A Different Perspective on Saturn in the 6th House

The placement of Saturn in your natal chart indicates karma that needs to be worked off. Evidently in my last life I ran a major company was married as a preteen and lived happily ever after. Fast forward to present times I was born with Saturn in the 6th and 7th house delays in marriage (7th house), working my ass off without any reward (6th house) Yup that is Saturn for me.

Astrological books tell tales of marrying someone older and colder (Saturn in the 7th) and Saturn in the 6th indicates an individual that adheres to a serious routine. I’m calling bullshit! Perhaps for some people, Saturn in the 6th is indicative of adhering to a serious routine, but not for me. So here is my alternate definition of Saturn in the 6th; despising routine, feeling weighed down by repetitive patterns, doing the same shit results in sudden fits of narcolepsy. I once worked a 9 to 5 Saturday/Sunday off sort of job now I work evenings with 2 weekdays off. I prefer it that way, I have no desire to be some sort of drone waking up with the rest of the world, cramming into a packed E train, waiting on some long line at Starbucks… Ill pass. Recently I have began doing background “acting” work in my spare time & how utterly fascinating I find it! A different set every day, a different call time, and a variety of people to talk to. The assortment is delightful! I do wish I could stick to some sort of routine but sometimes I work 15 hours, another day I need to get up & write my monthly horoscopes for http://www.museemagazine.com and another day I’m rushing to a set of a TV show. I want to work out, really I do as I pass the gym in my building & occasionally find myself squeezing in 45 minutes on the elliptical I can’t help but think how boring it is. I wish I still smoked because that is the very best appetite suppressant! In terms of Saturn indicating working hard without reward that is certainly true, but fuck it! I never wanted to be crunching numbers, running my own company, that is so 5 lives ago I would rather work on a set of a film, post this blog, write some monthly horoscopes & grab a seat on my


  1. Your take on the Saturn in 6th is right on in my life experience. I have now retired, but I had a normal job, union, benefits as early job…and I ran screaming from it, to a selfemployed artist and later gardener…alas poor earnings careers.But they were light years better than being stuck in an office. Now I have little money to live on, but at least I lived free while I could. Thanks for your blog. Very open and genuine. And very accurate in my experience.

  2. FUNNY!

    I love it! I feel the same way.

    Saturn in the 6th, and Capricorn on the cusp of the 7th. Uranus in Leo in the 2nd, and don’t give a hoot about 9 to 5. Plus, I’m a Gemini, and work with lawyers, who cause my nerves to stand on edge like a cat’s fur.

    I have to get up early, and go to the same frickin job, listen to lawyers yell, walk around with the chest puffed up, and talk down to me, and others, over and over. Then looking at the bitchy faces and listening to the remarks of secretaries, who hate it, as well, but have been doing it since the Civil War.

    Thank you for sharing! I needed to get that rant off my chest!

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