Shadow Side of Mars in the 12th House; Taking Action against Yourself

Mars in the natal chart is where we take action, where we are aggressive. Mars rules young men, the military, often referred to as the God of War, it oversees sex and action. It’s funny to watch an activated Mars; if someone has Mars conjunct Mercury it is most apparent they will talk with their hands a lot. Mars ruler of action will work in unison with Mercury planet of communication.

Mars in the 12th house says: I take action against myself; I take action that goes against my own best interest. The 12th house is home to self undoing, what we don’t see. However everyone else can see what is happening in the 12th house it’s visible to others just not yourself. Mars is not comfortable in Pisces nor is it comfortable in the 12th house the aggression and focus gets lost. Mars becomes watery when placed in the 12th; think of the symbolization of Pisces two fish swimming in circles this energy isn’t direct. The person with Mars will stick to a decision to their own detriment; they blatantly refuse to see the choice they have made is not the best one.

I know someone with Mars in the 12th house that made a bad business decision I told them this is not the right choice, this is going to backfire on you in a big way they were quick to deflect and put the issue back on me. That’s the negative side to Pisces and 12th house planets, they play victim, and they do not want to take ownership. Mars in the 12th house can also suffer from misdirected anger. People were begging me not to tell this person about this poor choice as they would take it out on everyone else.

Fast Forward many months the bad choice became too big to ignore, it got out of hand and had to be dealt with. 

My point is those that have Mars in the 12th house should be open to guidance from others; they need to acknowledge that perhaps the action that they take- works not for them but against them and most importantly get a hold of your anger. Anger should be dealt with directly; it will take a conscious effort but it can be done. When you are upset or feel slighted address it right in that moment. If you know you are upset or angry at one person do not take it out on someone else. Release the need to play victim, take ownership of your choices, be aware of your skill set; not everyone can excel in all areas in life and that is totally okay.


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