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Synastry You dont attract what you want, you attract what you are…

Published July 18, 2014 by starsmoonandsun


In my late twenties I use to lie to myself and say “I want a calm normal relationship, why can’t I have a tranquil relationship. I use to lie to myself but I won’t dare lie to you today. I want a passionate partnership, I want my intensity dial turned up to 100, and I don’t have a clue what I would do with a “normal and tranquil” relationship. I guess that’s a good thing because they always elude me. In my natal chart I have an Aries moon, the moon is your comfort level Aries is the sign of the warrior.

Aries Sun Lady Gaga Sings in the song “Marry the Night” I’m gonna marry the night. I won’t give up on my life. I’m a warrior queen Live passionately tonight.

Just as the Cancer Moon finds safety at home, and Pisces moon may find religion or alcohol a comfort zone and a Libra moon needs to always be in a partnership, Scorpio moons destroy themselves, Virgo moons need to take care of others well Aries moons need battle, conflict, we find comfort in doing battle. We need the rush, the highs…there is simply no changing or denying that. My moon opposes my Pluto in the 8th house and Squares my Sun in the 5th.  Complicated order! Pluto on the Sun and Moon is not for the faint of heart. Relationships involve dominance, control, possession, issues surrounding jealousy and shared resources.

I laugh thinking I wanted a light love, a tranquil love. I didn’t know who I was in my late 20’s.  It is only over the last several years I have come to terms with who I am….or at the very least attempting too come to terms with who I am. Warrior Queen sounds about right

I saw an ex of mine, the last time I saw him was 7 years ago. I actually see him in 7 year intervals for most of our lives. He is important to me; he is someone that holds significance. He said to me something I always say to other people; real love doesn’t really die. If it is genuine it lives on. Ahhh god nothing like those loves in your youth.

While looking at his chart I could see the glaring similarities between us, but it made me wonder if we should seek out partnerships with those that are similar to us or those that can balance us?

I have been wondering about the relationships we form with people that inadvertently bring out our worst traits; whether that be our insecurities, over indulgence, or possessiveness.  Or what about those whos worst traits mirror our own more difficult attributes.

In synastry it is often said you find comfort in dating someone with the same moon sign. And I have always said I can’t date another Aries moon because we will kill one another. I mean who will take a step back, who will be the reasonable one?

I looked at my Leo ex’s chart and he has an exact moon square mars; this is very similar to having an Aries moon. Hot headed, emotionally impulsive, with a short fuse. He himself like moi, is attracted to relationships that involve conflict and battle.

It was many years ago that we were together and things fell apart do to his imposing his will on me. He would actually tell me “my will is stronger than yours”

In Synastry my Mars squares his Sun; this is where aggression (mars) and will power (mars) meets his ego and identity (my sun). The other day he remarked I try to overpower him. I assure you I don’t; this is simply how he receives me.

However Sun square Mars is a very combative aspect in synastry, one that I think may even negate a lot of beautiful synastry, we have major 7th house overlays my Venus and Mars fall in his 7th and his Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars fall in my 7th. Obviously this is indicative of an important relationship; but never forget the 7th house rules partnership and open enemies.  Love gone wrong often becomes hate.

I have natal Mars in the 3rd; the 3rd house rules communication. Mars is the planet of aggression. I am blunt and direct in speech, people always say I am the most direct and honest person. If you don’t like me you will probably say I am rude.

My Leo ex has Mars conjunct Mercury; this is the same sort of dynamic simply in another form. Our Mercury’s correspond to one another nicely and I actually find him very funny; he is more direct then me which I find immensely refreshing. But would I want to argue with him, probably not we are both very assertive and go for the jugular. Who would take a step back and be the voice of reason?

So many things have crossed my mind lately; mostly the quote “you don’t attract what you want; you attract what you are”.

For so long I wondered why normal and serene relationships alluded me, and now I have the answer  perhaps because I am not a tranquil and serene person myself.

Mostly I think we can use astrology when relating to others; we can pinpoint the areas in relationships that will be a source of contention and bring them to light. Maybe and I do mean MAYBE in warrior relationships you can take turn yielding to one another. What do you think visit me on twitter and let me know? Should we avoid relationships with those that are similar? Do we need to find our opposites to find a balance?


North West an Astrological Portrait; Born on Time

Published June 24, 2013 by starsmoonandsun

I have to preface any Kim Kardashian post with a statement: I’m not a fan

Carrying on

On June 15, 2013 at 5:34 in the morning North West daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was born somewhere in Los Angeles. She was born with the same astrological aspect as Kanye West; Sun conjunct Jupiter. This gives someone a larger than life persona, I would say North West will be more direct then Kanye with the sun and Jupiter being in the 1st house, the 1st house planets take on a direct Aries like vibe. Jupiter in the natal chart indicates where good luck can be found, I like to think of Jupiter as a natural gift with Jupiter in the 1st this is an indicator of making your own good luck. There are a lot of beautiful placements when I look at the Synastry of Kanye and North’s chart; they have Sun conjunct Sun which is a beautiful aspect indicating similarity between the two, her Jupiter touches Kanye Sun and vice versa which is also a lovely aspect indicating they will have an expansive role in one another’s lives together they should share many good times. Of course they will have some difficulties, there moons are opposite. Kanye West Moon is in dreamy and talented sign of Pisces where as North West moon is in critical and analytical Virgo. They will be able to see where each other is coming from but they do not necessarily sync emotionally. While I enjoy being around people with a Virgo moon, that is not the best sign for moon to be in. So here we have the Sun in Gemini, the sun represents the father Kanye is the fun dad, the playful dad, the less serious parental figure and here we have the moon in critical Virgo. This indicated having a mother that nitpicks you to death. I can see Kim K now telling North; cross your legs, are you going to wear that, brush your hair. Some level of appearance and perfection concern is indicated when a baby is born with a Virgo moon. The mother is critical. I will say she will probably receive a lot of financial advice from Kim and pick up some of her …uh dare I say values. This is indicated by the ruler of the 4th in the 2nd. The 4th house rules the mother and the 2nd house rules finance and values. She will want to be “somebody” Kanye will in some manner affect who she wants to be. This is shown by Pisces on the 10th house cusp; the 10th house rules the father. With the ruler of the 10th being in the 10th I think this indicates he will have a direct effect on her life direction. 10th house also rules career and reputation. The sign on the cusp gives career indicators. Pisces is on the 10th house this is the sign of music, creativity and acting. This is further enhanced by Neptune’s placement in the 10th house. This isn’t always a fame indicator. After all I have it, and I’m not famous but it does indicate you have flair of drama, I will caution the downside of Neptune is that people don’t get who you really are. As we watch this child grow we will have to see how that manifests. North also has the Sun and Rising sign both in Gemini, I really like this as it indicates who you are and how you appear align. For instance I have Aquarius rising and Cancer Sun, Aquarius is what people see but Cancer is who I’m. They are not the same. I would say North will have a really nice jovial and direct personality that matches who she is on the inside. There are things you look at when a child is born and think, gosh I hope they don’t have XY&Z North doesn’t have any of them. I do believe she was born with an artistic gift Venus ruler of beauty conjunct Mercury planet of voice, she also has moon planet of feelings opposing Neptune ruler of creativity. As she gets older she’ll have to watch out for those personal relationships with powerful types (Pluto in the 7th) Pluto also squares her Venus so love is indeed transformation and with Venus squaring Uranus I see a quick wedding/divorce just like mom in her future. But overall this is a baby born with inner harmony which is simply lovely, I know everyone said she was born too early but by the look of it she was born just on time!

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