Cancer on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Cancer on the cusp will infuse that house with feeling, intuitive abilities and natural instincts with a strong desire for security

Cancer on the 1st house cusp: Security is important to you, both financial and emotional. You tend to be quite intuitive, picking up on others emotions. You can take things personally and at times others may hurt your feelings as you are quite sensitive.

Cancer on the 2nd house cusp: Emotional and financial security goes hand and hand. You seek both, at times you may feel you never have enough money, enough love. You are emotionally attached to your values as well as your “stuff” whether that stuff is people of tangible items.

Cancer on the 3rd house cusp: You learn by instinct, you feel your way when learning new things. When communicating with others you pick up on non verbal cues and what isn’t being said. Trust your gut!

Cancer on the 4th house cusp: Cancer is at home in the 4th house, you value long held traditions. Real-estate and establishing a comfortable home to retreat to. You tend to be close with your family and enjoy close and intimate gatherings.

Cancer on the 5th house cusp: You have a natural “mothering instinct” with children and those you are in an intimate relationship with. You tend to love your whole being, when love is up you feel up but when intimate relationships are down you will feel very down.

Cancer on the 6th house cusp: You prefer a calm soothing work environment where you get along well with coworkers. Do not take on more than you can handle with Cancers stomachs being so sensitive, when stressed you may suffer from stomach aliments

Cancer on the 7th house cusp: You prefer a partner that will make you feel secure and values family. You need a relationship that feels safe and provides a nurturing environment.

Cancer on the 8th house cusp: There is a possibility of gaining through inheritance. You fair well when handling family finances using your intuition.

Cancer on the 9th house cusp: You are emotionally invested in your beliefs, if someone were to attack them you may take this personally. You enjoy family vacations and trips that involve visiting extended family members

Cancer on the 10th house cusp: Follow your intuition in careers matters; you are emotionally tied up in all things related to your career choice. When you do well you feel especially well.

Cancer on the 11th house cusp: You prefer a close group of friendships which you have probably maintained throughout your life. Intimate gatherings close to home with friends that you view as a part of your extended family

Cancer on the 12 house cusp: Always follow your instinct, do not be afraid to express your true feelings whether it is love or anger. Do not allow others to take advantage of your kind nature

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