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Vacation & Saturns transit through my 9th house

Published April 15, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

I have read some warnings about traveling while Saturn is transiting the 9th house, don’t travel you won’t have fun or if you do travel you should travel to a Saturn ruled country. London is one I have been there, Mexico is another been there twice, New York check I live there and India…pass I’m not up for the flight. My New Years resolution last year was to take one major vacation a year this year Costa Rica next year my goal is the Amafi coast. I’ll take a 4 day trip to PR here and a 4 day trip to Las Vegas there I once even flew to Paris for a weekend. But I have never taken a long vacation that lasted for over a week. It’s hard for me to relax. I was a amazed at the ways I could see Saturn transiting my 9th house manifest 3 days in to my vacation. Keep in mind Saturn is also in Sagittarius sign of long distance travel First and foremost this was an all inclusive thoroughly planned trip it involved getting up at 5am the days were planned from morning to night with activities. (I never ever plan and I’m not a morning person) this is so Saturn, after all Saturn rules structure I once read “you always take the natal placement of a planet with you during a transit” and I truly felt that way on this 10 day meticulously planned trip. In my natal chart Saturn resides in my 6th and 7th house. 6th house rules daily work and while on this vacation I learned many lessons I will take with me to work. I work in a hotel and am continuously annoyed that people checking in do not want to leave a credit card well what do you know I didn’t have to leave a credit card at my hotel and it drives me nuts when people leave luggage in the room and believe someone will magically pick it up at check out. Well wa-la in Costa Rica someone does magically pick up the bags from the room! I learned a lot of lessons-God Saturn is always some how related to work and lessons-and I will bring many back to work regarding hotel customs in other countries. I haven’t forgotten that Saturn is in retrograde motion so I have been given an opportunity to review my habits and reconsider the way I relate to other people.I also have Saturn in the 7th house- people sometimes forget that the 7th house isn’t merely your marriage and business partners it rules “others” period the 1st house is you and directly across from that is the 7th-others and what do you know most of the individuals on my trip were my mothers age! It never occurred to me that I would be traveling with “older” people when I saw Saturn transiting my 9th but Saturn does rule maturity and the 9th house rules long distance travel. That is how Saturn manifested for me, these are things an astrology cook book website won’t  tell you. I enjoyed my trip and I loved talking to people about their lives the lessons they learned, the regrets they had marriages that fell apart , others that lasted, who had children and who couldn’t. I learned a lot about people and the ways we are all connected, the way our lives are similar at any age, in any country of any social status.  I laughed to myself when one person advised me to put sun screen on because I was getting sunburn and another lovely women told me Danielle you have 10 more minutes in the pool then the bus is leaving. So parental …that’s Saturn for you.  I’m packing up and getting ready to leave Saturn is about to retrograde across my natal Venus in Gemini in the 3rd house; Gemini and the 3rd house both ruling transportation I left my car at the shop while I was away only to be informed I have a bill for car repairs upon my return I had been putting off that are THREE times the amount I was expecting to pay (Venus also rules money, Saturn opposite Venus can indicate hardship in finances).  Saturn rules time & one of the things I had done was a timing belt I had also been putting some other stuff off and off and off and Saturn always forces your hand. What you didn’t do/learn during Saturn direct he will certainly get you on the retrograde. Also a very nice boss of mine was terminated, apparently someone reconsidered his position Saturn like I said always goes back to work, retrograde involves reviewing. Saturn was squaring his Virgo Sun (Saturn square sun is one of the most difficult transits IMO) What Saturn transits have you experienced? When it goes through the 1st house you discover maturity through the 2nd your finances may be restricted in the 5th house you may find it difficult to conceive a child, Saturn transits involve maturity, hardships, delays, challenges, I would love to hear about yours.  Follow me on Instagram to check out my vacation pics xo StarsMoonandSun1


Marriage BootCamp Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Tyson and Rachel

Published March 22, 2015 by starsmoonandsun

rachel and tyson synastry

I recently finished watching Marriage Boot camp on WE , occasionally developing a narcoleptic fit while watching Rachel and Tyson. They seem dead inside she wanted to get married he was dragging his ass after 6 years of dating. Tyson was born under the sun sign of Gemini an air sign associated with Peter Pan and the eternal child. Rachel a lack luster Leo with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sign of the fixed lion. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) don’t like change they cling to what’s familiar. I kept thinking if that’s what love looks like…….PASS.

I was surprised to learn Rachel was a Leo; I have a strong admiration for Leo Ladies and gentleman and have never encountered one as dull. Some famous Leo ladies: Jennifer Lopez, Vivca A Foxx, Coco Chanel, Charlize Theron, Jackie Kennedy, and Halle Berry the list goes on and on.

I ran her and Tyson’s charts I don’t have either birth time so the houses ,overlays and the moon are off.

Rachel actually has a Leo Stellium with her Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in Leo.  (They married during her Jupiter return)  I expected her Sun to be afflicted by Saturn considering her hmmm how shall I say this; less than enthusiastic disposition but it isn’t. I find people with planets gathered together in one house (she has 4 together) sometimes make for more conservative types with all that energy focused in one area.  Rachel and Tyson also lack a variety of hard aspects. They say pressure makes diamonds ya know. Without hard aspects in the natal chart people can lead a rather straight line in life. Not many challenges, hard aspects (square and opposition) require work, overcoming difficulties, they don’t really have many.

Rachel has Venus planet of love and leisure in comfort seeking Cancer. Ya know the crab holds on tight and doesn’t let go. Venus in Cancer longs for the familiar and what is safe. Her Venus is unaspected and without any major aspects from outer planets a planet operates in purest form. Love of home, familiarity and comfort. Children and having a family are likely important to her. Her Mars (ruler of men the qualities women seek in a partner) is in Gemini Tyson’s sun sign. This can indicate she pursued him, wanted him, and went after him. The Mars of one person on the Sun or Moon in synastry can act as an agent of movement clearly she pushed him into marriage.

The reluctance to marry is immediately spotted in Tyson’s chart when I notice his Venus planet of love, what he seeks in women forms a tight square to Saturn planet of karma, hardship and responsibility. People with Venus in aspect to Saturn or Saturn in the 7th house take marriage seriously. Commitment can give them anxiety, they know marriage is work and enter commitments with a great level of apprehension. His love planet being in Gemini denotes despite taking relationships serious he needs variety in love and a mental connection with Mercury ruling movement and mental stimuli.

Without taking into consideration either of their moon signs I looked at their tightest synastry apsects.  Just as independently in their natal charts they have limited hard aspects, combined they have very few hard aspects. Very few squares and oppositions as we can all see this lack of push and pull can make for a very dull relationship. The tightest hard aspect they had is Venus square Saturn. It is Rachel’s Saturn that squares his Venus. She is the mature one; she is here to teach him, that will forever be the role.

This aspect is binding I have said it a dozen times relationships whether they are exciting or ho hum boring cannot survive without Saturn aspects. Saturn rules the legality of marriage and the responsibility of partnership.

They do not have a predominance of one’s outer planets on another’s inner planets

No Neptune no romanticism and fantasy

No Uranus no electric wild ride

No Pluto no turmoil, no growth and upheaval.

It reinforced the quote for me

“you don’t attract what you want you attract what you are”-Dr Wayne Dyer

They independently do not have challenging aspects so I can’t imagine they would feel comfortable in a relationship that continuously challenges them

“Someone’s planet on your planets acts like a permanent transit”

The tightest nicest aspects they have:

Tyson Venus Sextiles Rachel’s sun I love this aspect; friendship, enjoy each other’s company, perhaps similar leisure activities

Tyson’s Mars (planet of sex) sextiles Rachel’s Venus (Feminine Principal) sextiles represent flowing, easy, harmonious energy so this indicates sexual compatibility

Tyson’s Jupiter in Leo Conjoins Rachel’s Sun and Mercury this is an expansive and forgiving quality so Tyson can bring good vibes and broaden Rachel’s Horizons; in her Survivor questioner she calls Tyson her inspiration…it doesn’t get any more Jupiter then that

Eternally Child Like

Published May 4, 2013 by starsmoonandsun

I recently did a reading for someone that is on her third marriage prior to her 1st Saturn return. This means she has been married 3 times prior to turning 30. This is amazing to me. Like I haven’t found one person that I believe I want to share FOREVER with. I mean forever is a long time and somehow she has found 3 people. Ha-ha In any event it brought up the fact that I often feel behind, like I’m late to do everything. I have Mars in Taurus, recently I read Mars being the planet of war doesn’t fair well in the sign of love, Taurus being rules by the planet Venus. Taurus is indeed the slowest of the earth signs so I tend to take the long route. However once I make my mind up to do something (Mars represents action) it is with precision and determination. This can be reflected in going back to college at 25 or not moving out of my parental home till 35. However I graduated with a 4.0 and when I did move out I dig purchase my dream apartment. Taurus doesn’t do things ½ ass. I often feel I’m behind and in a way I’m slow to mature. I honestly do not know if I will ever consider myself mature. Maturity is not to be confused with responsible. I’m very responsible but mature uh not so much.
I went to psychic once; she knew nothing about astrology and said to me “you have the mind of someone that is 100 but the emotional maturity of an adolescent”. She was right, I concede. I have an Aries moon, planets placed in Aries are the least evolved, Aries is the 1st sign in the zodiac, it is where we begin. Impulsive and yes immature, we can act out and throw tantrums. Planets placed in Aries lack maturity, they confuse wants with needs and have a sense of urgency with just about everything. (I think this stems from emotional needs not being met during childhood). I also have the Sun placed in the 5th house; the 5th house represents children and first loves. I’m forever child like, I want to play and have fun. My heart is eternally youthful; they say people with a 5th house sun will have 1 or no children. I never quite understood that, perhaps due to the maturity that is required to raise children, the strength and patience (God knows an Aries moon doesn’t have any of the above). Katie Holmes has this placement, I often wonder if Suri will be her one and only. I also have a retrograde chart ruler. My rising sign is Aquarius, planets in Aquarius are not bound by time constraints, they do not carry a 5 year plan. I always feel that there is an infinite amount of time to do certain things. I do not conform to 5 year plans and the only time that I feel behind are in those moments I compare my life to the lives of others. I consciously have been trying to not compare my life to other people because truth be told; on the outside looking in there isn’t another person’s life I would truly want to live other then my own. With Aquarius as my rising sign this makes Uranus my chart ruler, Uranus is in retrograde motion indicating I take the long route. Add to this the fact that Uranus is the rebel of the zodiac… not exactly the most settled of the signs. Combined with my Grand fire trine involving my 10th house of career, 2nd house of finances and 6th house of daily activity in typical fire fashion I just want to go go go!

Lastly I have a unaspected Venus in Gemini; Gemini rules the 3rd house of childhood education and grammar school. Gemini is a playful sign that is the magician of the zodiac, Gemini drinks out of the fountain of youth daily! All of that fire combined with a 5th house Sun, a retrograde chart ruler, a Moon in Aries and a Venus in Gemini no wonder I’m taking the long route. I’m smelling the flowers, skipping along taking the occasional detour while a lot of other people are on that 5 year plan. Secretly I have to pay thanks to my one earth planet Mars in Taurus, Taurus craves financial security, is fiscally responsible and perhaps it gives me solid footing to plant all my lofty and fiery dreams upon.

Venus in Gemini Mars in Taurus Calling all dependable risk takers

Published November 2, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

Dependable risk takers.. I believe this in itself is an oxymoron. Recently I read someones chart that wanted to know what kind of woman he should date, his chart lacked consistency; though I believe I decided on an water sign. It’s so hard putting all of ourselves together. I should know I have Leo on the 7th house cusp:Calling all dominant males but wait my Sun is in the 5th house giving me Leo traits; damn it I want to be dominant too. Then my sun is in Cancer, love me I’m fragile easily wounded and cry during thunderstorms then again my moon is in Aries, your cute but I have to go find someone that will take me to new places & well we have already been to Buddakan twice. Sun square Moon: my wants (the sun) and my needs (the moon) are not aligned. Nurture me, baby me but fuck sleep on your own side of the bed. Then we have Venus in Gemini & god awful Mars in Taurus; Gemini is the quickest moving sign in the zodiac & Taurus is the slowest. Venus in a woman’s chart tells how she gives love. I’ve said before ill write you a letter, pen you a poem, sing you a song. ( In a mans chart look at Venus to see that type of woman he likes). I crave long intellectual conversations, preferably deep in nature (venus trine pluto) my cancer sun wants to nest at home, my Aries moon longs to jetset around the globe, my 7th house cusp wants a strobe light loving super star for a partner & my mars in Taurus wants the slowest sign in the zodiac. Uh? The way i express love is quick flirty on the move but how i want to receive love is slow going & dependable. Mars in a woman’s chart indicates the kind of man she is attracted to and what turns her on sexually; mars in Taurus seeks a stable & financially secure partner that offers bubble baths & kisses that last for hours. So if you see a financially stable man that isn’t a bore who enjoys going out to different places often, will be the center of attention with out ever flirting, play hero to my every whim in a New York City minute and treat me to chocolate covered strawberries & champagne bubble baths while whispering sweet somethings in my ear please give him my number I’ve been looking for him for months! Thanks!

Leave the mind behind & Find the Heart

Published August 4, 2012 by starsmoonandsun

Venus leaves fun loving Gemini and enters mother earth, Cancer on August 8th. Venus is considered a benefic planet; ruled by Taurus and Libra it oversees beauty and money. Venus is how we express and receive amore. Where it is placed in your chart along with Greater Benefic Jupiter you will be bestowed blessings. My Venus is actually in 1 degree of Gemini, indicating it just entered the sign of the twins; it is placed in my 3rd house of communication and learning. I would say I have a gift for writing as well as a broad vocabulary. The other day I heard someone say the word “yous” I thought my ears were about to fall off. Sort of like you two or the two of you but with a Joe Pesci/ My Cousin Vinny Spin. Venus in Gemini declares send me a text write me a letter, tell me you love me! I would imagine fictional character Carrie Bradshaw had a Venus in Gemini. The endless talking, the laptop, the writing, and quick wit.

My exboyfriend, a Leo of all things once quipped: if we aren’t doing something you aren’t happy. Venus in Gemini wants to stroll through the park, take a mini vacation (Gemini rules short distance travel), go to the museum (Gemini is the sign of thought) lets go shopping (Gemini can be sort of superficial). Bottom Line is Venus in Gemini wants to go go go!

But Venus in Cancer ruler of the 4th house of home yearns to nest. They want to sit by the fire place, toast marshmallows and listen to light music surrounded by candle light.  Home is essential to those with Venus in Cancer, beautiful surroundings perhaps antique décor. They are slow and cautious in love; Venus in Gemini loves with the mind where as Venus in Cancer finds love with the heart. Make no mistake about it Venus in Cancer people can be clingy possessive and demand nothing short of 100% devotion. They need to be reminded you love them often, they need to feel secure, safe both financially and physically. “I feel” are Cancers keywords. Similar to the sun sign Venus in Cancer is easily wounded and hide their soft inners beneath a tough crab like exterior. Ruled by the moon Venus in Cancer individuals may experience ups and downs in love and finances, Cancer puts forth its whole self when entering into partnership and it is often hard to equate the magnitude of that type of love.

If you find someone and their Venus is in Cancer treat them like paper mache, light, gentle, make them feel safe. Tell them often you love them; keep a first aid kit on hand as they are easily wounded. And in return they will lavish you with home cooked meals and bubble baths. With Venus in Cancer you will find a devoted and dutiful partner. Just be sure you hold up your end of the bargain Cancer has one of the finest memories in the Zodiac and Crabs have been known to pinch when they feel threatened.

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