Northern and Southern Hemisphere Emphasis

I have noticed that the majority of people I’m surrounded by have “strong” personalities, which rarely seek the approval of others and never bend toward the majority. I laugh when reading their charts, how is it that we all love and accept each other when our charts indicate we are self motivated. The Majority of our planets located below the horizon in the Northern Hemisphere houses 1-6. This week some random man inspired me to write this post. A random man I met at a bar that insisted I read his chart. He spoke about being an architect; yes he went to University abroad blah blah blah blah and sat on some Restoration board. He was without a doubt; a joiner. My friend commented, “I bet he has one of those charts with all his planets on the top”. I laughed, indeed he did. All of his planets were placed above the horizon; located in the southern hemisphere in houses 7-12. These individuals seek to connect with the world around them. I rarely connect with these individuals. I process things inwardly and rarely seek outside opinions. I read somewhere in my astrological studies that in synastry, the most compatible of people have their natal charts in the same shape, with the planets placed in the same area. This brings me to my post on Hemisphere and Quadrant Emphasis.

The Northern Hemisphere Houses 1-6 are all about the individual

  1. You, your body, your personality, your appearance
  2. Your values, your money, your stuff
  3. Your siblings, your neighbors, the way you learn, your communication skills
  4. Your roots, your home, your real-estate
  5. Your creative abilities, your children, your gambling activities, what you create
  6. Your job, your pets and your daily health routine

Houses 1-6 are all about YOU as an individual so planets placed here will direct your focus on YOU.You may require time alone, you are self reliant, not needing outside opinions to shape your ideals.

Than we have planets in The Southern Hemisphere Houses 7-12 are all about connecting to the world around you:

7. Your partnerships, your marriage, your 1 to 1 dealings, your enemies

8.Your partners money, the death of your loved ones

9.Your education, your distant trips, your beliefs that extend to the world at large

10.You career, your success, your reputation & how the world sees you

11.Your friends and your group affiliations

12. Your secrets, what is hidden, self sacrifice & charity

Houses 7-12 are all about the world around you, seeking approval, needing partnerships, enjoying spending time with others, and perhaps not needing much time alone

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