Sagittarius on the Cusp

On the Cusp of each house is a different sign, this sign gives the house additional energy whether or not there are planets located in that house

Sagittarius on the cusp will infuse that house with good luck, exuberance, and direct approachSagittarius the 1st house cusp: You possess a free spirit and a higher level of thinking always seeking the truth. You are optimistic and a straight shooter.

Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp: You have natural good luck when obtaining money, however because you are lucky and expect that you may also have a tendency to over spend. Make a budget and stick to it.

Sagittarius on the 3rd house cusp: Your thoughts exist on a higher plane of thinking. Day to day conversations may be viewed as trivial. You are more concerned with the bigger picture.  When communicating you are honest and direct others always know where they stand

Sagittarius on the 4th house cusp: You likely come from a family that cultivated and supported your broad interests. Your home may be very airy with open spaces.

Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp: You enjoy being social and having philosophical conversations with others. Sharing your knowledge. You may incorporate your knowledge into teaching others.

Sagittarius on the 6th house cusp: A hard worker with great drive and optimistic attitude, eagerly willing to fufill tasks, but you always have one eye set to the future and the bigger picture

Sagittarius on the 7th house cusp: A certain amount of indepenceence is essential in your personal relationships. You enjoy being around a partner where you can share similar interests. A needy jealous partner is not for you

Sagittarius on the 8th house cusp: : Money via partner or inheritance may easily find you. Make sure to develop some long term financial plan for rainy days and retirement

Sagittarius on the 9th house cusp: Sagittarius is at home in the 9th house, you have a love of long trips, exploring the unknown and a desire to acquire a higher education

Sagittarius on the 10th house cusp: You are lucky with career matters, you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others May have a love of law or teaching

Sagittarius on the 11th house cusp: You may have various friends from all walks of life where you can share your views of the world. You like to inspire others for a cause that is greater than the day to day

Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp: You were born with a protective force around you that follows you where ever you go.


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