Jupiter in the natal chart : Dreams of Grandeur

Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansion; it bestows multiple blessings to whatever house it touches. Jupiter rules the 9th house in astrology home to the sun sign Sagittarius, a freedom loving sign that enjoys discussing ideologies and loves to travel to far off places. Jupiter rules horses imagine them beautiful, wild and free. The very essence of Jupiter is growth, optimism and expansion. Sounds great? Usually it is but as we know everything is great only if in moderation. Jupiter can also show where we tend to go overboard and rely heavily on good luck; it shows where we live in excess and even take advantage. Someone with an overactive natal Jupiter can be difficult to deal with, they are similar to someone that smokes tons of weed. Sidenote I don’t do drugs so please don’t email me However I’m for the legalization of everything as long as you aren’t robbing me on the train to get it;) We all know that person that has dreams of grandeur, they are going to college to get that masters degree oh as soon as they get their GED of course, they have decided to partake in triathlon well after they quit smoking and start exercising.

Dealing with someone with an overactive Jupiter in their natal chart can be VERY difficult, and annoying quite frankly; especially for someone like myself that has a cardinal t-square I’m always under internal pressure to get something done. The other day I needed a present wrapped-I suck at these sorts of things-someone offered to do it for me and asked when did I need it, by what time? I said Come on now you know me, if I asked I need it done immediately. A person with abundance a Jupiter doesn’t operate in this manner; they feel as though time is infinite. They are the type that allow mail to pile up on the kitchen table, that spend much time talking of all the things they are going to do without much of doing anything.

This is most apparent when Jupiter is in hard aspect (square and opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars otherwise known as the personal planets. I want to stress this doesn’t indicate the individual is a bad person however they rely heavily on the belief that everything will be okay, they often do not take responsibly seriously and leave others to pick up after them. I promise you, it will bother family and friends more then it will bother the Jupiter person.

I wonder at times if they feel as though they are doing a lot, this constant planning and doing in the mind must be very exhausting. When faced with being held accountable they are likely to deny any responsibility and take it as a personal attack, natives with strong Jupiter aspects in their natal chart aren’t accustomed to being held accountable, after all people are usually running behind them with a broom and dust pan eager to pick up the messes they leave behind.


  1. Hello, I have Venus conjunct jupiter, Moon inconjunct jupiter, Jupiter sextile uranus & neptune, jupiter conjunct pluto, Jupiter in the 1st house. Soooo those are balanced out by Venus trine Saturn, sun trine Saturn, Ascendant trine saturn…. mhm

  2. What an interesting observation! I have Jupiter in Aquarius and as many people say having overactive Jupiter is not that bad, I find it very refreshing. It opposes my Moon, Venus and Pluto, sextiles my ASC and Mercury, but it trines my Mars, so eventually I still get something done :). Personally, I stand behind my actions but it takes quite long to start anything I have on my list. This was really helpful. Thank you for this blog!

  3. I have Jupiter in Gemini Square my Moon in Virgo. And I relate to many aspects of your article.

    I am a very happy person .. Excessively happy actually and I have an emotional need to be happy! However as much as I can be sooo happy, my moods swing to extremes. I have literally cried over my cat not wanting to be around me, and it hurt like I was stabbed in the heart. It sounds ridiculous .. And it is!! But at the same time, I have looked at the sky before and felt such a deep appreciation for life that I was so uplifted it felt like I was high on drugs. Like so happy I could cry and laugh all at the same time!!

    I have noticed that I am irresponsible in others eyes but I don’t care at all! I feel like who cares as long as I’m having fun!! Having fun is the most important thing, way more important than lame “responsibility” haha. I live by my own self made philosophies!! Most people love being around me because I am very uplifting and carefree.

    I love this aspect even though it’s a square!

  4. Hey wouldnt a conjunction also count as a hard aspect ? I have jupiter conjuncting several personal planets in the 9th and i can confirm the too much planning and not enough action scenario. Joy x

  5. I won’t promise this is the last random comment I will leave on your blog. Pretty sure we are living a parallel life to a degree. Here is the list so far:

    Aquarius Rising
    Saturn in 7th
    Pluto in 8th ( I can’t remember if you have mercury in 8th too or not, but I do)

    I have Sun conjunct Jupiter, Moon opposite Jupiter, but I also have Sun conjunct Saturn and moon opposite saturn..so I don’t get too carried away with optimism and over indulging my emotions. The great news is that I have found astrology and can no longer get away with anything. No excuses now that I have the damn flashlight in my hand. Jupiter is my gold, if I didn’t have a strong jupiter to go with all the chaotic, illusive, destructive tendancies, I am pretty sure I would have called it day about 5 years ago, when my Saturn Return arrived.

    I am happy to report the only thing I lack is solid ground in my chart. I am learning about earthly life right now. Better late than never! Thank you for sharing your life with the internet.

  6. I have Jupi in 5th house opposite Sun/Venus/Mercury. I’m very organized(trine to Saturn/Mars) and good at planing but I lack the “doing”. I also procrastinate things I don’t like to do till they get into a pile or I’m in a better mood. I should also do more that less but I do ok in aproximating the enough, maybe because of the trine.

  7. I was mostly referring to a person experience with someone that had Jupiter on all if there personal planets. My post is a generalization and obviously astrology is based on the entire chart not one aspect. Thanks for sharing you story & agree that Saturn in the 1st makes one very dutiful xo

  8. Wow, I have jupiter in EXACT square to my Sun and I couldnt disagree more with what you have said about letting things pile up, not planning ahead and denying accountability. Anyone who knows me would tell you I am extremely responsible, always contientious of other people’s time, and am a planner and a doer. (and mild control freak). No one is cleaning up after messes I make because there arent any. However, I am surrounded by plenty of people with the attributes you describe. Having said all of that, I do have Saturn in the first house and perhaps that is keeping me in balance.

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