House overlays in Synastry

House Overlays in Synastry are often over looked, they occur when your natal chart is superimposed on another individual’s natal chart.
Every person you come in contact with gets a different part of you; you are not all things to everyone. Where your planets fall in another’s house activates a particular area of their life. I have attached a copy for your reference and to use as an example, a website has many free astrological reports and is easy to use for beginners. I do not want to interpret these 2 charts in entirety, but so it is easy for you to identify how this works I will give you the major points.
The Sun: Where the Sun lands is a major Focal Point of Your relationship.
For instance you can see my Sun in the 5th house falls into Subject B 8th house. This means my Sun will be a beacon of light on psychological issues. Remember the 8th house is the house of death, psychoanalysis, sex and shared resources. Without a doubt sun in the 8th house screams sexy time! A desire to acquire joint property and possessions, but the most profound aspect will affect Subject B’s psyche. My sun activates these parts of that individual. Where your sun lands in another person’s chart will be a driving force for the relationship. A focal point. In turn Subject B Sun in his 6th house lands in my 2nd house. Remember 2nd house is the house of security both financial and non tangible and all things you value. In his presence I would feel secure and possibly seek financial guidance from him, values what “we” value will be a reoccurring theme.
The Moon: Look at where the moon falls to see where your heart is, your feelings, your subconscious drives.
My moon is natal in my 2nd house and falls in Subject B 5th house (the house of romance, children, music & all things fun) this indicates Subject B will enjoy spending time with me. I activate their desire to have fun, whether perusing hobbies together, going to concerts, being that this is also a romance house and all things pleasurable the emotional connection is fluid and flows easily
While my moon falls in Subjects B 5th house of romance his moon falls in my 7th house. 7th house rules serious partnerships (unlike the 5th which rules romance). This indicates I would want to share feelings with him it gives me a strong feeling that we “belong together”. Feelings are the general theme. (side note: we have other placements in 7th house however if you activate some ones 5th house ONLY and they activate your 7th house, there is a danger that they see you as a casual romantic encounter, where as you see them a life partner).
Mercury: rules communication and short trips see what your partner enjoys speaking to you about.
For Example
Subject A mercury falls in Subject B 6th house of daily activities (YAWN) this indicates Subject B will enjoy speaking to Subject A about work and the day to day grind.
Subject B mercury falls in Subject A 7th house of partnerships Subject A will enjoy speaking about there relationship. They will take an analytical approach to it not an emotional one.
Subject A Mercury falls in Subject B 8th house indicates Subject B will feel inclined too tell Subject A there secrets, there is a deep probing nature to there conversations
Venus the planet of love along with the moon the planet of emotions are very important in house over lays. Look to see where your Venus falls in some ones chart and Vice Versa to see where you will find love and beauty in that person.
For Example
Subject A Venus falls in Subject B 7th house of Partnerships Subject B will naturally care for subject A and see them as a natural compliment
Subject B Venus falls in Subject A 6th house of daily activities; oh no no daily activities will be the focus. Love is not a high priority as with a 5th house placement or a 7th house.
Mars is the planet of sex drive and aggression. Mars can help you get things done but it can also show where you will be argumentative. I hate to see Mars falling in someone’s 4th house of home or 8t house of shared resources lots of arguments over money!
Look to see where Jupiter falls in someone’s house and where there Jupiter falls in yours to see where you will bring one another good luck!
Saturn indicates where you will be restricted. Saturn in 7th house or 1st house RUN! Your relationship will have trouble getting off the ground and will leave you feeling restricted as a person. Saturn in the 11th house, the house of hopes and wishes will restrict your dreams. Ewww!
Neptune will show where you aren’t seeing things clearly. If it’s in your 2nd house of values you will have issues with finances, you will not see them clearly. In 3rd house of communication, you will not understand one another. In the 7th you can think your relationship is going wonderful when it isn’t.
Look to Uranus to see where this person will bring unexpected changes and surprises. You 100% do not want this in your 4th house (the house of home and roots) or 7th house of partnerships.
Pluto in a house shows what outlets and how this person will transform you


  1. Don’t totally knock Saturn in the 7th – it has been the glue that keeps marriages together- for better or worse. Yes, can be restrictive, but again look over both charts very carefully- both separately and as a composite. A Capricorn partner could negate some of that, if their partner was born with a Natal 7th house Saturn, because that Cap is ruled by Saturn( or it could be an older partner- also ruled by Saturn). I think Saturn too often seems to make the partner a burden or taskmaster- but it is not always like that.

  2. You’re brilliant. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found you, humorously as well as desperately. I relate so much to how you talk. I’m compelled to rattle off parts of my chart to you, to show clearly what I mean when I say I GET IT!!! The Pluto in the eighth…Sun opposed at exact 25 degrees, conjunct an anaretic mercury at the melt down orb with Chiron in the third house. Waaaaaahhh.
    Okay girl here’s the thing. I’m currently under a hard grand square, and I’m pregnant. Oh—I found my golden link—no shit. That doesn’t mean I’m not still painfully aware of Saturn 8th house in Libra. My life is and always has been bizarre, so thank you for making sense. I fucking fiend for it and it’s raaare these days. Don’t even cater to the offended. They don’t get it.
    Thank you Danielle!

  3. I enjoyed your post very much! I really like the way you kept the ideas simple and easy to understand, especially for novices to synastry. My take on Saturn is slightly different. While it’s true, its presence can make you feel restricted or limited by your partner. It’s a fact that many couples in longstanding relationships have this link. It tends to make the couple feel committed and responsible for one another. The relationship is solid as a rock, able to face challenges together without the fear of either one jumping ship at the first sign of trouble. Thanks and I look forward to reading more on your website!

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