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The Astrology of King Henry VIII & His Wives

Published May 29, 2019 by starsmoonandsun

King Henry

I recently began watching The Spanish Princess on Starz; it is based on the early life of Catherine of Aragon and the rocky path she traveled to become the first wife of Henry VIII and the Queen of England. The way the relationship is displayed on the show Catherine and Henry had a natural affinity toward one another.

According to the website:

“He adored her: she was, we are told, ‘the most beautiful creature in the world’. She was 23, plump and pretty, and had beautiful red-gold hair that hung below her hips. Henry spoke openly of the joy and felicity he had found with Catherine.”

I believe that Henry loved Catherine of Aragon – I believe she is reflected perfectly in his natal chart. Prior to comparing a couples synastry we have to look at each partners natal potential.

Henry’s moon sign was in the bold sign of the warrior; Aries. The Moon sign reflects what Henry needed and sought in a woman combined with Venus and the 7th house. When you google Catherine of Aragon; one of the first phrases to pop up are the words: Catherine of Aragon daughter of the Warrior Queen. (The moon also reflects how we experienced our mother)

You can read more about women with Aries Moon here:

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was not some wife that was seen but not heard. She was the true embodiment of the Aries Moon attributes (she too possessed an Aries Moon) while Henry was off at battle it was her that he left in charge to command forces; serving as Regent. It is rumored she even put on Armor and was prepared to fight.  She was many things including a survivor having to live in “aristocratic poverty” in between her marriage to Arthur and Henry.

See website for further historical reading

Henry also had Venus in Gemini; while many sites contribute this to his fickle love nature Venus in Gemini also strongly suggests he valued a woman that was intelligent and interesting. Catherine was highly educated and studied a variety of subjects from law to dance to genealogy and weaving to name a few. Her natal Mercury was in Sagittarius while this may be in detriment it does indicate someone that is high-minded. Some sites even state Catherine was a pioneer for women’s education.

Pioneer by the way is another Aries Moon adjective.

Henry has Venus elevated, you can see it all the way up near the Midheaven this does suggest a variety of things; marrying someone that can enhance your status is one manifestation. Venus in the 10th house is not the most comfortable of placements; it does suggest relationships have an element of formality.  Henry marrying Catherine was a Venus in the 10th house affair;  Henry had a lot to gain from being with Catherine considering Spain was a powerful ally.  I do believe this was a mutually beneficial relationship; Catherine had the Sun in Capricorn the sun is what a woman seeks in a man and Capricorn is a sign that is concerned with status (though it has various ways of manifesting). His Sun also conjoins her Midheaven indicating this is a man she thought could assist her with accomplishing her worldly ambitions and life goals.

When we superimpose Henry and Catherine’s charts on top of one another we can see they have:

Moon conjunct Moon; this strongly suggests they are at home with one another. They had similar needs and can find they are at home with one another quite easily.

Henry’s Saturn conjoins Catherine’s Venus; this shows the coming together.  I have no doubt at all that this aspect alone strongly contributed to them enduring 24 years of marriage.

Catherine’s North Node ( The North Node indicates where we are headed) falls in Henry’s 7th house which tells us this relationship was destined. This doesn’t necessarily indicate long term success but it does reveal that this connection is one that will assist both parties in terms of spiritual development.

abbe boleyn.jpg

When we look at Anne Boleyn natal chart she has Venus in Aries; here we  find another woman that is the embodiment of what Henry sought in a woman. When I google her I find an array of terms; a bitch, a feminist, bold, mean and ill tempered. Let me first say women with personal placements in Aries believe we can do whatever a man can do. We consciously or unconsciously make strides toward uniting the gender gap. With the Moon and Venus being feminine planets placed in Aries a masculine sign you can see how this manifests.

I will say this as well about Aries placements we are not necessarily moral but we are certainly selfish. Aries has a strong desire to be first. Venus in Aries has no desire to play 2nd fiddle to another woman.

While Anne had her natal Sun placed in slow moving Taurus she had a dignified Mercury in Gemini which would contribute to her being an interesting conservationist and someone that was quick witted.

Anne has 2 charts erected with different times of birth I am using the one that places the moon in Pisces as that is the one that makes sense based on the events that have taken place.

Anne had her Natal Sun in the 10th house similar to Catherine of Aragon  this is woman that wants a man that is “someone”. She is attracted to men that are in charge and have power.

Anne Boleyn had her natal moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces; her moon conjoined Henry’s Descendant. The Descendant represents the qualities we often reject in ourselves and seek in a mate. I live for 7th house overlays to be honest and though relationships can thrive without them I prefer to see them in synastry. When a persons moon falls in our 7th house you desire to be emotionally close with them; this relationship is based on feelings. We have a sense of connecting with lost parts of ourself when a persons personal planets fall in our 7th house; it is a powerful connection.

When we look at the house overlays we also see

Henry’s Venus in Gemini conjoined Anne’s Mercury in Gemini I believe this is the aspect that strongly contributed to his desire to express his affection verbally through letters. When Mercury makes an aspect to another persons Venus we enjoy speaking to them, with these planets being in Gemini I believe this element is strongly enhanced. Communication can even become flowery and romantic.

Henry’s Moon in Aries also formed an almost perfect conjuction to Anne’s Venus in Aries. I have personally had this aspect with someone (In Aries) and I can tell you it is romantic and affectionate. When the moon meets Venus the 2 parties can have a telepathic link with one another and a desire to dance, listen to music and enjoy life is strongly enhanced in one another’s presence.

If you read King Henry’s love letters to Anne you will find this aspect  speaks for itself.

anne of cleves.jpg

Anne of Cleves was the only other wife with a published date of birth. Henry had this marriage annulled and it is widely reported he found Anne of Cleves unattractive. I personally find her to be one of the more interesting of the women he married.  She was a Libra Sun oddly considering she never remarried. However that Libra Sun reports to her natal Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo can very much be the sign of the single woman. If we take a look at the 9 of Pentacles in Tarot; this is the card associated with Venus in Virgo. Here we find a woman in a lavish garden surrounded by all she needs.

Out of all the wives I think she made out best with homes, a full staff as well as financial compensation.  Most importantly she was not locked away or beheaded. We do not have Anne of Cleves birth time so I can not tell in which house Henry’s Venus and Jupiter fall for her.  You will often find one person financially benefiting from another with hard Venus/Jupiter contacts or Jupiter/Venus falling in  the others 2nd or 8th house. I am not sure as to why she benefited from him nor can I say why he found her unattractive other than the fact that Anne of Cleves was a Libra Sun and Mercury. Libra is the sign opposing Henry’s Moon in Aries. With that being said her Sun formed an opposition to his Moon which strongly suggests this was a Karmic connection. Perhaps with her natal Jupiter conjunct his natal sun for reasons unbeknownst to us she manifested a level of generosity with in him. Jupiter has an expansive nature. Could it be that her Jupiter in Cancer conjoining his Sun in Cancer -the sign of family-was the reason she became known as “The Kings Beloved Sister”? Interesting to note Anne of Cleves Libra planets Sun, Mercury and Mars fell in the Kings natal 2nd house. The 2nd house is how and where we spend our money.


Moon opposite Uranus synastry PASS

Published December 9, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

Dear God

That’s where I am at tonight lol

I could write a dozen posts on this man, our synastry the many ways we are similar (we both have Aquarius rising, both have sun in the 5th house, both have Neptune in the 10th, and Uranus and Pluto in the 8th)

You will often find me saying: sometimes you lose yourself in others and sometimes you find yourself in them. This man –not sure what to call him –has been a mirror for me on many occasions. We both suffer and shine in the same areas.

You will never hear me say a bad word about him, not really because I have a natural affinity for him. I genuinely like and care for him as a person.

The other day I was thinking about people I have loved (using that term loosely) but didn’t even like them as people. What is that shit PS.

That’s not the case here. I like this man immensely as a human as a person as a living breathing being that has the ability to drive me crazy,

Along with having a similar chart in synastry we have moon sextile sun  (great for getting along one of the best aspects you can have), Venus conjunct Venus (we have the same likes and dislikes) mars conjunct Venus ( great chemistry) Did I mention he sings and dresses nice (Venus in Taurus), We are karmic and have lived past lives together (I swear all these karmic loves are different) his Saturn conjuncts my Venus and we like talking with one another (Venus conjunct mercury) oh and we have an ever flowing vibe of forgiveness (sun conjunct Jupiter) a nice dose of whimsical romanticism (Neptune opposite Venus) and  my Pluto and his Pluto aspect all of one another’s planets by trine and sextile so just the right amount of transformation and depth without the parasitic I want to rip your heart out and possibly eat it that comes with Pluto squares, oppositions and conjunctions.

And despite all of his feminine planets being in a George Clooney state of detriment Capricorn moon (emotionally cool and closed off)  oh and Venus conjunct Saturn ( fear of commitment) I think I could have hung in there for the duration if it wasn’t for our Uranus (his) opposite moon (me) aspect.

I can’t do it I simply will not.

Lets recap the moon which is moi rules, your home base, your security, where you feel nurtured

And Uranus rules liberation, erratic-ness, and sudden changes

In his natal chart he has Moon square Uranus this indicates he is emotionally (moon) on and off, his relationships with women (moon) will often have an on and off quality. He will also say he has only moved a few times in his life but in the few years I have known him he has lived in a loft, a night club, a hotel and 3 other apartments. Remember Moon rules the home and Uranus rules sudden changes.

Uranus/Moon can indicate and inner restlessness so the person keeps moving to pacify it but the work is required to go inwardly. As the saying goes “where ever you go there you are”.  Until you recognize this inwardly you will keep facing the same circumstances outwardly.

According to Robert Pelletier in the book Planets in Aspect

“Because of your eagerness for personal freedom and your rejection of responsibility you would be totally unprepared for a union except on your own terms” .

I could possibly follow him as I lag behind letting him lead the way I don’t mind a man that runs things …if we didn’t have this Uranus opposite Moon synastry. I find he always upset me, as a water sign Cancer I need to feel stable. I don’t need to live in a white house with a picket fence and have a child I can travel the world I have an Aries moon after all but I can’t deal with the on and off quality of the Uranus opposite Moon in synasty when there is complete unawareness of my needs. Ya know I am impatient as it is (Aries Moon) and on edge Uranus aspects only enhances this. I can’t help but wonder who would like this energy? That feeling of forever being emotionally influx of not knowing what is coming next. That Venus conjunct Saturn doesn’t feel like it anchors this aspect at all.

moon opposite uranus

(Picture from The Astrology of Human Relationships by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker)

It’s hard to form anything consistent. And he remains oblivious to this. One time he called me on New Year’s Eve telling me he needed me to fly to Mexico he had to see me. .I can’t make this shit up, the urgency of it all and when he returned to New York he didn’t call me and was baffled as to why I was angry. Emotions come and go.

And I know he experiences me as needy the level of projection is so high like I know he is a Gemini so let me love you in a way that you feel free. I get it I have read the books. But when we go out he will tell me can we not talk about having kids. (I don’t care if I ever have kids and I certainly never talk about them). It is the strangest thing.

I could never emotionally collapse on him; I think the weight of it all would kill him LOL

I had a tarot reading recently I didn’t tell her anything she pulled a house for me (Lenormand Deck) and The Rider for him- pictured a man on a horse. She stated you are stable he is in constant movement. She pulled the Star card for what we share (it’s a lovely card, its love, hope and all the stuff that past life connections are made of it relates to the 6 of cups) I only wish she would have told me where he was headed on that horse of his.

No doubt he will call me from a new home in a far off city but next time I won’t answer I will be at home emotionally stable and reading about the stars.  


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