The 2nd House in Astrology

The Second house in Astrology is associated with the 2nd sign in Astrology Taurus; the 2nd house similar to the bull is all about values, what we value in terms of currency as well as beliefs , with planets placed here there is a strong indication of treating people like possessions and becoming overall more security conscience.

Sun in the 2nd house you have a strong focus in making money and feel at your best while doing so, you may feel as a direct correlation between what you own and how you feel about yourself. This also indicates someone strongly attached to their values. My ex-boyfriend had this placement and if I so much as disagreed with something he believed he took it as a personal attach on his character.

Moon in the 2nd house (I have this placement) emotional attachment to things, love of luxury items. Fluctuations in money, fluctuating between spending like mad and saving like crazy. Treating people like they are possessions, emotionally attached to beliefs. This person must feel financially secure

Mercury in the 2nd house has a mind for making money, perhaps various ways of making extra income. A detached view concerning finances, though you probably possess a mind for budgeting and perhaps trading

Venus in the 2nd house indicatesmaking money via the beauty or art industry seeing how Venus rules both. Spending money on things such as art and anything considered beautiful. The enjoyment of giving and receiving gifts in love.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates you will do what you must to obtain money, whether you work a 9 to 5, run a company or sell drugs on a street corner, you aggressively pursue earning money and defend your values with similar enterprising spirit.

Jupiter in the 2nd house also known as the Charlie Sheen aspect  (he has this placement) you are lucky when it comes to earning money, you expect good fortune and are generally optimistic that money making opportunities will present themselves and they usually do. You are also very giving

Saturn in the 2nd house: This is the Cheap-skate aspect. Hoarding money, not feeling worthy of buying nice possessions. Never feeling that you have enough .

Uranus in the 2nd house indicates expect the unexpected in terms of earning and losing money. Perhaps earning money in an Uranus-oriented field; astrology, computers, internet based businesses. You must save while you have the chance due to the erratic nature of Uranus

Neptune in the 2nd house indicates you do not wish to deal with issues surrounding finances, not seeing clearly where you are financially perhaps generally not caring. This placement demands you get real and honest with yourself in terms of where you stand financially

Pluto in the 2nd house states money will dramatically transform your life, extremes with money, and obsessions with money. Doing anything to get it.

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