2013 Happy New Year…. a few weeks in advance

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right- Aquarius Sun Oprah

I don’t profess to be Deepak Chopra the fact is I’m not relaxed, possess a disdain for yoga, and have lived off cigarettes & frozen dinners for a good portion of my life. I’m impulsive & hot-headed & will tell someone off in a New York City minute. I feel particularly stressed lately. Weighed Down by responsibilities. I had an epiphany last night that I can’t continue working, existing really under this immense pressure, internal pressure that I put myself under. I was thinking about happiness & how really it does come from within. Money really doesn’t buy happiness I realized that just recently. From designer handbags to a house to a new car monetary things can only offer temporary joy.

I sat around the other day thinking: there isn’t a single thing I need or want this Christmas. I have everything how weird! But am I happy? I wouldn’t say these things make me happy, contribute perhaps but define my happiness, absolutely not. Things do not make you happy and we certainly cannot rely on other people to make us happy because when they go, when they leave; when they die our happiness goes with them. Never rely on another being for your joy. Really joy does come from within. I never really got that until now. With the Sun in the 5th house I’m always waiting on someone else to fill me up, I’m the type of person that can be surrounded by a dozen people and still fee alone. That is because happiness is not an external force nor can it be based on external circumstances.

I’m going to take a journey with in for 2013.

My New Years Eve resolution encompasses several things but mostly to schedule an activity that brings me joy once a week. We as individuals need something to look forward to, we are so often busy doing things for others, working, a lot of you raising kids, you need to set aside a day, several hours where life doesn’t consist of anyone else’s desires but your own. For me this is booking a TV show, writing, eating out, and seeing a Broadway show. I have natal Sun in 5th house my happiness stems from creation.

Look to your natal house placement of the sun and make up your mind to feed it in 2013. Nourish yourself. Sun in the 4th house; prepare some lovely desserts, if you have Sun in the 3rd take a new class, Sun in the 11th house join a new association with like-minded individuals. Its time…

This is definitely one idea I will incorporating this New Year. Share some of your ideas and I will post them

memory-jar-2The above image was taken from http://steamykitchen.com/19992-memory-jar.html

they as well as several other websites suggest each time something great happens to you write it down and insert it into the memory jar and open the jar the following New Years!!! I love this idea!



  1. In my opinion this is by far the best post in the blog! Your post reminds of a book I read by Dalai Lama called the art of happiness in which he stated the same thing- that happiness comes from within. Funny how it actually took me ages to realize that, when we keep getting adverts that buying stuff will make us happier.
    I can definitely testify that nurturing the sun sign house is very powerful in bringing personal happiness. My sun is the the 11th house and for over a year, I have been volunteering and the feeling of satisfaction I get is better then getting paid ( don’t get me wrong). When I have a paid job, I expect to get my wages on time. I’ve also been looking for an astrology group where I’m currently living, but still couldn’t find one. Hopefully that will change in the near future. For the next year, hope to continue volunteering and find an astrology group.

  2. I loved how open and honest your were in this post! It’s hard to admit that another person can’t totally fulfill you. I hope you find happiness and contentment in 2013. I’m an 8th house Pisces, super emotional and deeep, but I have a leo rising and it masks this super spiritual side of me with a warm and always happy disposition. (Plus, no matter what I am always fashionable which some might determine as superficial.) I think my goal for 2013 is to merge the two sides of me. I want to take an Aerial Silks class, you know like acrobatics? I don’t want to be in Cirque de Soleil or anything I would just love to be up in the air performing and I love the idea of using my body as an art form (8th house!). I would also like to meet new friends. My current friends just seem so shallow and narcissistic, but I think I was drawn to them because of my leo rising (and stellium in the 5th.) I think I’d like to meet more spiritual and caring people.

  3. Hi gorgeous Most people are multidimensional but I think they only show one side of themselves… Obviously this is t the case for u but people should be open & share all the parts of themselves & others should love each others many selves;)

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