Paris Jackson and her 12th House Sorrow

Paris Jasckson Natal Chart Provided by
Paris Jasckson Natal Chart Provided by

I have to be honest when I do a reading for someone and I see they have any personal planets never mind several in the natal 12th house I am usually in for a difficult time. This can happen with merely the Sun alone. The 12th house rules self undoing or the manner in which people betray themselves. People are often unaware of the energies that are manifesting in the 12th house, they turn a blind eye and are unable to see or identify with it. The 12th house rules things you don’t see clearly or cannot touch with your hand; things we don’t want to admit to ourselves. The 12th house also rules prisons, psychiatric facilities, sorrow, and confinement. It is said to be the closet of the natal chart.

With the Sun in the 12th house we have to examine the relationship with the Father figure; sometimes he is unknown other times the child will elevate him to a God like presence- this is not always the case-we have to take the entire chart into consideration.

If you meet someone with a Moon in the 12th house you will often find sorrow surrounding the Mother figure. If it doesn’t manifest that way often the native can suppress their own feelings and needs. They can be self-sacrificing. When Venus is placed in the 12th house this can suggest someone that feels unworthy of love so they date those that are unavailable or sometimes they project ideals onto partners. When we idealize another it is often hard to ground those connections in the 3D. Covert emotions and clandestine affairs are likely with 12th house planets.

The 12th house is complicated; it can indicate energies we mask from others as well as ourselves. I’ve met quite a few eccentric types that had Uranus in the 12th house. Uranus rules individuality, where we go against the grain but place it in the 12th house and the individual hides the parts of themselves that make them unique.

What does this have to do with Paris Jackson? She has the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn gathered in the 12th house. Her natal Mercury is in retrograde indicating she often has difficulty in expressing herself add to this the nature of the 12th house and thoughts become internalized perhaps her mind is heavy and she feels she has no one to talk too; no one understands her. Her natal Sun in aggressive Aries turns inward, self directed aggression and hidden impulsiveness are suggested. Paris also has Mars in the 12th house, Mars is the manner in which we assert ourselves often those with Mars in the 12th house have an immensely difficult time asserting themselves or they have misplaced anger. It is essential that people with 12th house planets consciously remain aware, maintain inner dialog and conduct conversations with other people directly while remaining open to feedback. I hope she finds the appropriate medical attention or perhaps develops a relationship with her Mother. The Moon in her natal chart is a singleton; the only planet in a water sign and its sign of rulership; Cancer. The need for her Mom is strong and with that loose opposition to Neptune ( Lamar Odom has this aspect) planet of confusion her maternal figure is unclear. Paris Jackson is a sensitive soul that is very piscerean like- with her Father and ego being tucked away in the 12th house and her Mother figure being somewhat elusive it isn’t a surprise  to see her turn to cutting, alcohol, drugs and other escapist like tendencies. The 12th  house Sun can suggest someone that is in and out of hospitals. Selena Gomez has this placement as well. The 12th house like Pisces and other strong Neptunian influences play out victim savior themes throughout their lives, eager to save or be saved. I’m keeping her in my thoughts. Do you have any planets in the 12th house? Are they working for you or against you?

Famous People with 12th house Suns;
• Jodi Foster How much is there we really don’t know about her?
• Gandhi-Need I say more-religious themes
• Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix all 12th house suns with addiction tendencies
• Caroline Kennedy Her father JFK was assassinated when she was a small child
• Julian Lennon son of legend John Lennon, I can’t imagine the sorrow that exists there


  1. I enjoy your blog, and great writing!

    I have Sun in Gemini and Venus in Cancer in the 12th house. It’s been a challenge, but have learned a lot of lessons, and have read two books on the subject. Twelfth house planets are unconscious, and unless made conscious, usually by meditation, the archetypes remain in the dark. Also, these planets need to be used on behalf of humanity in a form of selflessness.

    I have two planets in the 12th house, and need a considerable amount of quiet, and time alone. However, Paris has four planets in the 12th, so she needs even more quiet time, alone to think, meditate, engage in a medium of artistic expression, journaling, gardening, films, etc. It looks as though the North Node is in Virgo in the 5th house, so she would probably enjoy working with, or writing for children.

    The news has indicated that she is in therapy, which may help, if she can spend time with a Jungian therapist. I have worked with a wonderful Archetypal Astrologer for many years, which has helped tremendously.

    Lastly, as a 12th houser, my compassion is with her to find a positive outlet that will lead to healing!

  2. Thank for reading & commenting Im aware of the difference I just can’t be bothered to use proper punctuation or sometimes spell check is a killer Even when I hand write I never use t bars or capital I’s but if its important I will certainly be more aware of this Thanks

  3. Hi,
    I love your writing and the topics you cover. Please do not take this personally but if you could learn to use “your” and “you’re” correctly, your writing would shine even brighter. You are very insightful and keep up the good work!

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