The 3rd house in Astrology

The Third house is naturally ruled by the 3rd astrological sign which is Gemini; the 3rd house rules Elementary Education, siblings, short trips and communication. Planets placed here become more intellectually based.

The Sun in the 3rd house has a curious mind that enjoys taking in all types of information. You may be restless and live for short getaways learning new subjects and spending time with brothers and sisters. You have a thirst for knowledge that will live inside of you most of your life

The Moon in the 3rd house gives you a knack for expressing your feelings. The 3rd house is intellect on a mundane level and the moon rules feelings. You may start off a conversation with the phrase “I feel as though…” You probably learn via intuition and pick up on non verbal cues while communicating. You may intelectualize your feelings.

Mercury is at home in the 3rd house, Mercury rules Gemini and the 3rd house is all about mental curiosity. Your mind is sharp; you communicate easily and are often on the go. You enjoy talking to just about anyone! You juggle many balls/agendas in the air at once with a possibility of dropping one. Nervousness is likely as your mental energy is scattered about.

Venus in the 3rd house finds they require constant communication in love. I have this placement and I always say write me a letter; send me a text, call me and email me! When the planet of love is placed in the 3rd house you enjoy short trips with your partner and mental stimulation is a must, the way to the heart is via conversation.

Mars in the 3rd house may find themselves arguing  with siblings or anyone in there general community. I have this placement as well, Mars represents aggression and the 3rd house is communication indicating I’m aggressive in my surrounding environment or where I feel comfortable. I’m generally aggressive in speech; if I think it I say it.

Jupiter in the 3rd house indicates good luck via travel and good relations with siblings and neighbors.

Saturn in the 3rd house may be a good placement for authors or those that use meantal capabilities geared toward accounting, statistics and anything that requires significant concentration. May indicate depression as Saturn has a restrictive quality and the 3rd house rules the mind.

Uranus in the 3rd house oh dear erratic in speech, flashes of mental genius, you make a point of expressing your unique nature. Your mind is probably years ahead of society; you have the gift of invention

Neptune in the 3rd house gives concern over logical thought. People with Neptune in the 3rd house MUST think and carefully select what they wish to convey, in a serious conversation perhaps they should write out their thoughts beforehand. They constantly feel as though others do not understand them this is partly becuase they do not communicate effectively. Gives an artistic mind with abstract thought patterns which is best suited for creative environments

Pluto in the 3rd house gives a deep penetrating mind. You seek to get to the very root of an issue. When you speak you have the ability to transform other individual’s opinions. Great for any activity that require a penetrating mind.


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