Moon through the houses

I probably should have started with the sun in the houses but my moon is so much a part of my make up being that my Sun is in Cancer ruled by the moon and my moon is in impulsive Aries.  It only makes sense that I would address the moon throughout the houses 1st ,My moon in Aries commands to be Numero uno always. The moon rules our emotional responses, how we nurture, and where we see fluctuating circumstances in our lives. Just as the moon changes size and goes through phases from New Moon to Waning to Full and so on and so forth, the house occupied by the moon will undergo many changes as well.

The moon in the 1st house, the house home to YOU! Moon in the 1st often indicates a fluctuation in self esteem. Some days you may be very sure of yourself and confident and at other times you may need tremendesous amount of reassurance. You are prone to being moody and overly sensitive and absorbing the environment around you.

The moon in the 2nd house, 2nd house is MY stuff. What belongs to you. Moon oversees emotional responses  this indicates treating people as “your stuff” emotionally attached to stuff. Possessive over what is yours. Defining yourself by the “stuff” you possess. Fluctuating circumstances surrounding money, coming in and going out. Sometimes saving while other times spending like mad.

The moon in the 3rd house, the 3rd house rules grammar school, communication and learning. The moon itself absorbs the energy of the area surrounding it. Here it retains information by instinct and by feeling its way around. Communication style if often spoken in terms of how you feel. May lack logic or values emotions as more important depending on sign the moon is placed in.

The moon in the 4th house is where the moon belongs place it in cancer and your moon is right at home. Here the moon has strong emotional ties to the past. Nostalgic by nature, enjoys comfortable and familiar surroundings. The 4th house also rules real-estate and there may be a strong need to establish your own foundation. Strong ties to mother figure in your life. May cling to the past and times of remember when…

The moon in the 5th house, the 5th house rules risk taking, children, anything you create. It’s a fun house that screams: I dare you! Romantic in nature, long walks on the beach, hands cupped in one another. Dramatic love affairs, ups and downs great love and great hate. You long to be mothered and cared for in love affairs and are prone to mother your lovers and as well as your children long after they have grown.

The moon in the 6th house of daily activities including your job, the way you eat, whether you work out…anything that is done on a daily basis. First on the agenda mothering your coworkers. You are the one that tends to everyone in the office well unless you don’t like them, they you will hardly utter hello. Fluctuations in daily activities, perhaps one week you are fasting with the latest juice diet and the next week you are pigging out at McDonalds.

The moon in the 7th house of marriage, enemies and partnerships including business partnerships. Relationships ruled by emotion, many ups and downs in partnerships. Seeking a partner to take care of you, emotionally. Your day to day life and moods will be in direct proportion with the state of your relationship and partnerships. Deep need to bond with others.

The moon in the 8th house, the 8th house rules, sex death rebirth and other people’s money. Ca-ching. This placement makes you extremely intuitive; picking up on what isn’t being said. You may experience many lifetimes within one lifetime. Sometimes it indicates the death of the mother before her time. I notice this more with people that have the 8th house intercepted. Also inheritance from a woman at some point in your life, if you are a man perhaps you marry a woman that is financially better off. Make a budget as what comes in goes out similar to 2nd house moon

Moon in the 9th house of higher education, long distance trips, your spiritual values. Change in beliefs over time, longing to and venturing to places far from your place of birth. Longing to feel free in the world. Picking up and retaining information you experience on the road. Emotionally tied to your learning experiences whether they are educational or experiences along the way.

Moon in the 10th house of reputation, and career indicates your emotions directly correspond with your imagine in the public eye. While 4th house moon clings to roots, 5th house clings to children and lovers, the 10th house moon clings to career goals and standing in the public. They are most full when they are working toward and feeding there need to be someone to do something. They can emotionally feel out what consumers or subordinates want but at the same time may be prone to ups and downs in attitude as well as how they are perceived.

Moon in the 11th house of like-minded friends, hopes and wishes. You can emotionally connect with various groups of people; you may long to find yourself a part of a particular organization while at the same time you prefer small group settings, tending to become nervous in crowds of people. You may change friendships often, and find your wishes granted by female friendships.

Moon in the 12th house of what remains hidden leaves your emotions tucked away or locked inside some secret place far away. Probably hard to read emotionally, you may feel others do not understand you and you may be required to make an extra effort to articulate how you feel. If you even know how you feel. Check in with yourself occasionally ask if you are feeling comfortable? How does something make you feel? Learn to assert yourself and say how you feel.

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  1. You should do that with other placements.You’re great.
    I never heard any accurate comment about my moon,until now.I even thought i should make a retification because of it.

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