The 4th House In Astrology

The 4th house is naturally ruled by the zodiac sign of Cancer, planets placed in the 4th house are security conscious: emotionally, financially and residential. You can look to this house for clarifications on your home life growing up, the relationship with the female parental figure as well and our death. From the cradle to the crave is the 4th house as it also rules endings

The Sun in the 4th house enjoys the home environment; they have natural parental instincts and prefer being surrounded by family. Putting down roots and acquiring a home of their own is important with this placement. The feeling of belonging. Home decor may be ostentatious.

The Moon in the 4th house may experience many fluctuations in their child home, perhaps moving a lot. You may find yourself searching for a place to call home. A song by Dido called Life for Rent reminds me of this placement, Dido sings “I haven’t ever really found a place that I call home I never stick around quite long enough to make it” There is a sense of wanting to belong, being that the moon rules cancer you are emotionally attached to home and probably all things past.

Venus in the 4th house indicates you want a beautiful home, you want to be surrounded by nice art and architecture. Benefits from parents perhaps via inheritance. You may enjoy hosting parties with home cooked meals and prefer a harmonious home where you can retreat.

Mars in the 4th house tells the story of a person that uses his/her aggression in or around the home. This may come in the form of working around the house, such as renovations. May indicate being the “alpha male” type on the domestic front. May indicate fires in home.

Mercury in the 4th house a lot of thought and communication center on the home environment. You may work from home or have some involvement regarding home schooling. Sometimes indicates a natural affinity toward history

Jupiter in the 4th house good luck through real-estate indicates a beautiful home, perhaps one that is quite large. I read that being that the 4th house is also considered “the end” or how your life ends Jupiter indicates the end of life will be comfortable. Joy and expansion via home environment

Saturn in the 4th house indicates a serious childhood, perhaps a childhood where you had too many responsibilities or a childhood with an authoritative and cold father figure. They key is to not in turn take these principles with you into your married home later on in life. Also it may be hard to leave your childhood home, you may feel stuck there, and ultimately you decide your life path.

Uranus in the 4th house tells of 1 of 2 things either something is strange in your childhood home; perhaps there were a lot of moves or changes. Maybe your mother was a hoarder or was sort of like Cher in the movie Mermaids. Something is eccentric about the home or the 2nd manifestation is you are the one that is different and you want o break free of your childhood home and set off on your own path

Neptune in the 4th house tells a story of something not being entirely clear about your home. For some one of the parents had addiction issues or some part of you had to be self-sacrificing in your youth. You may have loft dreams about creating an oasis out of your home surrounded by water.May indicate floods in the home

Pluto in the 4th house indicates power struggles in the home. Power is a main theme, domineering tendencies. Questions regarding who had the power in your childhood home. May carry an essence of shame regarding where you came from. Secrets in the childhood home. Not the easiest of placements, but then again rarely are any of the Pluto placements

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