Jupiter enters Libra September 10th 2016

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Jupiter will enter Libra on September 10th 2016 and will stay in the cardinal air sign until October 10, 2017. Jupiter stays in a sign for approximately a year and will transit the entire birth chart in 12 years. Jupiter transits are quick and not life changing. I have received some flak for saying that I am not fond of Jupiter transits. I feel more than anything they infuse the house they are in over a 12 month period with optimism but if anyone is looking for quick lotto gains and Princesses Diana weddings I don’t believe Jupiter brings us this despite what we are sometimes led to believe.

In my opinion the most significant Jupiter transits are when Jupiter crosses the ascendant and into the first house I have seen some people abandon their old life in search of new. Just recently someone I know moved after 20+ years at the same residence and another that changed jobs after 15 years in the same establishment. Jupiter transits to the 1st house encourages people to take chances and leaps of faith. I love that!

I’m also fond of your Jupiter return I believe this brings blessings or gifts to the house that holds the natal placement of Jupiter. This occurs approximately every 12 years so ages 23, 36, 48 etc. A planetary return is when a planet returns to the place it was at the time of your birth. For example the Solar Return happens once a year on your birthday when the sun returns to the place it was at the time of your birth, a Saturn Return happens twice at the age of 28-31 apprx and 56-60, Uranus makes one return if you are lucky enough to live to 84 but Jupiter due to the quick rate at which it moves will return to your natal Jupiter every 12 years. I find those years to be particularly significant

Jupiter Rules:

  • Optimism
  • Prosperity
  • Freedom
  • Expansion
  • Morals
  • Wisdom
  • Trust
  • Goodwill

When Jupiter transits a house more than anything we believe in the possibilities, our approach is an inclination that things will work out. We believe and while IMO that isn’t the transformative energy I much prefer, it can certainly lighten the load.

Libra is the sign that corresponds to

  • Beauty
  • Partnership
  • Equality
  • Balance
  • Fairness
  • Harmony
  • Diplomacy

Libra Rules the 7th house in astrology home to

  • Law Suits
  • Open Enemies
  • Marriages and Divorces
  • Negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Business Partnerships


(Of course Libra also has the shadowy side as well –indecisive, superficial, in need of partnership to the point they often cannot function alone)


I find the nature of Jupiter corresponds well with the philosophies of Libra. In Author Molly Halls book (cover featured below) she describes Libra as a sign “that’s passion for justice makes Libra a sign that excels in diplomacy, law, politics, mediation and social advocacy”. She goes on to describe the planet Jupiter as “Jupiter rules all areas in which an over reaching meaning is sought; these include religion, publishing, philosophy and the legal profession”. I would go so far as to say that I expect to see Jupiter’s visit to Libra to either enhance our current partnerships both personal and professional or  free us from them. Remember Jupiter rules expansion and freedom and often you will find during a Jupiter transit you are let go of or fired from a job you really didn’t like or you find the courage to leave an unfulfilling relationship (Libra being the sign of partnership). Sometimes things happen that seem awful at the time but really serve to expand (Jupiter) our consciousness and quality of life really.

molly hall book

I am still hopeful to see some law enforcement reform with Saturn Lord of Karma visiting Sagittarius and now perhaps getting a boost from Jupiter in Libra. Both Sag and Libra correspond to legalities both being somewhat idealist signs I think perhaps they can bring some much needed change in Police Departments across the country (fingers crossed). More than anything I expect Jupiter in Libra to alter the way we as a whole relate to one another. I would expect to see a boost in our partnerships. If you are a Libra rising, Sun or moon do watch your diet this is the transit of gaining weight. After all Jupiter expands whatever it touches and sometimes that is our waistline; on the Ascendant that is how you appear and the moon rules your eating habits. I know we tend to think of Jupiter as a beneficial transit but you do want to watch your debts (8th house) and expenditures (2nd house) when Jupiter transits the money houses as already mentioned Jupiter expands whatever it touches and that isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

The Tarot Card associated with Jupiter in Libra is 4 of swords sometimes knows as Truce. If you think about the number 4 it is all about balance and that is what Libra seeks most, equality. Four is a stable number 4 legs to a table, a square has 4 sides, we have 4 cardinal points, east, west, north and south, 4 seasons, 4 phases of the moon etc. Swords are related to air and intellect Libra is an air sign, concerned with peace, diplomacy and like all air signs: ideas. The 4 of swords is about taking a time out before the fight which is indicated in the 5 of swords, it seeks to find a peaceful resolution. I recall someone once describing Libra as an “Iron fist in a velvet glove”. So perhaps this tarot card is the gathering of strength, the rest before the action, as you can see 3 swords are above the sleeping man and one is just below him, easy to grasp in a moment’s notice. While Libra may seem passive one must not forget they are a cardinal sign like Aries, Cancer and Capricorn so they do direct their energy outward. I also believe this card relates to Jupiter in the sense that Jupiter is sometimes the bragger yes someone that talks excessively (Jupiter in the 3rd house or Jupiter on Mercury) but sometimes Jupiter is an inner knowing an inner expansion and inner peace and that is reflected in this card.

I hope Jupiter’s visit to Libra brings you the improved relationships you seek. If nothing else maybe we will be inclined to see the very best in others xoxo

WHOA Uranus Square Mercury Transit “Don’t come for me unless I send for you”

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That’s the catch phrase of this transit

“Don’t come for me unless I send for you”

It just started; Uranus just became exact to my Mercury today and dear god if I didn’t take shit before I certainly will not take any now.  Combine this with a Pluto opposite Sun square Moon transit all exact at the same time God help me

I am naturally aggressive in speech- Mars –God of War-is in my 3rd house of communication but this is on a whole other level

Uranus Rules

  • Flashes of insight
  • The unexpected
  • Erratic behavior
  • Rebellion
  • Shock
  • Separation


Mercury Rules

  • Communication
  • Intellect
  • Speaking
  • Writing



This is not the time for YOU to assert your knowledge onto me

This is not the time for you to be a know it all

This is not the time for you to tell me how to think, feel, and behave

This is not the time for you to speak upon shit you have never lived

This is not the time to mentally spar with me, challenge me or assert your will onto me

This is not the time to concentrate or sleep


This apparently is the time for me to cut people off

This is the time I will tell you anything I have thought that I have been holding in

This is the time for me to see words fly out of my mouth the moment I think them

This is the time I will liberate myself from outworn thoughts and ideologies

This is the time for me to expand myself intellectually

This is a time to be in tuned to my intuition and the messages I receive from the universe


So Far today (and it’s still early)

I blocked several people on social media that demanded I share with them information right then and there with no respect to my time and no gratitude for the knowledge I freely provide

I told someone that talks (mercury) to this narcissistic piece of shit I dated that if he speaks (mercury) to him he can no longer speak to me.  Uranus rules separation and breaks I know this is juvenile but if you never dated a narcissist take the time to THOROUGHLY educate yourself or be quiet thank you very much

I know someone that several people had a fall out with and BAM like a huge lightning bolt I can finally see why. It remains to be seen if I will sever that connection

Someone wanted me to do extra work and I have been doing it but really I haven’t wanted to so I freed myself from that tedious obligation

I am open to the possibilities knowing anything that is removed from me is no longer a vibrational match to me

As far as me flying off the handle verbally I will leave you with some funny ecards


know it all

bitch switch


The Natal Moon in the 1st House Emotional Spectrum

Published July 8, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

When the moon transits my 1st house I always know, I become very emotional, perhaps take things personally or experience and influx of endless emotions in a short period of time.

The first house is you, the way you appear, your physical constitution. This year I have the Solar Return moon conjunct my Solar Return Ascendant this means for an entire year I will have the energy of the moon-fluctuations, mood changes, and emotional needs in my 1st house I am waiting to see how this goes.

I know several people that have the natal moon in the 1st house that take a lot of things personally the 1st house is YOU and the moon rules your feelings so perceived slights can be emotionally exaggerated. These individuals are highly sensitive and are emotionally very reactive. This is the placement of taking things personal. Once you learn nothing in life is personal you will breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone is only operating from their own level of consciousness and some people are deeply asleep.

Having the moon in the first house of the natal chart often indicates a few things:

  • your appearance will go through many changes, where ever the moon is placed in your natal chart you will experience ups and downs,
  • you wear your emotions on your sleeve so the responses to people, places and things are very emotional. You cannot really mask your feelings when the natal moon is in the 1st house they are simply out there for the world to see.
  • Often when the moon is in the 1st house or the ruler of the 4th house is in the 1st the individual has a strong tie-for better or worse to the mother.


According to Donna Cunningham ” The Moon in Your Life Being A Lunar Type in a Solar World”:

“The moons meanings dominate your face to the world starting with the powerful impact your mother had in shaping your interactions with the worlds you may even look a lot like her so you may be either intensely maternal or intensely dependent but the world at large confuses you with mom no one around you could miss knowing how you feel”

I think those individuals with the moon in the 1st house need to learn to not take everything so personally. That being offended is an ego issue. If you own who you are and know who you are what others say should not and can’t not offend you. I know some people are ignorant and it can be very frustrating but a person being ignorant or rude is no reflection on you. So stop allowing other people and circumstances to alter the way that you feel.

Being offened quoteBeing offended magical

If you follow me on twitter or have subscribed to my YouTube channel

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you will know I recently have dealt with someone that has Narcissistic Personality Disorder before I could grasp the totality of this disorder I simply saw him as a person that has this ongoing spectrum of emotional ups and  downs (more downs never really up). That even with me being a Cancer found quite difficult to grasp, his natal Moon is in the 1st house. Anyone that has dealt with a true Narcissist knows they have fragile egos and are prone to narcissistic injury when they believe someone has offended them.

This site is great for insight on Narcissistic Personality Disorder:


Any perceived slight results in anger and it is nearly impossible to get them to detach from the rage or emotional feeling of being a perpetual victim. This gentleman’s appearance fluctuates from very skinny to the size of the hulk, I do believe he unconsciously has a strong identification with his mother, her sun and moon both conjunct his and her Venus conjoins his mars. And his moods are often in this rapid state of upheaval.




First house moons like Aries (Aries rules the 1st house in astrology) moons can be emotionally aggressive and reactive. They or shall I saw we (I have an Aries moon) are emotionally the babies of the zodiac. While the rest of us may be evolved the feeling part of us often is not. Some one once told me I had the mind and soul of someone that lived 100 lifetimes but the emotions of a teenager. It has been said that Aries Moons or 1st house moons have needs that went unmet in childhood so as adults we respond like everything is an emergency. Me Me Me is an Aries moon mantra LOL

It is said people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have the emotional intelligence of a toddler. I began to think of moon in the 1st house or all astrology aspects perhaps as a spectrum with the lighter end of moon in the 1st or moon in Aries being lightly selfish, impatient, easily offended and on the darker end completely unaware, lacking complete emotional intelligence and consumed with themselves and needing constant positive reinforcement at the narcissist spectrum.

If you would like to read about how to NOT raise a narcissist or more on understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how it was developed from childhood I recently read this book and recommend it.

object of my affection is in my reflection

While I maintain you cannot have them in your life you may be able to meet them in your mind with compassion after reading. They simply can not control their behavior, if they could it wouldn’t be a pathological (compulsive) disorder (state of confusion)

While doing my research on narcissism I looked at the chart of Sam Vaknin self proclaimed narcissist and author of “Malignant Self Love: Narcissism Revisited” and if his birth time is indeed accurate he has the moon sitting right on his ascendant.

Picture courtesy of astrotheme.com


Sam Vaknin Natal Chart

I began to wonder if Moon in the 1st house for some is a mere crying out to be validated and acknowledged but for those that cannot bear the thought of rejection, they have shut off their humanity like Damon in an episode of the Vampire Diaries to feel everything was simply too much to bear.  Especially when they had caretakers that never acknowledged their needs in the developmental stages of life. So they have covered up/denied/rejected all feelings of neediness and shame thus replacing them with rage.
For non disordered people I want to stress that you not give away your power. Don’t give anyone the power to influence your emotions and how you feel. It has taken me 100 years to realize if you give them the power to make you happy and fill you up, you also give them the power to make you sad and empty.

And for those struggling with mental illness and seeking help there are resources out there for you. If you are depressed the Suicide Hotline is 800-273-TALK and if you need help with your mental health call 877-SAMHSA7

People love you and want to see you well.

Closure is a myth

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I will be introducing once a month videos on anything and everything ! Though this site will always be mainly about astrology This is my 2nd one in the series it is the reasons why I believe closure is a myth. It is disempowering, it essentially places your happiness in someone elses hands. When you are seeking closure you are actually seeking to feel better, to feel at peace but energetically you are saying you can not have peace or  an inner sense of resolution with out someone else giving that to you. I am here to tell you you never need somone outisde of you to give you an inner sense of peace.   I would love to hear your options on the topic

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Closure is a Myth

When you need an apology6990-Oprah-Winfrey-Quote-True-forgiveness-is-when-you-can-say-Thank-youforgiveness oprah quote.jpgforgive them even when they arent sorry

Happy New Moon in Cancer 7/4/16

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Happy New Moon in Cancer Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel for your New Moon Monthly Forecast! Remember the new moon is a time of fresh starts. This is an excellent time to launch a fresh start with anything Cancer related

  • A Better relationships with your own mother
  • Buying a home
  • Launching a cancer related business; baking, realestate, anything creative

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New Moon in Cancer Forecast

12 Red Flags you are dating a Narcissist or other toxic person

Published June 23, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

Please watch my youtube video on the 12 red flags you are dating a narcissist or other toxic individual

12 Red Flags You are dating a Narcissist or other toxic individual


As I like to say I was missing red flags like white chicks miss the killer in a scary movie!

Know the signs of toxic and abusive individuals, recognize the tactics when you see them.

If your intuition has brought you here I believe this is the only indicator you really need. If you feel something is a miss in your relationship something likely is. In normal and healthy relationships we don’t have to google other peoples behavior  You don’t need proof of anything your internal guidance is all you will ever need
The word covert means not openly displayed that means the behavior is hidden
So this is not the loud ostentatious bragger the know it all pushy person that we avoid
The covert narcissist behavior is what the word covert implies secret, not seen by others So often the covert narcissist may seem friendly and nice and like such a great guy
Covert implies the behavior is done in secret behind closed doors removed from others view.
Red Flag #1
They have a victim mentality
It never occurred to me that the victim woe-is me type is quite parasitic nothing is ever their fault someone has always done something to them. Regular caring peoples natural inclination is to help people we see suffering I want you to be leery of doing so The individual with the victim mentality often uses this face as there perpetual get out of jail free card. Victim types act as though everything is happening to them, they do not take accountability for their life. They do not take ownership they act as though life is happening to them when in actuality healthy people realize we create our own reality. Healthy people take self inquiry and ask how am I a contributing factor to this situation narcissists in particular do not have this ability they never look inward
Red Flag #2
They are surrounded by drama drama and more drama. Healthy people seek harmony in relationships they are not a vibrational match to chaos. Happy and healthy people are creative, have hobbies, seek peace in personal and professional relationships. They know how to pick their battles. This is not the case with toxic people toxic people need drama and they are often surrounded by it. Something is always circling them. They may even claim they do not like drama but yet they are always in the midst of some crisis. These individuals often have a number of crazy exes and crazy people in their life. This is a huge red flag if someone in your life has mentioned they have a crazy exes or perhaps several he likely doesn’t know how to treat women.
Red Flad #3
The Truth Revealed
Listen when people talk they always reveal themselves always they will literally say I am not a nice person, I am not on the same level as you, I don’t deserve you, I am so much like my mother, father uncle that they have also told you was a loser, abusive, womanizing addict
 Red Flag #4
Love bombing
The love bombing phase when you first start dating the manipulator you are the dream the soulmate, they always wanted to be with you, do you want to get married they ask, we could live together, they have your whole lives together mapped out. They will see you every weekend, they profess they will wait five hours to see you for a mere 5 minutes this phase feels otherworldly, like a dream like you are floating
Red Flag #5
The Silent Treatment
After the love bombing phase where you are bombarded with sweet sentiments the toxic individual will often pull back I equate this with feeling like you were dropped from the sky and your natural inclination is to go after them you may wonder why they may suddenly stop calling, they engage in games they call you,  you call them back and they do not answer, you text them and they don’t respond for 2 days. The vibe goes from crazy in love to just plane crazy
Red Flag #6
Know the Cycle
The narcissists relationship often follows a pattern idealization, devalue and discard. In the idealization or love bombing phase you were everything now you are not. Here you find small digs they make, they don’t want you doing your hobbies, they insult your clothing, this is the devaluation phase you go from everything to nothing
Red Flag #7
Now you confront the narcissist and/or toxic individual you  tell them they seem distant what happened, you ask them whats going on is everything ok and they insinuate you are crazy, needy or not seeing things clearly. Your gut aka intuition is always accurate Gas lighting goes hand and hand with their crazy making behavior where the abuser says they love you they want to be with you, you are beautiful but their actions do not meet the words. Always trust actions over words, actions never lie
 Red Flag #8
If someone lies about the little stuff they lie about everything. Do not ignore small lies I promise you behind those tiny lies are mountains of untruths. Narcissists and other abusive people tend to lie about everything from crazy exes , to lifetime accomplishments, they manufacture health ailments and entire careers.
Red Flag #9
This is huge; a toxic partner wants to seem in high demand so they create triangulations with you and other women. They will flirt with other women in front of you of coarse they will deny this and say they were being friendly  
Another less obvious way of triangulation is when they bring in an unsuspecting 3rd party to cosign on their bad behavior. Remember no one sees the covert narcissists true face- to the outside world he can portray the victim or the misunderstood nice guy always charming, polite and maybe even meek. Only the people close to the narcissist will see their true self. 
 Red Flag # 10
Something is just off you; you can’t put your finger on it something is just off you can’t emotionally connect with them emotional responses are off-if you start to cry they respond oddly
·       They have narcissistic rage
·       They avoid true meaningful conversations
·       They are off emotionally
Red Flag #11
They Future Fake
They promise you in the future things will be better let me sort this out, they sort that out and then they have to sort something else out and its always another thing and another thing and they ask you to be patient they may call you selfish for not waiting, they promise once they get the new job, once they settle a custody dispute, once they do xyz things will be great but with toxic narcissist it never gets better, I promise you it will only get worse. Life is lived today not tomorrow not in 2 years 4 years 5 years. Jada Pinket put it best when she said don’t fall in love with someone’s potential …after all potential may never manifest
jada smith quote
Red Flag #12
 So you realize they are crazy after they have complained about their exes, after they gave you the silent treatment engaged in triangulation and you are going to leave welcome hovering, constant phone calls, promises my personal favorite I’ll do anything to make you happy bombarded calls text and possibly gifts and you wonder maybe I am crazy so you give them another chance and the cycle repeats Idealization/Love Bombing, Triangulation, Silent Treatment 


This article is great! For further Reading

30 Red Flags of Manipulative People

Know the signs, see the red flags always listen to your intuition!


True Life I dated a Narcissist -Astrology

Published May 12, 2016 by starsmoonandsun

I have been on the fence about writing this, who am I kidding I have been on the fence about accepting this. Dating a narcissist, you will never ever understand it unless you have actually lived it and I can say I will never judge a situation from the outside looking in again. You can do any Google search to find out what narcissism REALLY is but all you really need to know is narcissists never change, there is no cure for their behavior and it is one of the toughest personality disorders to treat.  Anyone that has dated a narcissist will research extensively their behaviors. I think the mind of a normal human being cannot fathom the manner in which they operate. You cant believe there are people out here walking among us disguised as caring human beings when that aren’t. They are soulless, they lack empathy, they simply do not possess that ability to connect emotionally.  After having known someone for several years I have come to find I never new him at all. Only the facade, the empty shell, the outer layer.

Some of the characteristics of Narcissism


Astrologically Venus on the rise (in the 1st house) Libra or Taurus rising can be very charming. The Ascendant is what you project out into the world it is the mask you wear, the face you show, it’s the door to the house not the interior.

I am not sure what to say about charm to me it’s nothing more than a decoration. Politeness gets me more and Narcissists are all of that charming, polite they project their best face out into the world. This is not necessarily their authentic face. And only those that have known them intimately will see the interior behind that fraudulent mask.

Venus on the rise can do that, the Venus like qualities are displayed. I also believe people with Venus connected to the 1st house are attractive usually this is the planet associated with love and beauty. (Libra more so then Taurus, Taurus tends to deal with the more financial side of Venus but still)

charm is decitfulNarcissists charmnarcissists fake fake fake


Dear God they will lie like a bear skin rug I wonder if they believe their own lies or do they wish they could stop lying and can’t help themselves. Everything I have read says they lie for sport, they get a kick out of people believing their lies it feeds them.

Mercury planet of communication aspecting Neptune (conjunction, square, or opposition) the planet of deception is found in compulsive liars. I know people that have this that do not lie and I know people that lie habitually that don’t have it. Astrology isn’t one stop shopping.

When Neptune planet of deception aspects Mercury you can find someone that is deceptive, the mind can also be confused when Neptune aspects Mercury, there is confusion in thinking and sorting and remembering facts. This can also indicate an artistic mind, but I am not here to write about anything other than narcissism today.  Astromix.org writes with Mercury opposite Neptune “cleansing yourself of deceptive influences is essential not just the outer influences effecting you but also that pattern of creating them”

The Neptune energy becomes infused into Mercury so here we have deception meets communication.

Narcissists will lie about everything they will promise you the world and deliver you NOTHING! Maybe an occasional crumb they will take you on a magic carpet ride and drop you straight out of the sky without a care in the world.

Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter can also indicate lying but not in the deceptive way as with Neptune. Mercury/Jupiter often indicates promising more then you can deliver. Jupiter the planet of expansion is filtered into Mercury plant of communication so here we have BIG plans and BIG dreams that while dating a narcissist will never see the light of day.

psychopathpeople that liei love you lie


Projection is when we take our own traits but do not acknowledge them in ourselves instead we find them in others so it is not uncommon for Narcissists to call YOU crazy when In fact they are called “the crazy makers” to accuse YOU of cheating when in fact they are the ones slinging that dick all around town. They do not and will not ever be self reflective or introspective so they will continuously feel as though everything is happening to them not within them. They often suffer from a woe is me mentality and lure others in with tales of woe.

crazy makers


Projections in astrology are found in oppositions

Oppositions are 2 planets in opposing signs. When planets are opposite one another we often experience them as happening to us, that someone from the outside is doing something to us. I bet Narcissists have a high level of oppositions. Mine certainly did, his are off the charts.

Projection and Oppositions

We all have oppositions (well most of us do)  they can be helpful in relating to others and for those that are self aware we can check in with ourselves; am I projecting this onto others? What in me is activating this experience? For instance I have moon opposite Pluto so a lot of times in the past I have had issues with women, power struggles. Now I think to myself, I would rather be happy then argue and I don’t engage (not all of the time) I also own the fact that I attract women that  love or hate me because I am someone that is extreme in MY feelings. You attract what you are- universal law of mirrors. Anyway a narcissist will never process things like that because they will never look with in at their real self because they project this image of a false self. That’s the same image you fell for, the one that isn’t real.

This narcissist  had a lot of oppositions the one I found most relevant was Venus (women, planet of love, ruler of women) opposite Mars ( God of War)  This can be someone that hits women. I never saw this man lose his temper like that. But if not that they create situations in their love (Venus) life that is combative (Mars) Mars in continuously filtered into their love nature. They have the inability to have normal intimacy.  They create havoc and turmoil. A Narcissist cannot have normal happy monogamous relationships. I think it was best said here:

Venus opposite Mars


You can read the full blog post here:


Narcissists are known for pitting women against one another. They also have a number of “crazy exes”



Narcissist crazy exesNarcissist quotesdrama

They need to have constant chaos surrounding them. Projections are often the reason Narcissists have a Victim Mentality they don’t take ownership of their own action and feel as though everything is happening to them

fate quotes




Everything often goes back to childhood and I do wish I could feel more compassionate towards narcissists but I simply cannot and if you ever encountered one you would know why. I know from a detached logical viewpoint that they are wounded birds. I know hurt people hurt people. I know normal people don’t go around treating people who care about them like shit.  This particular gem LOL has Chiron the wounded healer exact conjoining his Sun-his identity-his ego- his life force. This is a wound usually inflicted or somehow related to the father figure. I will not get into his personal life, he may lack integrity but I don’t. The person with sun conjunct Chiron is born with a pain, a hole with in them. These people  -non narcissists- will build other people up, they are other peoples cheerleaders they celebrate in others what they can not do for themselves. That’s the thing with Chiron you are wounded in that area but you can help others. However no one ever talks about the darker side of Chiron

“The Sun is the only heavenly body that casts a direct shadow on the Earth; the full moon casts shadows but its more diffuse light is reflected from the Sun. This ‘dark side of the sun’ is relevant when Chiron aspects the Sun. It represents egomania, narcissism, a belief that one’s purpose is god-ordained and therefore any means justify the attaining of it. With these aspects, we can become authoritarian, and desire to be in sole control of life and everyone we come into contact with; we may be willful, inflexible, to contemptuous and always need to be right. Coming face to face with this controlling, destructive and autocratic side of the masculine principle is often a difficult part of the journey of those with Chiron/Sun aspects. “-Melanie Reinhart’s book Chiron and the Healing Journey

Mass killer Elliot Rodger has an exact Chiron conjunct Sun in Leo You can read about him and his narcissistic personality disorder here



I did a reading for someone recently for a client that had Sun conjunct Chiron they asked me if they were a narcissist and I laughed and said absolutely NOT a narcissist will never ask if they are a narcissist because a narcissist isn’t reflective they are projective. Besides they think they are perfect


The Lessons

I have to say I have never encountered someone like this in my life but as an ever evolving being I take the time to look for the lessons and they are plentiful


  • “Protect  your magic “
  • Surround yourself with happy and healthy people
  • Follow your intuition ( I kept ignoring mine. I didnt want to believe it)
  • Trust in the timing of your life Dont be in a rush to meet someone you want the right person and they will come at the right time
  • Get real about what you want. When you are unclear about what you want the universe will deliver you any old body

I will leave you with some of my favorite narcissist quotes

Narcissist quotesprotect your space

loving a narcissitnarcissistyou are full of shit


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