How to post: How to find New Moon, Full Moon or house of a transit

This is an educational post on how to find your transits in the houses for example when you hear a new moon is at 10 degrees of aquarius or an eclipse is at 14 degrees of Aries or Saturn is transiting 21 degrees of Scorpio you will know what house to look in. You will know where & how this will effect you

Step 1 go to



Step 2 Select Extended Chart Selection

Step 3 fill out the birth data entry & click continue this will bring you to your birth chart


Step 4 press additional tables PDF
You will see the location of the planets & on the right side your houses


You only need the sign and the houses at this stage you do not need the “planet positions”. My 12th house is at 20 degrees of capricorn -my first house is at 19 degrees of aquarius that means that my 12th house holds 20 degrees of capricorn all the way until 19 degrees of aquarius

This week a new moon is in 10 degrees of aquarius. It falls in my 12th house because my 1st house doesn’t start until 19 degrees.



Another way to do this is to simply click "transits" on the natal chart page & this will bring up your natal chart & the transiting planets in green on the outside. For instance Saturn is transiting my 9th house, you can see that by just looking at it.



If you ever need to change the date on the extended chart selection page you can adjust the date too see past transits or future transits


  1. Thanks so much for responding. Reading the articles on your blog is helping me understand…I’m still finding it a bit overwhelming but I think I’m starting to get the hang of! =)

  2. Well that natal houses that have planets are more important areas of life then the houses that do not have planets. First learn what each planet in each house means. Thats a good place to start

  3. Thank you for this information. I’ve been having trouble understanding this part of my chart. I mean I know there’s a sign in each house based on our birth house, but what does it mean to also have a planet in a house? how does a planet and a sign both get in the house and which one is more important in understanding the house’s influence on you. sorry for asking so many questions, I am just soo interested in my astrological chart, and trying to learn how to read it. Thanks!

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