on by Uranus entering Taurus where it will remain for the next 7 years.

If you have planets in 0-10 degrees of fixed signs you can expect changes from now until April 2021
If you have planets in 10-20 degrees of fixed signs you can expect changes from April 2021 until June April 2024
If you have planets in 20-29 degrees of fixed signs you can expect changes from June 2023 until April 2026

If you have heavy Uranus or Aquarius placements in your natal chart and/or do not fear change this energy may be quite familiar and comfortable for you. It is always necessary to take the entire chart into consideration.

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The Astrology of Brad and Angelina’s Divorce


I don’t have a personal opinion on Brad or Angelina as I am not really a fan of either. I do however have an affinity for anyone that adopts children I think it is one of the most selfless acts a person can do.

The Divorce is quite obvious

Uranus is squaring Angelina’s Venus in Cancer though it never reached an exact square one would presume a divorce or separation would be eminent. Venus in your natal chart along with your 7th house and the ruler of the 7th house all relate to relationships and partnerships. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and yes separation. Hard Uranus/Venus aspects are often prominent in the charts of people that file for divorce (though not always). Angelina Jolie has Venus square Uranus in her natal chart which reflects her several marriages. This is often found in the natal charts of people that marry more than one time. Elizabeth Taylor famous for her multiple marriages has Uranus conjunct Venus. Via progression Angelina’s natal Venus square Uranus is almost exact indicating a break up or separation is likely

Uranus rearranges whatever it touches, it shakes things up, breaks things up, awakens us and brings sudden abrupt changes.

It isn’t always mentioned but when Uranus transits the 10th house -as is the case with Angelina you see a change in marital status. the 10th house rules your reputation and how you are publicly seen so clearly marriage and divorce change this.



Brad Pitt has Venus in Capricorn and today the exact day they have filed for divorce Uranus is squaring his natal Venus so here we have the theme of separation, a break up etc.

When a couple have Venus signs in the same mode (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) they will be challenged at the same time. It can be very difficult because one person cannot be the voice of reason when 2 people are both itching to sever ties.

I have discussed this before with Ben Affleck’s divorce You can read more about this here:


(Though clearly, they seem to be attempting to make it work, Ben Affleck has Moon in Scorpio however destructive he may be this can be a sign committed to family in its own right)

Brad Pitt also has Saturn sitting on the Ascendant, the 1st house cusp. When Saturn leaves the 12th house and crosses into the 1st it is a time to get serious about what we want. The 1st house is YOU; it rules our first breath. When a planet transits the 1st house we are asked to consider; what do I want? You also have to think in terms of polarities what happens in the 1st also influences the 7th-which is the house of marriage and will also square the 4th house of home and 10th house of career and reputation. The 4 angular houses in astrology are known as “the cross of life” when an outer planet transits one angular house it will at some point influence all of the angular houses.

It is reported that Brad had an “affair” let it be noted that my astrology instructor said  you can cheat when a planet is in the 12th house after all the 12th house is the closet, it holds our secrets but once a planet crosses into the 1st your secrets will be revealed. The 12th house -no one sees not even you-it holds our self-undoing but the 1st house everyone sees.

Brad Pitt also has Uranus squaring his Moon- the moon rules the women in your life, it also rules your home where you live.  Most recently Johnny Depp had this transit we all see how that turned out.

Lastly, we take a look at the Composite chart this is the energy of two people coming together; what do they create. Everyone is different with different people and the composite chart shows how you function together as unit.

Uranus here is prominent it is opposite the composite Venus so we continue to see those themes of divorce and separation. Also, Jupiter is about to enter the 1st house this transit is one known to seek freedom (interestingly enough they first got together when Jupiter entered the composite 1st house indicating the relationship lasted one full Jupiter cycle) and this last eclipse hit the Composite Sun head on. The Composite Sun is the life force of the couple, the identity a Full Moon eclipse often signify endings, completion and the end of an era.


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Damn! George Clooney is Engaged!!!

I am excited to go over the astrology of the engagement of George Clooney; when a somewhat eternal bachelor gets married as an astrologer you wonder; what is going on in that chart? (I knew instinctively Uranus was on that Venus) I would have loved to do their synastry but was unable to find her date of birth so if anyone sees it please do inbox me.


George’s Natal Venus is being conjoined by Uranus (I’m so jealous)

Venus is the planet of love, the women principal; Uranus rules shock, surprise, rebellion, sudden changes, the great awakener, it is where we become liberated. Uranus is exact on his Venus. Uranus’ visit to Venus or the 7th house brings a sudden change to your love life. Some married people divorce (Uranus is considered the planet of separation), other people have affairs, someone people get married and divorced with in the 7 year period it takes for Uranus to transit a sign.

As you can see the conjunction of Uranus to Venus has manifested in 2 obvious ways to the public

  1. George the “eternal bachelor” has gotten engaged
  2. George’s fiancé is not at all like the other women George has dated.


Uranus transit to Venus attracts partners that are very different than those you have chosen in the past. It wants to shake you out of that rut and free you from old outworn patterns in relationships.

George’s Natal Venus is being squared by Transiting Pluto

George’s Venus is in the Cardinal Sign of Aries (this is a man that likes a fight in love, a bite, the chase, a challenge) As with all of us that have planets in Cardinal Signs we are being called to transform with both Uranus and Pluto touching our planets at the same period of time.

Pluto’s visit to Venus delivers life changing love, transformative love, personally I feel once you have had a Venus/Pluto type of love you can’t go back to the way you use to love. The light and fluffy will never go. This is the root of the root, the truth of the truth; it’s the depth of an ocean. Life changing indeed.

Any decent astrologer would never make a prediction off of this alone; you need to have several confirmations when making a prediction. Usually astrologers use the three rule. I am of the belief when something is destined it is obvious.


George’s Solar Return for 2013-2014


Solar Return Libra Rising

George’s Solar Return is about to end and he will begin a new one. A solar return is the only true horoscope and it goes from birthday to birthday. He is a Taurus born in May 6th. I will use his place of birth for his Solar Return.

(Some astrologers believe you can travel and cast a solar return chart for the place you visit. I am not of this belief. I don’t believe you can alter your fate)

Solar Return 1st house in the Natal 7th house

So using this solar return cast for his place of birth George has Libra Rising, the Rising Sign is VERY important in solar return charts; Libra rising signifies concern with relationships and commitment . Not only is Libra rising the 1st house is in the natal 7th house the house of marriage!!


Natal Venus is Conjunct His Solar Return Descendent

Does it get any better than this! Venus/Libra is featured double here with his house of marriage.

Solar Return Midheaven in the Solar Return 5th House

Remember the Midheaven is your life direction, your status and how the world sees you. The 5th house is love affairs. You will see this configuration with engagements; you can also see the natal 7th on the Midheaven, or the Midheaven on the 5th….

Progressed Venus is also Squaring Natal Uranus

George is about to enter a “progressed Full Moon Phase; this usually marks a period of endings. People born on Full Moons and during the Progressed Full Moon Phase are often searching for fullness, perhaps he found what was lacking.

I was a little disappointed to see George had progressed Venus conjunct natal Sun 5 years ago. Everyone claims this is the time true love enters your life…it just goes to show that one aspect is not enough! Always follow the rule of 3.