Gemini Margaret Rudin & Scorpio Ron Rudin

I was watching a 20/20 episode on Margaret Rudin who was accused and ultimately convicted of killing her 5th husband. There was tales of infidelity which I could make a case for on both sides astrologically. Ron had Venus square Moon which we see often in the charts of men that are conflicted in relationships, he also had Neptune square Moon and Neptune conjunct his Venus. Neptune forming hard aspects to the feminine planets can suggest a man that is in search for an ideal. It is challenging when we have Neptune in hard aspect to our personal planets to settle down into a regular partnership; the glamour tends to fade which results in disappointment. Perhaps that is why he married 5 times. Margaret possessed Sun conjunct Uranus in her Natal Chart which is an aspect known for being very much: my way or the highway; she also had Venus conjunct Jupiter which can A. indicate financially benefiting from marriage and B. love is plentiful this is not the sort of women that would be challenged to find a suitor.
She tells a tale of how she pointed a gun at Ron once when she suspected him of cheating and he slapped her. They had Pluto conjunct Venus in their synastry this can suggest an obsessive relationship. This is when the planet of love (Venus) meets the planet of death (Pluto) if you are not highly evolved this can be a challenging placement to maneuver. They had a number of red flags for me if I am honest; including Mars conjunct Pluto. This must have been the best sex of their lives but that is a marker for explosive relationships and possible domestic violence; add to the mix her Uranus squared his Moon and opposed her Venus this was a tumultuous relationship that would be plagued by on again off again tendencies. I actually tweeted the other day that Gemini/Scorpio couples are very common and actually long lasting. Scorpio will keep Gemini guessing that need to unravel that puzzle can last a lifetime with a Scorpio; a sign that never reveals all. Scorpio sign eager to have control in all areas of life will remain captivated by the ever elusive Gemini that is forever on the go. These two signs can work and when they work it can be wonderful; but we always have to consider the entire Natal potential and the synastry of the parties involved. Remember in synastry the energy is always active; a persons planets on ours act like a permanent transit when we are with them.

In the media the marriage was described as “There was a lot of obsession, a lot of distrust. There’s a lot of suspicion. There’s a lot of jealousy. But they are also very very close at the same time”. “The relationship between Ron and Margaret was very passionate and also very stormy, almost from the very beginning,”

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Watching Margaret I liked her I wont lie; my Venus is in Gemini sitting on her Sun. She was found on the run after his murder with several wigs and IDs on hand when interviewed she remarked ” I like change I am a Gemini”. In typical Gemini fashion even on the run she found multiple partners and men willing to assist her. She has that likeable quality to her personality. Part of her defense was that Ron had mob ties so perhaps someone else killed him. I certainly wouldn’t rule it out with his Sun placed in Scorpio-Lord of the Underworld. One article described Ron as “a workaholic who treasured his privacy”. This was so spot on for his Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon.

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Margaret was often referred to in the media as the “black widow” but I can not say I am totally sold on this description; but without a birth time I may be missing the fact she is 8th house heavy.
Ron was killed or went missing on December 18, 1996 during a Full Moon phase. Transiting Saturn was squaring Margaret’s Sun and it was opposing Ron’s Moon and separating from Squaring his Venus. These were for sure not two people that were happy together at this point in their lives.
Following his murder she was on the run for 2.5 years but was eventually caught and convicted in May 2001 (transiting Saturn was on route to conjoin her Sun) and she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole on August 31, 2001 in which she served close to 20 years. She was granted parole in 2019 when asked what she wanted do next in typical Gemini fashion she said: “I want to be free to travel if I choose to on a passport”